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".'>/■;. r 1 ' 


ftVil^Sfflltt,P, UBLIC LIBRARY 

3 1833 01776 7812 






j ^ 




APRIL 1903 — JANUARY 1904, 


Edited by Eben Putnam 




: — & . . . 

* 6$/vi 


Contents of Volume IV. 

Book Notes - 87 

Early Records of the First Church in Cambridge, Mass. 

Copied by Stephen P. Sharpies 47,121,209,265 

Genealogical Gleanings in England, by Henry F. Waters. 

Edited and Completed by Lothrop Withington - - 36,137,177,241 

From a Genealogist's Note Book - ... 29 

Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, 1763-1800. Com- 
piled from Newspaper Files by William Alfred Bishop - 153,161,297 

Genealogical Records of Haupswell, Me. Compiled by 

Eben Futnam (continued from Vol. Ill) - - 21,205 


Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn, recorded with the 
Clerk of Courts at Salem 

A Catalogue of the Names of the particular Members of 

the Church att Marrlehead ------ 31 

Records from the Old Cemetery at the " Green," Middle- 

boro, Mass. Collected by Charles M. Thatcher - - - 116,169 

New England, An Address delivered before the Old Planters 

Society, April 7, 1903, by Hon. James Phinney Baxter ' - 89 

Notes - - - 158 

Vital Records from the N. H. Gazette, 1765-1800. By 

Otis G. Hammond - • 16,193,289 


Salem Tax List of 1700 - - ... . - . 9 

South Kingston, R. I., Marriages ------ 25 

Lay Subsidy Rolls for Stogumber, Somersetshire, Lay 
Subsidy Hundred of Williton and Freemanners, 1 Charles I, 
1625 175 

Henry F. Waters' Genealogical Researches in England - 33 

Wuxs. Abbott, Abbot, 36-38; Abdy, 39,40, Abercrombie, 40; 
Abiu^ton, Abyugdon, 40 ; Ablett, 40 ; Abraham, 40,41 ; Abram, 
41; Acton, Aktou, 41,42; Adam, 42,43 ; Adams, 42-45; Adam- 
son, 46; Addamson, 45; Adcocke, 46; Aden, 46; Adlam, 46; 
Agas,46; Ager, 137; Aggs, 137; Agmondesham, 138; Ailmer, 
138; Aishley, 139; Alabaster, 139, 140; Albery, 140; Albone, 
140; Albrede, 140; Aibyn, 141 ; Alcocke, 141; Alden, 141-143; 
Alderidge, 148; Alderman, 143,144; Aldersey, 144-146; Al- 
dertou, 146; Aldredge. 149; Aldrich, 147-149; Aldriche, f48; 
Aldryche, 147; Aldworth, 152,177,178; Aldus, 149-151; Aleu, j 
188; Alenson, 183,184; Alexander, 179, 180: Aleyn, 185-188, 4 
244,245; Alford, 180,181; Alforde, 180; Alger, 181,182; Al- 
gor, 181; Alington, 182; Aliston, 182; Allam, 183; Allard, 
184; Alleine, 247; Allen, 188-192, 241-243,245-247 ; Alley, 
247; Alleyne, 191 ; Alline, 189; Allmey, 249; Allott, 248; All- 
sop, 249,250; Almey, 249 ; Aired, 146; Almon, 248; Almonde, 
248,249; Alsopp, 249 ; Alston, 250-254 ; Altham, 254,255; 
Alven, 255; Alwaye, 255-257; Ahvey, 257, 258; Ambler, 259; 
Amcottes, 259-261; Amery, 263; Ames, 262; Amory, 263, 
264; Amry, 264; Amys, 261,262. 

Woodward and Williams on Plainfield, Conn., Vital Re- 
cords. Copied by H. Elmer Lewis. ----- ill 


Nr:w Series. 

!ume IV 




. - 





"\ L~j 


a. M. 


D l 

T s 



. APRIL, 1903 











The Genealogical Quarterly Magazi 

eben Putnam, editor. 

CONTENTS— April, 1903. 






SALEM TAX LIST OP 1700 .. 9 


1800. BY OTIS G. HAMMOND .............. 16 / 







LAND. BY EB EN PUTNAM . _ . - 33 



1NGTON ...,'. 3C 

[Wills of Abbott, Abdy, Abercrombie, Abjmgdon, Abingtou, Ablett, Abraham, 
Abram. Aclye, Akton, Acton, Adara, Adams, Addam, Adames, Addamson, Adam- 
son, Adcocke, Adderley, Addington, Adyn, Aden, Adlam, Adye, Adkins. Agas.J 



! Embraces Shepard's list of families connected with the- church, 1658; baptisms 
and admissions, etc., from 1696 and church votes.] 



Tim Ol-V!- vwxjtCAL Quarterly Magazine was established in 1890 as the Salem Press Historical GeneaJ 
toxical Record, which Inter was consolidated with Putnam's Historical Magazine and the Magaziu 
a Kriglaad History, 
ktwusl subscription, $3. Single numbers, 75 cents. Issued quarterly, in April. July, October and j 
J lanary, 
KUtubet of pages devoted to Mr. Withiugton's "Waters' Gleanings " will be increased in future 
- - - - . : 




. * 




■ . 


Vol. IV. • April, 1903. No. 1. 


Recorded with the Clerk of Courts at Salem. 

Copied by Harriet S. Tapley. 

Mary, dau. 






11 : 


John, son 








Mattha, dau 

. of 




31 : 



Sara, " 








Heugh, son 








Solomon " 













1 : 



John Andrews, d. 13 : 3 : 62. 

Sara Andrews, wife of John Andrews, d. 29 April '06 

Jacob, son of Hugh Ally, b. 5 : 7 : 63 

Sara, dau. of Mrs. Allen, widow, d. 16 : 11 : 64 

James Axy, d. 7 June 67 

Samuel Tarbox and Rebeca Armitao'e mar. 14 : 9 : 65 

John Alley & Joaua Furnill mar. midde of 6 mo 1670. 

Eleazer Armitage & Hana Needham mar. 18 : 8 : 1669 

Frances Axey, widow,' d. 13 : 8 : 1670 

Sara dau of John Ally b. 15 : 2 : 71 

Mary dau. of " " b. 25 April 1673 

Hugh Alley Sen r d. 25 : 11 : 73 

Daughter of Hugh Alley Sen r d. 30 : 8 : 74 

Jane, wife of Joseph Armitage d. 3 Mch. 76 : 77 

John son of John Alley b. Jan. 75 

Hanna, dau. of John Alley b. 22 Jan. 1679 


Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. [April 


Joseph Armitage (?) 27 June 1680 i 

Solomon son of Hugh Ally b. 11 Oct. 1682 f 

Hugh Ally & Rebecka Hood mar. 9:10: 1681 ; 

Jacob con of Heugh Ally b. 28 Jan. 1683 

Hannah dau. Sam 11 Appleton b. 1 Nov. 1684 

Sarah Archer dau. Stephen Archer & Sarah b. Salem 24 June, 
1698. I 

Philip Attwood & Sarah Tenny mar. July 23, 1684 now of Brad- 

Sara, dau. Thomas Browne d. 1 : 7 : 58 

Joseph, son " " b. 16: 11: 1658 

Mary, dau. " " b. 10 : 12 : 55 

Sara, " 4i " b. 20 : 7 : 1657 1 

John, son William Basset b. (?) 9 mo : 1653 

Mirriam, dau. " " b. 7 mo :1655 

Mary, " u " b. l mo : 57 * j 

Marv, " Hew^h Burt J r . b. 21 : 5 : 1647 

Rebecka " Will : Bartrom b. 3 : 2 : 1658. 

Hester " " » b. 3 : 2 : 1658 

John Burrell & Loes Ivory mar. 10 : 3 : 1656 

Jo n son of " " b. 18 : 9: 58. 

James son of Frances Burrell b. 21 : 10 : 1657 

Joseph " " Allen Braid J r b. 12 : 12 : 1657 

Eliza dau. " Frances Burrell b. 1 : 10: 55 

Mary, wife of George Burell d. 6mo. 53 

Sarah, dau. Richard Blood b. 4mo. 1648. 

Nathaniel son " " b. 2mo. 50 

Hanna dau. " " b. lmo. 164- 

Joseph, son Frances & Eliza : — Burrell b. 18 : 10 : 59 

Mary, dau. " " b. 16 May 6— 

Hanna t; William Bassett b. 25 : 12 : 59 

Hellen " William & Sara Bartrom b. 17: 8: 1660 

Sara " Tho & Mary Brown b. 13 : 8 : 1660 

Sara " Benjamin & Sarah Brisco b. 18 : 5 : 1660 

Allen son of Allen & Mary Bread Jr. b. 30 : 6 : 1660. 

John Blano & Hanna King mar. 11 : 5mo. 1660 

Johnson 44 " " " b. 5 May 1661. 

Allen Bread S r & Eliza : Knight mar. 28 : 1 : 56 

Sara, dau. John & Lewis Burrell b. 16 : 3 : 1661 

Lidea Bennet d. 2 : 7 : 1661 

Sara Browne d. 11 : 2 : 62. 

Mary Browne d. 18 : 3 : 62 

John Bread & Sara Hathorne mar. 28 : 10 : 63 

Child of John Hathorne b. 6 : 1 : 63 & d. 17 : 1 : 63 

1903] Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. 3 

Adam sou of John Haukes b. 12 : 3 : 64 
Tho Burnitt & Mary Peerson mar. 3 : 10 : 63 
Jo 11 son of Jo n Burrill b. 7 Jan. 63 
Sam 11 son of William Bassett b. 18 : 1 : 63. 

Rachell dan. " " b. 13 : 1 : 

Daniel son John Blano b. 3 : 6 : 64 

Nathanyell Ballard & Rebecca Hutson mar. 16 : 10 : 62 

John Bread son of Allen Bread J r b. 28 : 11 : 62 

Mary dan. " " " b. 24 : 6 : 

Lidea dau. Frances Burrell b. 13 : 4 : 63. 

Hana " " " b. 19 : 1 : 64 

Abigail dau. Christover Brewer b. 4 : 10 : 64 

Richard Brier d. 8 : 8 : 65 

Hanna dau. Aister Bu<rell b. 10 Mch. 65 

Susana " William Bartoll b. 25 : 11 : 65 

Mary " Nathaniell Ballerd b. 13 June 66 

Henry son John Blano b. 15 : 6 : 1666. 

Mary dau. Tho. Brown b. 28 : 6 : 66 

Jonathan son Tho. " d. 12: 7: 66 

Anna dau. John Burrell b. 15 : 7 : 1666 

Samuell Baker d. 16: 10: 1666. 

Robert Brinsdon & Bathsheba Richards mar. 15:2: 1667 

Eleazer, son of Tho. Bancroft b. 26 Apr. 1667 

Elizabeth, dau. Allen Bread J 1 b. 1 : 9 : 1667 

Rebecka " Crispus Brewer b. 28 : 8: 1667 

William son John Ballard b. 1 : 8 : 1667 

Sara dau. John Bread b. 28 : 10 : 67 

Mary dau. Francis Burrell b. 7 : 12 : 67 & d. 17 : 12 : 67 

Hana " Jn° Banoe b. 11 Nov. 1667 

Rebecca dau. William Ballord b. 2 : 8 : 68. 

Jonathan son Thomas Brown b. 24 : 11 : 68 

Sara, dau. John Ballard b. beginning July 69 

Debora " Frances Burrell b. 23 : 5 : 69 & d. Aug. 69. 

Theophilus son John Burrell b. 15 : 5 : 69. 

Samuell sou Bread J r b. 25 : 7 : 69 

William Bound & Mary Haverlad mar. 12 July 69 
Sara, wife of Robert Burgis d. 21 : 9 : 1669 
Mary, dau. Tho. Bancraft b. 16 May 1670 
Joseph son Jn° Blano b. 2 : 8 : 1670. 
Eleazer " Tho. Browne b. 4 : 6 : 1670. 
Nathaniell sou Nathaniell Ballard b. 4 : 10 : 70 
Mary dau. Thaddeus Bran b. 12 : 12 : 70 
William son John Bread b. 18 : 3 : 71 
Moses " Frances Burrell b. 12 : 2: 71. 

Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. [April 


Robert Burges & Sara Hull mar. 13 : 2 : 71. 
Mary, wife of Allen Bread d. 30 : 9 : 71 
Lois, of Jo n Burrell b. 27 : 11 : 71 
John, of John Batton b. 1 : 7 : 71 
Ebenezer, of Tho. Browne, b. 16 : 1 : 71/72 
Lidea, of Will: Cleark, b. 31 : 8: 1641 
Hanna, " " " b. 11 : 11 : 43 

Eliza, " " . " b. 6: 8: 52 

Henry, of Henry Collens, Juny r , b. 2 : 8: 1651 
Mary, of John Collens, b. 26 : 9 : 56 & d. 27 : 12 : 56 
John, of " " b. 17 : 10 : 57 & d. 27 : 10 : 57 

Mattha, of William Clarke, b. 15 : 2 : 1655. 
Jo n , " u " b. 2: 11 : 58 

Samuell, of Jon. Collens, b. 19 : 3 : 59 
Ann, " Mackum Callnm, b. 25 : 6 : 59 
Margeret, wife of Tho. Chadsvell d. 29 : 7 : 58 
Hana, of Henry Collens Juny r b. 1 : 12 : 59 
John, " " " b. 19: 6: 62 

Moses, " Tho. Chadwell, b. 10: 2: 1637 & mar. Sara Ivory, 
12 mo : 1660 
Abygaile, of Jon. Collens & Abigaile, his wife, b. 23 : 1 

John, of Mackum Callum & Martha, his wife, b. 17 : 10 : 1661 
Martha, of Will Clark, d. 20: 12: 1661 . 
John, of John Collens & Abigaile, his wife, b. 10 : 7 : 62. 
Joseph, of " " " , 6: 4: 64 

Tho., " Moses Chadwell, & Sarah, his wife, b. 11 : 10 : 62 
Abygaile, of Robert Coates, b. 10 : 2 : 63. 
Eleazer Giles & Sara More, mar. 25 : 11: 64 
Sara, of Henry Collens, (b. ':) 9 : 11 : 1665 
" Elizabeth, of John '« b. Apr. 8, 1666. 
i John Chilson & Sarah Jenkes mar. 28 July 1667 . 
Benjamin, of John Collins, b. 19 : 7 : 1667. 
Elizabeth, of Benjamin Chadwell, b. 26 : 9 : 67 
Sara, of Moses Chadwell, b. 12 Mch. 67-68. 
Rebecca, of Hen : Collins, Jun, b. 9 June 68 
AVilliam Cleark & Elenor Dearseford mar. 23 : 6 : 69. 
Sara, of Joseph Collens, b. 18 : 6 : 69 & d. 19 : 7 : 69 
Mary, of John " b. 20: 12: 1669. 
Martha, of Mackum Callum, b. 18 : 4 : 1670. 
Lewis, dan. of Moses Chadwell, b. 3 : 8: 1670 
Benjamin, of Benjamin Chadwell, b. 5 Mch. 1668 
Joseph, of J°n Chilson, b. latter end Aug. 70. 
Daniel, of John Collens, b. 3 : 1 : 70/71 
Joseph, of Benjamin Chadwell, b. 14 Apr. vl 

1903] Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. 5 

Joseph, of Joseph Collens, b. 16 : 7 : 71 

Nathaniell, of John Collens, b. 1 : 2 : 72 

Susana, of Benjamin Collens, b. 9 July 74 

Sara, of John Collens, b. 28 : 10 : 75 & d. 6 : 4 : 76. 

Samuell, of Benjamin Chadwell, b. 26 : 12 : 75. 

Dorithy, of Joseph Collens, b. 6 Mch. 75/76 

Margarett, of Samuell Cobbitt, b. 17 : 6 : 76. 

W m , of Benjamin Collins, b. 14 : 8 : 76 & d. 26 : 8 : 76 j 

Priscilla, wife of Benjamin Collens, d. 28 : 8 : 76. 

Moses, of Moses Chadwell, d. 29 : 7 : 76. 

Margart, " " b. 30 : 7 : 76. 

Tho. Coldum, d. 8: 2: 75. 

Lowis, of John Collens, b. 12 May 77 

Benjamin Collens & Elizabeth Putnam widow, mar. 5 : 7 : 77 

Margeret, of Samuell Cobbit, d. 8 July 77 

Sarah, of Joseph Collens, b. 10 : 6 : 78. 

Alee, of John Collens, b. 30 : 2 : 78. 

Hester, of Joseph Collens, b. 2 : 11 : 1679. 

John Deacon & Elizabeth Fikering, mar. 25 : 10 : 57 

Mackum Downing, a Scot, & Margeret Suleavan Mar. 4 : 1653. 

Mary, of »< " " b. 12: 1654. ] 

Hana, of " " " b. 3: 2: 1657 

Sara, of " " " b. 1 Mch. 58 

Alice, wife of John Deacon, d. 27 : 5 : 57 

James, of Allester Duggall & Hanna, b. 19 : 9 : 1660. 

Rich d Driver & Sara Salmon, mar. 6 : 11 : 63. 

Jo n , of Alister Duggell & Hana, b. 9 : 8 : 63. 

Jo n - Davis & Sara Kertland, mar. 5 : 8 : 64. 

Sara, of Davis & Sara Kertland, b. 10 : 9 : 65 & d. 15 : 11 : 1665 

Sara, of " " ", b. 5 : 12 : 1666. & d. 24 : 6 : 1607 

Margeret, of Mackum Downing & Suleavan, b. 15 : 11 : 60. 

Priscilla, " » " « b. 15 Mch. 61. 

Catherine, " kt " " b. 15: 6: 65 

Samuell Davis & Mary Meddowes, mar. 11 : 11 : 1665 

Sara, of Robert Driver, d. 5 : 12 : 66. 

Ruth " " " b. 4 Oct. 1667 

John, of Mackum Downing, b. 20: 9 : 67 

Joseph, of Alester Duggell, b. 22 July 68. 

Mary, of John Davis, b. 25 July 68 

Joseph, of George Darling, b. March 67. (?) 

Salmon, of Robert Driver, b. beginning of 6 : 1670. 

Joane, of Mackum Downing, b. 26 : 12 : 70. 

Mary, of Allester Duggell, b. 9 : 2 : 71 

Joseph, of John Davis, b. 10: 4: 72 


Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. [April 





" , b. Nov. 42 




>' , b. 10: 1644 




" , b. 7: 1: 45 


Eliz., of John Diven, b. 3 : 9 : 72. 
Allexander, of Alester Dugell, b. 16 : 6 : 1673. 
Joseph, of John Davis, d. July 73. 
John, of Robert Driver, b. 2 : 10: 73. 
Elizabeth, wife of John Diven, d. 26 May 1674 
John, of John & Elizabeth Diven, b. 23 May 74 & d. 31 May 74 
Mary, of William Dier, b. 4 : 7 : 73 
John, of John Davis, b. 16 June 74 
Sara, of John Davis, b. beginning of 12 : 75 
Elizabeth, of Allister Druggell, b. 25 : 8 : 76. 
Henry Dispaw, Sen 1- , d. Oct. 76. 
Ebenezer, of John Davis, b. 2 Oct. 78 
John, of John Diven, b. 16 May, 78 
Allen, of Allester Duggell, b. 13: 7: 1670. 
Robert Driver, Sen r , d. 3 Apr. 80. 

Eleazer, of John Diven, b. & d. about beginning Aug. 1680 
Child of Henry Dispaw, b. last week June 1680 & d. first week in 
July 1680. 

Mary, wife of Will: Edmonds, d. 2 : 1 : 1657. 

William, of Jo n Edmonds, b. 16: 11 : 63 

Jo n Edmonds & Sara Hudson, mar. 16 : 10: 62 

John, of " " , b. 1 : 12: 1665 

Jonathan, Edmonds '* , b. latter end 7 : 68 

Susana, wife of Joseph Edmonds, d. 16: 10: 70. 

William, of " " , d. 13: 10: 70 

Mary, " " « , b. 14 Oct. 71 

Samuell Edmonds & Elizabeth Mirriam, mar. 11: 6 : 75 

Joseph, of Joseph Edmonds, b. 15 : 6: 73. 

Sara, " « " , b. 7 : 9 : 75 

Sam 11 " Sam 11 Edmonds, b. 5 : 6: 76 

Samuell Druiner, d. last Nov. 76. 

Elizabeth, of John Edmonds, b. 1 May 77. 

William, of Joseph Edmonds, b. 13 : 7 : 77 

Elizabeth, of Samuell Edmonds, b. 23 July 1679. 

Nathaniel!, of John Edmonds, b. 2 Apr. 1680. 

Mary, of Samuel Edmonds, b. 3 Aug. 1681 

Elislia, of John Fuller, b. 5 : 2 : 57 

Joseph, " « » , b. 1 Nov. 1661 

Joseph, of Mathias Farnsworth, b. 17: 9: 57 

Susanna, of Tho. Farrer, b. 26 : 1 : 59. 

Elizabeth, of Georg Frayle & Elizabeth, b. 30 Mch. 1641 

1 1 anna, 

Eunice 1 , 




1903] Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn. 7 

Debborah, of Georg Frayle & Elizabeth, b. beginning Aug. 1648 
Ruth " " " " b. last Apr. 1653 

Sara, of Matthias Farrington, b. 13 : 12 : 57 & d. 6 : 4 : 59 

William, " " b. 6 : 3 : 1660. * | 

Mary, " Farnsworth & Mary, b. 11 : 8: 1660. 

Peleg & Mehi.ttabell, of Tho. Farrer & Elizabeth, b. 6 : 8 : 1660. 
Mehittabell,* " " " , d. 12: 8: 1660 

Peleg, " " " d. 1660. 

Hana, of Georg Frayle, d. 16 Nov. 1662. 
Sara, of John Floyd & Sara, b. 24 : 12 : 1661. \ 

Edward, of Jo 11 Farington, b. 5 July 1662. 

George Farr, d. 24 Oct. 1662. \ 

Georg Frayle, d. 9 : 10 : 63 9 

John, of John Farrington, b. 9 Mch. 63 
Sara, " Matthias Farington, b. 15: 4: 63 
Hugh Floyd, of John Floyd, (b?) 10 : 7 : 63 
John, " " " b. 20: 12: 64 

Benjamin, of Jo n Fuller & Eliza: — b. 16: 10 : 65. 
John Farrington, Seny r , d. 2 May 1666. 

Jacob, of John Farrington & Eliza : — , b. 22 : 5 : 66. j 

Theophilus, of Mathew Farrington, b. 13 : 6: 1666. 

Joseph, of Jo n Floyd, b. 15 Mch. 1666. < ! 

Joana, of Jn° " b. 3 Jan. 68 

Widow Fraile, d. 5 May 69. I 

Lazarus Farr, d. 9 : 10 : 1669. 

Edmond Farrington, d, 20 : 11 : 70 » 

John Farr, d. 29 Oct. 72. 
Joseph Farnsworth, d. last of 8 : 74 

Sarah, of Marthew Farrington Jun r , b. beginning 12: 75. & d. 
26:9: 76. 

Sarah, of Marthew Farrington Jun r , b. 20 : 7 : 77. 

Joseph Fisk & Elizabeth Hamon, mar. 22 May 77 

Elizabeth, of Thomas Farrer, d. 25 : 8 : 77 

Joseph, of Joseph Fisk, b. 5 : 78 

Elizabeth Farrington, d. 15: 10: 1678 

Martha, of Mathew Farrington Jun r , b. 2 : 3 : 79 

Hanna, of Marke Graves, b. 14 : 10 : 57. 

Samuel Gaines & Ann Wright, mar. 7 : 2 : 65 

Purchas, of William Gibson, d. 15 : 4 : 65 

Charles Gott & Liddea Clearke, mar. 25 : 10 : 1665 

Daniel Gott & Elizabeth Morris, mar. 2 : 11 : 1665 

John Gillow & Sara Keaser, mar. 7 Apr. 1666. 

John, of " " , b. 6: 11: 1666. 

Mary, " Daniel Goot, & Elizabeth, b. 27: 11 : 1666. 


Bii'ths, Marriages and Deaths in Lynn, 

Hester, of Marke Graves, b. 10: 12: 68. 

Sara, " John Gillow, b. 2 : 8 : 1670. 

Aquila, " William Gibson, d. 4 : 9 : 71. 

John, " Daniell Gott, b. 17 : 7 : 72 

John Gillow, d. 20: 12: 72. 

Robert, of Widow Gillow, b. 20 : 2 : 73. 

Martha of Nehemiah Goodall, b. 4 May 74. 

Son of Daniell Gott, b. 22 : 5 : 75 & d. 3 : 6 : 75 

Joseph, of Nehemiah Goodell, b. 24 Mch. 77 

Susan Grunnill, d. July 78 

Samuell Graves & Sarah Brewer, mar. 12 Mch. 77/78 

Crispus, of Samuell Graves, b. 3 Aug. 1679. 

Hanna, " " " , b. 27 Aug. 1681 

Samuell, " Sam 11 " , b. 2 Aug. 1684 

Philip, of Philip Gifford, b. 30 July 1685 

Giffard Philip & Mary Davis, mar. last of June 1684 

Thomas, of Edward Ilucheson, b. 1 : 1654 

Mary, " " " , b. 7 : 1656 

Hanna, of Sam 11 Hart, b. 2 mo 1657 

Mary, " " " , d. 20 : 7 : 1657 

Joseph, " Edward Hale, b. 3 : 5 : 1646 

Ephraim, of Edward Hale, b. 8 : 7 : 1648 

Sarah, " 

Elizabeth, of 

" " , b. 30: 2: 1657 

Richard Hud., b. 18 : 9 : 55 

" " , b. 2: 6: 57. 

« " , b. 12 May 1667 

John, of Richard Haven, b. 10 : 10 : 1656. 
Moses, " Jonathan Hudson, b. 15 : 5 : 58 

(To be continued.) 





" ,b. G: 1651 

' 4 , b. 30: 2: 1654. 

> I 




Constable W M Ropes his list of Countrey Rates to gather Sept. 27,1700. 


John Allin 


Benj a Home 


George Ackhart 


George Hacker Sen r 


Tho Andrews 


George Hacker Juu r 


Benja Brown, Esq., 


Lewis Hunt 


Sara 1 Beadle 


Peter Hinderson Sen'' 


Josh. Buffum 


Peter Hinderson Jun r 


Mrs. Batters 

Steph : Ingolls 


Caleb Buffum 


Robt. Kitchen 


Mrs. Barton 

Tho. Massey 


Sam 1 Beadle, Jr. 


Jn° Makmallin 


Rob 1 Buffum 


Josh. Makmallin 


Nat. Beadle Sam's son 


Jn° Mascoll Jun r 


Edm d Batters 


Jn° Mascoll Tertius 


Jon a Corwine Esq r 


Jn° Meecham 


Abr a Cole 

Jn° Machartee 


Roger Derbys widow 

Edw d Norrice 


Joseph Duglas 


Nich. Nehoe 


Sam 11 Derby 


Deliverance Parkman 


Joseph Dean 


Lt. Walter Price 


Ju° Derby 


Jn° Priest 


Richard Derby 


George Peal, Jr. 


Dan 1 Epes 


Sam 11 Phillips 


Nath : Ellis 


Jn° Pickering 


Francis Ellis 


Jn° Ropes 


Edw d Flint 


W m Ropes 


David Flint 


Benj* Ropes 


Joseph Flint 


Tho: Ruck 


Isaac Fitts 


Jn° Ropes, Jun r 


Habb. Gardner 


Major Steph : Sewall 


Abr 6 Gale 


Sam 11 Shalote 


Rob 1 Gray 


Widow Shute 


Jn° Glover 


Sam 11 Sibley 


J n° Guppy 


Jn° Silsby 


Jon* Glover 


James Smith 


Phillip Gavet 


Josiah Woleot 


Tho. Glantield 


Henry West Sen 1 " 

Jn° Higginson Tertius 


Henry West Jun r 


Joseph Home 


Sam 11 West 









Salem Tax List of 1700- 


Widow Woodw 11 of Sara 
Isaac Williams 
Eben Williams 
Doct r Weld 

Capt. Benj. Allen 
Sam 11 Archer 
Benj tt Archer 
Jon a Archer 
Tho. Archer 
Tho. Arthur 
Jn° Adams 
W m Brown, Esq. 
Capt. Sam 1 Browne 
Capt. Jn° Browne 
Cap't W m Bowditch 
Nath. Beadle, Sen 1- 
Tho. Beadle? widow 
Nat Beadle, Tertius 
Jn° Best, Sen r 
Barthol Browne 
James Browne 
Doct r Bickham 
Edw d Bush 
Edw d Berry 
John Bodie 
W m Curtice, Sen r 
Jn° Cromwall 
George Cox, Sen 1- 
George Cox, Jun r 
W m Curtice Jun r 
Peter Cheevers 
Sam. Cheevers 
Adouiram Collins 
Tho. Downing 
Tho. Dean 
Dan 11 Darling 
Tho. Elkins 
Tho. Elkins Jun r 
W m Gedney 
Sam Gale 
Benj. Gray 
Nath 11 Gedney 
Tho. Grinslit 
J n° Higginson, Esq r 
Widow Ilaskil 
James Holgate 
Sam 11 Howard 
Jn° Harvey 


Barb. Weld 
Kich d Woodmancy 
W m Young 

Miles Ward's List. 

6 Sam 11 Ingersoll 

3 Elizur Kesar 

3 Rich d King 

3 W m Karkeet 

3 Benj a Lynde 

3 Timo. Laskin 

3 Jn° Lander 

6 Eliez r Moses 

6 Tho. Marston 

3 Jn° Massey Sen T 

G Jos. Majery 

3 Tho. Mason 

3 Jacob Manning 

6 Lt. Jer. Neale 

6 Jn° Neale 

3 Tho. Neale 

3 Peter Osgood 

3 Sam. Phippen, Sen r 

3 Rich d Prince Sen r 

3 Abr a Purchafs 

3 Benj. Pickman Sen r 

3 Ben. Pickman Jun r 

W m Pickering 

3 Sam Phippen Jun r 

3 Rich d Prince Jun r 

3 W m Roch 

3 Sam. Robbinson Sen 1- 

3 Jn° Rogers 

3 Widow Sanders 

3 Sam. Shattock 

3 Nat. Silsby 

3 Jn° Smith at Masseyes 

6 Francis Skerry 

3 Dan 11 Stone 

3 Nat. Silsby Jun r 

3 Tho. Vealy 

3 Capt Simon Willard 

3 Jn° W ms 

3 Miles Ward 

3 Jn° Williams Wid. 

Jn° Ward 

3 Sam Williams 

G Thomas Whittemore 


















































I i 


Salem Tax List of 1700. 

John Carter's List. 


Jon a Agur 


Edw d Hilliard 


W m Andrew 


Capt. Rich d Harrist 


Jn° Abbot 

. 6 

W m Herbert 


Lt. Jn° Buttolph 


Jn° Jerman 


W m Beckit 


Lawrence Knights 


Jose. Brown 


Sam 11 Lambert 


Jn° Beckit 


Jn° Legro 


Math. Barton 


Jon a More 


Jn° Best, Jun r 


Paul Mansfield 


Jn° Baker, Sen r 


Martin Measury 


J n° Baker, Juu r 


W m Murrey 


Edw d Bishop 


Tho. Mascoll 


W m Browne, Skipper 


Jn° Marsters 


Christoph. Babbage Jun r 


J n° Masnry 


Jn° Croade 


Aron Maservey 


Jn° Carter 


W m Peters 


Obed Carter 


W m Punchin Sen r 


W m Cash 


Walter Palfrey 


Jn° Collins 


Joseph Phippcn 


Dan 11 Collins 


W ,n Punchin Jr. 


Jn° Collier 


Doct c Anth. Roundell 


Steph. Daniell 


Jn° Robinson Jun r 


Jn° Davis 


Jn° Rose 


Tho. Demerit 


Rich d Star 


Phillip English 


Joseph Searl 


Benj. English 


Jn° Sawsey 


Joseph English 


Benj. Stone 

Isaac Foot 

. 6 

Jn° Smith Carpeiit 6 


Sara Foot 


Cap* Jn° Turner 


Rich d Flinder 


Gilbert Tapley 


Ju° Grafton 


Gilbert Tapley Jun r 


Benj a Gerrish 


W m Tapley 


Josh. Graftons Estate 

Jn° Webb 


Joseph Grafton 


Daniel Williams 


Jn° Grafton, Jun r 


Ezek : Walters 


\V>n Giggles 


Sam: Wakefield 


James Plardy 


Tho. Walters 


David Hilliard 


Dan 11 y 4 lives at Bishops 


Geo. Hodges 


Sam 11 Walters 


Joseph Boyce Sen r 
Tho: Buffington, Sen r 
Tho: Buffington, Jun r 
Jn° Burton 
Joseph Buxton 

Abel Gardner's List. 

6 Tho. Bell 

3 Jo. Boyce, Jun r 

3 Jn° Blithing Jun r 

3 Benj. Buffington 

3 Jn° Blything Sen r 



Salem Tax List of 1700. 


Widow C6oks Estate 
W m Coffin & farm 
Edw d Carrill 
Humph. Case Sen 
Humph. Case, Jmi r 
James Darling & farm 
Goodm" Dottee 
Jn° Derich 
Sam 11 Eborne 
Isaac Follet 
Ben. Follet 
Sam. Foster 
Jn° Foster 
David Foster 
Christoph. Foster 
Eben. Foster 
Jn° Foster, Jun r 
Capt. Sam 11 Gardner 
Sam. Gaskin Sen r 
Sam. Gaskin, Jun r 
Eliez r Giles 
Sam. Goldthw* Sen r 
Sam. Goldthw 1 Jun r 
Abell Gardner 
Ezek. Goldthw* 
Jn° Glyde Sen 1 
Jn° Glyde, Jun r 
Geo. Jacobs Sen r 
Robt Hill 
Jn° King Sen r 
Jn° King, Jun r 
Sam. King 
W m King 
Jon 8 King 
Geo. Lockier 
Jn° Loomes 
Phillip Losier 
Jerem. Meecham 
John Norton 


Jn° Norton Jun r 



Isaac Pease 



Nat. Pease 



Hugh Pasco 



Abr a Pierce & farm 



Joseph Parnell 



Benj. Parnell 



W m Osburne 



Sam. Osburne 



James Ross 



Jacob Read 



Isaac Read Jnn r 



Geo. Smith 



Sam. Southwick 



Dan 11 Southwick Sr. 



Dan 11 Southwick Jun r 



James Symonds 



Steph. Small 



Wid. Shaftings Estate 


Sam. Stone 



Jn° Symonds 



Israeli Shaw 



James Symonds, Jun r 



Tho. Symonds 



Jn° Trask Sen r 



Jn° Trask Jun r 



Henry Thresher 



Jn° Tomkins 



Nich. Trask 



Nat. Tomkins 



Tho. Verry 



Benj. Verry 



W m Wakefield 



Jn° Walters Sen r 



Rob* Wilson 



Jn° Walters Jun r 



Rich d Walters 



Nat. Walters 



Josiah White 


John IToltox's List. 

Dan 11 Andrew 
W m Allen 
Sam. Braybrook 
Edw d Bishop Sen r 
Cornelius Baker 
Edw d Bishop Jun r 
Henry Browne 

9 Jn° Bachellor 

3 Sam. Bishop 
3 . David Bishop 

3 Jn° Creesy 

3 Ezek. Cheevers 

3 Joseph Carrell 

3 Rob 1 Cues. Estate 



Salem Tax List of 7700. 


Jn° Deale 


Cap 4 Jn° Putnam 


Jn° Darling 


Jn° Putnam, Jun r 


Cap* Jn° Dodge 


Edw d Putnam 


W"» Dodge Jun r for land 


Nat. Putnams Est & son Benj. 


Jn° Flint 


Joseph Putnam 


Jn° Frost 


Jon a Putnam 


Widow Green & mother 


Tho. Prestons Estate 


Jon Howard 


Rich d Peters & farm 


Jn° Holton 


James Prince 


Joseph Herrick 


Jn° Putnam, Tertius 


Joseph Hutchinson Sr 


Joseph Prince 


Benj. Hutchinson 


Eliezar Putnam 


Nat. Howard 


James Putnam 


Jn° Hutchinson 


Jn° Rae 


Jn° Hadlock 


Jehosaph. Rogers 


Nehem. Howard 


Josh. Rea Sen r 


Nich. Howard 


Josh. Rea, Jun r 


Henry Herrick, Jun r , for land on 

Dan 11 Rea Sen r 


birch plain 


Sam. Rae 


Nat. Iugersoll 


Tho. Raymont 


Henry Kenny Sen r 


Benj a Smith 


Hen. Kenny Jun r 


Sam 11 Smith 


James Kettle 


Solomon Smith 


J n° Leach 


Jn° Tarboll 


Sam. Lane 


Jn° Trask 

Sam Leach 


Sam 11 Trask 


J n° Martin 


Cap* Walcots Estate 

Tho. Nichols 


Joseph Whipple 


Cap' Israeli Porter 


George Wiat 


Benj* Porter 


Dea. Peter Woodbury for land 


Jn° Porter 


Jn° Woodin 


Joseph Porter 


Joseph Herrick of Beverly for 

Sam' Porter 


Land on Barneys farm 


Rob t 


ltox's List. 

John Buxton 


Tho. Fuller Sen r 


W» Bulkley Jim* 


Tho. Fuller 


Tho. Bailey 


Sam : Frailc 


Sam' 1 Cutler Sen r 


Humph. French 


Sam" Cutler Jun r 


Jon a Fuller 


Eben' Cutler 


Joseph Gold 


Edw d Colburne 


Tho. Gold 


W" Curtice 


Zech. Goodale 




Zech. Goodale Jun r 


Cup'. Thos. Flint 


Isaac Goodale 


Jacob Fuller 


James Gold 


Jn° Felton 


Tho. Green 


Benj* Fuller 


Joseph Goodale 


Joseph Flint 


Sam : Goodale 




Salem Tax List of 1700. 


Jn° Giles 

David Harrod 

James Holton 

Joseph Holton 

Henry Holton 

Jose Hutchinson Jun r 

Jn° Harrod 

Jon a Harrod 

Jon a Marsh 

Dan 11 Makkentire 

Kobt. Mo niton 

Jn° Marsh 

Jn° Moulton 

Eben r Marsh 

Ezek. Marsh 

Rob 1 Moulton Jun r 

Ebeuezer Moulton 

Anthony Needhara Sen r 

Anth. Needham Ju r 

Isaac Needham 

Sam. Nurse 

John Nurse 

Tho. Needham 

Alexander Osburne 

Joseph Pope 

Benj a Pope's Estate 

Walter Phillips 

3 Benj a Procter & farm 

3 James Phillips & farm 

3 Thornd. Procter for half Kndects 

3 farm 3 

3 John Pudncy Jun r 3 

3 Sam. Pudney 3 

3 Jose. Swinnerton* 3 

3 Job & Ben Swinnerton 3 

3 Jasper Swinnerton 3 

3 W m Shaw Sen r 3 

3 W m Shaw Jun r 3 

3 W m Shaw 3 

3 Abr a Smith 3 

3 Peter Twist Seu r & farme 3 

3 Peter Twist Jun T & farme 3 

3 W ,n Upton 3 

3 Sam 11 Upton 3 

3 Zech. White 3 

3 Sam. Wilkins 3 

3 Tho. Wilkins 6 

6 Henry Wilkins 6 

6 Jn° Walcot 3 

3 Jn° Wilkins 3 

6 Benj Wilkins 6 

6 Jn° Walden 3 

3 Tho. Peirce 3 

Abraham Purchass' List. 

John Andrew Sen 1 " 
Jn° Andrew Jun r 
Benj a Ashby 
Joseph Allin 
Benj a Ashby Jun r 
Tho. Acres 
Dan 11 Bacon Scn r 
Dan 11 Bacon Jun r 
Jn° Blanoe Sen r 
Edw d Britton 
Michaell Bacon 
W m Beans 
Josh. Beans 
Mrs. Chamberlain 
Jn° Callum 
Dan 11 Catou 
Edw d Cox 
Jn° Cook, Sen r 
Nich. Chatwell 


Jn° Chapman 


Jn° Cook Jun r 


Benj u Darling 


George Felt 


Jon a Felt 


Sam 11 Felt 


Tho. Flint 


Francis Full 


Sam 11 Gedney 


James "Gillingham 


Dan 11 Grant 


Wid. Mary Gedney 


Jn° Hathorne, Esq. 

W ni Hirst 


Nath 11 Hathorne 


Jn° Holmes 


Jn° Home Sen r 


Benj. Holmes 


Phillip Bill 





1 903] 

Salem Tax List of 1700. 


Jhj* Home, Jun r 

Eli Jeffords 

Fnhr* Kemptou 

8am. King 

Mrs. Mary Lyndall & son Nat. 

Kben Lambert 

John Lander 

James Lindall 

Timo Lindall 

Philip Lawless 

Thomas Lee 

Cap 1 Manasseh Marston 

Deacon Marston 

Benj a Matston 

Jn" Marston Jim r 

Tiio. Maul 

Joseph Mojer 

Manasseh Marston Jr. 

Florence Maehartees Est 


Jn° Norman 


Sam Neale 


Joseph Neale 
Jon a Neale 


Jon B Pickering 
Rich d Palmer 


Benj. Pickering 
Sam, Ruck 


Jerem. Rogers 


Jn° Robbinson sen r 


James Rix 


W m Reeves 


Timo. Robinson 


W m Stacy 
Sam. Stacy 
James Turff 


Widow Tiler 


Nehem. Willonghby 

Jn° Woochvcll 





GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and arranged Br Otis G. Hammond. 

1765, Jan. 4. 
Frederick Arenboro and his brother were drowned in Mahon Bay, 

N. S.,Nov. 5, 1764. 
Christopher Robinson was drowned at Halifax, N. S., Nov. 20, 

Samuel, son of Nathaniel Kendrick, about 17 years old, was 

drowned at Coventry, Conn., Dec. 17, 1764. 

1765, Jan. 18. 

John Damering of Portsmouth, N. H., was so badly frozen Jan. 
11, 1765, that he died soon afterwards. 

1765, Jan. 25. 

Nathaniel Hazard died in New York city Dec. 31, 1764. 

William Sanford died in Newport, R. I., Jan. 12, 1765. 

Rev. Edward Wigglesworth, D.D., in his 73d year, died in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Jan. 16, 1765. He was the son of Rev. Michael 
Wigglesworth of Maiden, Mass., and left a son, and a daughter 
who married a Mr. Sewall, professor in Harvard college. 

1765, Feb. 15. 

An onty daughter of Dr. Eleazer Harlow, aged about 13, and an 
only daughter of Mrs. Harlow, named Dabney, aged about 11, 
were burned to death in Duxbury, Mass., Feb. 4, 1765. 

Mary, wife of William King, aged 19, died in Portsmouth, N. II., 
Feb. 11, 1765. 

1765, Feb. 22. ' 

Simeon Stevens was drowned at Providence, R. I., Feb. 5, 1765. 
Mrs. Ruth Barneby, aged 100, died in Boston, Mass., Feb. 12, 

1765. | 

Samuel Sherburne, aged 65, died in Portsmouth, N. II., Feb. 15. 

1765. He left a widow and 11 children. He left the most of 

his estate to his nephew Samuel, son of Henry Sherburne. 
Sarah, wife of Capt. Zachariah Foss, died in Portsmouth, N. II. i 

Feb. 18, 1765. j 


From the New Hampshire Gazette , 1765-1800, 17 

765, March 8. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hight, aged 99, died in Newington, N. H., the 
first of the week beginning Feb. 24, 1765. She was married 
four times and had 8 children, and about 300 grandchildren and 
great-grandchildren, most of whom survived her. 

765, April 4. 
James Brumton and William Richie, sailors, were drowned at New 

York, March 16, 1765. 
Rev. Thomas Parker, in his 64th year, died in Dracut, Mass., 

March 24, 1765. 
William Priest died in prison in Boston, Mass., March 26, 1765. 

765, April 19. 
Col. Oliver Wilder died in Lancaster, Mass., March 18, 1765. 

1765, May 3. 
Margaret Gray, in her 60th year, died in Philadelphia, Pa., March 
17, 1765. She had been married nine times. 

1765, May 10. 
Eaglebert Iloff, in his 128th year, died in Fishkill, N. Y., March 

21, 1765. He was a native of Norway. 
Joseph Paulden committed suicide in New York city April 22, 

James Parker, about 90 years old, was burned to death in Groton, 

Conn., April 24, 1765. . 
A son of Capt. Rickard of Portsmouth, N. H., was drowned May 

7, 1765. 

1765, May 17. 

Mr. Badger, painter, died in Boston, Mass., May 11, 1765. 
176.5, June 14. 

Judah, son of Isaac Dana of Pomfret, Conn., was drowned at 
Canterbury, Conn., May 27, 1765. 
1765, July 5. 
Mrs. Sarah Davis of Portsmouth, N. H., was interred July 2, 

Moses Ward of Portsmouth, N. H., was drowned June 29, 1765. 
He left a widow and 6 children. 
1765, Aug. 16. 
Andrew Clarkson, in his 41st year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Aug. 9, 1765. 
17G5, Aug. 23. 
Anthony Hunter of New York city was drowned Aug. 10, 1765. 

t ■ 



18 From the JSFexv Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 

1765, Sept. 13. 
Capt. Jacob Colburn and his oldest son were killed by lightning in 
Hudson, N. H., Sept. 6, 1765. 

1765, Sept. 27. 
Jonathan Kinsey died in Woodbridge, N. J., before Sept. 16, 1765. 
Hon. Richard Wibird, in his 63d year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 

Sept. 25, 1765. 
Hon. Joseph Newmarch died in Newcastle, N. H., Sept. 25, 1765. 

1766, Oct. 18. 
Nathaniel Rogers, Esq., and Mrs. Elizabeth Gould, both of Bos- 
ton, Mass., were married at Gov. Wentworth's house in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Oct. 15, 1765. 

1765, Oct. 31. 
Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Mr. Fitch, and daughter of Hon. John 
Appleton, deceased, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 18, 1765. 

1765, Nov. 15. 
Thomas, brother of Hon. Richard Wibird, deceased, in his 59th 
year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 12, 1765. 

1765, Nov. 29. 

Joseph Lightly was executed in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 21, 1765, 
for the murder of Elizabeth Post, his reputed wife. He was 
born in Newcastle, Eng., in 1739. 

1765, Dec. 6. 

Dr. Hall Jackson and Mrs. Mary Wentworth were married in 
Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 1, 1765. 

1765, Dec. 27.* 
Hon. John Choate died in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 16, 1765. 

1766, March 14. 
Benjamin Price, attorney-at-law, formerly of New York, then of 

New Jersey, and for about 20 years of Pennsylvania, died in 
Philadelphia, Pa., on the Friday before Feb. 27, 1766. 

1766, May 1. [2] 

Mr. Craige of Londonderry, N. H., was drowned in the 

Piscataqua river April 25, 1766. He left a widow and 2 children. 

1766, May 30. 

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Brooks of Kittery, Me., 
May 17, 1766. Mr. Brooks was in his 54th year, and Mrs. 
Brooks in her 52d, and they had had no children for the previous 
eight years. 

*Thc numbers of the Gazette are missing from the file until Mar. 14, 17G6. 


From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 19 

1766, June 6. 
Reuben Garland of Dover, N. H., a mute, was killed by lightning 
May 29, 1766, while fishing about three miles east of Duck 

1766, June 13. 
The wife of James Dilks was killed by lightning at Mantua Creek, 

Gloucester county, Pa., May 20, 1766. 
Buges Thomas of Newport, R. I., was drowned at New York city 

May 27, 1766. 
Nathaniel Wheelwright of Boston, Mass., died in Guadaloupe 

about a month before June 9, 1766. 
Governor Montague Wilmot died in Halifax, N. S., May 23, 1766. 

1766, June 20. 
Governor John Penn and Ann, oldest daughter of Hon. William 

Allen, were married in Philadelphia, Pa., May 31, 1766. 
Deacon Joshua Lane was killed by lightning in Hampton, N. H., 

June 14, 1766. lie would have been 70 years old June 17, 1766. 

1766, June 27. ' * 

Richard, second son of Elisha Burnham, in his 19th year, died in 

Hartford, Conn., June 11, 1766. 
Rev. John Huntington died in Salem, Mass., May 30, 1766. 

1766, Julv 11. 
A son of Mr. Studely was killed by lightning in Hanover, Mass., 

June 16, 1766. 
A daughter of Mr. Graham, about 11 years old, was killed by 

lightning in Londonderry, N. II., July 7, 1766. 
Richard Greeley of Portsmouth, N. H., was drowned at Exeter, 

N. H., July 8, 1766. 

1766, July 18. 
Rev. Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., aged 46, died in Boston, Mass., 
July 9, 1766. • ,. 

1766, Aug. 15. 

Thales Greenwood died in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 13, 1766. 
H66, Aug. 22. 
James Annin, aged 54, and James McKinzy, aged 19, were exe- 
cuted at Burlington, Pa., Aug. 1, 1766. 
H66, Sept. 19. 
Samuel Wentworth, in his 58th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Sept. 16, 1766. 

• Waldron, aged about 17, committed suicide in Dover, N. II., 

Sept. 13, 1766. 


{To be continued.) 


20 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 

1766, Sept. 26. 
Tunis Dolson, in his 102d year, died in Goshen, N. Y., Aug. 30, 

1766. He was born in New York city. 
Rev. John, eldest son of the late Deacon Feveryear of Boston, 
Mass., lately died in Bermuda. 

1766, Oct. 10. 

Ann Donaldson committed suicide in Moyamensing township, Pa. 
Sept. 21, 1766. 

1766, Oct. 24. 

Andrew Forsyth was found dead in Groton, Conn., Oct. 6, 1766. 
Benjamin Morse of Southborough, Mass., was found dead in Little 
Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 19, 1766. 

1766, Oct. 31. 

William Moulton of Philadelphia, Pa., was killed by lightning at 
sea Oct. 19, 1766. 

Three children, two sons and a daughter, were born to Rev. Ben- 
jamin Butler and wife of Nottingham, N. H., Oct. 9, 1766. 

Major John Shackford died in Portmouth, N. H., Oct. 25, 1766. 

1766, Nov. 7. 
Rev. Nathaniel Gookin died in Hampton, N. H., Oct. 29, 1766. 

1766, Dec. 19. 
Timothy Baldwin died in New Haven, Conn., Nov. 25, 1766. 
Robert Waterman, aged about 24, died in Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 

7, 1766. 
Nathaniel Proctor died in Boston, Mass., Dec. 8, 1766. 

1766, Dec. 26. 
Morris Tucker and three children were burned to death in Cumber- 
land, R. I., Dec. 6, 1766. He left a widow. 










(Continued from page 160, vol. ill.) 


Isaac, Jr., d. 29 Nov., 1874; m. Sally, dau. of James Sinnet of 
Harpswell. She died 14 Oct., 1874. 

Ch: — George Henry, b. 4 April, 1829; d. 4 Oct., 1855; James, 
b. 1G March, 1831 ; Edward, b. 19 May, 1833, d. 23 Mar., 1881 ; 
Susan S., b. 22 Aug. 1837. 


Zelphina Finney, of Harpswell, and Ephraim Haynes, resident at 
Frenchman's Bay, pub. 20 Sept., 1769. 


Joseph, m. Deborah, dau. of Michel Sinnot, late deceased. 
Ch:— Polly, b. Feb. 1779; d. April, 1805; Sally, b. 1801; d. 
1805; Jane, b. 1805; d. 1805. 



John Farnan, and Abigail Stover, both of Harpswell, pub. 2 Mar. 

John Farnan (resident in Harpswell) and Abigail Stover, both of 
Harpswell, pub. 7 Feb., 1761. 


Kbenezer Fellows, of Harpswell, pub. to Rachel Coombs of 
Brunswick, 6 Aug., 1762. 


Ltdia Flint, of Harpswell, pub. to Jonathan Armstrong of Fal- 
mouth, 27 Dec, 1766. 



Ch:— Mehitable, b. in Harpswell, 9 Dec, 1802. 





22 Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. 




William*, m. Mary, dau. of John Smith of Harpswell. 
Ch:— Mehitable, b. 16 Dec, 1800 ; Rachel, b. 8 June, 1809; 
y Mary, b. 6 Dec, 1811 ; William, Jr., b. 19 May, 1814 ; Rebecca, b. 

4 July, 1815; Sopha, b. 15 Sept. 1818; George, b. 8 Mar., 1821. 
Susanna, b. 9 Oct., 1823; John, b. 6 Aug., 1825. 

Mary Ann, 

Her child, Alonzo Rich, b. 17 Mar., 1834. 

Samuel Getchell, and Sarah Simmons, both of Harpswell, pub. 

24 Aug., 1763. * 


Mary Grows of Harpswell, and Edward Doran, resident at Fal- 
mouth, pub. 31 July, 1769. 


Luther, m. Sarah, dau. of Josiah Clark; she d. 12 Mar., 1844. 

Ch : — Susanna, b. 5 Jan., 1772; Jenny, b. 8 Mar., 1776; d. 3, 
Jan. 1868; Abigail, b. 1 July, 1777; d. 8 Feb. 1794; Hannah, b. 
7 Dec, 1782 ; d. 7 Nov. 1791 ; Sarah, b. 20 Sept., 1785 ; d. 23 Feb., 
1861 ; James, b. 20 Sept., 1787; Ephraim, b. 25 Apr., 1789; d. 26 
Feb., 1852. 

Robert, b. 11 Feb., 1786 ; m. Sarah, dau. of Luther Gardner. 

Ch : — James, b. 15 July, 1815. 

Mr. Robert Gardner and his son's wife drowned Jan. 22, 1836, 
on their passage from Ragged Island with a load of wood. 

Ephraim, d. 26 Feb., 1852; m. Betsey . 

Ch:— Nancy, b. 26 July, 1818 ; John C, born 30 May, 1820 ; d. 

5 Feb. 1821; Susan, b. 19 Feb., 1822; Ephraim, Jr., b. 30 Nov., 


Ch:— John, b. 28 Apr., 1798. 


Joseph Hall and Sarah Hull, both of Harpswell, pub. 8 Oct., 

Isaac Hall and Bethiah Lumber, both of Harpswell, pub. 8 Jan., 

Abijah, d. 10 Aug., 1832 ; m. Deborah, dau. of Daniel Weber of 

Ch:— Joseph, b. 10 Sept., 1796; Arthur, b. 20 Nov., 1798; 
Abijah, b. 26 Jan., 1799. 

.- l> 

* Entered May, 1834. 


Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. 23 


Willebe, m. dau. of Nathaniel Pink ham. 

Mrs. Sarah Haskell, d. 9 Aug., 1835." f 

Ch:— Amy, b. 25 Jan., 1790; Ruth, b. 16 Jan., 1792; Micajah, 
b. 22 Mar., 1796 ; William, b. 24 Oct., 1798. 

George, m. Ann, dau. of Isaac Farr of Harpswell. 

Ch:— Sarah, b. 13 July, 1831 ; Eliza, b. 16 Aug., 1833 ; Ellen, b. 
12 July, 1835; William, b. 19 June, 1837; Isaac, b. 30 Sept., 1839; 
Alfred Johnson, b. 27 Aug., 1841 ; Nathaniel Second, b. 6 July, 
1844; Clarenden S., b. 12 Mar., 1847; George Pinkham, b. 6 May, 

Ward, d. 5 Aug., 1820; m. Sarah, dau. of Silas Kemp of 
Harpswell, d. 22 June, 1853. J 

Ch:— Isaac, b. 25 Dec, 1781; Lucieta, b. 2 May, 1784; d. 27 
May, 1848 ; Nathaniel, b. 18 Apr., 1786 ; William, b. 8 Aug., 1788 ; 
d. 17 Aug., 1835; Mary, b. 13 Dec, 1790; Timothy, b. 24 Dec, 

1793; d. 14 June, 1821; Fanny, b. 28 Feb., 1796; d. 20 Nov., 1 

1823; George, b. 5 Mar., 1801 ; Huldah, b. 14 May, 1803; Sarah, | 

b. 9 Apr., 1805; d. 14 Oct., 1824. | 


Israel, d. 25 Sept., 1849. 

Ch:— Stephen, b. 11 Sept., 1798; d. 28 Jan., 1821; Abizer, b. 
5 Oct., 1800; Benjamin, b. 4 Dec, 1803; d. 9 Feb., 1813; Rebecca, 
h. 13 Sept., 1804; cl. 8 Aug., 1806; Mercy, b. 3 Apr., 1806; 
Priscilla, b. 2 Feb., 1808 ; Jonathan Treet, b. 2 Nov., 1811 ; Israel, 
>. 20 Mar., 1814; Samuel Williams, b. 15 Dec, 1815 ; Benjamin, b. 
ft Oct., 1818 , Mary, b. 26 Oct., 1820 ; Stephen Sumner, b. 6 Oct., 

Jonathan, m. Rebecca, dau. of Rev. Samuel Vesc 

Ch:— Israel, b. 16 Jan., 1773; Deborah, b. 25 Feb., 1775; d. 
5 Dec, 1777; Abiezer, b. 14 Mar., 1778; d. 20 Aug., 1778; 
Abiezer, b. 16 July, 1780; Jonathan, b. 26 Jan., 1783; Rebecca, b. 
^ Apr., 1785 ; Deborah, b. 19 Feb., 1788; d. 9 Feb., 1799 ; Han- 
nah, b. 10 July, 1790; Polly, b. 10 Jan., 1792; Priscilla, b. 13 
Sept., 1795; d. 12 June, 1799. 

Jonathan, m. Sally. 

Ch:— Simeon K., b. 17 Jan., 1807; d. Mar., 1829; Israel, b. 14 
July, 1808; Lewis, b. 10 May, 1810; d. 14 May, 1817; Roxana, b. 
11 June, 1812; Isaac, b. 22 June, 1814; Arthur, b. 10 Dec, 1817; 


24 Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. 

John, b. 2 Jan., 1819 ; Martha, b. 11 Jan., 1821 ; Reuben K., b. 28 
Sept., 1823. 

Abiezer, m. Hannah, dau. of Samuel Otis of Harpswell, entered 
Sept., 1834, 

Ch:— Amanda, b. 8 Aug., 1830 ; John Merrill, b. 13 May, 1832 ; 
AbelS., b. 30 Oct., 1837. 

Jonathan V. (or T.), m. Mary, dau. of Richard Orr. 

Ch:— Richard On\ b. 10 Aug., 1840. 

Israel, Jr., m. Lucy. 

Ch : — James Stephens, b. 30 Jan., 1841. 


Elisha, m. Merriam, dau. of William Sprage. 
Ch:— Betsy, b. 6 Mar., 1813; William Sprage, b. 18 Sept., 1814; 
(Simeon 3 d , b. 15 May, 1817) ; Mary Jane M., b. 27 Mar., 1820. 
Simeon, d. 25 Mar., 1856. 


Ebenezer Howard, resident in Harpswell, pub. to Judah Eaton 
of Harpswell, 17 Mar., 1764. 

William, m. Catherine. 
Ch:— Eliza, b. 4 Oct., 1817; George, b. 29 Dec, 1819. 


Benjamin, d. 20 June, 1817, m. Betsey, who d. 21 Dec, 1853. 

Ch : — Benjamin, Jr., b. 19 Oct., 1795; Hannah, b. 3 June, 1797; 
d. 9 Mar., 1855 ; Eliza, b. 9 June, 1799 ; Samuel, b. 23 July, 1801 ; 
Elizabeth and Sally, b. 25 Mar., 1804; John, b. 12 Dec, 1806. . 

Benjamin, m. Asenath, dau. of Charles Bibber of Harpswell. 

Ch:— Charles, b. 12 Nov., 1825; Henrietta, b. 13 Dec, 1827; 
Permelia, b. 17 Oct., 1829; Deliaann, b. 30 Jan., 183-; d. 8 May, 
1836; Arville W., b. 18 June, 1835; Isaac S., b. 17 May, 1839; 
Belinda B., b. 16 Feb., 1842; Elijah Kellogg, b. 27 Dec, 1847. 


Holt, m. Sarah Ann, dau. of Edward Ingraham of Harpswell. 
Ch:— Ann Tate, b. 6 June, 1828. 

(To be continued.) 


Contained in the Records of Rowse Helme and 
- G. Peckham, Justices of the Peace, on File 
in the Town Clerk's Office. 

Samuel Anthony and Mary Congdon, April 14, 1723. 

Jobe Babcock, Jr., and Elizabeth Hull, Oct. 10, 1717. 

Samuel Barber and Anne Cory, Men., 1719. 

James Braman, son of James Braman, and Elizabeth Carpenter, 
3rd day of December, 1721. 

Joseph Barber and Rebeckah Potter, 4th day of February, 1724-5 

Joseph Braman and Abigaile Allen, 27th day of June, 1725. 

John Bently and Elisabeth Gardner, May 30, 1727. 

Benjamin Barber and Mary Tefft, Jan. 11, 1729. 

Thomas Barber and Avis Tanner, 18th day of April, 1723. 

George Bentley and Ruth Barber, March 4, 1723-4. 

Peter Crowe and Hittable Marshall, Nov. 12, 1718. 

John Cass and Elizabeth Johnson, 12th day of April, 1720. 

William Clarke and Hannah Watson, 4th day of October, 1722. 

Job Card and'Hannah Bull, 27th day of August, 1724. 

Joseph Coggeshall and Amey Bull, 24th day of January, 1724-5. 

William Clarke, Jr., and Rebeckah Welles, Sept. 4, 1731. 

Joseph Cross and Mary Hoxse, 17th day of February, 1722-3. 

Joseph Congdon and Mary Wickam, June 27, 1723. 

Thomas Draper and Jane Braman, Oct. 5, 1718. 

John Denison and Ales Percey, 21 day of July, 1725. 

Christopher Fowller, Jr., and Sarah Wickam, Oct. 18, 1717. 

Isaac Fowller and Mary Hopkins, loth day of January, 1720-21. 

Jonathan Foster and Elizabeth Mumford, 4th day of February 
A. I)., 1724-5 

John Foster and Margery Card, both of Westerly, June 11, 1724. 
William Gardner and Margret Eldred, June 12, 1718. 

* Originally printed in the Newport Mercury. 


26 Marriage Records, South Kingstown, It. I. 


Henry Gardner and Abigaile Eldrecl, June 30, 1726. 

Daniel Greennell and Jane Lewis, May 21, 1727. 

Silas Greenman and Anne Babcock, March 23, 1730. 

Daniel Grinnell, Jim., and Susannah Hopkins, 14th day of June, 

Amos Hollan and Phebe Greenman, 1716. 

Nicholas Holway and Patience Mot May 8, 1726. 

Joseph Hoxsee and Deborah Babcock, October 17, 1728. 

Thomas Hopkins and Hannah Mumford, March 20, 1728. 

Mr. Robert Hannah and Elizabeth Brown, May 31, 1730. 

Charles Higinbotham and Mary Niles, 7th day of February, 

Stephen Haszard, Junr., and Mary Robinson, January 9, 1723-4. 

Ebenezar Jakquis and Lidyah Bundy, 1716. 

Stephen Johnson and Susannah Long, November 23, 1727. 

William King and Susanah Gardner, 1717. 

Thomas Kinyon and Mary Ladd, October 4, 1717. 

John Kinyon, son of James, and Abigale Ladd, 25th day of 
September, 1720. 

ph Kinyon and Marcy Hazelton, 27th day of December, 1724. 

William Keaise and Margarett^Knowles, April 14, 1728. 

Nicholas Lee and Elizabeth Shakelesworth, Oct. 29, 1717. 

Benjamin Mory and Mary Vaughan, 11th day of March, 1719-20. 

Aaron Milliman and Anne Case, May 23, 1728. 

Peleg Mumford and Mary Packer, 1716. 

Nicholas Northrup and Frelove Eldred, 23 day of June, 1720. 

Nathan Niles and Mary Northup, September 12, 1728. 

Ebenezer Niles and Sarah Kinyon, March 25, 1730-1731. 

Thomas Potter, Jur., and Mary Babcock, March 19, 1717-18. 

Abraham Perkins and Margrett Cass, June 29, 1718. 

Thomas Pitts and Hannah Jackson, 9th day of July, 1722. 

George Parker and Katharine Cole, 18th day of October, 1724. 

Ichabod Potter and Deborah Rennolds, 20th day of March, 1725-6. 

Nathaniel Potter and Elizabeth Bentley,- May 31, 1727. 

Thomas Parker and Martha Barber, Oct. 5, 1727. 

Benjamin Perry and Susanah Barber, Jan. 11, 1727-8. 

Benjamin Potter and Ruth Shearman, February 1, 1727-8. 

Benjamin Perry, Junr., and Elisabeth Haszard, 10th day of July, 

Joseph Phillips and Jerusha Shugers, February 2, 1729. 

Robert Potter, Jr., and Judeth Clarke, September 5, 1731. 

Ichabod Porter, Junr., and Sarah Robinson, January 16, 1723-4. 


Marriage Records, South Kingstown, R. I. 27 

William Robinson and Martha Allen, March 30, 1718. 
EHsha Rennolds and Susanah Potter, June 30, 1728. 

William Rice, of Warwick, and Phebe Tripp, of South Kingston, 
10th day of December, 1730. 

William Sunderlin and Mary Phillips, May 26, 1726. 

Jonathan Shearman, Junr., and Dorcus Shelden, February 1, 

John Sheldon, Junr., and Sarah Shearman, February 2, 1726-7. 

Lieut. Isaac Sheffield and Sarah Card, April 20, 1727. 

Josiah Shearman and Mary Potter, both of South Kingstown, 
June 4, 1727. 

Thomas Sweet and Tabitha Bentley, April 11, 1728. 

Peter Stephens and Marcy Cottrill, September the first, 1728. 

Richard Shaw and Ales Wilson, August seventh, 1729 

Nathan Sheffield and Dorcos Helme were joyned in marriage April 

John Swaine and Hannah Scotaway, November 6, 1731. 

John Tayler of Newport and Judeth Seger, of Kingston Oct. 3, 

Joseph Tefft and Deliverance Rennolds, July 6, 1718. 

Kbenezer Terry and Mary Helme. the 30th day of November, 1721. 

Stephen Tallinan and Mary Potter, this 11th day of November, 

Samuel Tefft, son of John, and Marcy Barber, October 1, 1727. 

Francis Tanner and March Tosh, February 26, 1728. 

Joseph Tefft and Easter Brownen, Feb. 22, 1729. 

William Tanner and Elizabeth Cottrell, 1723. 

Edward Wilcocks and Dinah Barber, 1716. 

John Webb and Joanna Tefft, 28th day of April, 1721. 

Samuel Warden and Abigaile Mott, 27th day of January, 1722-3. 

James York and Elisabeth Case, January 11 1727-8. 

By G. Peckham, Justice. 

William Cottrell and Mary Tefft in South Kingston the seventh 
**y of December A. D., 1786. 

Frederick Chappel and Katharine Holley, (daughter of John 
Hblley), both of South Kingston, 18th day of November A. D. 

James Douglass and Elisabeth Havens, both of South Kingston, 
Nth day of November A. D., 1789. 
John Pain Dyre and Anne Tourje, both of South Kingston. 



Marriage Records, South Kingstown, R. I. 

Randal James and Elizabeth Kin-yon, both of South Kingston, 5th 
day of June 1785. 

William Prior, Junr., and Elizabeth Shepherd, both of Newport 
in the County of Newport, married in said Newport, October 20, 1787. 

Samuel J. Potter, Esq., and Anne Segar (daughter of Mr. Joseph 
Segar), both of South Kingston, September the tenth A. D. 1788. 

Samuel Perry, Junr. (son of James Perry late of South Kingston in 
the County of Washington, yeoman, dec'd), and Sarah Peckham, 
daughter of Timothy Peckham (son of Benjn late of sd. South King- 
ston, dec'd), 11th day of Dec, A. D., 1788. 

James Potter (son of Ichabod Potter) and Margaret Enos (daugh- 
ter of Ichabod Enos) both of South Kingston, Nov. 19, A. D. 1789. 

Boston Potter and Lucy Harry, an Indian woman, 25th day of Nov. 
A. D. 1790. 




Robert Davis, of Sudbury had brother John Davis, and wife 
Bridget Looker. She married, second, Thomas King of Sudbury in 

Robert Davis of Yarmouth had, besides the children given by 
Savage, a daughter Margaret. 

Samuel Davis of Groton, who had wife Mary, was called brother by 
Rebecca Whitcoinb in 1664. She was aet. 22, and formerly of Dor- 

James Davis of Newbury had sons James, John, Ephraim, Sam- 
uel, and daughter Sarah wife of John Page, Jr. Moses Davis with 
wife Rewameh and Joseph Davis with wife Mary, were of Oyster 
River in 1693, at which time their father and grandfather James 
were deceased. 

Isaac Davis of Beverly (1650) and Casco, married a daughter of 
John Black of Beverly. 

Davison or Davidson — Appledore, 20 Aug., 1645. Inventory of 
estate of Nicholas Davison. Estate in New England left in hands 
of Mr. William Ting of Boston, mch't, a deed for 134- acres land in 
Watertown formerly Capt. Patrick's. Ten acres in Charlestown 
Village bought of Edward Burton. Two hundred acres in Salem, 
formerly Capt. Trasques. Total £99. Taken out of my father's book. 
1>. Davidson. Acknowledged 24 March, 1686. Essex Co. Files 
vol. 45. 

Mrs. Joanna^lfent, aet. about 65, formerly wife of Mr. Nicholas 
Davison. Salem, 5 April, 1686. 

Nicholas Davison was in Salem in 1646. He had bought a farm 
to Lynn woods of William Trask which he sold to Humphrey Booth 
of Charlestown who sold to Russell. Russell sold to Capt. George 

George Dean of Salem, aet. 40 in 1679, was a shipmaster and that 
year sailed from Piscataqua. 

James Dennis, aet. 42 in 1684, probably of Marblehead 
William Devell or Davol, of Braintree, was of Duxbury in 1640. 
Of Rehoboth 1645-53, thereafter of Newport, and had Joseph, Ben- 
jamin, William, Jonathan. He was living in 1680. 


30 From a Genealogists Note Booh. 

John Doty, born 1G68, son of John, married Mehitable Nelson. 
John Dowager, aet. 36 in 1662, was then at Portsmouth, a sea- 
man from the Privateer Americaman from London. 

Samuel Dunham of Plymouth, called son by John in deed of 19 
Jan., 1647. 

Samuel Dunham, Sr., of Plymouth in 1670, had wife Martha. 

John Dunham of Martha's Vineyard, to sons Jonathan, Eleazer, 
Gershom and Samuel, all his lands in Middleboro, 15 June, 1698. 


Thomas Dustin, of Dover 1640, was aet. 50 in 1660, then of Ports- 

John Skinner married a daughter of Joseph Easton, of Cambridge 
1635, later of Hartford. 

John Easton of Hartford in his will 3 Dec, 1712, names children. 
Sarah Goodwin, Mary Bullar, Mehitable Merrold, Abigail and John 

Joseph Eaton married Hannah Martin before June 1780. Essex 
Court files. 

Gyles Ebbins of Salem, 1675, had been driven in by Indians. 

Jonathan Elason, signs his name thus in April, 1695. Beyond 
the fact that he was of New England, nothing more is known about 
him. Information welcomed. E. 

Richard Elliot, of Beverly, was drowned 5 Feb., 1663/4. 

Roger Elliot was of Salem in 1683. 

John Ellingwood, of the Isle of Shoals, had wife Dorothy in March, 
1729. Both were that year admitted to Second church at Portsmouth* 

William Emerton was of Manchester, 1651. 

Martha Bowman of Stow, widow, deeds lands in Cambridge to 
Joshua Thornton, 9 Apr. 1722, and John Eveleth of Kittery be- 
queathes, 24 July 1734, to daughter Martha Thornton. Eveleth was 
formerly of Stow, and married Mary Bowman 2 Dec, 1692. 

James Everill of Boston, aet. 74 in 1676/7, had niece Mary 

William Falloway, grandson of Gabriel, sold his rights in Middle- 


boro lands in 1700. 





such as att their first coalition entered into 
Covenant ; Aug : 13 : 1684. 

Imp 1 




Samuel Cheever and his wife 

Moses Maverick, dyed : 

Jan. 28: 85. 
and his wife Eunice, re- 
moved & dead. 
Ambrose Gale, ctyed 1708, 
a Richard Reith dyed 1707/8. 
m William Bartoll, dyed 90 : 

Nov. 2. 
rii and his wife Mary, dyed 

fa George Bondfield dead 1709 . 
bi William Beal** dyed '94. 
S3 Benjamin Pariniter, dyed '89 
Edward Read, dead '95. 
Francis Girdler, dyed Sept. 

John Merrit, dyed 1706/7. 
and his wife Mary, dyed 


Samuel Sandin, dyed 706 
■ and his wife Charity dyed 

Benjamin Gale dyed Ap. 3 

Rtul his wife Deliverance, 

dyed 1723 
•John Stasey died 1705 
and his wife Agnes Dyed 


m John Say ward, dyed 1725. 

m Sarah Ward.** removed. 

m Jene Pitman dead. 

m Elizabeth Conant dead 

m Mary Dixey, dyed April, 2 : 

m Mary Merrit sr dyed 80 July 

7: 85. 
m Elizabeth Legg, dead, dis- 
m Miriam Pedrick, dead 1717 
m Elizabeth Watts dead, 
m Anna Symmes, dismissed 
m Abigail Clarke, removed & 

m Sarah Henley, dead 1699. 
m Sarah Buckley :** removed 

& dead, 
m Margarett Ellis, dead 
m Johanna Hawley, dead 1717 
m Dorcas Pederick,** dyed 

m Sarah Dod dyed 1717 
in Mary Fortune dyed 1784 
m Elizabeth Russell, now 

Knight (dyed 1690(99?) 
m Mary Ferguson, dyed : 95 : 
m Miriam Hanniford, dyed 

m Abigail Merritt, dyed 1708 
m Mary Rolls dead 
m Abigail Hinds, dyed, 88 
m Charity Pitman Dismissed 



32 Particular Members of the Church of Marblehead, 

m Elizabeth Glass, removed m 

(dead) m 
m Mary Clattery, dyed 1722 

m Jene Blackler, dyed 1701 m 

m Rebecca Carder, dyed 1736 m 

Grace Coes, dead 

Mary Dallaber (Dismissed* ) 

Alice Darby, dismissed 
Elizabeth Gatchell, dead 

These 54 congregated on the day above mentioned. 

•* The word dismissed has a line drawn through it. 

** Not on the list of Salem church members dismissed to form a church at Marble- 
head, see Felt's Salem, p. 557, and Essex Institute Hist. Col., XVI, p. 16. Felt, however 
gives Tabitha Pedrick, not found on this list. For a full list of names corresponding 
with the above, see Dana's Discourse on the History of the First Christian Church and* 
Society of Marblehead, 1816. The list as dismissed from Salem Church, with proceed- 
ings relating thereto, is found on pages 90,91 and 306 of New England Congregationalism. 
by D. A. White. 

The second church in Marblehead was gathered and Mr. Edward Holyoke ordained 
pastor, 25 April, 1716. 

Marblehead was set off from SaJem in 1649. At that date there were forty-four 
families settled there. Mr. William Walton preached at Marblehead until his death in 
1668. He was a resident there on November, 1638. Mr. Samuel Cheever took up his work 
immediately and continued in the ministry till his death, 29 May, 1729. [Felt.] 

a :> 

, - 
. r 




The republication, by the New England Historical Genealogical 
Society, in 1901, of Henry F. Waters' Gleanings from English 
Jiretmls, in two large volumes, signalized the completion of his active 
work among English records : a result chiefly brought about by the 
failure of financial contributions to carry on the work. 
The resumption of the publication of Mr. Waters' Gleanings is 
< to the willingness of Mr. Lothrop Withington, the present 
. « :<xhan of Mr. Waters' immense collection of notes, to devote 
without compensation a portion of his time to the arrangement of the 
km moranda for the printer. This action by Mr. Withington justifies 
Mr. Waters' decision to leave his notes in England temporarily, where 


v.-y would be of the most value to Americans making genealogical 
n March among the English archives. 

More than twenty thousand, probably double that number, of 
Inferences to wills and administrations gathered by Mr. Waters in 
fHsrly twenty years' active genealogical labors in England remain 
unyniblished. These notes mainly cover a period from 1500 to 1660, 
fly the sixty years preceding the latter date, and are from the 
rseordsof the Prerogative Court of Canterbury ; the records of lesser j 

j-ohnte courts, also deposited at Somerset House; from the Suffolk 
RguttrieB, and other sources. 

Toe gleanings published in the Register were largely, if not wholly, 
' lections made because of their mention of residents or colonists in 
America, or that they illustrated the pedigree of families from which 
Americans derive descent. But these selections by no means ex- 
isted the direct references to America in the collection, which 
***0 abounds with abstracts of wills showing the ramifications of 
' ttionships of American families of early date in England. 

J nc alphabetical arrangement has been adopted in the present 

*tm»s as providing the most convenient and exhaustive method of 

sing the unpublished notes available. Abstracts of wills, etc., 

Mready in print are simply referred to, enabling the searcher to turn 

: ctly to the printed volume and page. It has always been a ques- 

tto and of great importance, in using the published gleanings, as to 




34 Waters 9 Genealogical Researches. 

what extent the material printed exhausted the material in hand. 
The present series will enable the genealogical student to determine 
this point and, it is hoped, greatly aid in the work of genealogical 
research in England. 

It is fitting in this place to state briefly the history of Mr. Waters' 
connection with this great work of genealogical research which the 
Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, in his presidential address to the New Eng- 
land Historic Genealogical Society in 1884, described as "a new 
departure in historical research." He predicted, without any adequate 
realization of the great successes in store for Mr. Waters, the benefits 
which would arise from systematic work. At that time Mr. Waters had 
but just begun upon his labors in behalf of the society, labors which 
were prosecuted for sixteen years under the gravest difficulties, often 
under almost overpowering discouragements, and at the expense of 
health. So signal were the discoveries made by Mr. Waters during 
the first five years of these investigations — including the finding of 
the Winthrop map, the Maverick MS., the ancestry of John Harvard, 
of Roger Williams, of John Rogers, and a year later of Washington 
— , that, in 1888, Mr. Goodell, in his presidential address, said "no 
one thing in the whole career of our society has reflected more credit 
upon the enterprise of its managers, and been fruitful of results 
more brilliant and startling and more full of promise to the historian 
and genealogist, than the discoveries which have been made in Eng- 
land by Mr. Waters." 

American genealogists had long been aware, from the results of the 
efforts of Somerby, Chester, Savage and others, of the great mass 
of undigested material buried in the English archives and courts. 
In 1879 Dr. James A. Emmerton, in company with his friend Mr. 
Waters, spent much time at Somerset House collecting information 
relating chiefly to Salem families, which was printed in the Essex 
Institute Historical Collections for 1880, vol. xvn. It was known 
that to Mr. Waters, was due the credit for the systematic method of 
those investigations which yielded so many suggestions concerning 
the English home of New England settlers. 

A few far sighted and enthusiastic members of the New England . 
Historic Genealogical Society, especially Mr. John T. Hassam,* who 

•Just as we go to pi-ess we learn of the death of Mr. Hassam, which occurred April 
2*2. He was born in Boston, Sept. 20, 1841. He had an honorable record as a soldier and 
lawyer. As an antiquary and genealogist he had few equals. It was due to his efforts 
that much-needed reforms in the care of records preserved by the Common wealth and 
county of Suffolk were effected, and it was he who brought about the present plan of 
indexing the Suffolk deeds, several volumes of which have been printed under his 
direction, and on this work he was engaged at the time of his death. 


Waters' Genealogical Researches. 35 

fpr nine 'years served as chairman of the Committee on English 
|?r*es*rch, conceived the idea of employing Mr. Waters, in behalf of 
l&at society, to prosecute a systematic investigation among English 


Sufficient interest was aroused to enable the plan to be carried out, 
t**d Mr. Waters, in May, 1883, proceeded to London, which was to 
he bis home for more than seventeen years. 

In 1886, Mr Waters' connection as an agent of the society ceased? 
Uil his contributions to the Register continued without intermission 
*v«a during a period of severe illness. During these years and until 
im$2 Mr. Hassam was chairman of the committee. He was succeeded 
by Mr. W. S. Appleton, who retired upon the completion of Mr. 
Waters' work in 1899.* To these two gentlemen and to Mr. James 
J. Goodwin, especially the latter, is due the credit of meeting the 

joy difficulties and bridging over the financial collapses which 
occurred during this period. 

From 1886 to 1898, work of raising funds for the maintenance of 
•, work and for printing the Gleanings rested entirely with the 
Committee on English Research which had the broad powers necessary 
k) the successful management of so important an undertaking. 

The original committee, appointed in 1883, consisted of John T. 
fia&san), James W. Austin and John Ward Dean ; and during the 
period of Mr. Waters' contributions to the Register numbered among 
iU members, besides the above, William S. Appleton, Frank L. Bradish, 
I r&Qcis E. Blake, James J. Goodwin, Thomas Wentworth Higginson' 
HuUert C. Winthrop, jr., and Eben Putnam. 

Mr. Waters has returned to New England and abandoned almost 

wttirely his genealogical studies, although he retains a lively interest 

fa the discoveries which are being made along the paths he blazed. 

Hie publication of the unpublished part of his collection meets with 

hearty appreciation and is due to his generous permission to make 

<- results of his work available to the public. All genealogical 
*'• '* dents who sought his advice and encouragement when personally 
conducting investigations in England, will join the writer in testifying 
*« the debt owed to Mr. Waters. The writer, himself, cannot close 
*« note without making his acknowledgment of the many courtesies 
extended to him by Mr. Waters at various times when pursuing 
■ oealogical investigations in England. 

Eben Putnam. 

* Tt<e last Instalment was printed in the Register for Jan., 1899. Mr. Waters' labors 
•*', bowerer, ceased many months previously. 










By Henry F. Waters 

(New Series). 

[Edited, arranged, completed, and cross referenced, by Lothrop Withington, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

William Abbott of Stortford. Will 12 March 1568; proved at 
Stortford 29 March 1569. Wife Margaret my messuage wherein I 
now dwell and tenement adjoining which Thomas Smyth inhabits, 
etc., to have and to hold until son George shall accomplish his full 
age of twenty one, and other lands including that piece of land that 
I late bought of my cosen Elliott lying in Fernham, for life, on con- 
dition she shall not claim any dower or third in the tayntor barn and 
yard, and after her death to John, Robert and Thomas Abbott my 
three sons. Taynter hill barn and ye gardayn adyoining to be sold to 
ye best price, and of the money thereof coming I give to my daughter 
Wynifred £10 at day of marriage or age of 21, and the residue of 
said money I will unto my three sons John, Robert, and Thomas at 
their several ages of 21, equally to be divided. The residue of my 
goods, etc., to Margaret my wife, executrix. My cosen Rowland 
Eliott to be supervisor. Com. Essex and Herts, filed will (old number) . 

Abbott, 1597. See King (Richard) citizen, etc., of London. 
Margaret and Gillian Abbott. Cobham, 80. 

William Abbott of Codford St. Peter,Wilts. Will 27 October 1624 ; 
proved 7 January 1624/5. Eldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of Michael 
Batt, and children. John Iicnton. To John Searchfield, clerk, 3sh. 4d. 
To my two sons William Abbott and Thomas Abbott £10 (12 months 
and a day), also one chattel lease of my hold in parish of Sedgell. 



Daughter Christian, wife of Hercules Candye, 5s. Alice Cande, daugh- 
ter of Hercules Cande. To wife Bridgett use and interest of £100 

during her natural life, then after 12 months and a day to two sons 
William and Thomas equally. Rest toBridgett, executrix. Overseers : 
Robert Head, Hercules Candy and John Henton. To four of John 
Henton's children, 5s. apiece. Clarke, 5. 

[For will of a Michael Batt probably the one mentioned above, see N. E. 
Hist. Gen. Reg., April, 1879. See also Waters' Gleanings, pp. 39,40. — E. P.J 


Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 37 

Abbott, 1625. See Elliott (Thomas) of New Sarum. Daughter 
Margaret Abbott wife of James Abbott. Clarke, 70. 

Francis Abbott of Cavendish, Suffolk, clothier. Will 27 August 

1&30; proved 2 June 1631. Francis Abbott my eldest son. Abigale 

tar wife. Abraham Abbott my youngest son. Abigale Abbott my 

tkkst daughter. Susan Abbott my youngest daughter. 

St. John, 75. 

George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury. Will 25 July 1632 ; 
proved 5 October 1633. Niece Mrs. Mary Digges. Executors : my 
brother Sir Morris Abbot, Knight, and my nephew Mr. Morris Abbott 
of the Inner Temple, Barrister. Russell, 85. 

fit is believed the following abstracts are also from unpublished wills. 

Sjj: Maurice Abbott, Knt. , and Alderman of London. Will 22 Nov. 
l*4S, "For the disposition of that personal estate which it hath pleased 
God to leave me my debts being first paid, I give and bequeath the same 
into my soone in law Thomas Marshe of Hackney in the county of Middle- 
sex whom I make executor." Witnesses: Edward Sparkes, John Oliver. 
Cominission issued 29 Nov. 1C44, to George and Maurice Abbott, Esqrs., sons 

tut the deceased and Thomas Marshe, Esq., nominated in the will as executor. 

Jiivers, 5. | 

Thomas Abbott of Morton, co. Lincoln, the elder, yeoman. Dated 16 Jan. 
1*16. To William xibbott, son of Thomas Abbott late of Morton, deceased, 
*>t i to John son and heir ofgthe said Thomas. Thomas Abbott son of Henry, 

At !x>tt of Harnthorp in Morton, husbandman. Richard Abbott the younger, J 

I n of Richard Abbott the elder of Morton. John Abbott of Hatonby. 
Miiliceut and Alice, daughters of Henry Abbott. Grace and Jane, daughters of 
Thomas Abbott the younger. Jane and Anne, daughters of Richard Abbott 

Vb* elder. John son of Robert Abbott, deceased. Alice wife of William Hare. j 

I en mother of (Richard Abbott the younger). Certain Stoddards and Law- I 

•om mentioned. Weldon, 53. 

1 romas Abbot, citizen and merchant tailor of London. Will 1624. Wife \ 

* •:»«• Children, Thomas, John, Samuel, Benjamin, Martha. J 

Com. London, Vol. 24, fo. 410.] 

Richard Abbott of Cavendish, Suffolk, clothier, 1G36. Edward 
*- 1 Robert two sons of brother Thomas, deceased. Barnard Abbott 
WJOiher son. Brother William Abbott of London, deceased (his will 
referred to). Cosen William Abbott of Sudbury. Cosen George 
Abbot, one of the sons of cosen George Abbott late of Ipswich, 
' ceased, gent. Pile, 92 . 

Robert Abbott of Whitwood, York, 1658. Son and heir George 
Abbott already advanced. Wootton, 295. 

George Abbott. Will 5 August 1658: proved 6 December 1660. 
twenty thousand pounds of sugar to ship home for London, brother's 

. . 


% I 

38 Waters' Gleanings — Wiihington. 

and sister's children in Lancashire for their use ; they are the children 
of Laurence Heye and Alice his wife. My brother and sister shall 
let one half of what the goods shall produce be bestowed upon the 
Catholic prisoners that are in Lancaster Castle. To John Carter, 
Sr., 800 lbs. of sugar besides what I doe owe him by back account. 
To Andrew Watson 600 lbs. of sugar besides Back account. To 
sister Alice, the wife of Lawrence Heye in Lancashire, four gold 
rings, one silver ring and £7-10-5 English and Spanish money, one 
small silver spoon, one silver bodkin, one silver thimble, one silver 
toothpicker, 13 yards small gold lace, 6 yards silver twist, h\ yards 
silver lace, one neck cloth of Taffeta laced at the end, one small purse 
overlayed with small stones etc., all which to my sister in Lancashire 
living in Blackburne parish, near the towne of Blackburne. To ser- 
vant John Dearman, servant Cornelius Leich. Brother-in-law Capt. 
George Hill. To John and Francis Hill, children unto my wife's 
brother, — upon their arrival here upon this Island of St. Xofers. To 
cousin Ann Sliedocke wife of Robert Shadocke. Friends Capt. 
George Hill, John Slee, and Thomas Rose, executors. To St. Ann 
Church in Sandy Point. To Sandy Point Fort one barrel of powder. 
Witnesses : John Hayes, Sampson Herald, Benjamin Bonnevall. 

Nabbs, 260. 

Robert Abbott, citizen and clothworker of London. Will 8 June, 
1659; proved 16 February 1669/70. Only brother Josias Abbott 
£20. Mary Abbott, my eldest sister, £20. Alice Abbott, my sister, 
£20. Joane Abbott, my youngest sister £20. Mother Sarah Abbott 
£20. Rebecca Abbott, the relict and executrix of Robert Abbott 
citizen and gentleman of London, late deceased. Executrix : Sarah 
Abbott my mother. Commission 16 Feb. 1669/70 to Marie Abbott 
the sister of deceased, Sara Abbott the executrix dying. Penn, 13. 

John Abbott, 1693 (Coker, 104). See Waters' Gleanings, p. 879. 

Roger Abdy, citizen and merchantaylor of London. Will 16 
June 1595 ; proved 16 June 1595. Kinsman William Lee, friend 
John Davenant of parish of Garlickhythe, cosenMrs. Knighton. To 
Dorothie Vaughan, daughter to Stephen Vaughan, Esq. To wife 
Mary one third of my goods. Martha, Anne, and Margaret, daugh- 
ters of brother Christopher Abd} r e, deceased, £20 in six months after 
their marriage. Brother Michaell Abdye, Edward Abdye, gent. 
Neiphue Xrofer Abdye and his wife. Cousin Mary Mason and her 
daughter Mary Pawne at 21 or marriage. Brother in law John Reeve, 
merchantaylor, and sister Mary his wife, Jane Reeve my goddaughter. 
Friend Nicholas Spenser, merchantaylor. Godson Andrew "White, son 
of Humfrey White. Poor of Wathe, county Yorke, where my father 



Waters' Gleanings — WitJnngton. 39 


' • . 



lyeth buried. Executor to place a, stone over the grave of my father 
and mother. Johane Dunscombe, widow, a bason and ewer of silver. 


Residuary legatee and executor : son Humfrey Abdy, marchantaylor. 
Overseers: son Edmund Abdy, brother in law John Reeve, and my 
son in law Nicholas Peard, and my cosen and servant William Lee. To 
son Humfrey and his heirs male my moytie and part of the manor 
of Belgar, Kent, with remainder to Anthony Abdy my son and his 
heirs male, Mary Abdy my daughter and her heirs male, Elizabeth, 
now wife of Nicholas Peard, cloathworker, and her heirs male, 
Abdias Durdent, son of Thomas Durdent, my son in law, and his heirs 
male, and the heirs of me, etc. Lands in Essex to son Anthony, etc. 
Wife Mary to enjoy my tenement at Poplar, etc. Scott, 38. 

Anthony Abdy, citizen and alderman of London. Will 22 May 
1640; proved 4 December 1640. Member of Cloth workers Company. 
Messuage at Havering at Bower. Wife Abigail. Son in law John 
Brampston, Esq., and Alice his wife my daughter. Other four sons 
and one daughter. Kinswoman Mary Reeve and her daughter Jane 
Reeve. Anthony Daniell son of late neice Elizabeth Daniell, 
deceased (and her other children). St. Dionis Bachurch. Poor 
of Leighton and Kelvedon, Essex. I give arid appoint the 
Sume of one Hundred and Twenty pounds to be disposed and 
bestowed by my executors upon twenty poore Boyes and Girles to be 
taken up out of the streets of London as vagrants, for the cloathing 
and transporting of them either to Virginia, New England, or any 
other of the Western Plantations there to be placed. Sister in law 
Dame Rachell Cambell wife of Sir James Cambell, Knt. Sister in 
law Mrs. Judith Abdy. Cosen James Meggs. Son Robert Abdy. 
Son John Abdy. Son Nicholas Abdy. Son Roger Abdy. Daugh- 
ter Sarah Abdy. Manor of Burnehall als. Brandon Hall. Messuage 
in Loughton, Essex. It appeared that Roger and Nicholas Abdy 
were in parts beyond the seas, 14 September 1640. Power given to 
Nicholas, power reserved for Robert. Coventry, 120. 

[This will may also be found in the Va. Historical Magazine for April, 
1903, contributed by Mr. Withington in the series of gleanings relating es- 
pecially to Virginia, now appearing in that magazine. — E. P.] 

Abdy, 1642. See Cambell (Sir James). Sir Thomas Abdy, John 
Abdy, Nicholas Abdy. Cambell, 1. 

Nicholas Abdy of London, merchant. Will 29 Nov. 1642; 
proved 9 March 1648/9. Sister Mrs. Alice Bramston, wife of John 
Bramston, Esq., their son Anthony Bramston, and their three 
daughters. Brother Sir Thomas Abdye and his lady, brother Mr. 




40 Wafers' Gleanings — Withington. 

Robert Abdye and his wife. Brother John Abdye. Brother in law 
Mr. John Bramston and his wife. Rachell Abdy, daughter of 
brother Sir Thomas Abdy, Mr. James Meggs, kinswoman M'ris Mary 
Reeve, cosen Mr. Humphry Abdy, cosen Anthony Daniell at 21, to 
his sisters at 20. Milliceut Shawe, Dr. Ouklsworth. Friends Mr. 
Roger Vivian and Mr. Richard Milward, Mr. Adam Bowen, Mr. 
Francis Brampston, brother of said John. Late father Anthony 
Abdy, alderman. Fairfax, 31. 

James Abercrombie of Philadelphia, mariner. Will 11 December 
1758; proved 23 July 1761. Executors: friends Charles Stedman, 
Alexander Stedman, and Samuel McCall, junior, of the City of 
Philadelphia. To wife Margaret Abercrombie £1000 money of 
Pennsylvania. Rest to son James, and in case of his death, without 
issue, then to brother David Abercrombie, sister Jannet Abercrombie ; 
and John Stedman, the son of my friend Alexander Stedman. 
Witnesses : Robert Harper, Johan George Waine. Cheslyn, 239. 

Richard Abyngdon of Bristow, haberdasher. Will 17 July 1545 ; 
proved 23 February 1545. St. Mary Port. Son Thomas, son 
Roger, son John. Lands in Hylsdon, Somerset, and Hambroke, 
Gloucester. Lands in Garthanger, Somerset. Compton Hayway, 
Dorset. Wife Isabell. Alen, 5. 

Isabell Abington of St. Mary Port in Bristol, widow. Will 
2 September 1546 ; proved 2 July 1547. Daughter Joane Croston. 
Son William Croston. Son Roger Abington and Katherine his wife 
and his sons Thomas and Richard. Alen, 42. 

John Abington, 1694 (Box, 148). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Ablett, 1602. See Miller (Anne) of Holbrooke. Daughter 
Thomazin Ablett and her son Anthony Ablett. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 112. 

Thomas Abraham, citizen and mercer of London. Will 10 April 
1580; proved 22 March 1580/81. Parish church of Cole church in 
West Cheapc. Father John Abraham. Uncle Robert Abraham of 
Stock Goldington. Brothers and sisters William, Edward, Abraham, 
Johan Kinge, John, and Agnes. Children of brother Robert, deceased, 
children of brother William, deceased, children of brother Edward, 
deceased. My three sisters in law, and three brethern in law, hus- 
bands of my sisters. Parish church of Stock Goldington, Bucks. 
Aunt Agnes Stamer, widow. Wife's father John Jones and 
Katharine his wife, and Hugh, John, Davye, and Katharine Jones 


Waters' Gleanings — Wit king ton. 41 

l&etr children. Brother in law Hugh Jones. My brother in law St. 
Johns' minister. Katherine Phillipps, my wife's sister. John, 
William, Laurence, and Randoll Jones, my wife's brethern now in 
London. Arch. London, book 4, folio 201 . 

Richard Abram of Tendring, 1588. Katharine Evered, my sis- 
ter's daughter. Catharine Evered, my sister. 

Com. Essex and Herts, fded ivill 

Anthony Abraham of Bridgtone pomay, Devon, yeoman. Will 
f$ March 1620; proved 3 July 1620. To William Frenche son of 
Elizabeth White, 40s. To Wilmote Martyn, Grace Frenche, Robert 
Frenche, and Agnes Frenche, children of William Frenche, chirurgion, 
each 20s. To Jane Frenche, daughter of said William, 40s. To 
Thomas, Peter, Johane, Margaret, Anne, and Luce Blackaller, 
children of Thomas Blackaller the elder of Bampton. Soame, 75. 

Aclye, 1597. See Gomersall (William) of Hillington, Middlesex. 
Christopher Aclye. Cobham, 66. 

John Akton of London, gent. Will 3 August 1508 ; proved 21 
October 1508. To be buried near ray fader and moder. Fader in 
law, his daughter my wife. Suster Roger Mannys wif. Freere 
John Thomson of the freer Austyns, seven nobles to pray for the soul 
of Wm. Rede talow chandler. Executrix: my suster Cecile, Roger . J 

Mannys wif. Bennett, 6. I 

* I 

Dorothy Acton, St. Towles church. Will 3 May 1556 ; proved . | 

lv»57. Cousin Agnes Winthrop, Alys Winthrop. Aunt Sharp. [ 

Wrastley, 8. j 

Susan Acton of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, London, widow. 
Will 29 June 1619 ; proved 5 July 1619. Town of Sandwich, Kent. 
My late husband, deceased. Abraham Rutten, gent., by his last will 
fciid testament gave me one third part of his goods and chattels and 
the other two thirds to Susan and Sara his two daughters, not know- 
ing then that I was with child — now to Posthuma my daughter all 
l»ial one third other goods bequeathed to me by my late husband 
William Acton, gent., equally between Susan, Sara, and Posthuma 
my three daughters, except one bedsteadle of carved work in parlor 
chamber at Sandwich which Abraham Rutten shall have, etc. My 
*''« Abraham. My three daughters residuary legatees and executrices. 
Supervisors : Robt. Lee of Sandwich, gent., Thomas Lake of Gowd- 
narst, gent., and Mr. Alexander Lake, cit. and haberdasher of 
jondon; Friend Mrs. Anna Lee. To daughter Posthuma lands in 
* aiding, Kent, given by husband to me, Posthuma having had no 


42 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 

portion from her father. Messuage, etc., late Barnard Lent's in 
Sandwiche which fell to me by law and descent from my father. My 
three daughters Susan Rutten, Sarah Rutten, and Priscilla Rutten, 
my only sou Abraham Rutten. Parker, 76. 

Acton, 1625. See Gooche (Nicholas) of St. Peters, South Elm- 
ham. I^lizabeth Acton. Arch. Suffolk, book 56, folio 216. 

Acton 1638. See Harde (Robert) of Bayelham, miller. John 
Acton, Esq. Arch. Suffolk, file 1638, No. 79. 

John Acton, citizen and goldsmith of London. Will 15 February 
1635/6 ; proved 1638. Daughter Blandiua, wife of Reginald Forster, 
and her two children. Four children unadvanced, viz. Thomas, 
Edward, Jane, and Martha. Son in law Richard Boraston. Wife 
Blandina. Brother Anthony Acton. Cousin Gilbert Rushall. 
Cosen John Wray. Sister Alice Logins. Son John Acton, his 
children. Daughter Boraston's children. Wife's sister Anne Pigott. 
[Wife Blandina afterwards Lady Blandina Skipworth.] Lee, 109. 

[For a pedigree of this family see Vis. of London (Harl. Soc.) p. 4. 
Reginald Forster is there called Reinold Forster of Watling Street, Salop, 
gent. The " unadvanced " children were by Blandina, a second wife, who 
was daughter of John Penuen of Badgeworth, Somerset. Boraston or 
Borowston was of Ribbesford, co. Worcester. This will adds to the Visi- 
tation record. — E. P.] 

Mabel Acton, widow and executrix of Thomas Acton of the 
Parke, parish of Clevely, Salop, Esq. Will 1689. Son in law John 
Whitmore, Esq., and daughter his wife. Her daughter Frances Whit- 
more. Will of late mother Dame Sara Acton. Ent, 57. 

Henry Adam of Hadstock, Essex. Will 12 December 1555 ; proved 
1 September 1559. To be buried in the church yard of Hadstock. To 
wife Agnes all lands both free and copy in Hadstock for life. Sons 
Robert, George, Symonde, William. My daughters Barbara and 
Katharine. Anne Davene my daughter, her children Margaret, Janue, 
Anne and Elizabeth Davene. Henry Davene my godson. Henry 
Adam my godson. George Adam my son's son. Thomas Freeman 
my godson. Consist. London, Home 168. 

Adams, 1571. See King (Thomas). Brother in law John Adams 
of Swanborne. Arch. Bucks, Beg. 1568-72, folio 222. 

Adams, 1572. See Sigare (John) of Aldbury, Herts. Daughter 
Joane Addam. To this Addams his children i. e. Henry, Thomas, 
Nicholas, and John. Dean and CJtapter of St. Paul, B 153. 

Symonde Addam of Much Parringdon, Essex. Will 15 March 
1550/51 ; proved 1574. Son Harry Addam. Martyn, 21. 


Waters* Gleanings — Withington. 43 

'Richard Adames, clerk. Will 3 April 1577 and 2 May 1577; 

•v-.ved 4 March 1577/8. To church of Persolde 6sh. 8d. To main- 
u-ti the common well of Persold 6s. To Richard Browne 6 sh.8d. To 

-, kiobvvoman Elizabeth Norton of London, 20s. To the poor of 
Winchester. Thomas Lauley (Lawley) of Eston, executor. Jerom 
Tkborne my sealing ring of gold. William Waye and Harry Alwaye. 

Admon to Elizabeth Norton.] Lcmgley, 11. ' 

K. Adams, 1595. See Albone (Richard) of Hausted, yeoman. 
!*&;!ip Adams son of John Adams, thatcher. Anne Adams daughter 
c»{ John Adams. Arch. Sudbury, Blomef elide, 43. 

Adams, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander), Owndell, Northants. 
n*oinas Adams and my daughter. Lewyn, 41. 

IIknkv Adams, 1601 (Woodhall, 80). See Waters' Gleanings, 
E&g€ 1096. 

John Adams of Luton Bedford. Will 18 of February 1601/2; 
: roved 7 May 1602. Sara Collin wife of Kellam Collin, citizen and 
taberdasher of London. Cosen Kellam Collin. Nicholas Collin of 
Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Esq. Montague, 31. \ 

London Marriage Licenses. Kellam Collins, haberdasher of St. Bride's I 

' Street, and Sara Crouche of same, daughter of Crouche, saddler, 

SS February 1586/7.] j 

Adams, 1603. See Benskyn (Raphe) citizen and haberdasher of 
Loudon. Brother-in-law William Adams and Frances my sister and 
llttir three children. Bolein, 69. 

[See Waters' Gleanings, pp. 106, 517, for wills of members of the Benskin 
tvuUy connected with Virginia. — E. P.] 


J uiN Adam of Widford, Herts., Diocese of London, yeoman. 
Will 25 March 1607 ; proved 13 January 1607/8. Son Henry Adam. j 

L*&se from Robert Abbott of Much Holland, Essex, husbandman, to j 

Roht. Crumpe of Brightlingsea, Essex, of messuage called Rodney. -| 

Tu children of son Robert Adam £40, son Robert to have use till | 

eiiildren are 20. To children of Richard Wagstaffc and Joane my | 

daughter £20 at 21. To children of daughter Agnes £20,' Agnes to 
*ve the use, etc. To children of Robert Wright and Judith my 
daughter £20, Robert to have use etc. To poor of parish where I 
dwell 10s. Residue to son Henry Adam executor. Witnesses: John 
*\v ton rector of Widford, Robert Jacob, and Anne Jacob. 

Huddleston, 49. 

U en ry Adams of London, scrivenor, 1609. Born in Wallington, 
Herts. Cosen John Pratt. Dorset, 90. 


44 Waters' Gleanings — Withington, 

Adams, 1612. See Skinner (Richard) of Moulsham. Eldest 
daughter Joane Adams. Com. Essex and Herts, filed will. 

John Adams of Bromhara. Will 1 September 1611 ; proved 19 
February 1612/13. Henry Webb, born at Scol. William Webb of 
Skole and his son Daniel Webb. Capell, 122. 

Barnard Adams of St. Martins, Cornwall. Will 23 November 
1615; proved 31 July 1616. To brother-in-law German Reed. To 
daughter Jone when 21. To my father Barnard Adams. To my 
sister Cate Adams. To my sister Eliz. Adams. Godson Reignold 
Hoskius. To godchildren at Looe. To Margery Galley. Residuary 
legatee and executrix : wife Jone. Overseers, my master Phillipp 
Mayowe, my brother in law John Iloskyn, brother in law German 
Reed, my cousin William Mayowe. Witnesses : William Mayowe, 
Roger Short. Cope, 75. 

Henry Adams of St. Dunstan's in the West, citizen and cutler of 
London. Will 27 June 1618; proved 31 July 1618. Wife Alice, 
deceased ; wife Susan. Sister Susan Lawrence, widow, dwelling in 
Hornchui'ch, Essex. Cosin Elizabeth Collins daughter of said sister 

and wife of Collins, carpenter. Cosen Katherin Kynge, widow, 

late wife of John Kyng an attorney of the Crown Office. Cosen 
Dorothy Russell dwelling with said cosen Kynge. Cosens William 
and James Shoemaker dwelling in Dartford, Kent. Parish of 
Shorne, Kent, where I was born. Meade, 71. 

John Adams of Totnes, Devon, merchant. Will 10 February 
1622 ; proved 20 April 1023. Poor of Totnes 10s. etc. To Richard 
Staplehill, wife of John Staplehill, £3. To my said sister Richard's 
children which she had by John Page, 20s. apiece, and to her children 
by John Staplehill 20s. apiece. My goddaughter Mary Staplehill 30s. 
To Toby Martin 5s. and to each of his children 5s. To Dorothy 
Staplehill children, to each 10s. Each of my godchildren 12d. To my 
aunte Mistress Elizabeth Adams £3. To my cosen Lawrence Adams. 
To Walter Leere. To Rebecca Leer £25. My sister Anstice 
Adams £50. My brother Thomas Adams £50. To brother William 
Adams £50 if living. My uncle John Adams 40s. and to each of his 
children 10s. Aunt Elinor Bickford's children 5s. My cosen Cath- 
erine Goodall 10s. Richard Lee and Richard Leer of this town 5s. 
Edward Thare 5s. Ewstace Wise the cloth my aunt Adams gave 
me, etc. To Francis my suite of melly cloth. To Kath Wise one 
pair of stoekins. To Elizabeth Wise. To cosen Mary Brockinge. 
Residuary legatee and executor : brother Thomas Adams. Overseers: 

Waters 1 Gleanings — Withington. 45 

t&ffc Mr. Lawrence Adams, Richard Lee, and Richard Leer the 
raafiger. Witnesses: Lawrence Adams, etc. Swann, 28. 

Richard Adams of Litlington, Cambridge, yeoman. Will proved 
14 Jf*ji 1623. Third son Henry £30, etc. To be buried in church- 
%-*jvi of Litlington. Richard my eldest son and his son Edward. 
|V<n;as, my youngest son, all the debt of £14 of Richard Mathewes. 
Ux daughter Anne, now wife of Mr. Andrew Willet, my land, etc., 

ikd broad meades, the land of Thomas Parker lying in the west 
p&rt and the land late of John Pigott, Esq., and Edward Ratliffe, 
K*q. A legacy of £10 given to Edward the son of Richard Addams, 
to be paid into the hands of his father, and the legacy of £30 given 
la Henry Adams to be in one year. Residuary legatee and execu- 
tyix: wife Mary Addams. Siuann,46. 

Adams, 1626. See Gould (William) of Walter Lambeth, Surrey. 

i' f <n Elizabeth Adams, widow, of Queenhith, London, being 

sgbter of uncle and master William Hawthorne Ilele, 7. 

Adams, 1626. See Padnall (Thomas). Elizabeth Adams my 

* fe'e mother. Dean and Chapter of St. Paul, D 314- 

Adams, 1627. See PCaldo (Edmund) of North Mymes, Herts, 
- t. Henry Adams and William Adams my wife's sons. 

Skinner , 34. 

Adams, 1634. See Folkes (Elizabeth) of Mountnesing, Essex, 
•rioir. Sister Adams (Sister Dorothy Adams). S eager, 90. 

Elizabeth Adams, 1660 (Nabbs, 260). % See Waters' Gleanings, 
'<- 238. 

Elizabeth Adams late of London, now of East Greenwich, widow. 

WiU 3 August 1663; proved 25 February 1667/8. Son Thomas 

*!«•*. Son Robert Adams. Daughter Margaret Bridges. Grand- 

* s s William Bridges. Grandson Richard Bridges. Granddaughters 
iuabeth and Anne Bridges. Daughter Elizabeth Nicholas. 

Aephew Gerard Gore. Niece Mary Bridges. (Others). Rene, 15. 
Robert Adams late of Pennsylvania, deceased. Administration 
' November 1700 to his son William Adams. 

Admon. Act Book 1700, folio 225. 

•Joseph Adams, 1722 (Marlboro, 188). See Waters' Gleanings, 

* *::e 1105. 

* homas Addamson, citizen and clothworker of London. Will 

January 1597/8; proved 24 February 1597/8. Dwelling in St. 

"holag Aeon. Aunt Alice Arrogamer. Wife's brother James 

lancer. Wife Mary. Uncle Maimingham. Aunt Joane Manning- 

°*« Kinsman Thomas Crompton, clothworker. Kinswoman Kath- 


46 Waters' Gleanings — Withington* 

erine Crompton. Cosen John Kinge, cloth worker. Brother Richard 
Addamson. Reference to uncle Raphe Addamson. Lemyn, 19. 


James Apamson of London, musicioner, 1616. Brother-in-law 
Sampson Collens. Cope, 101 . 

Elizabeth Adcocke of Hingham, widow. Will 11 July 1586; 
proved 21 May 1589. Son in law John Lincoln all my houses in 
Hingham. Daughter Thomasin Cockerell, wife of John Cockerell. 
Daughter Elizabeth Childerus. Daughter Magdalen Jubyc. Daugh- 
ter Edith Lyncoln. Consist. Norwich, Flack, 43. 

Stephen Adcocke als. Cole of Ketton als. Keddington, Suffolk, 
yeoman, 1614. Son-in-law William Plume of Ketton, daughter Alice 
Plume. Daughter Elizabeth [apparently wife of Gregory Cole]. 

Lawe, 6. 

Richard Adderley of Romsey, 1630 (Scroope, 6). See Waters' 
Gleanings, page 294. 

Addington, 1598. See Howper (James) of Merryat, Somerset. 
Sister Addington. Edward, Fardinando, Alice, and Ann Addington. 

Lewyn, 13. 

Adyn, 1585. See Browne (John) of Frampton, Dorset, Esq. 
Cosen Robert Adyn. BrudenelV, 21 

Alice Aden, widow of Luke Aden and of Thomas Smith, 1662. 
Calls Simon Digby brother Laud, 123. 

Edward Adlam of Dewell Longbridge, 1610. Mentions brother 
Stephen Long (his father-in-law had been probably a Stephen Long). 

Wirvjfield, 40. 
Adye, 1560. See King (William). Alice Adye. Metier she, 22. 

John Adkins, 1686 (Pile, 100). Printed Virginia Historical Mag- 
azine, Vol. x., folio 294. 

Thomas Agas, Clerk, parson of Sudborne. Will 9 April 1591; 
proved 23 October 1599. Wife Agnes. Son Raphe under age, 
tenements, etc., in Stoke and Polsted. Mother Alice Spencer. 
Daughter Frances Agas. Brother Raffe Agas and his heirs. "The 
Butts " on road from Stoke to Boxford. 

Consist. Norwich, PecJce, 166. 

Benjamin Agas of London, St. Andrew's Clerk, Holborn. Will 
21 May 1689; proved 4 Sept. 1689. Cosen Anne Byfield. Cosen 
White. Daughter Philipp Agas. Ent, 118. 

{To be continued.) 












List of members in the Church of Cambridge in y e 
ll;md writing of y e Rev. Mr. Jonathan Mitehel. 

i'Sie above is in the hand writing of Rev. Thomas Prince formerly 
ussier of the Old S° Chh. in Boston. 

This MS. was found in the Prince collection of MSS. (deposited 
m tfje Old S° meeting house) by A. Holmes. 

A. D. 1815. 

Attest A. Holmes. 

(1) This Come out of Mr. Jonathan Mitehel. 

The Church of Christ at Cambridge in N. E. or the Names of all the 
M. rubers thereof that are in full Communion; together with their 
Hsiidreti who were either baptized in this Church, or (coming from 

her churches) were in their minority at their parents Joyning ; taken 
*r.d registered in the 11. month 1658. 

M*. Thomas Shepard late faithfull & famous pastour of this Church 

anst at Cambridge was tranflated hence unto the Church of 

Triumphant, 25 of 6. m 1649. & left behind him 4 Sonnes 3. whereof 

if* now living viz. 

•admitted into full Com. July 19. 1663, difmiffed to Rowley August 
1 ;5 ' 1665, ordained pastour there (Novemb. 15, 1665.) 

Jonathan Mitchell prefent pastour of this Church ; And Margaret 
lit wife. 

'47) m 




rb'pmas; admitted to full Communion with us March 28. 1656, & 
*** lately difmiffed to the Ch of Christ at Charlestowne for the work 
• v* ministry ther. 

v amuel* ) 

L tin . , \ both baptized in this Ch. 

48 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Their children now living are 



both baptized here 

John departed this life Octob. 29. 1659 about 2. of clock. 

in y e morning. 
Samuel born Octb. 14, 1660, baptized Octob 21. 1660. 
Margaret Mar. 1663/4 
(Jonathan) Oct. 7. 1666. 

Richard Champny- Ruling elder and Jane His wife in f. Com- 
Their children yet living 
Esther Champny now Convers living at Wooburne baptized in 
England aged about 6. years when her ffather Joyned here. 
Samuel admitted into full communion Octb. 18, 61. 
*Lydia baptized in this Church 
Daniel admitted into f. C. March 1663 
♦admitted into full Cornm. May. 31 

(2) (Blank.) 

(3) Edmund ffroft Ruling Elder alfoof this Ch. and Thomas-Anne 

his Wife in f . C. 

Their children 








All baptized in this Church Save John who was baptized in England 
being about old when his father Joyned here 

Captaine Daniel Gookin & Mary his wife both in full Commun 
Their children 

Mary | baptized elfe-where ; but the Elder not full 6 yeares 

Elizabeth J old when their parents Joyned in this Ch. both admitted 

into full Communion May 23, 1665. 

Samuel Borne & baptized here. 







Records of the First Cliurch, Cambridge. 49 

Jf » Charles Chauncy prefident of the Colledge and Catharine his 
* >#«M miffed hither from the Ch at Situate and Joyned here ; in y P 1 st 
**^~:*of jT yeare 1656. 
Their children 


admitted alfo into full Communion Decern b 10 1658 

baptized at Situate 

John Holmes a Student & Servant to M r Chauncy in full Commun 

* & us, adult John Holmes difmiffed to Duxbury July 

(4) (Blank.) 

(5) M r Joseph Cook and Elizabeth his wife both in full Communio. 
Their children 

' b admitted into full communio May. 18. 1666. His child John 
f I zed .Januar. 26. 67. 

H %'rx 

* * I feOQ 

*U baptized in this Ch. 

W Edward Collins Deacon of this Church; and Martha his wife 
wtfa in f. C. 

Their Children 

I now living at Konningberg in Praffia about 9 yeares old when 

It* parents Joyned here. .Iohn, admitted into full Communio before 

went from hence being now minister of Gods word at Edenburgh 


'**■ *i now ulfo living in Scotland. The wife of Samuel Collins 

.'-Unto full communion May. 31. 1664. Their child Edward 

r »s baptized June 1664. 


* *'*.;l J* borne & baptized here 








50 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

M r John Whytingnow preacher of y e word at Salem ; & Sybill his 
wife (daughter to y e forenamed Edward Collins) both admitted to full 
communion here. Both difmif fed to the Church of Christ at Hartford. 

Their children 

both baptized here 

William baptized ffebruar. 19. 1659. 

M r Nathaniel Sparrowhawke fometimes Deacon of this Church : & 
(Mary) His first, Katharine His fecond wife, all now deceafed left 
with us 5 Children viz. 

(6) 1 Nathaniel whofe wife Patience is admitted into full Commun- 

ion with us : And their children are ~ V.,, I both baptized in this Ch. 

Esther baptized May 5 1661. Samuel Sparrowhawke baptized 
ffebruar. 5. 1664. Nathaniel baptized Nov. 3 d 66. 

2 Anne now the wife of John Cooper mentioned afterward, being in 
f . Co. 

3 Mary 

4 Esther Sparrowhawke: admitted into full communion Decemb. 15, 

5 Elizabeth now living with Broth. Thomas Cheefeholme. 

(7) Gregory Stone Deacon of this Ch. & Lydia his wife in f. C. 
Whofe children 

John, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Samuel, Sarah, Alfo John Cooper 

Son of the forfaid Lydia and Lydia fifke her daughter, being all of 

them through the Rich Grace of Chiist come into full Communion 

with his people ; they will be mentioned afterward in their places, all 


John Stone now Joyned member of the Church of Xt. at Sudbury. 

Lydia ffifk now deceafed. 

Elizabeth Stone now Potter living at Ipfwich. 

Sarah Stone now miriam ; Joyned to y e Ch. at Concord. 

John Bridge alfo Deacon of the Church : & Elizabeth His wife, 
both in f. C. 

Under his care alfo is Jofeph Lampfon the Son of Barnabas Lampfon 
deceafed Sometimes a member of this Church. 










Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 51 


Alfo Dorcas Bridge the Daughter of Dorcas ( the wife of Thomas 
£tf%l£e ) deceafed Sometimes in f. Comraunio with us. 

Hsojims Marriot Deacon of the Ch. & His wife Susan both in f . Com. 
Their children 
£«&a | the elder of y m being but about 5 years old w n His 
TVx&&* ( father Joyned here ; But both baptized in England. 
H*atijkh now lately admitted into full Communion with us viz on 
t'tftnrmb. 15. 58. 

(8) (Blank.) 

(9* Major 

M* Samuel Shepard & His wife now living in Ireland doe yet Stand 
m Mi'iuberly Relation to us. And Here is with us their Daughter jji 

u mi Shepard now under the care of M r Edw. Collins beforenamed. 

%V Klijah Corlet Schoolemaster & Barbara his wife both in full 
sm union. 

Their children 
i beecah ] 

fitphzibah > all baptized here 

\sjrai HuhamahJ 


Jvbnund Angier a member of this Ch. in full Comm. 

i© «&s alfo his former wife Ruth ( the Daughter of that famous Light 

l? Ames now at rest with y e Lord. 

Their children now living are 
Bstb \ - I 

tfhraim I all baptized in this Church. 

Ntamel J .. I 1 

ll*xm&h baptized Dec. 16, 60. 

Mary baptized May. 10, 1663 deceafed. \ 

fcdraund baptized Septemb. 25, 1659. deceafed. 

'■•i baptized May. 15, 1664. deceafed 

fatbftniel baptized May. 14, 1665. deceafed. 

KISttbeth baptized Sept, 22. 1667. 5 

Edward Goffe lately deceafed ( viz on Decemb. 26. 1658. ) was 
* aember with us in full Communio So was and is alfo Margaret his 




His children by a former wife ( who was alfo in fellowship with 

* Ch. ) are 



52 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 

Samuel baptized in England & when His father Joyned here aged 

about 7. years. 


His children by Margaret now living are 


Hannah \ all baptized in this Church 



(10) John Stedman & Alice his wife, Both in full Communio 
Their children 
Elizabeth] admitted into f. Com. Mar. 27, 1663. 
* Sarah > all borne and baptized here 
Martha ) admitted into f Com May 31, 66. 

* Sarah Stedman admitted into full Com. May 31. 1664. Her 
child Sarah Bracket baptized June 5 th 1664. dec' 1 . John Bracket 
baptized April. 21, 67. 

f dward Oakes a member in full Communio. 
His children. 

Urian | baptized in England; the Eldest about 10 yeares old w n 
Edward j His father Joyned Here. He is now minister of y e word 
in England. 

rT .. I baptized here 


Richard Jackfon & Elizabeth his wife both Members in f . C. 

Thomas .Danforth (eldest Son of M r Nicholas Danforth deceafed) & 

Mary his wife both in full Comm. 

Their children 



Samuel ^ a ^ tmptjzed in this Church. 


Jonathan baptized ffebr. 13. 

Jofeph Danforth baptized Sept. 22, 1661. deceafed Octob. 2. 63« 

Benjamin Baptized May. 24, 63 deceafed Aug. 23, 63. 

Elizabeth baptized Januar. 29, 1664. 

Bethiah Danforth baptized June. 16, 67. 

. • 








■ ■ 

















Becords of the First Church, Cambridge, 53 

^11) Samuel Andrews (fon of M r William Andrews deceafed) as 
ftgto Elizabeth His wife were Joyned in full Communion with us on 
iiiCtfisib. 10. 1658. 
Their children 

Iboth baptized here in this Church 

Jolts baptized March 10, 1660/1 
Usubeth baptized April. 12, 1663. 
lipomas baptized May. 21, 65. deceafed. 
Hirv Andrews baptized Januar. 6. 1666. 
T'bomas baptized March 29, 68. 

Robert Holmes is member in f. Com. as was alfo Jane his wife 
fcK>w deceafed. 

Their children. 

$dkm 1 

Mtph I all baptized in this Church. j 

E2*nbeth I 

Thomas Cheefeholme & Isabell his wife are both of them members 

' this Ch. & in full Communion. i 

Is bis family and under his Care is Beuoni Eaton (Son of M r Nathan j 

*j*ton) who was baptized here & whofe mother dyed a member of 

&b Church. ( 


Inward Shepard member in f. Com. So was alfo his first wife 
'*ulet deceafed } 

Their children y* were in minority when He Joyned are 
*• '^rail now living at Dedham 
fcborah now alfo at Dedham 

mh now dwelling at Braintree. | 

V eldest of thefe aged 12 years y e 2 d , 10: the 3 d 7. yeares when j 

it parents Joyned ^here being all baptized in England. Mary , "j 

■ the wife of the forefaid Edward Shepard was difmiffed hither 

o Ch. at Dorchester & is in f. C. with us. Her daughter Mary 

WW baptized at Dorchester was 11 years old at her mothers joyn- 

*G with us. 



? 12) William ffrench & Elizabeth His wife both members in full 
*•*© amnion 


54 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


Their children 
Elizabeth now Elliot & now joyned at Dedham. 
Mary baptized in England between 2 and 3 yeares old at Her fathers 

John baptized by Mr. Hooker in Cambridge 
Sarah ^ 

Jacob [ borne and baptized in this Church. 
Hannah J 

Edward Mitchenfon & Ruth his wife both in f. C. 
Their children. 


Bethiah ^ ^ baptized in this Church 



Jonas Clark & Elizabeth His wife both in full Communion. 
His children by a former wife 



By Elizabeth above named 




All 5, baptized in this Church 

Samuel baptized Novemb. 6. 1659. 

Abigail baptized may. 4. 1662. 

Mary Clark baptized March. 12, 64/5 

John Cooper (Son of Lydia now y e wife of Deacon Stone above 
named) & Anna His wife both in full Com. 

Their children now living are 
Anna* * married to E. P. & deceafed. 


Samuel ft ^ baptized in this Church 


Nathaniel baptized May. 8. 1659. deceafed Decemb. 1661. 

Lydia baptized April. 13, 63. 

Hannah baptized Decemb. 29-, 1667 

Thomas Beale & Sarah his Wife Both Members in full Com. 






> „ 






1 , 





: ' i 











■ ■ 












■■,■ ■ 


: , „■ 








: ■ 

V \ 





: ■ 

■ : 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 55 

1 13) William Manning & Dorothy his Wife both members of 
ft;* Ch. iu f" 11 Communio. 

Their Children 


Ul borne & baptized in this Church 

John ffezington & Jane his Wife both in full Communio 
In his family is 
Eteaben Olbon who together with His Sister Elizabeth were baptized 
b UiUj Church, being the children of our Sister Olbon (lately Cole) 
&s« deceafed. 

Robert Stedman & Anne his wife, both in full communio. 

Their children 



Tfeomas Dyed April. 2, 1659. 
*U borne & baptized in this church. 

Andrew Belcher & Elizabeth (daughter of M r Nicholas Danforth) 

* w ife, both in full communio 
Their children 
I labeth 

Jeremiah rec. into f. Com. March. 5. 1G65/6 
H*rtha ful. Com. May. 19, 1666. 
A; Ircw 

wl baptized in this Church the eldest being almost 14. years old 
r ** 12, y e 3 d 10 &c when baptized. 

(14) Anne Bridge the wife of Matthew Bridge daughter alfo of M r 
-« diolas Danforth (before named) is in full Communion with this Ch. 
Her children 



*H baptized in this Church. 

i ii 



56 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Elizabeth baptized Septemb. 18, 1659. 

Elizabeth Green the wife of Bartholmew deceafed, is a member in 
full Communio with this Ch. 







Lydia deceased Sept. 24, 1665. 


all borne & baptized in this Ch. 
Jonah Green the Son of Samuel & Sarah baptized Januar. 31. 1663. 
Lydia baptized Nov, 12, 65. 
Bartholomew bap: Nov. 3, 67. 

Nathaniel Green & Phoebe Green ( children of the fornamed 
Bartholomew & Elizabeth are alfo in full Communio. 
Sarah Loughorn y e wife of Thomas Longhorne & daughter of Elizabeth 
Green afore-faid is member in full commun. 
Her children 

Sarah \ 

Elizabeth I all baptized here 

Mary J 

Samuel baptized Decemb. 9. 60. 

Mercy baptized May 11 1662 

Patience Longhorn baptized April 3' 1 1664. 

(15) Thomas ffoxe & Ellin his wife both in full Comm. 
His Son 
Jabez ffoxe baptized at Concord but in minority when his ffatlier 
Joyned here 

Her children by a fformer Hufband ( viz Perfeviil Green 
deceafed fometimes a Brother of this Church ) are 

Justice Bainbrick the wife of Guy Bainbrick deceafed, is memb. in 
full communio. 

Samuel Green Son of Elizabeth beforenamed is in full com. 
So alfo was Jane his wife (daughter to y e forefaid Justice Bainbrick) 
now deceafed. 

Children borne to the said Samuel & Jane Green 





. . 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


idkfi Green now in full commun with this Ch. to be mentioned 


i .• .AU-th Green ( now Hall ) joyned in full Commun with y e Church 

$£ Christ at Concord 
gtaUt in their Infancy baptized Here. 

£&&afd Robins & Rebecca his wife both memb. in full Comm. 
**ru*«Iy dif miffed to us from the Church at Charlestowne. 
Their children 


A:i baptized here fave the eldest who was baptized at Charlestowne 
4 y«t under 14 years of age at His parents Joyning with us. 

m Moore the Elder; And Elizabeth his wife both in full 
munio. So was alfo Katharine his former wife now deceafed 
His children. 
ttasefc who together with Alby his wife is alfo in full Communio 
"* jri who is now in Barbadoes & was about 9. years old w n his 
Us&er joyned here baptized in Eugland. 

(18) Anne Moore now Kiddar is in full Commun. 

• ( the Sonne of ffrancis and Katharine) baptized in this Church. 
1 tabeth now wife of ffrancis aforefaid hath 3 children but they were 
* i <ve the age of 14 years ( the youngest viz Rebecca being above 

\ at the time of her Joyning with this Church which was in y e 1 st 
teKiiii of y e year 1657. 

$'*Mlm Wyth & Rebeccah his Wife both members in full Com. 
Their children 

ftfca > all baptized in this Church. 


Said Nicolas had also by a former wife a daughter baptized in 

**Und named Sarah Wyth now ff if k dwelling in Watertowue who 

*** about 13 years of Age when her ffather Joyned to this Church. 


58 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

The faid Rebeccah now wife of Nicolas Wyth had alfo by Her 
former Hufband Thomas Andrewes 3 children viz 
Thomas \ 

Daniel > Andrewes 
Rebeccah J 

all 3 baptized alfo in this church. 

Gilbert Crackbone memb. in f. C. And Elizabeth His wife Joyned 
May. 22, 1659. 

His Son Benjamin was about 5 or 6 years old when His father 
Joyned here, 

(17) William Heily & Grace his wife both members of this Ch. in 
full Comm. 

His children 
Hannah* \ * admitted into f. Com. March. 27. 63. Difmiffed to 
Elizabeth [ Salisbury June. 24, 1667. 

Sarah [ Borne at Roxbury & baptized there whiles He Stood 

William member of the Church of Lin ; from whence He was 

difmiffed to us. 

Grace (the daughter of William & Grace) borne & baptized in this 

Nathaniel baptized ffebr. 6. 1658. 
Martha baptized Septembr. 9. 1660. 

Samuel Heily Son of William and Phoebe (formerly Green) baptized 
Septemb. 21. 1662. 
Paul Heily baptized April. 3 d . 1664. 
Mary Heily baptized Octob. 29, 1665. 

George Willowes & Jane his wife both in f. Comm. 
His children 

^ , I borne and baptized in this Church 

John Palfrey Son of Jane aforenamed, admitted into full Comm. 
with us Decemb. 10. 1658. 

His child 

Rebekah baptized Septemb. 17, 1665. 
John baptized April. 14. 1667. deceafed. 


























Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 59 

Pstabeth Palfrey baptized May. 24, 1668. 

(toldin Moore & Joane his wife both in full Com. 
Their children 
Bt&uahM *rec. into full Com. May. 18. 1666. 
ittita \ a ^ borne and baptized in this Church. 


AUo the Said Joane had by Her former Hufband John Champny 
3. children, viz Mary Champny now Ricardfon living at 

Mic deceafed ffebr. 20. 1664. 
k\\ IL baptized in this Ch. 

(18) William Bullard & Mary his wife both in f. C. 
Her Daughter 
fbtmah Grifold (whose father ffrancis Grifold was alfo member 
villi us) borne and baptized in this Ch. 

Thomas Swetman & Isabell his wife both in full Com. 
Their children 
Ktibubeth rec. into full Com. May. 18, 66. 



*U baptized in this Church 
Umuel baptized May. 22. 1659. 
Hriliiab baptized July. 7, 1661 
Hq bziba Swetman baptized June. 24, 1666. 

PliUip Cook & Mary (the daughter of Baruabas Lampfon deceafed) 
Bfe Wife both in f. Com. 

Their children 
M*ry \ 

HtAxiau f ^orne & baptized in thie Church. 

$wh \ 

HbOip baptized May. 5, 1661 

**£m baptized Augst 30. 1663. 

&»*B*ba8 Cook baptized June 4, 1665. 


: ! 









Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

John Taylor and Katharine his wife both memb. in f. Com. 

Their Son 
Jofeph Taylor borne & baptized in this Church. 

John Gibfon & Rebecca his wife both Memb. in f . C. 

Their children 

Rebeccah now joyned in full Communio with the Church at Water- 




T , y baptized in this church 


David ffifke & Seaborne his prefent Wife botli members of this Ch ; 

in f. C. 

His children by Lydia deceafed 


The children of the forefaid David & Seaborne. 

all 4 baptized iu this Church 
Hannah baptized Novemb. 27. 59. 

William Pattin & Mary his wife both in full Com. 
Their Children 

The eldest being about 4 or 5 yeares old when Her parents Joyned ; 
baptized in England. 

(20) Robert Parker & his Wife both in full Communio having. 
been difmiffed Hither (together with their children) from the 
Churches of Boston & Roxbury 

Their children 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


William Towne & Martha his wife both memb. in f . Com. 

Their Children 
Peter baptized in England & about 3. } r ears old at his parents Joyn- 
ing here. 
Mary baptized here admitted into full cornmunio Nov. 4. 1659. 

William Dickfon & Jean his wife both in full Comm. 
Their children 






all baptized in this Church. 

Andrew Stevenfon & Jane his Wife both memb. in f . Com. 

Their children 
Deborah ( now the wife of Robert Wilfon of Sudbuiy ) baptized in 
England & about 6 years old when her father Joyned here. 

(21) Sarah V V 

dif miffed to Billerica Aug. 13, 67 


all these baptized in this Church 







John Shepard (Son of Edward Shepard beforenamed) & his wife 
both in full Comm. 

Their children 
Rebecca "j 

o , L all borne & baptized in this Church. 

Violet ' ' i ' ' 

Elizabeth baptized July. 29. 1660. 
Edward baptized August. 3, 1662. 
Samuel Shepard baptized July. 3 d . 1664. 
Thomas baptized Nov. 18, 66. 

tichard Eckles & Mary his wife both in full Com. 









62 Becords of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Their children 

Mary J 

Hannah V all borne & baptized in this Church. 
Martha 1 

James Kiddar & Anne his Wife both in f . Com. 
Their children 






all baptized in this Church 
Nathaniel baptized ffebr. 27, 1659. 
Ephraim baptized May. 26, 1661. 

(all) Difmif fed to y e Church at Billerica 

(22) ffrancis Whitmore & Isabell His wife both in f . C. 
Their children. 

all baptized in this Church. 
Abigail baptized July. 3 d . 1659. 
Sarah baptized March. 30, 1662. 
Margery baptized March 27, 1664 
Hannah Whitmore (by a 2 d Wife ) baptized ffebr. 15, 1667. 

Walter Hasting (Son of John Hasting deceafed) & Sarah his 
wife both in full Communio. 

Their Daughter 
Sarah baptized in this Church, deceafed. 
John baptized Decemb 9,1660. ----- 

Walter baptized Nov. 30, 1662. 

Sarah Hasting baptized Decemb. 18, 1664. deceafed Jan. 2G, 1664. 
Hannah baptized Jan. 14, 1665. 
Elizabeth Hasting baptized ffebr, 23, 67. 

John Green (Son of Perfevill & Ellin Green before-named) & 





Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 63 

Ruth (daughter of Edward and Ruth Mitchenfon) His wife both 

n fullCommunio. 

Their children 

John ) 

Nathaniel fb°t;h borne & baptized in this Church. 

Perfevill borne March. 29. baptized April. 1, 1660. 
tluth baptized Noverab. 24. 61. . 
Samuel borne May. 4, baptized May. 10, 63. 
Elizabeth borne April. 22, baptized April. 23, 65. 

Edward baptized April. 21, 67. 

■ > 

William Hamlet & Sarah his wife both memb. in f. C. 
Their children 

Jacob ) 

m x. u > both borne & baptized in this Church, 
tiebeccah j l 

Alfo the Said Sarah had by a former Hufband Hubbard, 

*MIdrer vi? 'Jprni^k it. i.r, ,..,"! M 

Sarah Hubbard now Champney admitted into full Communio I 

rhomas Hubbard now Joyned to y e Church at Wetherfi(eld) 

(23) John Watfon & Rebecca (daughter of Anne Ellington 

leceafed fometimes a fist of this Ch.) His wife both in full comm. 

Their children 

Rebeccah ) 

I , y both borne & baptized in this Church. 

Lbraham baptized July. 28, 1661. 
Lnne baptized Sept. 16, 1666. 

Richard ffrances & Alfe His wife both Members in full Com. 

Their children 



all borne & baptized in this Church. 

Richard Danie & Anne his wife both of them in f . Com. 
Their children 
all baptized injthis Church 



64 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Benjamin baptized April. 8, 1660 
Elizabeth baptized April. 27,J1662. 
Daniel .baptized April. 3, 1664. 

(24) William Bordman & ffrances his wife both members in full 
Com. with us. 

Their children 
Mofes deeeafed March. 1661/2. 




all baptized in this Church. 

Elizabeth baptized August. 26, 1660. 


Anne Hasting (formerly Mean) the widow of John Hasting de- 
eeafed is a member in full Communio with this Church. 

■ . 

Her Children 
Sarah thelwife of- Walter Hasting before-named who is'in f. C. 
Mary Mean who was borne and baptized in this Church. 

The forefaid John Hasting was difmiffed hither from the Church 
of Braintree & Joyned here in ffebruar. 1656. 

His children are 

Elizabeth Oakes* the widow of Thomas Oakes is Memb. in full 
Com. as was alfo Her Hufband Thomas Oakes lately deeeafed 

Elizabeth " 



Walter beforenamed 

Samuel who was baptized in England & about years of age when 

Hisjffather Joynedjto y e Ch. of Braintree. 

John 'Seaborne) , , . , _ . 

,„. , .. y both baptized at Braintree 

Elizabeth J r 


(25) Hannah Thatcher (the wife of Samuel Thatcher) living in 

Watertowne is a member in full Comm. with this Ch. 

•Difmiffed to Maldon Decemb. 2. 1667. 
Their children yet living 

both borne and baptized in this Ch. 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 65 

"hoinas Oakes born after his (fathers deceafe & baptized March. 20. 


Lbigail Howard y p child of Elizabeth (formerly Oakes now Howard) 

aptized here Septemb. 23.1666. 

lartha Ruffell (the wife of William Ruffell) is a memb. in f. C. 

Her children 
ofeph baptized in England & about 10 years of age when his 
lother Joyned here. 


lartha i baptized in this Church 





Esther Cheavers the wife of Daniel Cheavers is a member in full 



oice baptized May. 13, 1GC0. | 

Johannah Sill a memb. in f. C. as was alfo her Hufband (John) 

Their children 

ofeph Sill but 3. years old at his mothers Joyning with this Church 

ilizabeth Sill now Hicks not 2. years old at y e Same Time : both of 

^em baptized in England. 

(26) Martha Oldam (now Browne) is a member in full Comm. 

o was alfo her Hufband Richard Oldam deceafed. 

Their children 

amuel ) 
* \ Oldam both baptized in this Church 

Her 2 d Hufband Thomas Brown admitted May. 18. 1666. 

Her child 
ehitabell Brown baptized June 2, 1661. 
iary baptized Nov. 8, 63. 
benezer July. 23, 65. 
shabod Brown baptized Septemb. 9, 1666. I 


ommun. : 




Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Her children 
Lydia "j 

James I _,, 

~ ..I Uneavers 
Daniel [ 


all baptized in this Church. 

Israel Cheaver baptized Januar. 26, 1661. 

John baptized July. 31, 1659. 

Esther baptized Januar. 22, 1660 deceafed ffeb. 60. 

Hannah ) 

p|. i x, y Cheavers gemellae baptized May 29, 64. 

Both deceafed June 14, June 16, 1664. 
Elizabeth baptized Aug. 6, 65. 

Margery Cane the widow of Christopher Cane deceafed is memb in 
full Com muni 6 as was alfo Christopher her Hufband 

Their children 


all baptized here. 

(27) Joane Prentice widow of Henry Prentice deceafed is memb. 
in full Comm. as was her Said Hufband alfo. 

Their children 

all borne & baptized in this Church. 

Deborah Wilfon (y e wife of Robert Wilfon daughter of Andrew 
Stevenfon abovenamed) admitted into full Communio March 5, 

Her Child Deborah baptized Sept. 30, 1666. 




Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 



(28) Richard Haffell & Joane his wife both in f . Com. 
Their Children 

all baptized in this Church. 

Thomas Prentice & Grace his wife both in full w Comm. 

Their children 

rrace baptized in England & about 4. years old at Her parents 


"nomas \ 

Elizabeth . ..".'«. 

v all baptized in this Church 


EdworrJ Hall & Margaret hi? wife both members in full Com. 

Mary Hall widow is member in full Comm. with us. 

Her children were all Adult at y e Time of her Joyning. But 
Vo of them are fince Joyned to y e Church of Concord viz John 
c Sufanna. 

29) Abraham Ellington admitted into full Communion March. 
7, 1663. Rebecca Errington (the wife of Abraham Errington) 
aughter to Robert Cutler of Charlestowne is member in full Com- 
mnion with us. 

Her children 
lebecca \ 

tannah > Errington 
arah J 

all baptized in this Church. 

ary baptized Januar. 13, 1660. 

braham baptized Novemb. 8. 1663. 

Anne Adams (the wife of John Adams) is member in full Communio. 
ahn Adams He was admitted May. 18, 1666. 

Her children 
ebecca Adams borne & baptized in England. 

shn J- Adams > baptized in this Church, 
rf eph j j 











68 JRecords of the First Church, Cambridge. 

I Hall 
Lydia J 

all baptized in this Church. 

All 8. borne and baptized in this Church. 
Jofeph baptized August. 25, 61. 
Margery baptized ffebr. 5, 1664. 
Mehitabel baptized Nov. 17, 1667. 

Sarah Champny (the wife of Samuel Champny above named) is 
member iu full Comm. 
Their children 
Samuel baptized ffebr. 13 1658 deceased 
Sarah baptized May. 13, 1660. 
Mary baptized August. 17, 1662. 

Robert Browne member of this Church in full Comm. 
(31) Richard Cutter readmitted 


Hannah baptized June 17, 1660, deceafed. Januar. 25, 1660. 

Daniel baptized Septemb. 14, 1662. *' 

Elizabeth Hall (the wife of Thomas Hall) is memb.iu f. C. i 

Her children 
Mary \ I 

Hannah !- Hall * 

(30) Edward Windfhip and Elizabeth his wife both members of *, 

this Church in full Communio. . | 

His children by His former wife Jane deceafed, who was alfo j 

in f. C. with this Church. 

Sarah ^| 


^ . J . y Windfhip. 
Ephraim r 

Johannah I 

The children of Edward & Elizabeth aboved named. 
Abigaill > Windfhl P" 





* ! ; 

■ <■ 



'■ ■ 




. k 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 69 

Elizabeth Cutter (the wife of Richard Cutter) is member with us 
in full Comm. Their children 

all borne & baptized in this Church. 
Nathaniel Cutter (the fon. of Richard & (Frances) (formerly 
Embfden) baptized Jauuar. 24, 63. 
Rebekah baptized Octob. 8. 1665. 
Hephzibah baptized Decemb. 1, 1667. deceafed 

■ John ffrench & Sarah his wife both now deceafed were fometimes 

members of this Church in full communion 

Their children 

John ^ 

Sarah* \ 

Tofenh i a ^ Da ptazed in this Church. 

Nathaniel J 
* Sarah difmiffed unto the Church at Billerica May 16 1664. 

Hannah Holmes (formerly Thatcher) y e wife of John Holmes ad- 
mitted into full Com. May. 31, 1667. 

Their child 
John Baptized June 9, 1667. 
lannah baptized June 30, 1667. 

(32) David Stone (the fonn of Gregory Stone above mentioned) 
& Dorcas his wife both in full Commun. 
Their children 






Nathaniel j 

all borne & baptized in this Church. 



70 Records of fhe First Church, Cambridge. 

Samuel Stone (the forme alfo of Gregory beforenamed) is in full 
Commun. His wife (Sarah) Stone admitted into f. Comm. Oct. 18, 

His children 


Isaac I ^oth baptized in this Church. 

Sarah baptized March. 10, 16G0/1. 
John Baptized June. 7, 1663. 
Lydia baptized December. 31, 1665. 
Mary baptized March. 22, 1667/8 

Mary Paddlefoot (the wife of Jonathan Paddlefoot) admitted into 
fellowship & full Communio. Nov. 4, 59. 

Her Children. 
Mary ] 

Jonathan > Baptized Novemb. 6. 57. 
Zachariah J 

Edward baptized July 8. 1660. 

Thomas Ernes the son of Thomas & Mary (formerly Paddlefoot now) 
Ernes baptized July 12, 1663. 

Sarah Barret (the wife of William Barret) admitted into fellowship 
& full communio Nov. 4, 59.deceafed. 

Her children , 

Lydia Barret baptized Novemb. 6 (1657) 
John baptized ffebr. 10, 1660. 

(Mary) Barret 2 (1 wife of William Barret received into fellow. & f. 
Com. May 18. (1663) 

Her child 
William baptized May. 20. (1665). 
Edward baptized Januar. 12, (1666-7) 

(33) Stephen Day admitted into fellowship & full communion 
ffebr. 28, 1660/1. 

Mary Goave the wife of John Goave admitted into fellowfhip & full 

Communion Februar. 28, 1664. 

Her children 

Mary 1 

John i baptized March 3, 1660/1. 










Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 71 

■1 Goave baptized August 4, 1667. 

Aspinwall, baptized Octob. 6, 1661 deceafed Oct. 14,-rtfUT. 
Nathaniel baptized Novemb. 16, 1662. 
James baptized Decemb. 13, 1663. 

Abraham Homan admitted into fellowship & full communio Octob. 
18. 1661. 
His wife ( ) admitted May. 18, 66. 

Hannah Goffe y e wife of Samuel Goffe admitted into fellowship & 
full Communio. Octob. 18, 1661. | 

Her children 
Hannah | 

Edward [■ baptized Octob. 20, 1661. 
Deborah J 

Samuel baptized ffebr. 8, 1662. J 

Lydia baptized Januar. 15 1664/5. 
John GoiTe baptized Decemb. 9, 1666. 

(Abigail) Harriot the wife of John Marriot admitted into fellow 
ship & full Communio Octob. 21, 1661. 
John Marriot admitted into full Comm. Jan. 3, 1664. 

Her children. 
Thomas \ 
Amos \ baptized Novemb. 3, 61. 

Sufanna J 


John baptized ffebr. 9. 1661. 

John baptized June 5, 1664. 

Abigail Mariot baptized August. 19, 1666. 

Widow Embfden admitted into fellowship & full communion Octob. 
21, 1661. 

Her children 

, , . Embfden both baptized Novemb. 3, 1661. 
lacob f 4 


: ii 

1 i; 
f l! 

(34) Zechariah Hicks admitted into fellowship & full Communion 
anuar. 8, 1661. Elizabeth his wife admit, into f. communion. May 
*3, 1665. 

Their children 
lizabeth \ 

Zechariah \ baptized Januar. 12, 1661. 
ofeph J 



' i; 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Thomas baptized July 3 d 1664. 
Hannah baptized March 4, 1665/6. 

Jonathan Hide and Mary His wife admitted into fellowship & full 
Communion Januar. 8, 1661. 

Their children 
Jonathan baptized ffebr. 9, 1661. 
Samuel 'j 

John I baptized ffebr. 16 1661. 


William (baptized Sept.) 16, 1(662.) 
Elizar baptized July 3, 1664. 

Mary Hitchenfon (the wife of William Mitchenfon) admitted into 
fellowship & full Communion March. 27, 1663. 

Her children 
Mary ^ 

Thomas > baptized April 1663. 
Alfe J 

Ruth baptized Octob. 1663. 
Abigail baptized March ( ) 1665/6. 

James Hubbard admitted into full Communion March 27, 1663. 
His child 
Sarah baptized April 5 16(63) 

Marah (or Mary borne Octob. 20 (1665) mother dying. y e same day 
baptized) 1665. 

(35) Deborah Makoon (y e wife of John Makoon ) admitted into 
fellowship with us & baptized on July. 19, 1663. 
Her children. 

_ . ' . Ibaptized July. 19,1663. 
Deborah J 

Sarah baptized Novemb. 8, 1663. 


(Be)thiah Wells (Welds) (formerly Mitchenfon) the Daughter 
of Edward & Ruth Mitchenfon above named admitted into full 
Communion on Januar. 1. 1664. 
Mr. Daniel Wells (Welds) her Husband admitted May 18, 66. 

Her child 
Daniel Wells (Welds) bap 1664. 

(Edward) baptized June (13) 1666. 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 73 



Bethia baptized Januar. 26, 1667/8. 

Mary the wife of Jofeph Ruffell admitted into fellowship & 
full Communion Jan. 3, 1664. 

Her child 
Mary Ruffel baptized Januar 8. 1664. 
Abigail baptized July 17, 1668. 
Jemimah Sill (formerly Belcher) the wife of Joseph Sill 

Their children 
Jofeph baptized March. 11, 1665/6. 
Jemimah baptized March. 31 1667. 





(36; Seth Roffe the wife of Thomas Roffe (the daughter of Mr. 
Homan) admitted May 2 & Baptized May 28, 1665, as alfo 

Her child 
Marget baptized May. 28, 1665. 
Thomas baptized July 1, 1666. / 

Nathaniel Hancock admitted into fellowship May SI, 67. baptized 
June 2 d 67, aged. 

Mary Hancock (formerly Prentice y e daughter of Henry & Joana 
Prentice above named) admitted into full Communion May 23. 1665. 

Her child. 
Nathaniel baptized May. 28 (1665) deceased. - i) 

Mary baptized May 13, 1666. 
Sarah baptized Septemb. 15, 1667. 

Goodm. ffillebrown admitted into fellowship & full Comm. May. 

18. 1666. 

His children 

Thomas) . . ,.__ __ . nnn 
L baptized May 20, 1666. 

Hannah baptized Octob. 14, 1666. 


i i 

! . 



; i 
. i 




Dated Newport Octb r 16, 1772. 

Reverend Sir. 

Governour Winthrop wrote two volumes of Mem- 
oirs and Occurrences from 1630 to 1647. As vou 
have no particular account of y e Gathering of y e Chh 
of Cambridge 1 thought it might be agreable to you 
to lodge with } r our prefent Chh Records Governour 
Winthrop's account of y e Gathering M r Slieplierds 
Chh Feb: 1. 1635/6. 

1635 M r Shepherd a Godly Minister came lately out of 

M°.12.1. England & Divers other good Christians intending to 
raise a Chh Body came & acquainted y e Magistrates 
(t) herewith who gave their approbation. They 
Allso Sent to all y e neighboring Chh s for their Elders 
to give y r assistance at acertain day at Newtowne 
when y v Should Constitute that body- Accordingly 
at this day there met a great afsembly where y e pro- 
ceeding was as followeth : M r Shepard & two others 
(who were after to be chof 3ii to office) sat together 
in y e Elder's Seat : Then y Q Elder of them began 
with prayer : after this M r Shepard prayed with deep 
confefsion of Sin &c. and Exercised out of Eph. 5. 
That he might make us to him a hol} r &c. and allso 
opened y e cause of y e Meeting, &c. Then y e Elder 
defired to know of y e Chlr : afsembled, what number 
were necdfull to make a Chh, and how they ought to 
proceed in this action. 

• Whereupon Some of y e Ancient Ministers confer- 
ring feverally together made Answers. That y e 


A Copy of a Letter from the Rev d Doctor Stiles of 








Records of the First Church, Oantbridge. 75 

Scripture did not Set down any any certain rule for 
V e Number. Three they thought were too few, 
because by Matth. 18. an appeal was allowed to be 
made from three : but that 7 might be a fitt number 
for their proceeding They advized that such as were 
to join, Should make Confefsion of their faith & 
declre what work of Grace y e Lord had wrought in 
them. Which accordingly they did M r Sh. firft then 
4 others ; then v e Elder & one who was to be a dea- 
con (who had alfo prayed) and another member. 
Then y e Covenant was read and they all gave a 
Solemn afsent to it. Then y e Elder defired of y e 
Churches, that if they did approve them to be a 
Church, they would give them y e Right hand of Fel- 
lowship. Whereupon M r Cotton (upon f hort fpeech 
with fome others near him) in y e name of the 
Churches, Gave his hand to the Elder, with a fhort 
fpeech of their affent, and deiired y e Peace of the 
Lord Jefus to be with them. * f 

Then M 1 ' Shepard made an Exhortation to y e reft J 

of this Body about y e nature of their Covenant and to 
ftand firm to it and commended them to y e Lord in a 
most heavenly Prayer. 

Then y e Elder told y e afsembly that they were In- 
tended to Choose M r Shepard for their Paftor (by y e 
name of y c Brother who (had) Exercised.) & defired 
y e churches that if they had anything to except 
again ft him they would impart it before y e day of or- 
dination. Then he gave y c Churches hands for their 
afsiftance & so left Them to v e Lord. 

Extracted from Governour Winthrop's Manufcript. 

This Sir is y e account of y e Chh which has Con- 
tiiiued its Succefsion to your day, in which you are 
y e Sixth paftor in Succefsion which never had a 
Teacher diftinct from Paftor. (Thus much concern- 

t i 





1637 The Church of Concord kept a day of Humiliation 

2 mo 6 a att Newtown for ordination of their Elders ; and they 
chofe M r Bulkly Teacher and M r Jones Pator. Upon 
a Question moved by one Sent from y e Church of 
Salem, it was refolved by y e Ministers there prefent, 
that Such as had been Ministers in England, were 
lawfull ministers by y e call of y e People here notwith- 
ftanding their acceptance of y e Call of y e Bishop &c. 
(for which they humbled themfelves acknowledgin 

•Newtown was originally ye name of Cambridge, 
t Or rather eight months. 


76 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

ing M r Shepard & y e gathering y c Chh y* Day under 
his Paftoral Care. 

(But D r Stiles goes on in his Letter to me and 
obferves as follows.) 

There have been Two other Churches gathered in 
Cambridge. M r Hooker and M r Stone arrived with 
M r Cotton Sept. 4. 1633. 

Att a day of Fasting M r Cotton was ordained 
Teacher att Boston 10 th of October following and y e 
next day M r Hooker & M r Stone Avere ordained att 
Newtown* So their Church must have been gathered 
Sometime between Sept. 4. and Oct. 11 1633. 

For att y e month of October 1633 Governor Win- 
throp says : "A Faft att Newtown when M r Hooker 
was chofe n Paftor, and M r Stone Teacher in such 
manner as before att Bolton." In 1635 & 1636, the 
Congregation removed to Connecticut River, and Set- 
tled Xewtown There, Called Hartford 1637. Rev d 
Thomas Hooker removed thither with his Family 
May 31 1636. i. e. about fourf months after y e Gath- 
ering M r Shepards chh. 
1636 M r Bulkly & M r Jones 2 English Ministers ap- 
2 mo 6 d pointed this day to Gather a Church att Newtowne 
to Settle att Concord. 

wt*UHV.i VV.I 












Rev 4 Dr. Appleton. 

Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 11 

it their Sin &c.) but being Come hither they ac- 
counted themfelves no Ministers untill they were 
Called to Another Church and that upon Election 
they were Ministers before they were Solemnly or- 

Extracted from Gov r Winthrops Memoirs or Man- 

You complained Sir, of y e Loss of your Original 
Church Records when I laft saw you, and that you 
could recover no Authentic Memoir of y e Gathering of 
your Church I thought a Memoir preferred by so good 
an authority as y e first Governor Winthrop who was 
probably prefent att y e Transaction would be accept- 
able to you. May y e Divine Blefsing attend your 
Ministry. May I have an intereit in your Prayers. 
I am dear Sir 

Your Dutifull Son in y c Gospel Miniftry 



Ezra Stiles. 



The Church Record. 

The Records that follow were commenced by 

The Reverend William Brattle. 
The Church has no records covering the time 
from The Reverend Mr. Jonathan Mitchell's 

To the beginning of these Records. 

(1) W m Brattle Succeeded y e Rev d M r Nath 1 Gookin and was 
Ordained a Minister of Jesus Christ & a Paftor to y e Flock at Cam- 
bridge Nov: 25: 1696. Per y e Rev d M r Inc : Mather: The Rev d 
M r Morton, M 1 Allin & M r Williard laid on hands : The Rev d M r 
Sam 11 Willard gave y e Right hand of Fellowship. 

Deo Sit Gloria, Amen. 

March 22. 1704/5 At a Church Meeting M r Samuel Cooper & M r 

Pyam Blower were Chofen Deacons and then a 
vote was pafsed that Capt n Parker w th y e deacons 
fh d be Committee to make fale of y e land given 
to y e Church by y e Widow Beal & Wilcocke & 
y 1 vefsels fh d be made of y e money for y e Comun 

At a Church meeting (M r Blower having refufed 
to accept of his Call) M r Nathaniel Hancock Sen r 
& M r Andrew Bordman were chofen Deacons. 
M r Bordman refufed. 

June 7. 1705. 

The Church D r to Capt n Parker & y° Deacons 

For 2 silver Tankards 

For cash paid Deacon Hancock for altering ye filver cup, 

cheft &c. 
For furveying M r Wilcocks farm & other expenses 
For Deacon Cooper one day & horfe 

For difburfemcnts w tb refpect to y e farm 

lb s. d. 

22. 8.2 

3. 8.5 

0. 3.0 


1. 6.8 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 79 

Or«dil r w* h y>' rec d 

Br Cafh & bills of Credit rec d for M r Wilcocks farm 

fold to John Filiebrown 35.0.0 


6. 2.9 

Hn. 19 : This remaining six pounds two shilling & 9 d is in the 
hands of Deacon Cooper w° is likewife D r for y e old table- 
cloth : fold him for nine f hilling, So he now owes to y e 
Church juft 6.11.9 
The lines on v e Minesterial lot. 

Next y e Road 100 Rods. 
Next Williams 98 
Next M r Appleton's farm 74. 
Next M r Dunfters pafture 69. 

Meafured Nov 1- 1746. 

See Old Chh. book p. 1. 

(3) Members of y e Church in full communion Nov. 25, 96. 

Tho: Danforth Efq r . 

M r Andrews. 
(I) Persons Admitted to full Communion fince Nov: 25, 96. 

i**t. 13 96. 


Samuel Cooper 


Nathan 1 Hancock 


Andrew Bordman 


The wife of N. Hancock 


The wife of Edw d . Marrett 


Ruth Bordman 

**a. 10; 96. 

Samuel Manning 


Jofeph Hicks 


Ifaac Knap 


S e Blowers 



Thomas Symms 


Goodv Luxford 


Bethia Hicks 


Deborah Squire 

*" ~ - »— ■» i«» .».». 


Hannah" v Chandler 

1 for 

Mary Green 





80 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Feb : 7 : 96/7 1. Daniel Cheever— Obiit March 26, 1704 

2. Jacob Dany— He dyed Dec. 24. 98. — 

3. Jofeph Winchip 

; . 4. The wife of N. Pattin. 

5. The wife of Jof. Chainpney 

6. The wife of Jof. Winchip 

Feb: 21: 96.7 1. Daniel Dany: 

2. John Stedman : 

3. Stephen Palmer. He dyed May 21. 97 

4. The wife of Daniel Dany : 

5 : The wife of John Wyth 

6 : The wife of Tho : Stacye. 

7 : The wife of John Bunker. 

8 : The wife of John Stedman. 

9 : The [wife of Stephen Palmer : 

May 26 : 97 1 . Nathaniel Saltonstall : 

2. Anthony Stoddard Jun r : 

3. Jabez Waheman : 

4. Jonathan Green : 

5. The wife of Edm d Goff : 

6. Widow Batson : alias Goody Walden : 

7. William Hill : 

8. The wife of Sam 1 Manning : 

10 : The wife of Elifha Bull 

1 1 . Lydia Pratt : 

12 : M rs Martha Remington : 

13 : Hannah Hamlett : 


9. The wife of Ebenezer Brown : 

Aug. 1: 97: 1. M r Fitch 

2. David Deming Sen r . 

3. Jacob Amsdall. — He dyed. 

4. Zechariah Hicks Jun r . 

5. The wife of David Deming 

6. The wife of Jacob Amsdal 

7. The wife of Philip Goodwin 

8. Elizabeth Blower 

9. Elizabeth Collis. 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 81 

Hag. 1:97: 7. The wife of Zech. Hicks.— She dyed 1703. 

8. The wife of Robin Webber. 

9. The wife of Jonathan Pierce. 

10. The wife of Solomon Prentice Jun r . 

(j|) Oct. 31, 97. 


John Bonner. 


John Collis 


Daniel Woodward 


The wife of D. Woodw d . 


The wife of W m Barrett. 


Hannah Goodwin 

Ht*. 2. 97/8 


Benj : Dany 


John Manning 


M rs Homer 


The wife of John Mann g . 


Sarah Gilly of Mud River 

April 10. 98. 


Nicholas Fefinden Sen r . 



Solomon Hancock. — He dyed. 



The wife of Doct r Oliver 


Elizabeth Brattle 



The wife of Samuel Cook 


Phebe Goff. 

J*b* 19 : 98 : 1 : William Rufsell 

2 : John Dickfon 

3. Jafon Rufsell 

4. Abraham Watfon.— Obiit March 23. 1 704/5 

5. John Brooker 

6. The Widow Whiting 

7. The wife of \V m Rufsell 

8. The wife of J. Dickfon 

9. The wife of Jas. Rufsell 
10 The wife of John Cooper 

11. The wife of Abr : Watson 

12. The wife of Gerfh : Swan 

13. The wife of Phil: Cook 

14. Mary y e Daughter of Sam. Oldham. 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Aug: 28: 98 

Jan: 15: 98: 

March 26: 99 

June 4. 99 

9 (3) Decern. 
31. 99 

May 12. 1700 1. 

May 19. 
July 28. 

Octob. 6. 

Feb. 23 


1 . Nicholas Fef inden jun r . 

2. Lydia Smith D. of H. Sm. 

3. Rebeccah Andrews 

4. Elizabeth Robins 

5. Mary Allin neice to f d Robins 

1. The wife of Ephr. Frost : 

2. The wife of Jofeph Adams : 

3. The wife of Tho : Fillebrown : 

4. The wife of John Smith as we go to Charles- 


5. Rebeccah Palfrey : 

6. Mary Batfon : 

1 : The wife of John Oldham : 

2 : The wife of Jacob Chamberlane : 

3 : The wife of Ephr. Osborn 

4 : Hannah y e Daughter of Sam : Oldham : 

1. The widow of Barnabas Cook. 

2. Elizabeth Patten neice to Bro. Patten. 

1. Percival Hall 

2. The wife of And. Bordman : 

3. The wife of Perc. Hall: 

Doct r Oliver 
Benjamin Goddard 

by difmifsions : 

1. Samuel Chamney :- 

1 . William Cutter : 

2. Jofeph Crack bone : 

3. The wife of Sam Cooper : 
A. The wife of W m Cutter: 

5. The wife of Jofeph Crackbone — She dyed. 

1. John Patten 

2. The wife of John Patten 

3. Hannah Hafting 

4. Sarah Lewis Jun 1 . 

1. Sr. Whiting (John) 

2. Theoph. Cotton 








Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 83 

Mat 4. 1701 1. S r Elliot (Robert) 

2. Hannah y e wife of Sam 11 Chamney. 

l*h- 13, 1701 1. S r Angier (Ames) 

2. Thomas Prentice. Ob. Dec. 7, 1709. 

3. Deborah Streeter Sen r . 

4. Hannah y e wife of Tho : Davis 

V|4. 21. 1701 


Lydia Francis 


Mary Marrett 

Pee. 28, 


Samuel Ruggles 

M*fcb8. 1701 


Sarah Hill wife to Abr. H. 


Mary Russell wife to Walter R. 



Ruth Baverick 

itiv2C. 1702 



M r Remington 


John Oldham 


Gath, widow. 



M r Bun- 


John Hall 


William Warland 


Jemimah Hall 


Tabitha Warland 

P*€, 13. 


Ann Oldham 


Mofes Bordman 


Nathan 1 Robbins 


Abigail Bordman 


Elizabeth Cookworthy 


Dorothy Manning 

<»>• 2. 1703. 1. Daniel Hafting 

2. John Bradifh 

3. Abigail Hafting 

4. Elizabeth Prefton 




. ! 



4) July 11. [1703 1. M r . Robert Breck. 

2. Jofeph Coolidge j 

3. John Robins 

4. The wife of Samuel Phips 

5. . The wife of Jofeph Coolidge 

6. Elizabeth Phips. 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Sept: 19: 1703 

Sacr 1 day. 
Nov. 28 

Dec. 5. 

13 Sacr 1 day 

Feb: 9. 1703/4 

Apr:16: 1704 

Sept.13. 1704 

1. Capt" Parker 

2. M r David Deming, Scholar 

3. The wife of Jacob Watfon 

1 . The wife of Capt n Parker 



Joseph Kent A violent ftorm of 

Jofeph Marfh Student &c. fnow all day (but) 7 
Sam 1 Robinfon Mar'd women at Ch. 

A.M. 9 P.M. 

Sarah Manning 

1. Ebenezer Swan 

2. Goodwife Lewis 

3. The wife of Eben r Swan 

4. The wife of Jofeph Kent 

5. Abigail Oldham — 

1 . S r Stoddard 

2. William Williams 

Sen rs on y e other side 
of y e water. 

1. Goodman Squire : 

2. Goodman Clark 

3. Goodman Davis 

4. Goodman Smith 

5. Nath 1 : Pierce of Medford 

6. The wife of John Blower 

7. The wife of Jonathan Butterfield 

8. The wife of John Knight 

9. The wife of Nathan 1 Pierce 

10. M rs Lucy Bradstreet 

1 1 . M rs Mary Hay man 

12. Hannah Needham 

13. Elizabeth Hicks 

14. Mehetable Gale 

1 . John Bradshaw : 

2. Anna Collis : 

3. Ruth Bradifh 

4. Deborah Wyeth : 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 85 

Hut 10,1705 1. Peter Town 

2. Elizabeth Town 

Aug. 19, 1705 1. The widow Coolidg: 

2. The wife of Nath 1 Pattin Jun r .. 

pdob. 28, 1705 1. Nathaniel Cutter 

2. Mary y e wife of Nath : Cutter 

Sacr* day. 

*S) Nov. 4. 1705 1. Ruth y e wife of James Tuft : 


y ov . 12. 1. M r Goff, Sen r 

2. Jonathan Butte rfield 

3. The wife of James Clark. 

4. Elizabeth Dana : 




Ha. 0, 1705 1. Thomas Andrew 

2. Jonathan Peirce 

3. M r John Gove | „ 

4. Thomas Prince | 

Hxrch 17, 1705/6 1. Stephen Hall. i. e. Stow Hall. 

2. Grace y e wife of Stephen Hall. 

3. M rs Mary Gidney widow. 

4. Rebecca Squire 
5 Hephzibah, y e wife of John Bradish 

Mav2C, 1706 1. OwenWarland 

2. S r Gookin (Nathaniel). 

3 Francis Whitmore 

4 Jofeph Sewall 

5 (Anna) y e wife of Francis Whitmore 

jko: 22: 1706. 1 Stephen Froft . 1 

2 Ephraim Osburn 

3 Amos Gates 

4 David Jeffryes 

5 Ebenezer Thayer / 

Students &c. 

6 John Tuft 

7 Eleazer Williams j 

8 John Webb j 

9 The wife of Stephen Froft. 
10 Mary Prentice 



Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 

Dec. '22. 1706 

Sept. 28. 1707 

Dec. 7. 1707. 

Feb. 15. 1707/8 

July 4. 1708 

Sept: 12: 1708 

Jan. 30. 1708/9 
June 19. 1709 


Aug: 28: 1709. 

Nov: 6. 1709 
June 4: 1710. 

John Swan was restor'd to Communion, having 
been excommunicated ever since 1684. 

1 Benjamin Prefcott, Student. 

2 M rs Prifcilla Hayman 

3 The wife of Jonathan Gove 

4 The wife of Bartolomew Barrett. 

1 John Cooper 

2 Sarah y e wife of John Fefinden 

1 The widow Cheever 

2 The wife of Gershom Cutter Juu r . 

3 M rs Sybil Avery 

1 Ebenezer Brooks of Medford. 

2 Abigail y e wife of Eben 1 Brooks. 

3 Margaret Hicks 

1 M rs Mercy Bradstreet of Medford 

2 M rs Deborah Jackfon 

3 Hannah y e wife of Andrew Wilfon 

4 Elizabeth y e wife of J. Harrington. 


Heard y e wife of Zechariah Heard 

1 M r Samuel Gookin 

2 Nathaniel Sparhawk 

3 The wife of M r S. Gookin 

4 The wife of Nath. Sparhawk 

5 The wife of Stephen Hafting 

6 Margaret Gates 

1 Jonathan Hafting 

2 M rs Greenleaf 

3 The wife of Jonathan Hafting 

4 The wife of Ebenezer Hancook 

5 The wife of John Hill 

1 Experience Dana — 

1 John Coit. Student. 

2 John Cutter 

3 The wife of Jo. Crackbone 

4 The wife of John Cutter 

(To be continued.) 




South Britain Sketches and Records, by W. C. Sharpe, 
Seymour, 1898. pp. 167. 

The author of this useful volume deserves encouragement in his 
work of putting into print the various town and church records within 
his reach. The cost of publication of such books is rarely met till 
the entire edition has been sold. The South Britain book contains 
sketches of the pioneers of the town, genealogies of the principal 
families, and transcripts of the town and church records, all dating 
from pre-revolutionary times. 

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Minnesota. 
Register of Members and Ancestors. 1901. 8 vo, pp. 553, illus- 

The Minnesota society was organized, chiefly through the efforts of 
Messrs. Hurd, Whipple and Noyes, in 1895, and at the time this 
register was published had nearly one hundred and fifty members, 
whose personal records and lines of ancestry appear in this volume. 

More than 5500 individuals are mentioned in the pedigrees printed. 
The services conferring eligibility in descendants are concisely yet 
fully described. More than one hundred pages are devoted to 
biographical notices of the more important personages mentioned in 
the book, each biography being by a different writer. The Pine 
Tree and Rattlesnake flags of the Revolution are pictured in proper 

The secretary, Wm. Gardner White, Esq., and committee having 
charge of the publication of this register are to be congratulated in 
producing a valuable reference book aside from its local interest. 
Taken in connection with the lately published register of the General 
Society which it very largely supplements, there may be found a 
great store of information. 

A few copies are offered for sale. 

Rodney P. Wright, 6 Granite street, Cambridge, Mass., has in 
preparation a history of the Wright family comprising the English 
pedigree from the 14th century and an account of Dea. Samuel Wright, 
(Springfield, 1638, Northampton, 1657) with an historical and gene- 
alogical review of many of his descendants. 

The New England Historic Genealogical Society announces 


SS Book Notes. 



as in press "Abstracts Historical, Genealogical and Topographical 
of Wills in The Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, 
London, England. Register Soame, 1620." Edited by J. Henry 
Lea. The Calendars, or Indexes, to the Testators in the Prerog- 
ative Court wills, from the earliest registration in 1383, issued by 
the British Record Society, are designed to reach and include the 
year 1619. And it is proposed to issue concise, but absolutely ex- 
haustive, abstracts of the Wills contained in Register Soame, 1620, 
the Pilgrim year. If support of this publication permits, Register 
Dale, 1621, and succeeding years, will be undertaken. This work 
is the outgrowth of Mr. Henry F. Waters' splendid discoveries in 
his well-known " Gleanings," formerly contributed to the New Eng. 
Historic Genealogical Register and continued in the Genealogical 
Quarterly Magazine. Mr. Lea designs to take the wills in chrono- 
logical order in the Register book, abstracting from them every vital 
fact, every name of person or place, and printing them with a 
complete index to the wills by number. This first volume of what 
promises to be a most valuable and useful series will contain, in 
about 650 pages, some 1360 wills, comprising about 20,000 names of 
persons and over 8,000 of places. Even at that early date, there are 
many references to America. The subscription price will be $5.00 
(delivery extra). 



Histories and Genealogies of the Hammond Families in Amer- 
ica. With an account of the Early History of the Family in Nor- 
mandy and Great Britain, 1000-1902, Vol. 1. By Frederick S. 
Hammond, Oneida, 1902. 8vo. 

The compiler of this useful book has incorporated in the present 
volume material illustrating the ancestry beyond seas of all of the 
Hammond families whose connection with the English homes can be 
traced. The remainder of the book relates to the families of the 
name settled in Watertown, Rowley, Ipswich, Medfield, Gloucester, 
Marblehead, and Rehoboth, Mass., to the Essex County and Bristol 
County families in general, and to the Hammonds of Rhode Island 
and some minor branches, leaving to appear in the second volume 
the important branch of the family settled in Maine and some other 
interesting groups. 

The author suggests as a possible origin of some of the Rhode 
Island Hammonds that descendants of Nathan Hayman of Bristol 
may have changed their name to Hammond. This is not probable. 


These Haymaus were originally a Charlestown family, coming from 
Bristol, England, and descendants arc chiefly in the female lines. 

The book shows great care and represents many years of labor. 
It is well printed and a credit to all concerned in its production. 




Vol. IV. July, 1903. No. 2. 


An Address delivered before The Old Planters Society, 

April 7, 1903, by Hon. James Phinney Baxter, President 

of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, 

Maine Historical Society, etc. 

'New England's Prospect, William Wood, Boston, 18B5, p. 2. 

*New England Rarities, John Josselyn, Boston, MDCCCLXV, p. 4 et 



That quaint author, William Wood, writing of New England in 
1632, informs us that it "is judged by those w T ho have best skill in 
discovery, either to be an Hand, surrounded on the North-side with 
the spacious River Cannada, and on the South with Hudson's River, 
or else a Peninsula, these two Rivers overlapping one another, hav- 
ing their rise from the great Lakes." 1 John Josselyn, who followed 
Wood, gives a similar description of New England as it then was. 
He tells us that it "is by some affirmed to be an Island, bounded on 
the North by the River Canada (so called from Monsieur Cane), on 
the South with the River Mohegan or Hudson's River, so called be- 
cause he was the first discoverer of it." 2 

A brief examination of these bounds reveals to us why it was 
"affirmed to be an Island" by those limited to the geographical 
knowledge of their day, and we no longer wonder when we find 
communications from British ministers directed "To the Governor 
of the Island of New England." As a matter of fact, those who 






90 New England. [July 

Wood says "judged" it to be a "Peninsula" were right, for the 
tract of country then known as New England was in truth a pen- 
insula. Of its situation geographically, Capt. John Smith, a con- 
temporary of Wood and Josselyn, complacently remarks that it lies 
within "the very meane for heat and cold, betwixt the Equinoctiall, 
and the North Pole," 3 a statement which he intended should make 
it apparent that it was a country especially desirable for habitation, 
and we, who have knowledge of it for more than two and a half cen- 
turies beyond this enthusiastic adventurer, are able to affirm that in 
this case he took none too partial a view of the favored region, 
which he so lavishly extolled. 

Looking now at the New England of Smith's day, it is indeed a 
peculiar country, both geographically and topographically. Tt stands 
apart by itself with an individuality of its own, which properly en- 
titled it to the honor of bearing the name of its royal mother. It 
opposes a coast line of more than seven hundred miles, not reckon- 
ing its indentations, to the restless waters of the Atlantic, while its 
northerly, westerly and southerly borders with the exception of a 
comparatively narrow space, are laved by the waters of the St. Law- 
rence, the Hudson, and the connecting waters of lakes George and 
Champlain. Sloping gradually inland from the sea, the land rises 
in billowy swells till it meets, at an average elevation of about five 
hundred feet, the Appalachian Chain, comprising the Green and 
outlying ranges of the White and Adirondack mountains, and ex- 
tending from the St. Lawrence southerly until it is abruptly broken 
within less than fifty miles from the seacoast. This immense 
mountain range, while attaining no extraordinary altitude, maintains 
a remarkable uniformity of outline, ridge following ridge in almost 
parallel courses for long distances like the successive billows of the 
sea, and forming valleys of strikingly uniform width, which dis- 
tribute by numberless water courses the waters which they gather 
over the lands lying between them and the sen. It has been said 
that the more than seven hundred miles of coast line are embraced 
by the sea, but the eager Atlantic, reaching up the Hudson and the 
St. Lawrence, caresses its lovely slopes for upwards of six hundred 
miles more. It will be seen by the description of this peninsula that 
it comprises an area of rolling land on its seaward side unbroken by 
hills of great magnitude, extending from the St. Lawrence to the 
mouth of the Hudson, and sloping from continuous mountain ranges 

8 Advertisements for the Unexperienced rianters of New England or anywhere. 
Capt. John Smith, London, 1631, p. 27. 



1903] New England 91 

gently to the sea through nearly its entire lenpth. Its situation and 
physical conformation determine its climatk >nditions and exercise 



an important influence upon its inhabitar x 

The New England of today, with which we have particularly to 
do, occupies the heart of the New England of Smith's time, and ex- 
tends from latitude 41° to 47° 32' north, and from longitude 66° 52' 
to 73° 50' west, with an area of 68,460 square miles, comprising the 
states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode 
Island and Connecticut. Of this area Maine occupies a little more 
than half, and each of the other states about the following propor- 
tions, viz : New Hampshire one seventh ; Vermont one sixth ; Mass- 
achusetts one eighth ; Connecticut one thirteenth ; and Rhode Island 
one fifteenth. It slopes in a general direction towards the south 
and west, but the uneven character of its surface compels the many 
streams, which abundantly water it, to flow towards almost every 
point of the compass. Thus the Housatonic, which springs into be- 
ing among the Green Mountains ; the Connecticut, the Kennebec 
and Penobscot, whose sources are in the highlands, which, extending 
along the northern borders of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, 
are the nursery of many important streams, flow towards the south, 
while their tributaries often flow easterly and westerly as well as in 
northerly courses. The diversity of surface, which causes the waters 
to seek so many channels of escape to the sea, has proved its im- 
portance to the prosperity of the entire peninsula, not only to civil- 
ized man who inhabits it today, but to savage man who preceded 
him, whose life must have been affected by the conditions existing 
therein, though in a different manner from that of his successor. 

It has been said, that given the geographical and topographical 
status of some portion of the earth's surface, it might be possible 
for a mind possessing only the limited knowledge of our day, but 


with powers of observation and analysis of a high order, such for 
instance as have been ascribed to a Sherlock Holmes, to determine 
with considerable accuracy the nature of its fauna, and to give a 
shrewd guess as to the more important characteristics of its native 
inhabitants. The sagacious Agassiz, who was able from a single 
bone to reconstruct a fish, has left us an interesting chart wherein 
is shown that each distinctive type of mankind is associated with a 
peculiar fauna. The negro has about him the chimpanzee, the ele- 
phant, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, the wart-hog, and the 
giraffe ; the Esquimaux, the white bear, the walrus, the reindeer, 
the harp seal, the right whale and the eider duck. It is true that 








ii : 

92 New England. [July 

some animals have a wider habitat than the race with which they are 
at present associated, but this does not furnish sufficient ground for 
discrediting the positiou assumed. 

No matter what our theory may be with respect to the origin 
of races, it is quite certain that climate and environment exert 
a considerable influence upon men as well as animals, indeed upon all 
organic life. The littoral man, exposed to extremes of temperature, 
who wriugs a bare subsistence from the stormy sea and its sterile 
shores unfriendly to vegetation, will show in process of time marked 
physical and intellectual differences from the pastoral man of the same 
race, who dwells in fruitful vales amid his flocks and herds, unvexed 
by care for the morrow's subsistence. The people who were found 
here in New England by our ancestors, though they may not have 
been aboriginal, had many traits which distinguished them from 
southern and western tribes to whom they undoubtedly bore genetic 
relations, traits which grew out of their environment. The unfertile 
nature of a considerable portion of its soil, its climate, so rigorous 
for several months of the year, subject to sharp fluctuations of 
temperature, with extremes in some portions of forty below to 
one hundred degrees of Fahrenheit above zero, compel activity. 
The savage man, to live under such conditions, w r as forced to hunt 
and fish, and above all, to till the earth and exercise forethought in 
preserving a supply of food for the season of dearth, as well as the 
civilized man who has taken his place. He could not bask in 
continual sunshine and gather the fruits of the earth for nearly the 
entire year like his brother of the south or southwest, but must 
get furs and food for the protection and sustenance of himself and 
those dependent upon him during the long period of want which al- 
ways came. Even the spirit of manufacture was active in New Eng- 
land before the advent of the Yankee, for the Narragansetts made 
and trafficked in Indian notions with their neighbors, and earned 
thereby a reputation hardly second to their successors, who, it is 
said, trafficked in wooden nutmegs. Whether the rasping air which 
blows so persistently upon the New England coast sharpens the wits 
of its inhabitants, as has been humorously suggested, is a question 
beyond our powers of solution. With respect however to the in- 
fluence of environment upon men, the late Thomas Gold Appleton, 
who was a careful student of Art, carried the theory so far as to 
declare to me that an American engraver, domiciled in England, 
could not produce an engraving in which a quick and well trained 
eye would not detect an English influence. American engravers, he 


1903] JVew England. 93 

said, had stated to him that they were unable to produce precisely 
the same kind of work in Europe that they had produced in America. 
Mrs. Browning recognizes the influence of uvironment when she 

"O give me men from the sudless plain, 
Said the South to the North ; 
Who ever by work in the snow and the rain 
Grow strong and brave by familiar pain, 
Said the South to the North." 


It may not be perhaps too much to affirm that the people of no other 
portion of the United States exhibit in so marked a degree the 
influences of environment as the people of New England. The men 
who first landed upon its frozen shores found themselves at once in 
the midst of conditions which taxed to the utmost every faculty which 
they possessed, and compelled them to put forth all their powers to 
sustain themselves. Not only had they to be constantly on the 
alert to repel attacks from a savage foe, and to prevent infringe- 
ment upou their religious and civil freedom by powerful opponents, 
but to win their subsistence from an ungenerous soil, and, withal, 
to construct a political fabric sufficient for thtir constantly increas- 
ing needs. The greatest energy, the keenest foresight, the strictest 
economy were continually demanded, and these became to them and 
their successors, who were obliged to exercise them, a second nature. 
This accounts for New England push and thrift, which have charac- 
terized the New Englander of the past and equally characterize him 
today. Not only has he felled the forests of New England, forced 
her streams into useful service and adorned her with noble cities and 
prosperous towns, but his adventurous spirit has impelled him to 
push out beyond her limits, and journey where you will on this 
broad continent you will find the man of New England foremost in 
enterprise and achievement. You may say that he is close and cal- 
culating, perhaps cold and exacting, but you only fail to understand 
his point of view. He has learned in the hard school of experience 
that economy and foresight, cool deliberation and insistence upon 
rights, are essentials of success ; hence he employs them as the 
skilled artificer employs his tools, to achieve a desired end. To him 
education, or in other words, the training of every faculty to useful 
service, is a dogma to which he holds with a tenacity which fire 
cannot loosen. 

While he has succeeded so remarkably in the industrial field, he 


94 New England, [July 

has not failed in others, for the qualities which have distinguished 
him in this field have proved equally potent wherever they have been 
brought into play. To Literature, to Art, to State craft, to the Bar, to 
Medicine, to the Pulpit, to Oratory and to Science, New England has 
given a galaxy so brilliant that the light thereof will illumine the 
century to come with an effulgence which today we imperfectly realize. 
Perhaps we should hardly expect that a climate so changeful and often 
so rigorous would produce great singers. Music, we have been told, 
finds its fitting birthplace in a land of luxurious ease, amid sunshine 
and flowers ; and yet New England has produced a Nordica, an 
Eames, a Carey and many others, who have rivalled the sweetest 
singers of Italy. Who can doubt that the New England idea was 
an important factor in developing the genius of these queens of 
song, that their inherited faith that the loftiest heights of success 
may be attained through persistent and wisely directed labor, has 
been to them a sufficient inspiration? At the same time, we must 
not lose sight of the fact that Art finds in New England scenery a 
beauty unsurpassed by any on the globe. Her splendid mountains 
and hills, her impetuous rivers forcing their way through rocky 
barriers, or coursing tranquilly through blooming meadows ; her 
craggy shores and wide beaches washed by the ever restless Atlantic ; 
her trackless forests and verdant valleys, and her ever changing 
skies, furnish a sufficient inspiration to the artistic sense. 

From this brief and imperfect consideration of what the New 
Englander is, let us observe what he has accomplished. When the 
early colonists landed on the New England shores, they found before 
them a wild country covered with great forests, the lair of savage 
animals and savage men. Wherever they turned the prospect was the 
same, and it required more than brave hearts and abundant muscle to 
enable them to face the discouraging task which they saw they had 
before them. They had, fortunately for their descendants, faith, 
that divine flame which kindles into action the dullest souls ; a faith 
sufficient for all trials, and they entered cheerfully upon their task. 
They paid little heed to the discouragements which were ever con- 
fronting them, but fixed their eyes upon a future, far away it is true, 
but ever bright. As one of them said, though " they saw the grime 
& grisly face of povertie coming upon them like an armed man, with 
whom they must buckle & incounter, and from whom they could 
not flye ; they were armed with faith and patience against him, and 
all his encounters; and though they were sometimes foyled, yet by 




New England. 


God's assistance they prevailed and got ye victorie." 4 With them it 
was a common remark, "Brown bread and the Gospel is good fare. "5 
Such were the first New England men. Of course their first care 
was to provide shelter for their families, then to clear land and 
plant it. Game and fish were near at hand. Having established 
themselves in the new land they began to realize that it possessed 
resources beyond their expectations and they thought to develop 
them. Just here they found their limitations. They were colonists, 
and colonists whose limitations they found were mercilessly defined. 
Our modern definition of a colony w r as unknown to the British 
statesman of that period, who clung with an obstinacy, which has 
made British statesmanship so successful, to the idea of the Roman, 
whose code he had adopted,that a colony was a possession of the 
governing state ; in fact, a piece of property to be carried ou as a 
business enterprise solely for her own benefit ; thus but little regard 
was to be paid to the rights of the colonists, whose duty it was to 
labor for the prosperity of the governing state. This was very 
different from the Greek conception of a colony, which was more 
like the modern idea, that a colony is a commonwealth having in- 
dependent privileges and the right of local government. Thus when 
Athens upon a time affirmed her authority over colonies in the Hel- 
lenic league, the act was regarded as a tyrannical abuse of power. 
These Greek colonies, says Professor Seeley, were like " grown up 
children who have married and settled at a distance ;" 6 yet while Eng- 
land was called the mother country, and was pleased with the 
perm, she was not at all favorable to the Greek idea and practice, but 
preferred to rule the occupants of the new homestead and make 
them wholly subservient to her own ^terests. It is not strange 
that we soon hear a discordant note. Royal governors were set 
over the colonies, swelling with the plenipotentiality of the royal 
prerogative. Said one of them in a burst of loyalty, "Every Act of 
dependent Provincial government ought to terminate in the advantage 
)f the Mother state unto which it owes its being," and he continues 
'The Colonies are to be only considered as so many Corporations at 
\ distance invested with ability to make temporary Bye Laws for 
hemselves agreeable to their respective situations — but noways 




♦Hist. Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford, Boston, 1856, p. 16. 

• A Brief Review of the Rise and Progress, Services and Sufferings of New England. 
Especially, the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Humbly submitted to the consideration 
>f both Houses of Parliament, London, MDCCLXXI V, p. 7. 

•The Expansion of England, J. R. Seeley, M. A., London, 1901, p. 64, et passim. Of 
Sovernment Dependencies, Sir George Lewis, p. 115, et seq., Smith's Wealth of Nations, 
>. 438, et passim. 


96 New England. [July 

interfering with the legal prerogative of the Crown." 7 Every attempt 
of the colonies to better their condition was interfered with, and an 
irrepressible conflict was the result. The prerogative became as 
fruitful a topic of discussion and as agitating in its way as the ques- 
tion of slavery later. Governor Shute almost made himself ridicu- 
lous in his use of the word in his frequent communications to the 
Lords of Trade, underscoring resolves passed by the Representatives 
with the words "Strooke att the Prerogative." 8 Trade and manu- 
factures were strangled at their birth. If an attempt to build a ship 
was made by the colonists the shipwrights of the River Thames, 
petitioned the Lords' Commissioners to stop it, as it menaced their 
trade. 9 If they attempted to use their wool in making cloth, the cloth 
staplers at once raised their voices in protest. 10 They were watched 
with jealous eyes. Bridger, an agent of the government, wrote to 
the Lords of Trade, "I have observed that there is not the quantity 
of Woollens exported from England as usual which must proceed from 
this Trade of making their own cloth in New England," and "there 
are now entered 155 Doz of Wooll Cards." 11 The question whether 
wool cards could be exported legally from England to New England 
was laid before the law officer of the Crown, who settled the question 
by calling attention to the fact that there was an export duty upon 
them, which implied that exportation was legal. Two years later 
Bridger wrote, ''The Contrey people or planters are Entered so far 
into the making their own Woollens that not one in 40 but wares 
his own Carding Spinning &c." 12 New England was well situated to 
enlarge this industry. Her extensive pasture lands were adapted to 
sheep raising, and her people were ambitious to improve their condi- 
tion; but English trade might suffer if this were permitted, hence an 

7 A Short Discourse on the present state of the Colonies in America, with respect to 
the Interest of Great Britain. By Sir William Keith, Knt.; sometime Dep'y Gov'r of 

8 Proceedings in the House of Representatives, Aug. 13, 1722 Mass. Archives. Gov. 
Burnet, as early as Mar. 3, 1729, said "Among the many attempts that the People of 
this Province have made to be Independent I think the greatest and most dangerous is 
that of endeavoring to wrest the Sword out of the Royall hand." Public Record 
Office, London, Author's MS. 

• Petitiou of The Shipwrights of the River Thames, Oct. 19, 1724, and Report of Att'y 
Gen'l, Y. 27, Public Record Office, London, Author's MS. 

10 Petition, also "Considerations Humbly Offered to the Parliament showing that those 
charters relating to the Plantations were taken away— for the abuse of their Power in 
destroying not only the WOOLEN and other MANUFACTURES, but also the very Laws 
and Navigation of England &c." B. T. Papers. Public Record Ottice, Vol. 5, p. 247 
251-266, April 1091, Author's MS. 

"Report of J. Bridgor to Lords of Trade, etc., March 5, 1705-6. Also Report of 
Attorney General thereon, ibid. Public Record Office, Author's MS. 

*» Letter of J. Bridger, March 13, 1707-S. Public Record Cilice, London, Author's MS. 


j()03J "• New England. 97 

act was passed prohibiting the exportation of woollens, and even 
trade between the colonies themselves, which effectually destroyed 
the promising enterprise. 

Great excitement was created by an act forbidding the cutting of 
ft uy trees above a certain size. Royal commissioners were sent into 
the forests to mark all such trees with the King's mark, an act which 
was warmly resented, as it greatly interfered with the lumber industry, 
upon which many relied. The commissioners were ignored, and the 
fact that Elisha Cooke, w r ho was elected speaker of the assembly, 
had the temerity to declare that the timber upon a man's land was his 
private property, was considered a sufficient reason by Governor Shute 
to demand the selection of another man, as he had not shown himself 
sufficiently subservient to the prerogative. The law was so obnoxious 
that it was evaded, and the Lords of Trade, who sustained Shute's 
action in the case of Cooke, ordered stringent measures to be adopted 
to enforce the law. 13 In the remote settlements of Maine the law was 
applied as strenuously as elsew r here, and lumber which had been cut 
down ready to be drawn to the river was seized by the zealous com- 
missioners. Haley wrote the Lords concerning one of these seizures, 
" All imaginary precautions are taken to prevent the Country Rascalls 
from Cutting them in the Night before they are hailed to the water." 14 
In order to save their property, the people he thought would cut the 
trees they had felled into logs, when they would be no longer fit for 
t!>e King's use, though still suitable for lumber. Thus it will be seen 
that England's policy with the colonies was wholly a selfish one. 
Such branches of business as could be made profitable to her were 
encouraged. She needed masts, tar, hemp and pitch, and when she 
could get these commodities in no other way, offered bounties for 
them; but manufacturing -was discouraged, and her Parliament went 
so far as to pass a resolution that the establishment of manufactories 
in the colonies rendered them less dependent upon the Crown, and an 
act was accordingly passed prohibiting the manufacture of iron wares 
of any kind in the colonies, and the erection of forges for making 
" sows, pigs or cast iron into bar or rod iron." A measure so tyran- 
nical could not be sustained, and an onerous export duty took its 

"Letter of J. P.ridger, March 9,1707-8. A ddress of Gov. Shute, May 28, 1720, June 1, 
«21; his proclamation of Nov. 1, 1720, et passim; letter of Gov. Wentworth to Lords of 
Trade, March 18, 1722-3, and Proclamation •' Forthe more effectual preservation of Ills 
Majesty's Words in America" following Report from the Admiralty Office of Oct. 4, 1728, 
and Letter of Arthur Slade, Feb. 28, 1728-9. B. T. Papers. Public Record Office, 
Loudon, Author's MS. 

"Letter of Thos. Haley, March G, 1728 9. B. T. Papers. Public Record Office, Lon- 
don, Author's MS. 


; - 

98 . New England. [July 

place. No opportunity was neglected to restrict the enterprise of 
the New England people. Turn where they would they met with 
disheartening restrictions, and it is not strange that a feeling of 
resentment continually smouldered in their hearts, ready to burst 
forth into flame at a favorable moment. The annals of the time are 
filled with their complaints. One of these, which was laid before 
Parliament, is worthy of notice. After enumerating the constant 
warfare which New England had been compelled to carry on with 
the French and Indians, it said, " From their first arrival to the 
end of the last war, scarce a village was settled but what was broken 
up, once or oftener by the Savages. Men, women and children, whole 
families, villages and towns were murthered scalpt and captivated, 
and their whole substance committed to the flames. — Did they mur- 
mur at being thus oppressed while wholly neglected by the nation? 
Did they grow disaffected to the national interest? The contrary to 
all this was manifested. They loved and revered the nation to a 
degree of excess and enthusiasm. New glory to the Crown, new ac- 
quisitions of territory, happiness and wealth to England were ever as 
much a source of joy to New England as to the nation itself. — Ought 
not the English nation to rest satisfied and content with the same 
kind of service from them as from his Majesty's other subjects? 
They have done as much for the national glory and exulted in it. 
Why then should they not share in the same immunities? At least 
be exempt from the same oppressions? — JDuties and taxes have been 
imposed by the Britisli Parliament ; troops quartered in their capital 
town, Castle William wrested from them, though built, furnished and 
maintained by Massachusetts at their sole expense, without either 
paying for it or promising to do so." 15 These extracts express in 
some degree the state of feeling prevalent among the more thoughtful 
people of New England not long before the Revolution. The oppres- 
sion of the mother country had become unbearable. And yet when 
we impartially consider the commercial policy of the time, we do not 
greatly wonder at England's course. In order to judge fairly of past 
acts, we must carefully consider the influences surrounding the actors. 
It is manifestly unjust to apply our modern standards to them. We 
have only to decide whether they acted according to the light of their 
day. England had been for generations engaged in a great commer- 
cial struggle with the leading nations of Europe, and her one thought 
was to win. Extraordinary privileges were conferred upon her great 

*• A Brief Review of the "Rise and Progress, Services and Sufferings of New England, 
etc. Londou.MDCCLXXIV, p. 15, et seq. 







1903] New England, 99 

trading companies, which soon became potent in influencing legisla- 
tion. To wrest the West India trade from the Dutch who monopo- 
lized it, Parliament in 1651 passed an act that no merchandise, the 
product of Asia, Africa or America, could thereafter be imported into 
England or her dependencies, except in English ' .corns, commanded 
by English officers and manned for the most r ,c by English sailors. 
This in the end proved a serious blow to the 'Dutch carrying trade, 
and increased the commerce of England . 

Still greater aggressions were made upon Spanish commerce and 
no effort was spared to cripple it. Acquiring possession of the 
Bermudas, Barbadoes aud a number of the West India Islands, she 
30on became a dangerous rival ; but France, who had acquired pos- 
sessions adjoining her own, was a constant menace to her growing 
power. To drive her to the wall became the object of her ambition ; 
hence the continual wars with this troublesome enemy, in which the 
New England people suffered so terribly, for war between the mother 
country and France meant for them war with the savages, whom the 
French always turned loose upon the settlers, and who spared neither 
ige nor sex. 16 When England entered upon her commercial war she 
possessed but the shadow of a navy, but in a short time she had ac- 
quired the supremacy of the seas. In her final jonflicts with France, 
which swept French power from the American continent, she was 
aided by New England troops ; in fact, the conquest of Louisburg in 
1 745 was achieved wholly by New England troops. It was claimed 
hat in the final struggle with the French, the colonists sacrificed 
)ver fourteen thousand men ; besides this, their people had been taken 
Tom their employments, so that when victory over the hereditary 
memy of England was achieved, the colonies found themselves utter- 
y impoverished. In this condition, to impose upon them without 
iheir consent a tax to pay for the cost of the war in which they had 
)een the chief sufferers, was more than they could bear, and they 
letermined to submit no longer to the unjust treatment to which the 
nother country had always subjected them. In the light of to-day 
t seems strange that English statesmanship could have been so f atu- 
>us as to alienate such colonists as she possessed in New England ; 
)ut when we consider the terrible struggles in which she was engaged 
or generations with her European rivals, we can see that the great 
nterests involved in them completely overshadowed questions of 

"Gov. Morris to the Assembly of Pa., July 29, 1755, speaking of the French said 
Their barbarous Indians delight in shedding human Ulood and make no Distinction of 
Lge or Sex, Slaughtering the tender Infant and frightened Mother with equal Joy and 
Pierceness." Public Record Ortice, London, Author's MS. 



\ < 


100 New England. [July 

mere policy in the government of a few weak colonies on the other 
side of the Atlantic. Moreover, England always placed a low esti- 
mate upon her New England colonists. They were only farmers and 
fishermen, like the stupid peasantry with whom the gentry were con- 
temptuously familiar, and worse than all, dissenters from the estab- 
lished order, which then meant religious cranks. She was wholly 
neglectful of them, and passed such laws as her pushing merchants 
desired, to make them subserve the commercial interests of the 
realm. A few poor adventurers in the wilds of a distant land were 
not to be regarded, and for some time after the war of the Revolution 
broke out, she continued to regard them as rebels, whose subjuga- 
tion would be an easy task. British generals persisted in address- 
ing General Washington as Mister until they were obliged to honor 
him with his proper title. 17 She was in error. The men who fought 
at Bunker Hill bore the same arms, beat Yankee Doodle upon the 
same drums, and blew it through the same fifes which they carried 
at Louisburg, and they jocosely remarked as they marched upon the 
British general's mud fortifications, that they were nothing to the 
stone walls of old Louisburg. More competent men than the New 
Englanders of the Revolution never shouldered a masket. For 
generations they had faced nothing but obstacles, and had come to 
regard them lightly. From boyhood they had been used to the mus- 
ket, and every lad of a dozen years old was a good marksman. 
Surrounded by savage beasts and savage men they were ever alert. 
War was an important part of their occupation, and the English 
officers and soldiers who had fought with them in the French wars 
understood their worth ; but the British ministry had given the 
subject no consideration. It is probable, that the revolt against the 
unbearable oppression of the British Crown would have come much 
sooner than it finally came but for the proximity of the French, who 
kept them so continually employed in repelling the attacks of their 
savage allies. This was recognized by Choiseul after the final 
defeat of the French, whose prophecy was completely fulfilled. 
"The colonies" he said, "stand no longer in need of her protection. 
She will call upon them to contribute towards the burdens which 
they have helped to bring on her, and they will answer by throwing 
off all dependence." Other observers of England's attitude to 
her colonies have also recorded their opinions. Said Montesquieu 
in 173-0, "England will be the first nation abandoned by her col- 

17 Gen'l Gage'8 Letter of Aug. 20, 1775 and enclosure. Public Reeord Oftice, London, 
Author's MS. 


j^q3] New England. 101 

iXiics," and Turgot, comparing the colonies to fruit, said "When they 
tst ripe they will drop from the stem." 

Extracts like this from the Newspaper press show the state of the 
pablic mind: " Great Britain is at this time in possession of every 
advantage that she can possibly avail herself of. By the present laws 
we are not permitted to purchase anything that we want but of her, 
saving salt for fish and a few other minute articles which she has not 
lo sell, and even those manufactures which she cannot furnish from 
her own industry come to us thro' her hands, and taxed, which with 
the profit of the British merchant makes the price intolerable, and 
pach as are of her own growth and manufacture, as we are not at 
liberty to purchase elsewhere, we consequently purchase at her own 
price. Surely it must be confessed by all that Great Britain hath 
the whole profit of our lives and industry. She deals with us upon 
her own terms exclusive of all others, and whether we buy or sell, she 
makes the price." 18 

We have been taught to believe that the issue of the war was for a 
long time doubtful, but such was not the case. The colonies could 
not have been subjugated by the mother country even had she fully 
realized their value, which fortunately she did not, a fact which 
brought the conflict to a termination sooner than it would have been 
otherwise. When the termination of the war permitted the people 
to look about them, they found the prospect gloomy enough. 
Scarcely a home but mourned the loss of a member, and felt in some 
flegree the affliction of poverty ; indeed, we can hardly realize how 
|>oor and bare New England homes were for years after the opening 
of the present century. Said an old lady to her minister who made 
p pastoral call upon her, "The folks about here are growing worldly 
»nd ungodly. Look at the picket fences about their front yards :" 
and the mother of Henry Ward Beecher was reproved by one of her 
husband's deacons for indulging in a rag carpet, as wool was too 
prveious a gift of God to be trampled under foot. After the smoke 
<»f the Revolution cleared away and they began to look about them, 
«»ey saw no industries to which they could turn for support ; the 
«uul, the forest and the sea were all that seemed open to them ; but 
they were free, free from the oppressive acts of a foreign Parliament, 
s »d an odious soldiery who had been quartered upon them so long to 
.ieir great displeasure. We can hardly realize today what the 
w ord liberty meant to those men, hampered and restricted as they 
fc»'J been all their lives. In the exuberance of their joy they 

18 The Providence Gazette of Jan. 21, 17G5. 

< ■ ■ ' 




New England. 


opened wide their doors and offered asylum to the oppressed of every 
land, and over the seas they came, hungering to share the blessings 
which a free Republic vouchsafed to them. It took a few years for 
the people to recover from the scath of war, but economy and indus- 
try were to them a second nature, and about them were natural re- 
sources, which only awaited active brains and deft hands to yield to 
them abundant wealth. It was evident to them that the industrial 
arts which the mother country had so sedulously fostered were as 
necessary to their prosperity as they had proved to be to her, and 
they looked to the promotion of these industries among them as of 
vital importance. But England, who had yielded them political 
freedom, was no whit inclined to permit them to become independent 
of her commercially. Impoverished by the war, with almost no 
skilled mechanics, how could they meet the competition of England, 
ever active and aggressive ? Their very first experience demonstrated 
their inability to do this. The inequality of such a struggle was 
painfully apparent, and their first few industrial undertakings ended 
in disappointment. Says Bancroft, "The prospect of enormous 
gains tempted American merchants to import in one year more tha n 
their exports could pay for in three, while factors of English houses, 
bringing over British goods on British accounts, jostled American 
merchants in their own streets. The people had looked for peace 
and prosperity to come hand in hand, and when hostilities ceased they 
ran into debt for English goods, never doubting that their wonted 
industries would yield them the means of payment as of old. But 
excessive importations atlowprices crushed domestic manufactures." 19 
What could be done? Our doors were wide open to all people, and 
to the merchandise of all lands. Immigration was free ; trade was 
free ; in fact, the popular feeling was against restrictions of every 

The manufacture of fabrics suitable for clothing was of prime im- 
portance to the people, and England could easily monopolize the 
American markets with her productions of this character. How to 
free themselves from this new bondage was the question of the hour. 
It was a difficult problem to solve. The country had no settled finan- 
cial or commercial policy. Precedents to guide her legislators in 
enacting laws to meet the complicated conditions, to them wholly 
novel, were wanting. They had entered upon an untried field, and 
must inaugurate measures adequate to the occasion. Protection ! 

:. v fj 



10 History of the Formation of the Constitution of the United States of America, 
George Bancroft, Vol. 1, p. 185. 

1903] JSTew England. 103 

protection against English monopoly of the cloth industry, was the 
cry, and on July 2, 1785, the Massachusetts legislature, in accord- 
ance with a scheme formulated by Congress four years before as 
"an indispensable necessity," enacted a law imposing an import duty 
upon foreign manufactures in order to protect her home industries 
from destructive competition. 20 Thus Massachuse' l s led in defence of 
the country's industrial welfare, as she led ; the defence of its 
political liberty. This act proved to be the * ost important piece of 
legislation, economically considered, that has ever been enacted by 
any legislative body in the country, and was the germ of the national 
protective tariff which has enabled the people of this country to 
become independent of foreign manufacturers. 

To show how widespread was the interest taken in home manu- 
factures we should refer to some of the publications of the times. 
Said the Boston Gazette in 1788, "Until we manufacture more, it is 
useless to celebrate the fourth of July as the birthday of our inde- 
pendence. We are still dependent people, and what is worse, after 
the blood and treasure we have expended, we are actually taxed by 
Great Britain. Our imports help to fill her revenue and to pay the 
interest of a debt contracted in an attempt to enslave us," and 
another writer, in 1794, says, "I would remark here, that many 
artists (artisans) who arrive among us fro'n abroad, are in poor 
circumstances, and are unable to set up manufactures for them- 
selves. If such whose knowledge is competent to their profession, 
were assisted by wealthy citizens, they might become very beneficial 
members of society. By such means the various arts practiced in 
Europe, might in process of time be transplanted to America. As 
linens and woolens are very large articles of consumption, and carry 
put of the Commonwealth a large proportion of its specie, it would 
be well to pay attention to fabricating them here. Specimens that 
have been given of linen and woolen cloths made here demonstrate 
that we have manufactures among us who are well skilled in making 
up the materials ; and the number of them will increase by immigra- 
tion from other countries." 21 

The year following the passage of a protective tariff by the State 
of Massachusetts, the first factory for the manufacture of cloth from 
"cotton wool" was erected at East Bridgewater in that state. Two 

10 Pennsylvania followed the example of Massachusetts and passed a similar act on 
Sept. 20th following. 

21 Pelt, Hist, of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton, Cambridge, 1834, p. 100, et seg., mentions 
;hat the town of Ipswich voted land in 1792 for a woolen mill and two years later en- 
arged its grant for that purpose. 

104 New England. [July 

hundred pounds "of lawful money" were granted by the state to 
encourage this important enterprise. The following year another 
mill was erected at Beverly ; but the machinery within the reach 
of New England manufacturers at this time was cumbersome and 
defective, and the production of cotton cloth was very slow. Great 
efforts were made to obtain plans or models of English machinery, 
especially of the inventions of Richard Arkwright, the Edison of 
his time, but without success, as they were guarded with jealous 
care from the prying eyes of strangers. In 1790, however, Samuel 
Slater, a young man who had worked in Arkwright's mills and care- 
fully studied the master's inventions and methods, erected in Provi- 
dence, R. I., a set of machinery, the plans of which he had brought 
to New England in his head. The improvements thus introduced by 
Slater enabled the New England manufacturers thenceforward to 
compete on more even terms with their foreign competitors. 

The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793 gave an 
additional impetus to the cotton manufacturing industry, not only in 
New, but in Old England as well. The success of those interested 
in the manufacture of cotton encouraged those who had long hoped 
to see American markets emancipated from the control of foreign 
manufacturers, to undertake the erection of a mill for the production 
of woolen fabrics. Accordingly in 1794 the first woolen mill in 
the United States was built at By field, and set in operation in 1795. 
Up to this time wool was carded and spun in the family and woven 
on rude hand looms made by the local carpenter. In a few places 
small shops for carding wool had been started, and where such 
shops existed, the farmers' wives usually sent their wool to them to 
be carded ; but for the most part all the processes of converting the 
raw material into cloth suitable for wearing apparel for the family 
were performed in the household. The establishment of mills for the 
manufacture of the great staples cotton and wool was hailed with joy 
by the people, as a forerunner of prosperity to the infant republic. 

The erection of the first woolen mill, we are told, was considered 
an important event, jand awakened a widespread curiosity to see the 
wonderful machinery in operation. An entrance fee was charged, in 
spite of which t the mill was often thronged. "That first winter," 
wrote a lady of the day, "sleighing parties came from all the adjacent 
towns, and as distant as Uampstead and Derry in New Hampshire. 
Row after row of sleighs passed over Crane-neck hill, enlivening the 
bright cold days by the joyous tones of their merry bells. Never 
shall I forget the awe with which I entered what then appeared the 







1903] -Neto Ungland. 105 

vast and imposing edifice. The large drums that carried the bands 
on the lower floor, coupled with the novel noise and hum, increased 
liiis awe, but when I reached the second floor, where picking, card- 
togr, spinning and weaving were in process, my amazement became 
complete." 22 

The question of the manufacture of various articles for which 
the people were dependent upon the foreigner had been agitated 
from the moment that peace was declared, and every attempt at man- *f- 

ufacture proclaimed with joy. To use such articles in preference to 
those imported was regarded as a patriotic duty. Said the Massachu- 
setts Centinel, "It must give pleasure to every patriot to hear of 
preference and encouragement be*ng given to the manufactures of 
our country by its most exalted citizens. We have recently mentioned 
several instances wherein this has been the case." From this time 
the increase in manufactures was rapid. Iron, earthenware, glass? 
paper, duck, cordage, bagging, and many other articles were produced, 
Bind found a remunerative market at home. Fine Merino sheep were 
imported and their fleeces used ;n the manufacture of the higher 
grades of cloth ; indeed, President Madison, on his inauguration, took 
pride in displaying his suit of fine American broadcloth, which was 
made by Schofield, the first woolen manufacturer in New England. 

A considerable impetus was given to trade by the French Revo- 
lution, which enabled American shipping to find profitable employ- 
ment in carrying our agricultural products abroad. The growth and 
prosperity of the country for a number of years exceeded the antici- 
pation of the wisest men. Fortunes were made in trade ; towns 
sprang up and grew with a rapidity unknown in older countries, and 
England began to realize how much she had lost by her unwise treat- 
ment of the American Colonies. Engaged, however, in an exhaust- 
ive war with France, with whom her former colonies were unduly in 
sympathy on account of her alliance with them during the Revolution? 
*he could only show her elm grin by arbitrary acts which were a 
source of constant irritation to Americans. Especially was she em- 
bittered against her late subjects on account of their resentment of 
her aggressions while submitting with but faint protests to those of 
their former allies. She realized, as they perhaps did not at the time, 
«ut which they soon had occasion to learn, that the action of France 
Hi their behalf sprang wholly from a desire to injure her, and that 
the French really had no more friendship for Americans than for 
Englishmen. It was but natural that Americans should desire to 

M KemlnlBcences of a Nonagenarian, Sarah Anna Emery, Newburyport, 1872, p. 21. 

106 New England. [July 

maintain friendship with the people who had aided them in their time 
of need, and that they should go farther in doing so than with those 
with whom they had been at war and whose oppressive rule was still 
fresh in their memories. Besides* France to them was engaged in a 
struggle like their own ; and though her treatment of them was exas- 
perating, they patiently waited for her to rectify it. The reason for 
this difference of attitude towards them and the French, Englishmen 
would not see, and they made their resentment apparent in many 
ways, one of the most exasperating of which was the stopping of. 
American ships at sea, and the seizing of their men as subjects of 
the British Crown. Affairs became daily more complicated, both 
with France and England. The former issued her arbitrary decrees, 
and the latter her orders in Council, to which America responded by 
the act of Embargo in December 1807, and the non-intercourse act 
in 1809. It was plain to observing men, that another war with Eng- 
land was necessary to settle finally the question of the independence 
of the United States as a nation, and the war of 1812 resulted. The 
effect of the war on manufactures had not been foreseen. With the 
channels of trade closed to England, and the tariff doubled on all 
foreign importations in order to increase the revenue for the support 
of the war, an active market was created for American wares, thereby 
quickening industrial enterprise. Manufactories sprang up in town 
and hamlet. In 1803 there were but three cotton mills in the country. 
These had increased in 1809 to sixty-two with 3,000 spindles. When 
the war began it was estimated that 80, 000 spindles were in opera- 
tion; when it closed, three years later, we are told that they had in- 
creased to 500, 000. In 1805 one thousand bales of cotton were 
sufficient to supply the demand. In 1815 the consumption is stated 
to have been ninety thousand bales. 

With the close of Uie war with England and the resumption of trade 
relations this short season of prosperity came to an end. An influx 
of foreign goods at once overstocked the markets, and factory after 
factory was obliged to discharge its operatives and close its doors. 
In the hurry to get into operation, many mills had been poorly built 
and poorly equipped with machinery, hence they could not success- 
fully compete with the well equipped mills of England. The distress 
-among manufacturers was great and they applied to Congress for re- 
lief. A minimum duty of six and a quarter cents a yard was laid 
upon cotton cloths, which afforded some relief. With the woolen in- 
dustry and indeed with most others, the experience was the same. 
The value of the product of the woolen mills of New England is said 



903] New England. 107 

ilf t, 


5 have been in 1810 $4,000,000, and at the close of the war $15,000,- 
00. Nothing but a protective tariff could save New England manu- 
icturers from ruin, and Congress wisely came to their relief. The 
Jtimate result was improved machinery, improved methods of manu- 
facture, and a decreased cost of production. To Lowell was the 
ouutry indebted for the famous minimum duty on cotton cloth of six 
nd a quarter cents a 3 T ard. After the peace, when our industries 
rere paralyzed, he hastened to Washington to urge upon our legisla- 
3rs the necessity of protection, and by his urgent appeals to southern 
Congressmen to legislate in the interests of their constituents, the 
otton planters of the South, secured their aid and the adoption of 
is views. New England was by no means united in favor of such a 


leasure, owing to her commercial interests. When Lowell made the 
ptimistic prediction that cotton cloth which was then selling for 
birty-three cents would within fifty years be sold for four pence a 
ard, people smiled with incredulity, yet his prediction proved true, 
a 1829, cottons which were selling at eight and a half cents were 
cliing only ten years before for nineteen cents a yard. It had then 
upplanted the English article in the American market. Said Everett 
f Lowell, u In the great Temple of Nature, whose foundations are 
lie earth, whose pillars are the eternal hills, whose roof is the star-lit 
ky, whose organ tones are the whispering breeze and the sounding 
torins, whose architect is God, there is no ministry more sacred than 
aat of the Intelligent Mechanic." 
To her manufacturing industries is New England indebted for a 
rowth and prosperity unprecedented in the annals of any country, 
inee it has taken place within the short period of three score and ten 
ears, the scriptural limit of a human life. Nashua was but little 
lore than a clearing in 1823. Fall River began to grow from a vil- 
^ge in 1812 to a town of importance in 1830. Lowell, which was 
amed from the inventor of the power loom and earnest advocate of 
rotection, dates its growth from 1824, and Manchester several years 

And yet we may well pause and consider what has been or is likely 
J be the influence of great mill towns, with their heterogeneous pop- 
ations, upon New England life and character. While, in accord- 
ace with the spirit which has always animated New England, she 
&s persistently brought educational and moral influences to bear 
pou the ignorant and often vicious hordes which have been poured 
upon her, influences which have in a marked manner modified 
•id improved those who have been subjected to them, it must be 


i-' , ■ 

108 New England. [July 

acknowledged that she has suffered by the admixture of discordant 
elements. Especially does this appear in the large manufacturing 
towns and cities, in which the emigrant finds a soil congenial to his 
debased condition. Some moralists have questioned whether her 
increase of material wealth, giving full weight to the great advantages 
which belong to it, has compensated New England for the deteriora- 
tion of her population through unrestricted immigration. While within 
limits we may assume the affirmative in the debate, it is prudent not 
to go too far and advocate turning our bright and well ordered New 
England villages, inhabited by fairly educated, industrious and frugal 
people, into great mill towns, thronged with ignorant and turbulent 
foreigners, subject to strikes and lockouts, with all the misery and 
suffering flowing therefrom. Yet probably there is not a village in 
New England, however happily situated, whose people are not am- 
bitious to make it a mill town. The encouragement of small indus- 
trial enterprises in such towns, managed and carried on by their 
people, is unquestionably desirable, and might lead perhaps to a 
better condition of society at large than the prevalent system, which 
aims to concentrate industrial enterprise in a few large centers. Hap- 
pily the typical New England village, [clean and sweet, with its white 
church spire and school and God-fearing, industrious people, "slow," 
perhaps, in the parlance of the unwise, is still an institution in New 
England, and its good influence is felt in the great centers of industry 
and trade through the young men whom it sends to them. 


Looking at the United States today we see them industrially inde- 
pendent of the world, and a formidable competitor in almost every 
branch of manufacturing industry which human genius has created. 
No undertaking is too formidable for the American mechanic to under- 
take. He can construct a Corliss engine to move the machinery of 
a world's exposition, or a Waltham watch the size of a nickel, both 
of which will perform their work with the nicest accuracy. Yet it is 
not too much to claim that to New England are the United States 
indebted for this supremacy. But for the energy, ingenuity and 
perseverance of New England men, they would still be in bondage to 
the mill masters of the old world. But while she has led in manu- 
facturing, she has not been behind in other industries, in commerce, 
in agriculture and the fisheries. With an ungenerous soil yielding 
but a scanty harvest to the severest toil, she has sustained a hardy 
population, wnich for intelligence and virtue cannot be matched by 
the agricultural population of any other country, while in commerce 
and the fisheries she must always maintain an important position in 




j**03] New England. 109 

tibe great union of states to which she is a natural gateway. Her 
ijjief pride, however, is in her educational institutions. Her found- 
ry though surrounded all their lives by the greatest perils and 
soaipeiled to endure the severest hardships, never for a moment lost 
tkjht of the fact that education is the surest foundation upon which 
;o found a state, and in laying this foundation they slacked not their 
iijtud. Within six years after Winthrop's landing on Massachusetts 
m\ it was determined to found a college, and an appropriation, large 
'orjthe time, was made to begin the undertaking, of which Harvard 
University is the result. Perhaps the most ^important part of the 
m*l of the early New Englander was, that every member of the 
Commonwealth to be worthy of enjoying its benefits, should be 

ducated ; hence a public school system such as the world had never j 

mown, and which today is the best to be found on the globe, 
[hroughout New England every village and hamlet has its public 
chool, and it is significant as exhibiting the spirit which has always 
kmiinated New England, to contrast the reply made in 1670 by the 
Governor of Connecticut with that of the Governor of Virginia, 
risen they were asked by the Commissioners of foreign plantations, 
ilsat public instruction was maintained in their respective colonies. 
»kl the Governor of Virginia, echoing an old world sentiment, "I 
liank God there are no free schools nor printing, and I hope we 
ball not have these hundred years," while the New England Gov- 
fnor replied, "One fourth of the annual revenue of the colony is 
lid out in maintaining free schools for the education of our chil- 
Pen. It is this broad and enlightened spirit that has made New 
^gland what she is, and which, carried by her sons to the remotest 
►arts of the union, has founded intelligent communities like her own, 
'here school and college and "printing" which Governor Berkeley so 
hhorred, are regarded as essentials of civilization. 

When we go back to the beginnings of New England and read in 
»n»dford's Journal, which we have lately recovered, how he and his 
lUie company landed "in a hideous & desolate wildernes, full of 
r il«l beasts & willd men" with "little solace or content in respecteof 
*'Y outward objects," with "no friends to wellcome them, nor inns 
^> eutertaine or refresh their weather beaten bodys, no houses or 

uch less townes to repaire too, to seeke for succoure," and compare 
*e scene which he thus summons before our mental vision with what 
ur eyes behold today in New England — her splendid cities, the 
kode of wealth and learning ; her magnificent churches, schools 
iki colleges ; her busy factories and workshops ; her waterways, 



New England. 

coursed by unnumbered keels ; her many railroads, binding together 
in a common interest city, village and hamlet ; we may well pardon 
the New Englander if he entertains a reasonable degree of pride in 
the growth and prosperity of the land of his forefathers, the Pilgrim 
and the Puritan. It has been said by some effeminate souls, to 
whom her brusque and stimulating climate is an offence, that New 
England is a good country from which to emigrate, but such men 
are unable to appreciate her true worth. They who are capable of 
understanding and appreciating her, believe her to be the land of 
lands in which to live and to die. 


/ ft 



Copied by H. Elmer Lewis. 



■ -l 

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Hufus, son of Klihu and Desire Williams, born March 7, 1750. 
Olive, daughter of Elihu and Desire Williams, born Sept. 9, 1752. 
Klihu, son k ' " " " " " May 13, 1755. 

Darid, u " Nathan and Grace " " June 27, 1752. 

fcbenezer Parrish and Susannah Williams, married Feb. 13, 1752. 
Philemon, son of Thomas and Hannah Williams, born Feb. 2G, 1738. 
Nathan Williams and Waightstill Devenport, married Aug. 26, 1755. 
Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Thomas Williams, died Sept. 15, 1757. 
Kln-nezer Williams and Abigail Kimball, married May 17, 1756. 
^'■s, daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail Williams, born Feb. 25, 1758. 
*veph Williams and Experience Lawrence, married April 5, 1758, 

or March 6, 1758. 
ffilliam Darke and Sarah Williams married Dec. 28, 1758. 
•tidah, daughter of Joseph and Experience Williams, born Aug. 31, 

No.ih, son of Joseph and Experience Williams, born June 20, 1762- 
Jonathan Woodward and Delight Williams, married Dec. 5, 1759. 
A*her son of Ebenezer and Abigail Williams, bom Sept. 9, 1760. 
Attwood Williams and Elizabeth Gallup, married Dec. 5, 1759. 
*etlla, daughter of Atwood and Elizabeth Williams, born June 27, 


unuel son of Attwood and Elizabeth Williams born March 19, 1754. 
l*oth of the above w T ere born in Stoningtown as per record. 
J »^ic, son of Attwood and Elizabeth Williams, born Nov. 5, 1756. 



114 Vital Records of Plainfield, Conn. [July 

Attwood, sou of Attwood and Elizabeth Williams, born Oct. 13, 

Welthy, daughter of Attwood and Elizabeth Williams, born Oct. 16, 

William Parke and Sarah Williams, married Dec. 28, 1758. 
William and Mrs. Lydia Cady, married April 8, 1764. 
Abraham and Isaac, sons of Nathan and Waightstill Williams, born 

May 14, 1765. 
Joseph, junior, son of Joseph and Abigail Williams, born Aug. 9, 

John Williams and Mary Dean, married Nov. 4, 1762. 
Lucy, daughter of John and Mary Williams, born June 26, 1763. 
John, son of John and Mary Williams, born Oct. 24, 1765. 
Judah and Mary, twins of John and Mary Williams, born Jan. 6, 

Mary wife of John Williams, died Jan. 6, 1768. 
John Hall and Hannah Williams, married Feb. 25, 1762. 
Eli, sou of Ebenezer and Abigail Williams, born March 28, 1766. 
Luther, son of Ebenezer and Abigail Williams, born Aug. 26, 1771. 
Thomas, son of William and Lydia Williams, born April 27, 1765. 
Hezekiah Spaulding and Mary Williams, married Aug. 24, 1790. 
Silvester H. Briggs and Fanny Williams, married April 1, 1832. 



Luther Clevland and Lydia C. Woodward, married Oct. 16, 1834. 
Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Sarah Woodward, born June 4, 1726. 
Sarah, daughter of " " " u " Nov. 18, 1729. 

Elizabeth " " " " " " " Aug. 13, 1731. 

Sarah, wife of Jonathan Woodward, died May 2, 1733. 
Lydiah, daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Woodward, born Oct. 

19, 1734. 
Abigail, daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Woodward, born Oct. 

Debra, daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Woodward, born Aug. 

Suesanna, daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Woodward, born 

April 17, 1740. 
Mehetibel, daughter of Jonathan and Mehetibel Woodward, born 

May 18, 17 i9 





1003] Vital Records of Plainfield, Conn. 115 

Asa, son of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Nov. 18, 1736. 
•« *< kt " " '« " died Feb. 11, 1751. 

Luce, daughter 1 of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Sept. 19, 1 738. 
»< " • " " " " " died May 5, 1746. 

Elias, son of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Jan. 23, 1740. 
Daniel, " 4 ' " " " " " March 8,1742/3. 

Hannah, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Feb. 5, 

Luce, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Feb. 1 , 

Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born March 

16, 1748/9. 

Asa, son of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born March 1, 1751. 
Mercy, daughter of Jonathan and Mehitibel Woodward, born Dec. 1, 

Jonathan Woodw r ard and Anne Harris, married Jan. 15, 1752. 
Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Anne Woodward, born Oct. 25, 1752. 
Phillip Spaulding and Deborah Woodward, married March 22, 1758. 
Jonathan Woodward and Delight Williams married Dec. 5, 1759. 
William, son of Jonathan and Delight Woodward, born Aug. 29, 

Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Delight Woodward, born March 25, 

Nathaniel Tyler and Lydiah Woodward, married Oct. 12, 1757. 
Aune, daughter of Jonathan and Delight Woodward, born Feb. 25, 

Abigail, daughter of Jonathan and Delight Woodward, born Jan. 

17, 1766. 

Josiah, son of Jonathan and Delight Woodward, born Mar. 9, 1768. 
Jeduthan Kingsbury and Susanah Woodward, married Nov. 14, 1764. 
tachael, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born March 27, 

Fhankfull, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born May 6, 

ohn, son of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Aug. 7, 1757. 
^live, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Woodward, born Oct. 18, 

■Mive, daughter of Daniel and Haunah Woodward, died Aug. 31, 


■ i. 







'■ 1 






i 'j 


Alden, Nathan, died Dec. 9, 1820, aged 78th yr. 

Priscilla, wife of Nathan, Sept. 19, 1807, 62 yrs., 12 da. 
Priscilla, daughter of Nathan and Priscilla, Oct. 16, 1773, 4 

yrs., 12 da. 
Susanna, wife of John 2nd, Jan. 2, 1814, 51st yr. 
Andrew, son of John jr. T and Susanna, Aug. 8, 1792, 1 yr., 

7 mos., 9 da. 
Miss Betsey, died Aug. 22, 1823, 24th yr. 
Deborah, wife of Caleb, June 18, 1836, 38th yr. 
Samuel N., died Jan. 11. 1848, 33 yrs. 

Allen, Fear, widow of David, Apr. 28, 1773, 53rd yr. 

Mary, daughter of David and Fear, June 11, 1753, 8th yr. 
Nathaniel, son " " " " " 19, 1753, 4th yr. 

Joseph, " " " " " " 27, 1753, 6th yr. 

Lucy, daughter " " " " Sept. 7, 1757, 2 mos., 5 da. 

Atwood, Samuel, died May 19, 1840, 57 yrs. 

Samuel, son of Samuel and Lydia, lost at sea, Sept. 21, 

1846, 28 yrs. 
William, son of Samuel and Lydia, Dec. 26, 1825, 3 yrs., 

2 mos. 
Joseph S., son of Samuel and Lydia, Dec. 18, 1827, 2 yrs., 

18 da. 
Ichabod, died Aug. 24, 1819, 75th yr. 
Hannah, wife of Ichabod, Feb. 23, 1848, 96 yrs., 7 mos. 
Gardner, son of Nathaniel and Zilpha, Dec. 25, 1809, 2 

mos., 3 da. 
Elizabeth, consort of Francis, Jan. 26, 1822, 47th yr. 
Francis jr., died Oct. 7, 1828, 25th yr. 
Eliza, died Feb. 18, 1844, 37 yrs. 
Benjamin, died Dec. 23, 1846, 33 yrs. 

Barden, John, died Nov. 18, 1815, 77th yr. 

Hannah, widow of John, June 13, 1838, 85 yrs. 



Collected by Charles M. Thatcher. 




I i 



• ' 



Records from Old Cemetery , Middleboro, Mass. 117 

Bxnicn, Sally, daughter of John and Hannah, Oct. 15, 1806, 20th yr. 
Sally, wife of Scot, Nov. 9, 1841, 55 yrs. 
Stephen M., son of Scot and Sally, May 19, 1813, 3 yrs. 

7 mos. 
A son of Gershom and Polly, born and died Mar. 15, 1798. 

tHrrett, Ann Maria, daughter of Samuel and Ann J., 
Nov. 24, 1834, 4 yrs. 
W m . H. Eddy, son of Samuel and Ann J., ^ * stone 
Jan. 24, 1840, 6 mos. 

Barker, Rev. Joseph A. M., died July 25, 1815, in his 64 th yr. and 

the 34 th year of his Ministry. 
Kunice, wife of Rev. Joseph, and daughter of William and 

Eunice Stebbins of Lougmeadow, died Oct. 6, 1809, 48 

yrs., 10 mos., 19 da. 
William A. B., son of Rev. Joseph and Eunice, Nov. 29, 

1809, 22 yrs., 5 mos., 3 da. 
Mary, daughter of Rev. Joseph and Eunice, Aug. 27, 1798, 

14 da. 

Barrows, Jacob, died Aug. 28, 1852, 78 yrs. 

Lois, wife of Jacob, Aug. 4, 1821, 47 th yr. 

Lydia, " " k ' Nov. 1, 1845, 65 yrs. 

Polly, daughter of Jacob and Lois, Sept. 11, 1800, 3 rd yr. 

Charles, died Oct. 29, 1844, aged 22 yrs. 

Gustavus Leroy, son of Jacob T. and Lydia H., July 20, 

1840, 1 yr., 7 mos., 24 da. 
Charles Thomas, son of Jacob T. and Lydia H., May 19, 

1844, 8 mos., 4 da. 
Deacon Samuel, died Dec. 30, 1755, 83 rd yr. 
Joanna, wife of Dea. Samuel, Aug. 14, 1752, 78th yr. 
Coombs, died Nov. 30, 1775, 71 st yr. 
Abner, died Nov. 20, 1818, 86 th yr. 
Rachel, wife of Abner, Sept. 16, 1808, 76 th yr. 
Lydia, died Oct. 27, 1851, 51 yrs. 
Capt. Abner, died May 31, 1850, 79 yrs. 
Hannah, wife of Capt. Abner, Oct. 17, 1835, 61 yrs. 
Hannah, daughter of Capt. Abner and Hannah, May 15, 

1834,35 yrs. 
Polly, daughter of Capt. Abner and Hannah, June 15, 

1836, 28 yrs. 
Freeman, died Mar. 18, 1813, 30 yrs. 



118 Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. [July 

Barrows, Lydia, daughter of Sylvanus and Ruth, Jan. 7, 1748, 5 yrs., 

2 mos., 29 da. 
Mehitable, daughter of " " '« Dec. 31, 1748, 7 yrs., 

4 mos., 17 da. 
Sylvanus, son of Sylvanus and Ruth, Nov. 23, 1750, 1 yr., 

4 mos., 13 da. 
Fear, widow of Robert, Nov. 2, 1761, 49 th yr. 

Bates, Joseph, died Aug. 1, 1778, 86 th yr. 

Joanna, wife of Joseph, June 28, 1738, 42 nd yr. 
Eunice, " " " Oct. 14, 1785, 56th yr. 




Dec. 23, 1750, 42 nd yr 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Eunice, May 14, 1758, 2 mos., 

11 da. 
Samuel, " " " " " " 17, 1760, 11 mos., 

2 da. 
Zilpha, daughter of Joseph and Eunice, Jan. 26, 1769, 3 yrs., 

2 mos. 

Beals, Jane, wife of Eber, July 7, 1825, 26 th yr. 

Bennett, Nehemiah, Esq., died Dec. 4, 1809, 57 th yr. 

Sarah, wife of Nehemiah, Esq., Jan. 30, 1786, 34 th yr. 

John, died Dec 27, 1761, 90 th yr. 

Patience, wife of John, May 2, 1759, 91 st yr. 

Dr. Cornelius, died Feb. 22, 1766, 62 yrs., 7 mos., 13 da. 

Ruth, wife of Dr. Cornelius, Sept. 2, 1792, 79 yrs., 3 mos., 

24 da. 
Philip, died June 26, 1810, 38 th yr. 
Charlotte, wife of Philip, July 21. 1823, 46 yrs. 
Ebenezer, died Jan. 13, 1751, 73 rd yr. 
Sarah, wife of Ebenezer, Oct., 1748, about 67 yrs. 
Capt. Peter, died Oct. 22, 1749, 75 yrs., 1 mo., 4 da. 
Priscilla, wife of Capt. Peter, Mar. 3, 1746, 65 th yr. 
Ensign Jadediah, son of Capt. Peter and Priscilla, Aug. 25, 

1745, 30^ yr. 
Peter, son of Capt. Peter and Priscilla, June 9, 1746, 38 th yr. 
Joseph^etfed Feb. 24, 1737, 58 th yr. 
Jeremiah II., died Mar. 28, 1815, 30 th yr." 
A child of Esq. Nehemiah and Polly E., stillborn, July 9, 

Sarah Howland, daughter of Nehemiah H., and Lucy F., 

Nov. 28, 1815, 13 mos. 




- I 


r. , 

1^031 Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. 119 


Bennett, Frederick, son of Philip and Charlotte, Jan. 11, 1814, J2 th yr. 
Deacon John, died Mar. 21, 1717-18, 76 yrs. \ 

Deborah, wife of Dea. John, Mar. 22, 1717-18, 70 yrs. I \ 

Both buried in one grave having a double stone J 

Martha, died June 3, 1720, 21 st yr. 

Hannah, died June 8, 1838, 73 yrs. j 

John, died Sept. 18, 1730, 28 th yr. I 

Lieut. Joseph, died Jan. 3, 1741-2, 38 th yr. 

Thomas Esq., died May 30, 1846, 81 st yr. 

Nehemiah, died Aug. 7, 1769, 74 th yr. 

Mercy, wife of Nehemiah, Sept. 4, 1799, 99 yrs., 10 mos., 

11 da. 
Jacob, died Nov. 2Q, 1799, 74 yrs., 6 mos., 26 da. j| 

Hope, widow of Jacob, Feb. 5, 1S16, 85 th yr. 
Lieut. John, died Mar. 8, 1811, 49 yrs., 6 mos., 4 da. 
Mary, wife of Lt. John, Mar. 2, 1826, 58 th yr. 
Ebenezer, died Nov. 10, 1777, 31 st yr. 
Livy, son of Ebenezer Livy and Patience, Dec. 7, 1777, 

1 yr., 5 mos., 26 da. 
Deborah, daughter of Ebenezer Livy and Patience, May 18, 

1778, 1 clay. 

Ebenezer, died in the Bay of Honduras. Ausf. 26, ^ _ 

17K1 ' t J " & Double 

1751, ol st yr. I 

Esther, widow of Ebenezer, July 5, 1776, 70 th yr. 
A son of Ebenezer and Esther, stillborn, May 1, 1741. 
A daughter of u " " u July 12, 1744. 

A daughter " ' k " " ki Aug. 21, 1746. 

Lydia, » " " " " Aug. 13, 1743, 29 da. 

Esther,'- " u '- " Aug. 29, 1743, 1 yr. * 

Patience, daughter of Ebenezer and Esther, Nov. 11, 1781, 
44 Ul yr. 

ftesse, Marcus, son of John and Nancy, May 16, 1790, 6 mos., 20 da. 

Hbckmer, Betsey, daughter of Dea. John of Plymouth and Relict of 
Jonathan Harlow, born Nov. 18, 1746 O. S., died Sept. 
9, 1833. 

Waii-, Helen, daughter of Robert and Priscilla, July 10, 1815, 13 
mos., 21 da. 

Boimey, Abiah, relict of Darius, Nov. 15, 1806, 55 th yr. 

Francis, died Jan. 23, 1807, aged 67 yrs. the day he died. 



120 Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. 

Bourne, Deacon Abner, died May 25, 1806, 59 th yr. 

Mary, widow of Dea. Abner, May 9, 1837, 88 th yr. 
William, son of Abuer and Mary, Oct. 21, 1769, 9 mos. 
Abner, " '• " " " July 27, 1778, 3 yrs., 1 

nio., 13 da. 
Earl, died Oct. 11, 1839, 52 nd yr. 
Hannah, wife of Earl, May 25, 1826, 36 yrs. 
Hannah, " u " Aug. 6, 1848, 58 yrs. 
Lemuel, died Jan. 4, 1831, 80 th yr. 
Zibia, wife of Lemuel, Jan. 17, 1819, 67th year. 
Lemuel, died Jan. 18, 1837, 56 yrs. 
Zebia, died Aug. 20, 1855, 75 yrs. 
Keziah, died June 7, 1832, 47 yrs. 
Hon. William, born Sept. 8, 1773, died Dec. 10, 1845. 
Lucy Pierce, wife of Hon. William, born Dec. 18, 1771, 

died Dec. 2, 1859. 
Lot Joy, son of Newcomb and Abigail, July 21, 1778, 1 yr., 

23 da. 
Biancy Jane, daughter of Abner and Abigail, Dec. 1, 1809, 

3 yrs., 8 mos., 12 da. 
Abigail, wife of Ebenezer, Dec. 10, 1821, 96 yrs., 6 mos. 

Brannack, Lyclia, daughter of Consider and Desire, May 12, 1781, 

3 yrs., 2 mos, 10 da. 

Breck, Sarah Amelia, wife of Samuel and daughter of Zechariah 
and Sarah Eddy, born Oct. 12, 1811, died Sept. 4, 1838. 
Charlotte E.. daughter of Samuel and Sarah Amelia, June 
5, 1839, 5 mos. 

Briggs, Silvester, son of Eliakim and Louisa, Oct. 8, 1788, 7 yrs., 

4 mos., 7 da. 

Mercy, wife of Samuel, July 19, 1806, 41 st yr. 

Ephraim, son of Samuel and Marcy, Feb. 1, 1803, 2 mos., 

21 days. 
Ebenezer, died Feb. 18, 1795, C)8 th yr, 
Martin, died Aug. 24, 1843, 24 yrs. . 
Everline W., daughter of Sebur and Bethiah, Aug. 16, 1843, 

7 yrs. 

(To be continued.) 

| ; 









;■ 1 

















{Continued from Vol. IV, page 86.) 
Oct: 15. 1710 1 MTIolyoke Student. 

IH*. 31. 1710. 1 Th°mas Livermore 

2 The wife of Th°s Livermore 

March 11 : 1710/11. 1 Henry Dunster 

2 Solomon Prentice 

. 3 Thomas Hall 

4 John Whitmore 

5 John Chipman | Students 

6 Elif ha Williams J 

7 The wife of II. Dunster 

8 The wife of Thomas Hall 

9 The wife of John Whitmore 
M ay 20 . 1 7 1 1 1 Elisha Bull 

2 Nathaniel Pattin 

3 John Fillebrown 

4 Sarah y° w. of J. Fillebrown. 

0cL7. 1711 1 Aaron Cleveland 

2 Sarah Bifcoe 

Dec. 23. 1711 1 John Williams 

2 The wife of John Williams 
P«b.24 t 1711/2 1 Samuel Brooks 

2 Jonathan Hall 

3 Stephen Williams ] 

4 Benjamin Crocker J 

Stud 1 




122 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [July 


Feb. 24, 1711/2 

July 13. 1712. 

Sept. 21. 1712 

Nov. 30,1712. 

Feb. 8, 

April 19, 1713 

Jan. 24 

April 18, 1714 

5 Sarah y e w. of S. Brooks 

6 Lydia y e w. of J.Hall. 

1. Sarah Fattin 

2 John Parker 

3 Mary y e wife of J. Parker 

1 Thomas Grover 

2 Thomas Sevvall 

3 Eliz.y e w. of Tho. Grover 

1. S r Denison 

2. S r . Appleton [Nathaniel] \ Students 

3. Thomas Foxcroft. 

1 . Sufanna Winchip 

2. Joanna Winchip 

3. Sarah Cookefey 

1. Francis Foxcroft 

2. Joseph Stacye 

1 . S r Rogers 

2. Job Gushing 


1. William Brown 

2. Edward Twing 

3. Sam 1 Whittimore 


Carried to page (27) 




(7) Infants and Others in their Minority Baptized by 
W M Brattle : 

Vid. p. (13) 
Sarah, y e daughter of Doct r Oliver 
Bethia, y e daughter of Jofeph Hicks 2 

Mercy, y e daughter of y e Rev d M r . H. Gibbs 
Jonathan, y e son of John Bradfhaw 
Prudence y e daughter of Nath. Hancock Jun 
Hannah y e daughter of Edward Marrett 
James y e son of Samuel Skidder [Kidder] 1 

Dec. 20. 96 


! Vk' 

jt|03] Record* of the First Church, Cambridge. 123 

17 96 Jofeph y e son of Nicholas Fefinden : 
% Samuel & Walter y e Sons, Anna, Lydia, Sarah, 

Mary,& Elizabeth, y e daughters of Samuel Cooper 

John Agar y e sou of Goody Luxford ; 

Ebenezer, y e son of Ephraim Frost : \ 15 

Benjamin, y e son of Benj. Goddard : 

John, y e son of Samuel Manning : 

Hannah & Eebeccah, y e daughters of Isaac Knap : 

William, y e son of W m Barrett : Vid. pag : (13) : 

31 John, y e son of John Squire Jun r : 

Cherry y e daughter of Jofeph Adams 2 

Feb. 7 Abigail y c daughter of Jacob Dany : 1 

14 Sufanna & Joanna y e daughters of Jofeph Winchip : 

John y e son of Zech. Hicks. 3 

21 Sarah y e daughter of Jofeph Chamney : 

Martha y e daughter of Nath : Hancock Jun v : 
Mary & Sarah, y e daughters of Sam 1 Streeter : G 
John & Abraham y e sons of Abraham AVatfon 
Feb. 28 : Hannah Welch : Mary Emmands : 2 

March 7. Thomas y e Son of Daniel Chamney : Vid p. (13) 1 

Hannah y e daughter of William Barrett 2 

14 Martha y e daughter of William Wyth. 1 

21 Nathaniel y e Son of G erf horn Davis : 

Dorothy y e daughter of Sam 1 Hancock 2 

April 4. 97. Elizabeth y e daughter of Philip Goodwin : 1 

11 Nathaniel & Noah y e fons of Nathaniel Sparhawk 2 

18 Stephen y e Son of Stephen Palmer : 
Dorcas y e daughter of Daniel Chamney : 
John y e Son of Jofeph Adams : 
Dorothy y e daughter of Peter Tuft : 
Hannah & Thankful y c daughters of John Wyth : G 

May 16 : Jofeph y e son of Thomas Belknap : I 

23 : Jofeph y e son of Samuel Cook 1 

June 13 : Caleb y e son of Daniel Dany : 1 

27 Hannah y e daughter of Sam 1 Chamney 1 

July 18 : Elifha & John y e fons of Elifha Bull : 

Abraham y e fon <fc Deborah y e Daughter of 
Abraham Hill : 

J 24 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

July 18, 97. John & Jonathan y e fons, Hannah & Sarah 

y e Daughters of Jonathan Nutting : 5 

John y e son of Jacob Chamberlane 1 

Aug. 1 : Elifabeth y c Daughter of John Stedman 

8 : Tabitha y e Daughter of Henry Prentice 

Martha y e daughter of Jonathan Pierce 8 

Aug. 15. Daniel & William y e fons & Efther y e Daughter 

of Israel Cheever 3 

Abraham y e fon of Abraham Homan 
Sept. 5 : Sarah y e daughter of Samuel Sparhawk 

Samuel y e fon : Mary & Elizabeth y e daughters of 
Jofeph Child of Watertown : 3 

12 John y e fon & Elizabeth y e Daughter of Sam 1 

Eady of Watertown : 
Oct. 10: Edward, the fon of William Rufsell : 

Ifaac y e son of Benjamin Dany : 
Amos y e son & Hannah & Suf anna y e daughters 
of Daniel Woodward 
Nov : 7 : Judith y e daughter of Mary Preble : 

14 : Anna y e daughter of John Francis 

21 : Thomas y e son of Thomas Prentice 
Dec: 5: Hannah, y e daughter of W m Brown of Chariest: 

Mercy, y e daughter of Sam 1 Reed : 
Rebeccah, y e daughter of Jofeph Coolidge : 
Jan. 9 : Anua y e daughter of Nicholas Fefinden 

16 : Ruth,y e daughter of Robert Wier of Charleftown. 

(8)March27 : 98 : Edward y e Son of John Manning. 
April 3 : Joshua, William & Ann y e fons & daughter of 

Jofiah Parker : 
Abigail, y e daughter of Goody Webber : 
Ebenezer y e Son of Ebenezer Brooks of Miftiek 
May 1 : Mary & Hannah, y e daughters of M rs Homer : 

John y e son Elizabeth & Hannah y e daughters of 
John Kent of Charlestown. 
May 8. William y e Son of Abraham Watfon 

22 : Jonathan y e Son of Daniel Woodward : 

Johannah y e daughter of Tho : Call of Cn. 
Sufanna y e daughter of Philip Goodwin ; & 























j<*03] Records of the First Church, Cambridge, 125 


25 : Sarah y e daughter of Ephraim Ofborn : 1 

Andrew y e Son of John Hall of M if tick 
29 : 98 Jafon 

Jof hua y e Son of Allin of Watertown : & 

Martha y e Daughter of Abr. Hill Jun r of Ch : 2 
June 12 : Samuel y e Son of Solmon Prentice 

Samuel y e Son of John Call of Ch : 
Eleazer y e fon of Tho : Harris of Ch : 3 

19 : Elizabeth y e daughter of Jofeph Hicks : 

Nathaniel y e fon Nathaniel Robins : 
John y e fon & Prudence y e daughter of John 
Ellis of Muddy River. 4 

26 : Mary y e daughter of John Green 1 

July 3 : John y e Son & Elizabeth y e daughter of John 

Thomas y e fon of Philip Rufsell of y e Farms. 3 
10: Experience, y e daughter of John Wittemore of 

Patience, Sarah, Mary, Abigail, & Elizabeth, y e 

daughters of John Ellis of Muddy River. 
John y e fon & Hordell y e Son of John Brooker : 8 
24 : Ebenezer y e son of John Wyth : 

William & John y e fons & Elizabeth & Jane y e 

daughters of John Dickfon : 
Jacob & Mary y e fon & daughter of Nath : Cutter : 
Grace y e daughter of Stephen Hall of Miftick 8 
July 31 : Dorothy y u daughter of John Moufell of Charlef- 

town. 1 

Aug : 14 : Thomas y e Son of William Brattle : 

Rebeccah, y e daughter of Gershom Swan. 
John y e fon of John Pierce of Charleftown 3 

21 Thomas y e fon of Ebenezer Brown 1 

Hannah y e daughter of Thomas White & Daniel 
y e son of Archebel Mackquede both of 
Charlestown 2 

Sept : 4 : Stephen y e fon of Samuel Streeter 1 

11 Sufanna y e Daughter of Edward Marrett 1 

18 Sarah y e Daughter of John Chickeren: 

Sarah y e daughter of Ralph Moufell of Charlft: 



126 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

Octob : 2 : 98 




Nov. 6 : 







March 1 9 : 


2. 99 





21 : 

June 4 : 


July 2 



Margaret y e daughter of M r John Leveret 
John y e son of Samuel Cooper : 
Samuel y e son of Samuel Sparhawk : 
Benjamin y e son of Jonathan Peirce : 
Elnathan, y e son of John Smith of Ch : 5 

Efther y e daughter of Jofeph Chamney ; 
Elizabeth y e daughter of Jonathan Nutting 2 

Abigail y e daughter of Jofeph Winchip 1 

Francis y e Son of Francis Begar Vid p : (19) 1 
Elizabeth, y e daughter of Samuel Cook 1 

Ruth, y e daughter of Andrew Bordman : 
Percival, y e fon of Percival Hall of Medford : 2 
Margery y e daughter of John Dickfou : 
Mary y e daughter of Jofiah Parker : 
Nathaniel, y e fon of Henry Prentice 3 

Thomas y e fon of Samuel Kidder 1 

Ruth y fc daughter of Zechariah Hicks 1 

Jofeph y e fon of Jofeph Crackbone : 
James, y e Son of Israel Chevers 2 

Mary y e daughter of Thomas Prentice 1 

Tabitha y e daughter of Nathaniel Hancock : 1 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Ebenezer Swan 1 

Abigail the daughter of Samuel Manning 1 

Mary y e daughter of Samuel Chamney : 
Elizabeth y e daughter of W m Barrett 2 

Samuel at John Jackfons 

Rebeccah y e daughter of Joseph Coolidge 2 

John y e fon of Elifha Bull : 1 

Jonathan & John y fc sons & Mary y e daughter 

of Jonathan Butterfield : 
John y e son of John Fillebrown : 
Ebenezer, v e son of Nathaniel Cutler : 3 

INIary, y e daughter of John Brooker: 
William y e son of Jacob Chamberlain 2 

Ephraim y e fon of Philip Cook : 1 







i ; 



: 1: 




J an : 


F*b : 



















lite : 









XftiS] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 127 

101 Aug: 13 : 99. Jacob, y e Son of Widow Dany : 1 

20 : Elizabeth, y e daughter of Benjamin Goddard 1 
^piilT: Ebenezer, the Son of Thomas Davis upon M r 

Danforth's Farm. 1 

Samuel. y e Son of John Stedman 1 

Jafon, the fon "of Edward Winchip : ,- 1 

Rebeccah, y e daughter of John Ellis : 1 

Samuel, y e Son of Samuel Streeter 1 
Samuel, the Son of y e Widow Hafting : - Vid. 

p. 15 1 

1700 Mary, the daughter of Abraham Watfon 1 

Mary, y e daughter of Jofeph Hicks 1 

William, y e Son of John Manning 1 

Sufanna, y e daughter of Thomas Stacye 1 

Richard, y e Son of Daniel Dany 1 

Anna, the daughter of John Cooper 1 
Daniel, The Son of Daniel Chamney & 

Elizabeth, the daughter of Jonathan Pierce : 2 

Aug: 11. Thomas, Ifaac, John, y e fons & Anna & 

Rebeccah, y e daughter of Thomas Fillebrown 5 

Jacob, the Son of Henry Prentice 1 
John, William, & Samuel, y e Sons ; 
Hannah & Rebeccah y e daughters of William 

Cutler • 5 

Ruth, the daughter of Solomon Prentice 1 

Sarah, the daughter of M r John Leveret 1 

John, the Son of Samuel Kidder, , 1 I 

Thomas, the Son of Jofiah Parker 1 

Elizabeth, the daughter of Stephen Froft 1 
Sarah, the daughter of Sam : Sparhawk : 
Thomas, the Son of Tho : Davis : 
Margaret, the daughter of Abraham Ireland : 

Hannah, y e daughter of John Streeter 4 

"* ati - "" 5. Elizabeth, y e daughter of Jofeph Crackbone 1 

19 Edward, y e Son of John Brooker 1 

¥**>• 2. Elizabeth, y e daughter of Samuel Cook. 1 

l! ^ch 2. Jofeph, the fon of Jofeph Winchip. 

Abigail, the daughter of Ed. Marrett. 

. i'i.'i 1 

128 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

Sarah, y e d. of Eb. Swan. 3 
9 1700 Jofeph, the Son of Daniel Woodward : 

Margaret, the daughter of John Pattin, 2 

16 Rebeccah, y e daughter of John Squire 1 
23 Hannah, y e daughter of W m Barrett : 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of Jofeph Chamney 2 

May . 25. 1701 Elizabeth, y e daughter of John Wyeth : 

Elizabeth, the daughter of Rebecca Lyn 2 

June 15 Benjamin, the Son of Nickolas Fefinden : 

Sarah, the daughter of John Green 2 

Abigail, the daughter of Ephraim Ofburn 1 

Urfula, the daughter of Ifaac Knap 1 

Mary, y e daughter of Nath 1 Robins : 

Michael, y e Son of John Langdon 2 

Andrew, the Son of Andrew Boordman 1 

Mary, the daughter of W m Andrew 1 

Mary the daughter of John Fillebrown 1 

William the Son of W n Patting 1 

Samuel the son of Jonathan Nutting 1 

Elizabeth the daughter of Sam 1 Phips 1 

Sarah y e daughter of M r Burr : 

Andrew r y e son of Sam 1 Boman 2 

Mary y e daughter of M r Leverett. 1 

Samuel y e Son of Samuel Chamney 1 

Elizabeth y e Son [sic\ of Sam 1 Manning : 1 

Edward y e Son of John Dick f on : 

Nathaniel y e Son of Nathan 1 Hancock : 

Jofeph y e Son of Jofeph Coolidge : 3 

Feb. 22 : Zechariah y e son of Jofeph Hicks : 

Sarah y e Daughter of Paul Bat. 2 

March 22. Solomon the Son of Daniel Chamney 1 

April 12. 1702 Fyfield y e Son of John Jackfon : 

Hephfibah y e daughter of Eben : Brown, 

Mary y e daughter of John Streeter 3 

May : 3 : Hannah y e daughter of Thomas Davis 1 
10 Thomas y e son of Gershom Cutter, vid p, (13) 1 
17 Abigail the daughter of Jonathan Butterfield 1 

June 14 John y e Son of Samuel Sparhawk 1 






: 3 






: 7 












1903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 




June 21 1702 

July 26 : 
Ang: 9: 



Sept. 6 
Octob. 4 


Nov. 22 
Dec. 6 


Jan 31 
Feb. 14 
March 7 
April 4, 1703 


May 9 






June 6 










brought from page 9 th 261 

Thomas the Sou of John Fillebrown 1 

Sarah, the daughter of Philip Cook 1 
Habijah y e Sou of W? Weld : 

Isaac, y e Sou of Jonathan Pierce 2 
Margaret, y e Daughter of John Langdon : 
Martha, y e d. of Benj : Goddard : 

Abigail, y e D. of Dan. Hafting 3 
John, the Son of Benjamin Dana : 

Naomi, y e Daughter of Daniel Dana. 2 

Tamefin, the daughter of John Ellis 1 

Stephen y e Son of Stephen Frost 1 

John, the Son of Israel Cheever 1 
Jonathan, y e Son of Abraham Watfon 

Sarah, y e daughter of W m Cutter 2 

Nathanael, y e Son of Samuel Kidder 1 

Samuel y* Son of Samuel Cook 1 

Nathanael y e Son of Nathanael Pattin 1 

Thomas, the son of Thomas Prentice 1 

William, y e son of Nicholas Bowes 1 

Abigail the Son \_sic] of Abraham Ireland 1 

Samuel the Son of Samuel Boman 1 

Sufanna, the daughter of Henry Prentice 1 
Samuel y e Son of John Manning : 

James, y e Son of Jonathan Nutting: 2 
Abigail, y e daughter of James Clark : 

Lydia, y e daughter of ; Solomon Prentice 2 
Elizabeth, y e daughter X)f Thomas Fillebrown : 1 

William y e Son of Elisha Bull 1 

William y e Son of William Barret 1 

Moses y e Son of Mofes Bordman 1 

Abigail, y e daughter of William Patting 1 
Thomas, y e Son of Nath : Robbins : 

Margery, y e daughter of Jofeph Winchip 2 

Ebenezer, y e Son of Ifaac Knap 1 

Jofeph, the Son of Walter Rufsell 1 
Amos. y e Son of Edward Marrett 
William y e Son of Benjamin Dana : 

1 i . ■ 










26 1704 

April 2 















Octob : 








j ij 

130 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

Andrew & John y e Sons, Hannah & Deborah, 
y e daughters of And. Wilfon 5 

Oct. 3. 1703 John, y e Son of M r Leveret: 

Rebeccah, y e daughter of Samuel Chamney, 
Mary, y e daughter of Ephraim Osborn & 

Sarah the daughter of John Squire 4 

24 James, y e Son of James Wright : 1 

Nov: 28 Jonathan, y e Son of John Stedman : 1 

Jan : 28 Gershom, y e Son of Gershom Cutter : 1 

Feb: 13 Samuel, y e Son of Samuel Phips : 

Hannah, y e daughter of Joseph Hicks. 2 

27 Thomas, y e Son of Thomas Davis : 

■ Hannah, y e daughter of Stephen Froft : 2 

John, y e Son of Thomas Prentice 1 

Jofeph, y e Son of Jofeph Kent 1 

Mary, y e daughter of Samuel Manning 1 

Ebenezer, the Son of Ebenezer Swan : 
Walter, the Son of Daniel Hasting : 2 

Luxford, y e son of John Patting 1 

John y e Son of John Streeter 1 

John, y e Son of Jouathan Pierce : 
John, y e Son of Nathaniel Cutter : 2 

Jacob, y e Son of Abraham Watfon 1 

Sarah, y e daughter of Stephen Coolidge : 
Martha, y e daughter of Sam 1 Boman : 
Mercy, y e daughter of Sam 1 Streeter 3 

Jofeph, y e Son of Jofeph Hovey 
John, the Son of John Jackfon 1 

Pay ton, y e Son of M T Leveret : 
Hannah, y e daughter of James Clark Jun r 2 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of Mofes Bordman 1 

Ebenezer, y e Son of Master Eben r Hancock : 
Ruth, y e daughter of Jonathan Butterfield 2 

Jofeph, y e Son of Jofeph Chamney 1 

Philip, y e Son of Philip Cook 1 

John y c , son of John Fefinden 1 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of Nath : Hancock. 1 

Noah, y c Son of Daniel Chamney : 
















|903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 131 

Dec. 3 1704 Simon, y e Son of Nathan 1 Sparhawk : 
Sarah, y e daughter of John Fillebrown ; 

William, y e son of William Brown : 4 

l>ec. 31 Samuel, y e son of John Ellis 1 

March 11 Benjamin, y e Son of John Manning 1 
25 Jofeph, y e Son of Samuel Kidder : 

Ebenezer, y e son of Jonathan Nutting 2 










-- - 












•J an : 


IYb r 



•h 3 


(XI) Brought over from page (10) 345 

April 15 1705 Hannah, y e daughter of Stephen Parker 1 

22 Timothy, the son of Daniel Dana 1 

29 Samuel, y e Son of Elifha Bull 1 j 

May 6 Thomas, y e Son of M r Thomas Swan : * . 

Ammi-Ruhammah, y e son of William Cutter 2 
13 Ann & Sarah, twins y e daughters of Benjamin 

Dana : 1 

Solomon, y e Son of Solomon Prentice, & 

Abigail, y e daughter of Nathaniel Pattin : 4 

John, the fon of Abraham Ireland 1 

Thomas, y e Son of Zechariah H/cks 1 

Sarah, y e daughter of Samuel Robinson 1 jj 

Margaret, y e daughter M r Leveret : 1 

Benjamin, y e Son of Benjamin G-oddard 1 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of Thomas Prentice 1 

Hannah, y e daughter of Nathaniel Robins 1 ... 

Mary, y e daughter of James Clark 1 
George, y e Son of Gerfhom Cutter : 

Mary, y e daughter of John Prentice 2 

Hannah, y e daughter of John Bradifh 1 

John, y e Son of John Wyeth : 1 

Mercy, y e daughter of Jofeph Hicks 1 
John, y e Son of John Robbins 
Elizabeth, y e daughter of John Herrington, 

W m Cutters son in law. 1 


10 Lydia, y e daughter of Samuel Chamney : 

Downing, y e Son of Daniel Chamney : 









































. ! 


' :' 

132 Records of the First Church , -Cambridge, [July 

Mar. 10 1705 Mary, y e daughter of Ebenezer Swan : 

Sufanna, y e daughter of Stephen Fro ft 4 

17 Prif cilia, y e daughter of Daniel Dana. 1 

24 Jofiah, y e Son of Stephen Hall of Medford, 

Stow Hall, as called. 1 

April 21 1706 William, y e Son of William Brattle : 

Mary, y e daughter of Joseph Coolidge : 2 

28 Mary, y e daughter of Edw d Marrett : 

Sufanna, y e daughter of Sam 1 Streeter 2 

May 12 Jofeph, y e Son of Samuel Manning: 

Jane, y e daughter of Ephraim Of born 2 

19 John, y e Son of Eben r Aftin : 
Abigail, y e daughter of Dan 1 Hafting : 
Mary, y e daughter of Andrew Wilfon 3 

26 Thomas, y e Son of Samuel Sparhawk : 1 
June 16 Stephen, y e Son of Jofeph Kent 1 

30 Abigail, y e daughter of Joseph Chamney 1 

July 7 Abigail, y e daughter of Mofes Bordman : 

Hannah, y e d. of Jofeph Hovey ; 
Sufanna, y e d. of Abr. Homan 3 

14 John, y e son of William Barrett of [The first 

that was] Baptized in y e Collidg Hall : 1 

21 Benjamin, y e son of John Stedman : 
Sarah, y e daughter of John Fef inden, Baptiz'd 

in y e Col. Hall. 
Oct. 6 William the son of William VVarland The last 

child, y* was baptized in y e Colledg Hall. 
Oct. 13 . William, y e son of Rich d Coolidg of Watertown 

The first child y l was baptiz'd in y e new meetingh 

20 Jonathan, y e son of Jonathan Hall of Miftick 

27 Jofiah, y e son of William Brown 
Nov; 3 Hannah, y 1 ' daughter of Amos. Gates 

10 Solomon, y e Son of Nathaniel Hancock. 

John, y e Son of John Pattin : 
17 Jonathan, y e Son of Nathaniel Patting: 

Jane, y e daughter of Jonathan Butterfield. 

Rebeccah, y e d. of W m Patting 
Dec : 1 Henry, y e Son of Thomas Prentice 

22 Hannah, y e daughter of Thomas Davis 

t ■ 


Ji*03] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 133 

Jan. 12 1706 Hannah, y e daughter of Jonathan Hydes 1 

Feb: 2 Anna, y e daughter of John Fillebrown 1 

23 Mary, y e daughter of Walter Rufsell 1 
April 6 1707 Samuel, y e son of Samuel Robinfon 1 

13 Lydia, y e daughter of Nathaniel Pierce : 

Ann call'd Nanny, y e daughter of Francis Whit- 
more 2 
May 11 Samuel, y e Son of Solomon Prentice 1 
18 Rebeccah, y e daughter of Bartholomew Barrett: 
Hezekiah, y e Son of Henry Hancock of Wren- 
tham 2 
25 Elizabeth, the daughter of M 1 ' Nicholas Fefindeu 

Jun r 1 

June 8 Mary, y e daughter of Samuel Kidder 1 

22 Stephen. y e Son of William Pattin 1 

6 Robert, y e Son of Elisha Bull : 
Sufanna, y e daughter of Ebenezer Hancock 2 

13 Hannah, y e daughter of John Ellis 1 
20 Sarah, y e daughter of Thomas Fillebrown: 

John, y e Son of John Prentice 

Mary, y e daughter of John Whittmore 3 

24 Abigail, y e daughter of Joseph Crackbone 1 


Brought from page (11) 425 

7 Aaron, y e Son of Mofes Bordman : 
Rebeccah, y e daughter of Nathaniel Robbius 2 


14 Jonathan, y e Son of Samuel Phips : 

John, y e Son of John Bradifh : 

Ann, y e daughter of Lydia Davis 3 

28 James, & William y e Sons & Elizabeth y e daugh- 

ter of James Murch 3 

,( -t« 5 Mary, y e daughter of James Murch 1 

12 Richard, y e Son of John Harrington .. _- 1 

'OV. 23 Richard, y e Son of Daniel Chamney : 

Daniel, y e Son of John Robins 2 

,,c - 7 Jonathan, y e Son of Deacon Cooper 1 

14 Daniel, y e Son of Richard Coolidg : 

Edmund, y e Son of Samuel Livermore 2 


134 Records of the First Church, Cambridge- [July 

Jan. 18 1707/8 Ruth, y e daughter of Samuel Chamney 

James, y e Son of James Clark Jun r 2 

Jan. 25 Experience, y e daughter of William Glefin : 

Mercy, y e daughter of Ebenezer Chadwick 2 

Feb 8 Mary, y e daughter of Abraham Ireland : 1 

15 Jedidiah, y e Son of Benjamin Dana: 1 
March 28 1708 Samuel, y e Son of Jofeph Hicks : 

Sarah, y c daughter of John Manning 
Mary, ye daughter of Ebenezer King 3 

April 4 Joseph, y e son of Samuel Sparhawk 1 

25 Stephen, y e Son of Joseph Coolidg : 

Margaret, y e daughter of Amos Gates 2 

Zechariah, y e Son of Zech : Hicks. 2 

May 2 Zechariah, y e Son of Abraham Hill 

23 P^benezer, y e Son of Thomas Livermore : 1 

June 13 Benjamin, y e son of Joseph Kent. 1 

20 Hannah, y e daughter of Gerfhom Cutter 1 

July 11 Anne, y e daughter of M r John Leverett: 

Jonathan, y e Son of William Brown 2 

25 Stephen, y e Son of John Bradfhaw : 

William, y e Son of Thomas Prentice : 
Ruth, y e daughter of Stephen Hall 
Aug. 15 Mary, y e daughter of Jofeph Hovey 

22 Abigail, y e daughter of Ifaac Knap 

Oct : 3 Lydia, the daughter of Jonathan Butter field : 

Deborah, y e daughter of Nathaniel Pattin 
24 Sarah, y e daughter of M r Nicholas Fefinden 

Nov. 14 Damaris y e daughter of Andrew Wilfon : 

Jofiah y e daughter [sic] of Jonathan Hides. 
21 Jonathan, y e Son of Jonathan Robinfon : 

Rebeccah, y e daughter of Samuel Robins 
28 Mary, y e daughter of Zechariah Heard 

Jim : 2 1708/9 Ebenezer, y e Son of John Stedman 

Jonathan, y e Son of Jonathan Hafting : 
Ephraim, y e Son of Ephraim Of born 
Jan : 9' Sarah, y e daughter of W m Warland : 

16 Rebeccah, y e daughter of Samuel Boman : 

Ifaac, y e Sun of Ifaac Manning 2 

30 John, the Son of Joseph Crackbone : 






'■ ;.j 








'' ! , 














1903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 135 

Daniel, y e Son of Daniel Hafting 2 

Feb. 13 1708/9 Martha, y e daughter of Henry Dunfter 1 

20 Ruth, y e daughter of Jonathan Robinson 1 

March 6 Haunah, y e daughter of Samuel Kidder 1 

20 Sarah, y e daughter of Gerfhorn Davis 1 

Apr: 10 1709 Sarah, y e daughter of Samuel Phips 1 

17 Ruth, y e daughter of James Tufts 1 

30 Stephen, y e Son of Jouathan Tierce : 

Belcher, y e Son of Nath : Hancock : 

Walter, y e Son of Walter Ruf sell : 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of John Fillebrown : 

Dorothy, y c daughter of Sam 1 . Robin fon : 

Martha, y e d. of John Hill. 6 

May 25 John, y e Son of Benjamin Goddard : 

Eliot, y e Son of William Pattin 2 

July 24 Jonathan, y c Son of John Fefinden: 1 
Aug. 7 James, y e Son of John Bradifh : 

Thomas, y e Son of Edw d Twing 2 
Sept. 4 Sufannah, y e daughter of Jofeph Chamney 

Deborah, the daughter of Nath. Patting 2 

25 Philemon, the Son of Nathaniel Robins 1 

Oct. 9 Mehetabel, y e daughter of Gershom Cutter 1 

Oct. 23 Mary, y e daughter of Ebenezer King 1 

30 Thomas, y e Son of Daniel Chamney : 

Hephzibah, y e daughter of Thomas Prentice 2 

Dec: 18 Hannah, y e daughter of James Holding 1 

Feb : 5 Johannah, y e daughter of Solomon Prentice 1 

March 5 Mary, y e daughter of Jonathan Gove : 1 

March 26, 1710 Jofeph, the Son of Jofeph Robins 1 | 
April 16 Samuel, y e son of Stephen Hafting : 

Henry, y e Son of John Prentice 2 f 
May 30 Mehetable, y e daughter of Ebenezer Brown : 

Lydia, y e daughter of John Cutter : 

Jofeph, y e Son of Mary Hanford 3 
14 Benjamin, y e Son of Jofeph Crackbone : 

Mofes, y° Son of John Herrington 2 \ 

June 25 Abigail, the daughter of Amos Gates. 1 

July 2 Sufanna, y e daughter of James Clark 1 

July 9. Nicholas, y e Son of Mr. N. Fefinden : 1 


■ I 





Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

July 9, 1710 

Sept. 3. 

Sept. 24. 

Oct. 1 


Jacob, y e Son of John Hill 
Deborah, y e d. of Elifha Bull 
Elizabeth, y e daughter of Ab r Ireland. 
Elizabeth, y e daughter of Sam 1 Woodberry 
Mary, y e daughter of Col. Phips : 
Thomas, y e Son of Joseph Hovey : 
Thomas, y e Son of William Willis : 
Damaris, y e daughter of Andrew Wilfon : 
William, y e Son of Jonathan Butterfield 
William, y e Son of William Grub. 
Margaret, y e daughter of Ifaac Manning 
Tabitha. the daughter of Thomas Livermore 
Israel, y e Son of Philip Cook 

Carried to p. (42) 







(13) Persons Adult w° own'd the Covenant & were Baptized 

by WBr. 

Vid. p. (7.) 

Jan. 17 : 96. 7. Isaac Knap: Arthur Cole: John Oldham Jun r : 

Dorothy Hancock : Hannah Minot : Jane Matson : 
Abigail Oldham : Margaret Agar : Sarah Lewis : 9 

Feb: 28: 96. 7 Stephen Palmer. Vid, p. (4) Feb. 21. 3. 

Mercy Mackoon : Deliverance Forgufon : Su- 
fanna Homan : Mercy Agar: Elizabeth Lyn : 
Prifcilla Lyn : Sarah Batfon : Eliz : Traue : Abi- 
gail Trane : Abigail Knap : 11 
Abraham Hill : 1 
Nathaniel Batson : 1 
Joseph Crackbone : Sarah Crackbone : 2 
Philip a negro y e ferv 1 of M r Danforth 

Sept. 15. 1700 Richard Cutter & his Sister Elizabeth Cutter. 

Ebenezer Redding : Lydia Cutter & Hannah 
Cutter. y c ' daughters of Gershom Cutter : 5 

Feb: 9. 1700/1 William Delloway; Mary Delloway; Elizabeth 

Cook worthy 3 

May 10. 1702 Gerfhom Cutter 1 

(To be continued). 

July 18 97 
Jan 30: 
Oet. 9. 98. 
Jan. 1. 









By Henry F. Waters. 

(New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed, and cross referenced, by Lothrop Withlngton, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

{Continued from page 4G.) 

[Agas — Thomas Agas, whose will was printed in our last issue, names 
his brother "Kaffe Agas," undoubtedly Ralph Agas (born about 1540), who 
died 26 Nov., 1621. He was a land surveyor and rose to eminence in the 
reign of Elizabeth by making maps of London, Oxford, and Cambridge. 
The map of London was probably published the year Thomas Agas' will was 
dated, 1591. 

Kalph Agas was born and died at Stoke by Nayland. He married the 
widow of John Payne. 

Edward Aggas of this same family, born at Stoke in 1564, said to be son 
of Robert, was a bookseller and printer in London. He died in 1601, leaving 
s son Elmore. See Diet. National Biog. E. P.] 

Agborowe, 1613. See Browne (William) of Horndon, Essex 
gent. William Agborowe and daughter Mary his wife. 

Arch. Essex, file 1613, No. 87. 

John Ager of Stoke next Clare, Suffolk. Will 5 July 1599; 
proved 1 August 1605. Wife Dorithye Ager lands, free and copy 
arid the lease of Stoke Hill purchased of John Pottall, during nonage 
of my three sons. Thomas Ager my eldest son, John Ager my second 
.son, at 21, Tobias Ager my third son. My three daughters Hester, 
Suzan, and Judith Ager at marriage or 21. Dorothie Nash my sister. 
Samuel Ager my godson. Thomas Serie, John Baron, and Sara 
Steven, my godchildren. Residuary legatees and executrixes : wife 
&!id daughters. Overseers : Mr. Thomas Fitche, my brother-in-law, 
and Clement Ager, clerk, my brother. Witnesses : Clement Ager, 
Thomas Ager, etc. Hayes, 60. 

Ager, 1617. See Wakering (Gilbert) of Rickmersworth, knight. 
I nele William Ager deceased. Weldon, 6. 

Ager, 1645. See Pissey (Edmund) of Nedham Market. Cousin 
Menabell Ager of Nedham Market, widow. 

Arch. Suffolk, file 1645, No. 92. 

Grace Aggs of the Tower, widow. Will 25 August 1658 ; proved 
14 November 1660. The two daughters of my deceased nephew 
Stephen Goodier, now or lately unmarried, which he had by his first 
•»c. Their brother Stephen Goodier. Cosen William Locke. 

• 5,s en John Aggs and his brother Nicholas. Cosen John Barnes and 
bi* aunt Dorothy. Cosen Widow White of Salisbury. Cosen John 

* trtridge. To widow Browne ringe with deaths head, the guift of 
*t*U>r Partridge. Niece Katheriue Palmer. Grace Feilder. 

Nabbs, 200. 


138^ Waters' Gleanings — Witliington. [July 

Aglionby, 1637. See Davers (Alice) of London, widow. 
Grandson George Aglionby and Katherine Aglionby his sister. 

Goare, 119, 

Aglionby, 1638. Sec King (John), rector of Islip, Oxon. 
Cozen George Aglionbie, D.D. Lee, 101. 

John Agmondesiiam of Rowbarne, Surrey, Esq. Will 13 March 
1571/2; proved 25 February 1572/3. Aged about 62 years. To be 
buried in East-horsley Chauncell. Wife Margaret to enjoy Mannor 
of Breche in Ewerst. Youngest sonne Henry. Sonne and heire 
John. Daughter Mary Mustian and godson Agmondesiiam Mustian. 
To sister Turner and goddaughter Rose at her marriage. To Wil- 
liam Hawlye. "Item : I giue to Thomas Amere iiijs-iiijd in consid- 
eration of a cowe and certeyu shepe I had of Edward Hoker and one 
gatton in Sussex and other considerations me moving mynding not 
to haue any thing staied or the younge man hyndered albeit he hath 
yet no stay or consideration of hymself. Also . . . said Thomas 
shall haue . . . advantage of one obligation that the said Edward 
hoker late of Pagham standeth bounden in . . . will of Alice 
hoker late the said Edwardes wife and sometyme the wife of one 
Thomas Gatton of Pagham." To kyns women Margaret and Mary 
Snelling. To good Mistress Polstede of Albery. Brother Thomas 
Brodhurste, vicar of Chobham. To William at Wood. To sister 
Hamonde ringe I had of Mr. Polstede. To daughter Elizabeth wife 
of sonne John. To Maister John Stydolphe of My clam ( FMitcham) 
and Mr. Pigotte one of the queenes gentlemen vsshers dwelling in 
hertfordshire if lyuing. Rest to eldest sonne John Agmondesham, 
executor. Mr. barron Byrche and brother William Hamonde, over- 
seers. Peter, 7. 

Christofer Agnes als. Smith of Bumpsted at Tower. Will 

proved 15G8. Com. Essex and Herts, filed will. 

Judith Ailmer of Much Hadden, widow. Will 20 June 161 S; 
proved 4 February 1618/9. Son Theophilus, D.D. Son Samuel, 
daughter Linche, grandchild Judith Stopers. Sonne Edmonde Ail- 
mer. Grandchildren John Ailmer, Jane, Cicilie, and Elizabeth, 
children of my son Doctor. My daughter Ladie Folliat. Sonne 
Zachary Ailmer. Grandchild John Lynch. Wydow Spencer. Peter 
Scott's wife. Ann Grave, servant to sonne Doctor. Cosen Sara 
Stracey. Old goodwife Brett. Goodwife Stronge. Urscly, wife of 


1 ; 






. ' 


1 i ' 

■i1 ■ 


; ! : 








1 . , 








■ I 

1003] Waters' Gleanings — Withington, 139 

Thomas Younge. Witnesses : George Brett, Thomas Gardiner, 
John Girdler, and Jasper Harte. Parker, 14. 

Airi>, 1662. See Bartholomew (William). Sister Anne Ayrde. 

Laud, 05. 

Akerod, 1691. See Hall (John) of London, goldsmith. Cozen 
U ary Akerod . Vere , 81 . 

Alice Aishley of Ashberton, Devon. Will 25 March 1626 ; 
proved 13 April 1627. To daughter Dewnes Aishley. To brother 
Thomas Griffing. To sister in law Barbara Jesop. To cosens 
Nicholas Griffing and Alice Aller. To children of Richard Lang 
of Aishberton. To servants Johane Lang and Mary Dover. To 
Christopher Lang son of John Lang. To godson John Horsham. 
To godson Thomas Harris son of Thomas Harris of Ashberton. To 
goddaughter Willmott Goodridge. Executor : Edward Goodridge of 
Stnverton during minority of daughter. Overseers : Robert Rudley 
of Exeter, Thomas Harris of Ashberton and Hugh Horsham the 
tiller of Stauerton. Skynner, 36. 

Thomas Alabaster the elder of Hadley, Suffolk, clothier. Will 
16 June 1591 ; proved 10 June 1592. To sonne Thomas Alabaster 
eopyholde Landes in Carsey, held of John Martin of Bilston, cloth- 
ier, of Mr. Sansom and of Kinges College in Cambridge, also lands 
in Hadley purchased of Edmund Clerk, Esq. To sonne John Ala- 
baster lands granted by George Stoddard of London deceased. To 
'laughter Anne Still wyfe of Dr. Still lands in Hadley purchased of 
Stephen Upehar of Dedham, Essex, clothier. To children of 
laughter Priscilla Lawrence deceased (late wife of Thomas Law- 
rence) £10 each at 21. To Arthur Dorington sonne to daughter 
Margaret nowe wyfe of John Dorington of London £20 at 21. To 
brother Roger Alabaster £100 and to his children £10 each. Also 
P Roger foure tenementes in Hadley occupied by John Smith, cur- 
yer in Ducke lane, and John Litle, John .Newton, and John Gedge 
'V Hadley bridge. Also to Roger the "Little pightle" paying twoe 
killings every sondaye to be distributed by churchwardens to twelve 
^potent poore men and women of the saide toune ymediately after 
•veuing prayer within the sowthe chappell, 2d to each. To grand- 
•Midren Sara Still, Nathaniell Still, Anne Still, Elizabeth Still, Mary 
Still and John Still £10 each at 21, etc. To Elizabeth Shaxton, 
*owe wife of Robert Mockett of Throwley, Kent, £5. To Mary 
*aaxton, nowe wife of Robert Carre of London, grocer, £5. To ser- 









140 Waters' Gleanings — Withtrigton. [July 

vant John Halman and his sister Margaret Halman at 21. To Alice 
Browne servant to sonne John. To John Clefford, wever. To 
William Birde sherman. To sonne John's wife Marye and children 
John, Anne, and Marye at 21. To Adam Wintropp a ring. Exec- 
utors: Dr. Still, sons Thomas and John, and brother Roger. Wit- 
nesses : Henry Adkinson, Josua Speede. 

Further acknowledgment 5 January 1591/2. Witnesses: John 
Still, Roger Alabaster, John Bethune, John Alabaster. 

Harrington, 51. 

■i , 

Albany, 1618. See Allott (Dame Ann), widow. Daughter 
Margaret wife of William Albany, late of London, merchant taylor. 

Mead, 3. 

Albany, 1G26. See Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey. 


Sister Mrs. Margeret Albaney. Skynner, 27. 

Henry Albery of Gravesend. Will (undated) proved 7 March 
1591. Wife Joane. Cosen John Albery and Richard Albery. 
Brother Matthew Collins. My mother Byfield. Cosen Samuel Hyed. 
— Widow Man and her two daughters. 

Consist. Rochester, Vol. XVIII (1591-1605) folio 112. 

Richard Albone of Hansted, yeoman. Will 2 November 1591 ; 
proved 18 July 1595. Poor of Hartofte. Wife -Anne. Nephew 
Peter Albone, son of Thomas Albone deceased. Nephew John 
Albone, his brother. Nephew Richard Albone. John Everard, son 
of sister Alice Everard. Philip Adams, son of John Adams, 
thatcher. Anne Adams, daughter of John Adams, thatcher. Sisters 
Agnes Browne, Alice Everard, and Elizabeth Everarde. Henry 
Browne, son of sister Agnes. Other Albones. 

Arch. Sudbury, Blomefeilde, 43. 

Albone, 1G32. See Barker (Elizabeth). Grandchildren Richard, 
James, and Robert Albone. Audlcy, 62. 

[Thomas Albone of Linsey, yeoman. Will dated 24 Aug. 1G33; proved 
1G49. Son Kiehard. Wife Anne. Intended wife of son Richard, Thomas- 
ine Abbott. Son John. Daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Anne. 

Suff. Wills, Register 1649, folio 260. —E.P.] 


John Albreoe of Woodbridge. Latin will dated 24 April 1448. 
Proved 27 July 1450. Body to be buried in church yard of Wood- 
bridge. Bequests: To the High Altar of said church 40 shillings; 
to repairs of church, etc. : to the burial ground of said church 24 
shillings. Arch. Suffolk, book i, folio 52. 




1903] Waters' Gleanings — Wit Jang ton. 141 

Elizabeth Albyn of London, widow. Will 5 May 1609 ; proved 
28 June 1700. To be buried in church of Great St. Helens. Son 
in law Peter Noyes of Trunckwell, parish Shinlield, county Berks. 
Daughter Mary wife of said Peter Noyes. Granddaughter Eliza : 
beth Noyes. Brother Mr. Israel Mayo.. Son Benjamin Albyn of 
London, merchant,' executor. Daughter Bashua Barton of Kensing 
ton, Middlesex, widow, and granddaughter Abigail Glover, daughter 
of late daughter Abigail Glover. To brother in law Mr. Richard 
Fleetwood nothing called guineas (sic) . To my sister Mrs. Anne 
Fleetwood his wife. To my sister Mrs. Mary Slatter. To Mrs. 
Elizabeth Empson, Mrs. Juedith Freeman, and Mary King. 

Noel, 190. 

■ '! ' 





v , 1 3 

Thomas Alcocke of Whetbeck, in Salop, yeoman. Will 8 
November 1G27; proved 29 February 1628. I leave to be paid 
to John Phillips the son £3, to Sir Basell Brooke £4, Robt. Chesher 
6d., Thomas Higgones 3s., Sam'l Lewes 4s., Thomas Gittines 
8d., John Sands 4s., etc. My wife ten kine for satisfaction of 
£30 for part of her daughter's portion, her daughter Margaret Coupper 
and her children. Brother William Alcocks 52s. a year for life, then 
to his son John Alcocks till his age of 12. Mary Alcocks, daughter 
of John Alcocks. Ellinor Alcocks, daughter of John Alcocks. 
Jane Alcocks, daughter of William Alcocks. Mary Alcocks, sister 
to the said Jane. John Alcocks, son of William. To Edward 
Alcocks' four children 20s. apiece. To Robert Alcocks' son 20s. 
Thomas Guinnet's three children, Elizabeth, Martha and John. 
Clement Coupper. Thomas, son of William Alcocks, etc. 

Harrington, 10. 

Geokge Alcocke, 1676 (Hale 28). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Alden, 1519. See Reade (Agnes), widow, St. Romwalde, 
Colchester. Son Harry Aldyn. Consist. London, Palmer, 42. 

Robert Alden of King's Langley, Herts. Will 13 August 1581 ; 
proved 10 October 1582. Daughter Agnes Este, Sou Robert Alden 
the elder. Daughter Elizabeth Alden. Sons Edward Alden, and 
John Alden the younger. Wife Elizabeth, executrix. Sonne Rich- 
ard Alden, supervisor. Witnesses: Thos Ewer, John Buckmaster 
the elder, John Alden, John Carter of Jefferey, Thomas Carter of the 

Arch. Hunts (Hitching Division), register 3 (1579-1614), folio 30. 

142 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [July 

Alden, 1587. See Russell (William) of Harwich, Essex. Son- 
in-law John Alden. John Alden, his eldest son, my godson. His sister 
Josyan. John Alden, the younger, my daughter's son ; his brethren 
Peter, William, Thomas, and sister Ellen. Spencer, 38. 

Thomas Alden of New Windsor, Berks, gent. Will 12 May 
1607 ; proved 17 June 1607. To be buried in church of New Wind- 
sor by my father and mother. To poore to be distributed by the 
Maior, Mr. Harris, and executor. To mending timber work of the 
bells* To every one in Chappell of St. George in the Castell, the 
Governor of the Knights etc., for drinking at funeral. To eldest 
sonne Thomas Alden. To sonne John Alden, fellow of King's 
College, Cambridge. To daughter Rachell Thurstone. To sonne in 
lawe Edward Thurstone. Grandchildren William, Marie, and Hellen 
Thurstone. To Christian Cock and Widowe Warner for paines taken 
with the poore in time of the infection. To daughter Elizabeth Maslin, 
wife of Thomas Maslin and her three children Richard, John, and Ra- 
chell Maslin. To John Alden and Rachell Alden, children of sonne 
Thomas. To Morris Arnold. Kinsman Richard Nash my servante. 
Cosin Alice Nash. To Daniell Byddle five barrels of stronge beere. 
To friends Robert Cawkett the elder, Roger Stackhouse, brother in 
law William Reeve, and Robert Keyne of Eaton. Lands in Clewer 
etc. to son Thomas, executor. Friends Sir Henry Nevell, Sir Henrie 
Savill and Dr. Goade, Provost of King's College, Cambridge. 

Huddleston, 55. 

Thomas Alden of New Windsor, Berks, brewer. Will 8 March 
1610/11 ; proved 16 April 1611. Son John (a minor). Wife Isabell 
Alden, executrix. Daughter Rachel Alden (under 18). Cosen 
William Stephenson. Brother Mr. John Alden. Uncle Marchodeus 
Alden (my four apostle spoons). Friends Mr. Dr. Field and Dr. 
Wilson, overs r Wood, 32. 

Robert Alden of Ascot in parish of Winge, Bucks. Will 17 
March 1612/3; proved 16 April 1613. To sonne Christopher at six 
years old, etc. To Katharine, my sister Isabell's daughter, if my 
wife bring her upp. To brother Christopher Alden's daughter 
Agnes. To brother John Alden's sonne Christopher. To Robert 
Finchers' four children. To my brothers and sisters unmarried. 
Wife Ellenor, executrix. My father to have dyet and washinge, etc. 
Overseers : brother John Alden and wife's brother Thomas Wood- 
ward. Codicil 20 March. To Uncle Christopher Britnell. To 









- . 

'' ! l 





■ a 




' ji 



; ; j| 

1903] Waters 1 Gleanings — Withington. 143 

brother Thomas. To sisters Susan, Elizabeth, and Charitie. Wit- 
nesses : John Taylor, Edmund Shillburne, William Bishopp. 

Arch. Bucks, register 1613/14, folio 91. 

Anthony Alden of Stradbrooke, yeoman. Will 26 November 
1625; proved 18 January 1625/6. Son Anthony. Daughter Mary 
Goodersham. Son John Aldeu. Son Edmond Alden. Wife Mar- 
garet. Son Martyn Alden. Siiffolk, book 56, folio 319. 

[Garnon Alden. Will dated 12 Apr. 1649; proved 1649. To grand- 
mother Ratchell Garnon lands in Backton. Sister Mary Alden. Lands in 
Denton, co. Norf. Three brothers in law when twenty four. Sister in law 
Martha Churchman when twenty one. 

Suff. Wills, Begister 1649, folio 173— E. P.] 

Alden, 1687. See Andrewes (Benjamin) of Market Street, Herts., 
geut. Daughter Ann Alden, widow. Foot, 112. 

Alderman, 1487. See Dwyghte (Thomas) of Belstede. William 
Alderman of Belstede. Arch. Suffolk, book 3, folio 76. 

Peter Alderman of Capell. Will 3 September 1526 ; proved 22 
January 1531/2. Wife Johan, executrix. Thomas Blythe of Capell, 
supervisor. Eldest son Thomas. Younger son Thomas. Son 
Gilbert. Son William. Daughter Emme Alderman at day of 
marriage. Daughter Rose and daughter Alice at day of marriage. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 11, folio 28. 

John Alderman the elder, of Little Belsted, clothier. Will 28 July 
1600; proved 9 January 1603/4. Grandchild James Fen messuage 
ui Est Berholt at 21. Daughter Margery. Grandchildren John 
Crowne and Margaret at 21 . Their father-in-law. Grandchild Henry 
Gages. His father Henry Gages. Anthony Grymwade. My four 
children, John, Margery, Margaret, and Johan. Son John, executor. 
If he fail, then sons-in-law Anthony Grymwade and Henry Gages to 
l^e executors. Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 359. 

Christopher Alderman of St. Nicholas, Ipswich. Will 4 Septem- 
ber 1624; proved 13 August 1631. Wife Sara (with child). Daugh- 
ter Sara at 21. Brother John Alderman. Uncle Thomas Haile. 

Arch. Suffolk Wills, book 60. 

Sara Alderman of Ipswich, widow. Will 10 July 1633; proved 
17 August 1633. Reference to will of late husband Christopher 
Alderman. His children and mine (under 21). Brother-in-law John 


144 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [July 






Alderman of Ipswich, clothier. Mother Judith Sendall, executrix 
and to bring up my children. Parish of St. Nicholas. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 62, folio 46. 

Robert Alderman of St. Margaret's, Ipswich, clothworker. Will 
21 July 1639 ; proved 23 September 1639. To son William all that 
my shop stuff which he, the said William, now has in his possession, 
which 1 formerly bought of John Alderman of Belstead. To sou 
Thomas Alderman shopstuff I have in my own possession, as sheers, 
handles, press, tenters, with all the rest of the implements, etc. Son 
Robert Alderman, £5. Daughter Thomasin Alderman. My three 
daughters Thomasin, Anne and Elizabeth Alderman. 

Arch. Suffolk, 1st file 1630, No. 3. 

[John Alderman, of Salem, 1636, will 1657, very probably belonged to this 
family. Thomas Gage of Yarmouth named a son Henry, a somewhat un- 
common name at that date in New England. Samuel Sendall was early in 
Newbury. Cf. Mr. Waters' notes in his Gleanings under Kimball, Alef ounder, 
and other Bergholt and Belsted families.— E. P.] 

Thomas Alderne, 1657 (Ruthin, 218). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 462. 

. Thomas Aldersey, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 20 
February 1595/6 ; proved 23 February 1598/9. To Habberdashers 
Company £20 for a dynner at the hall at buriall, having already given 
the company the tithes of Bunbury, Cheshire, for maintenance of a 
Preacher and Minister with y e Schoolemaster and Vssher there. To 
Christs Hospitall £100 having already given £50. To maintenance 
of worckes in Bridewell for setting the poore in worcke there £100 
to be paid to Treasurers and Governors of said houses. Have given 
to Haberdashers for school at Bunbury £300 etc. To poore of Marye 
Magdalen in Mylkestreet, Lawrence in the Jury, Michell Bassishaw. 
Have given to Albin in Woodstreete. To poore of Putneye, Surrey, 
and Berking, Essex. To poore of Bunburye, Cheshire, to be distry- 
buted by Randall Aldersey and his sonne John. To poore of Chester 
Cittie at discretion of my good cozen Mr. William Aldersey, Allder- 
man there, and Mr. Christian Goodman, preacher. To John Alder- 
sey, sonne of nephew Randall Aldersey, to furnish his house, etc., 
£300. To Francis Aldersey his sister for preferment in marriage, 
£200. To cozen William Babyngton and his wife Ellyonor to prefer 
their children, £100. To Francis their daughter, wife to Master John 
Smyth, £10. To Rebecca Molson, daughter of my nese Alis, for 
marriage w r ith consent of her vncles Randall and John Aldersey, £40. 


» . 

f ;i 

■ ' • : 

1903] Waters 9 Gleanings — Withington. 145 

To her sons John Molson and Thomas Molson, £20 each. To sister 
in lawe Anne Aldersey and her daughter Elizabeth Egerton. To 
nephew Symon Pyke, £50, having given his brother Willyam, £100. 
To their sister Anne Hawes and their cozen Anne Pallmer. To my 
cozen Rachell Key. To Mary Fox. To Susan Repington. To 
Thomas Brodfeyld and Bartholomew Dod. To Thomas Goodman in 
St. Sepulchres. To Peter Varnon in Berden. To my poorest sorte 
of kyndred in Cheshire at discretyon of Randall Aldersey and John 
bis sonne, £40. To Mr. Christopher Harveye preacher at Bunbrey 
the £27-17-8 he oweth for bookes sent him " if he shall contynue in 
Bunburye Seven yeares more (God sparing him life further to plant 
the true knowledge of God there which is graciously begonne by his 
ministery)." To servants David Harper and George Witten and Rob- 
ert Buscat. To Lawrence Aldersey £5 and forgive him debts and 
dyvers ways he hath bin offensive vnto me and doo discharge William 
Parker who is bond for him. Bond of Thomas Tutton and Henry 
Kionker forgiven. To the following not having Blackes at my bur- 
iell rings of 50s. viz. my brothers Bartholomew Calthropp, John , 

Kemp, my cozens Anthony Key and Richard Faxe and their wyues, 
Anthony Calthrop's widdowe, ( if she paye £10 she oweth), Mr. Al- 
dorman (? Aldermen) Lowe, John Dale and William Beecher, Robert 
Oflley, and his father, aud cosens John Jarmy, William Pitchford, 
and Richard Smith and his wife. Anuitiee from Sir William Bron- 
cker to executor. Nephew John Alldersey of Berden to prefer his 
children, also rest of estate. Witnesses : John Smithe, Robert Shell- 
ford. Codicil 14 February 159G/7. Legacies to Christs Hospital 
and Bridewell having been paid are revoked. Witnesses : John 
Smithe, Robert Shellford, Robert Ruscat. Kidd, 10. 

[See Waters' Gleanings, pp. G58, 059, for -wills of Sir Thomas and Dame 
Anne Moulson. The latter was daughter of Anthony Ratcliffe and for her 
KadclifFe College was named. A pedigree of the family is printed on page 
913. Thomas Moulston of Hargrave, father of Sir Thomas, married Alicia 
daughter of John Aldersey of Spurstowe. The will of Sir Robert Park- 
hurst, printed on p. 1391 Waters' Gleanings, should be read in connection 
with the following will. — E. P.] 

Samuel Aldersey, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 11 
•July 1633; proved 13 July 1633. Sonne in law Robert Crane and 
onely sonne John Aldersey, executors. To wife Margaret my coaches 
and horses and lease of dwelling house at Endfeild. Brother Francis 
Webb and sister his wife. Mrs. Judith Elliott my wife's daughter 
and Ellion r Whitledg. To my dearest mother £50. To my beloved 


- i i?' 


146 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [July 

brother, faithfull friend and partner John Kenrick £50. To my 
brothers in lawe Didrich and Jobst Van Oyre dwellinge beyonde the 
seas. To Mr. Davenporte the minister. To Mr. Foxley, Mr. Holmes. 
Mr. Page and Mr. Doctor Roberts, my brother Offspringe, my two 
apprentices, and antient servants, my maide Elizabeth, to Phillip and 
William my coachman, to my Lord Maior and his lady. To Mr. 
Alderman Moulson and wife. To Mr. Alderman Parkhurst and wife. 
To Mr. Rayny. To Mr. Smarte, Mr. Goodwin the minister. Wit- 
nesses : Elizabeth Coventrey, Dorothy Capell, Margaret Aldersey, 
John Kendricke, Da : Kendricke Russell, 01. 



John Aldekton of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner. Will 8 January 
1660/61 ; proved 7 July 1662. All to father Thomas Alderton of 
same parish, victualler, executor. Witnesses: George Carpenter, 
James Smith. Laud, 94. 

Aldiiam, 1631. See Holloway (Mary) of Estbergholt. Mary 
Aldham. Arch. Suffolk, book 00. 

Aldowes, 1571. Sec Goodwyn (John) of Fressingfield, yeoman. 
Brother-in-law James Alldowes. Arch. Suffolk, book 23, folio 305. 

Aldowes, 1577. See Owles (Robert) of Fressingfield. Richard 
Aldowes. Arch. Suffolk, book 20, folio 305. 

Aldred, 1544. See Cryspe (John) of the Rooks of Laxfeld. 
Edmund Alrede. Francis Alrede. My child-in-law Edmund Aired. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 15, folio 52. 

Joyce Alked of London, widow of William Aired, citizen and skin- 
ner. Will 7 December 1621 ; proved 12 January 1621/2. To be 
buried neare husband in St. Catherine Cree church. To sister Anne 
Dogget and her children Anne Warbushe and Henry Warbushe at 21 . 
To cozens Margerie Griffin and Peter Warmen. Cozen Martin 
Simpson and his brothers. To my brother Aldred. To Edward 
Green. To Elizabeth Key. To my man Richard. Residue included 


[Aldersay— Robert Shaweof Edelmeton, Mid., yeoman, in will of 31 March 
34 th Eliz b , proved 17 April 1592, names children of brother in law Edward 
Aldersay by my sister. Nicholas son of Edward Aldersay. Three children 
of sister Parnell Bull. Wife Ann, with child, dwelling house in Barnes, 
stables, brewhouse in Edelmeton and Tottenham. Daughter, Agnes Shawe. 
My four sisters and their children, viz. Isable, Parnell, Ellen and Margaret. 
Susan Sayre my sister's daughter. Wife's sister Margaret Londe. Wife 
Anne, executrix. Overseers : Robert Partridge, Robert Atkinson, Anthony 
Dale. John Bull is a witness. Com. London. Vol. 17, 432. — E. P. | 

fiM)3] Waters' Gleanings — Wtthington. 147 

4aes from Samuel Aired, brother and executor of deceased husband, 
|0 Mr. William Smith, citizen and skynner of London, executor. 
Overseers : John Hand of White Chappell, glover, and John Annyn 
citizen and merchant taylor. Witnesses: Jonn Grimston, John 
Katon, W. Fayrfax, scrivenor. Savile, 5. 

Aldred, 1643. See Sampson (Francis) of Cheddeston, yeoman. 
Ann Aldred. Arch. Suffolk, file 1643, No. 73. 

John Aldrych of Kenton. Will (nuncupative) 5 April 1538 ; 
proved 4 May 1538. Children. Brother Robert Aldrych and his 
children. To John Elyott of Wynston, £3-0-8. To William Ed- 
raundys four Hefkers. To Roger Sherman, the same. Peter 
Aldrych, his brother's son. Anne Aldrych, daughter of said Robert. 
Johan Aldrych another daughter of said Robert. Executors : Rob- 
ert Aldrych (his brother), Thomas Wode, and John Aldrych (his 
Kovye). Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 7. 


Aldrich, 1539. See Elyott (William) of Soham Moch. Peter 
Aldrych. Robert Aldrych the elder. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 128. 

Robert Aldryche of Beccles. Will 13 December 1540 ; proved 
\ C J January 1540/1. Wife Katherine. Nephew Richard. Brother 
Richard. Robert Aldryche. Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 321. 

Aldrich, 1571. See Axtell (William) of Beconsfield, Bucks. 
Robert Aldredge of Woodland my supervisor. 

Arch. Bucks, register 1568-1572, folio 209. 

Austen Aldrich of Norwich, gent. Will 1 April 1599; proved 
J8 April 1599. To poore of St. Pauls, St. Clementes, St. Austens, 
*ml St. Edmundes and prisoners in the Castle. To poore of Swarde- 
ton. To wife Mary and Thomas Norgate her sonne by late husband 
liionias Norgate deceased. To godsonn Austin Aldrich, son of 
brother Richard Aldrich. To brother's daughters Mary Aldrich and 
A fine Aldrich. Brother's son Richard Aldrich. To godson Austin 
WI ^on of cosen Thomas Hall. To Alexander Chappman, Phillip 

aApman and Henry Chapman, children of sister Chapman. To John 
" ood, Elizabeth Woode, and Cicilte Wood, children of sister Wood. 
Brother in law Mr. John Smith. Sister Raye. Brother Mr. Richard 
Sadler. To brother Silvester Forse. To godson Allen Thurton. To 
• 3 «ry Kdgley my wife's goddaughter. To Elizabeth Throckmerton 
^tighter of Bassingborne Throckmerton. To neighbors William 


. .. 




148 Waters* Gleanings — Withinqton. rjulv 1 

Ketheringham, Thomas Seaman, and Thomas Elwood Barber. To 
godson John Dauy. To nephew Thomas Spooner. Cosen Thomas 
Hall executor. To Mr. William Parry, minister of St. Clementes, 
Mr. Eache, minister of St. Saviours, and Mr. John Perke. Cosen 
Michel Aldrich. To lazer houses about the City. Witnesses : Ed- 
ward Nuttinge, Henry Chapman. Kidd, 28. 

Aldrich, 1599. See Chase (John) of Hundrych. Daughter Mary 
Aldredge. Arch. Bucks, file 15U9. 

Aldrich, 1003. See Whitman (Thomas) of Lee cds. Leye, yeoman. 
Children of Matthew Aldridge (of whome Isaacke eldest son). Wil- 
liam Aldridge a supervisor. Arch. Backs, register 1603-4, folio 33. 

Aldrich, 1607. See Whitman (Ellen) of the Lee, widow. An 
Aldridge. Richard Aldridge. Matthew Aldredge, son of Matthew 
Aldridge. Arch. Backs, file 1607, No. 132. 

Bridget Aldriche cds. Glover, wife of Roger Aldriche, citizen 
and draper of London and widow of William Glover, citizen and 
founder of London. Will 6 July 1619; proved 9 July 1621. 
Brothers Henry and Ralfe Osbaston. Son-in-law Francis Curwen. 
Daughters Mary Curwen, Elizabeth Cooke, and Margaret Colt. To 


grandchild Bridget Leucas, daughter of my daughter Winifred Leucas, 
vessels in house at Puddle Wharf e. Sons John Glover and William 
Glover executors. Lease of Blewe Boore in Maidenhead street 
als Distaffe Lane in parish of St. Augustine neere Paules Gate to 
strengthen little estate of sonne Henry Glover. Sons in law Henry 
Leucas, Henry Cooke, Richard Benet, and Francis Curwen. To my 
sonne Bewper. Sister Skynner. Witnesses : Greagory Baker, Lewis 
Rie. Dale, 67. 

Thomas Alderidge, citizen and sadler of London. Will 15 
March 1635/6; proved 20 April 1636. Brother Edward Alderidge 
of Clownish, Ireland, gent. Sister Anne Scarlott of Ipsidge, Suf- 
. folk, widow. Her eldest daughters Margaret Scarlott and Anne 
Scarlott ; her sous Robert, Thomas, John Scarlott. Edmond Alder- 
idge, citizen and draper of London, sole executor. John Gooffe of 
Whitechapel overseer. My nurse Alice Penniston widow. " My house 
in St. Tellens within Bishopsgate." Witnesses: W m Simonds scr, 
James Bosevile, Chirugion. 
Dean and Chapter of St. Paid's, register E (1633-1642) , folio GO. 


1003] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 149 

[The widow Anne Scarlet of Salem, 163G, had, in 1639, children Mary, 
Margaret and Joseph. Robert and John Scarlet were in New England in 1040 
and IG35 respectively. These similarities in name, while perhaps only coinci- 
dences, are suggestive. See Waters' Gleanings, p. 1105-6, arid compare with 
will of Samuel Scarlet of Boston, 1675, printed in Pope's Pioneers of Mass., 
p. 403.— E. P.] 

Katherine Aldrich, widow of James Aldrich the elder, of Monk- 

»oliam, yeoman, deceased. Will 30 August 1642 ; proved . 

Reference to a deed from William Owles, late of Wingfield, 
yeoman, son and heir apparent of Thomas Owles, late of Wingfield, 
deceased, and Margery wife of said William Owles, to Katherine and 
the said James Aldrich, late deceased, of messuage, etc., by the 
name of Hides and Lovells in Bedfield. Son-in-law Daniel Smith of 
Creasingham, and his sons Daniel, John, and William Smith. His 
daughters Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Heron, clerk, and Mary, Susan, 
and Sarah Smith. George Fishe of Framlingham. My son Francis 
Aldrich, and his son Daniel Aldrich at 21. Son-in-law Francis 
Baker, and his wife Anne my daughter, and grand children Eliza- 
beth, John, and James Baker. Son-in-law Robert Sparrow, and my 
grandchild Elizabeth Sparrow, one of his daughters. Son John 
Aldrich. His daughter Sarah Aldrich and her sisters. Daughter 
Katherine Jessopp, wife of William Jes<opp. Daughter Margaret, 
wife of Robert Sparrowe. Grandchildren William Jessopp, John 
•Jessopp, James Jessopp, at 21. Grandchild-in-law the said George 
Fishe, and his sons, George, Francis, John, and James Fishe, and 
{laughters Elizabeth and Mary Fishe. The widow Warne of South- 
would. [Unfinished, leaf lacking.] Arch. Suffolk, file 1642, No. 4. 

John Aldredge, mariner, now bound for Barbodes beyond the 
seaB in the good ship called the Yenuitie. Will 29 November 1G93 ; 
proved 27 August 1694. Sole legatee and executrix : wife Elizabeth 
Aldredge. Witnesses : Mary Morton, George Morton. Box, 187. 

Aldus, 1578. See Fyske (William) of St. Michael's, South 
Klmham. Daughter Gelyon Aldus. 

n Arch. Suffolk, book 27, folio 129. 

John Aldus of Ramsey, Essex. Will 4 August 1589; proved C 
September 1589. To wife Joane lands in Oakley parva. To Eliza- 
beth Dauson house in ditto. To John Streight ditto. To cozen 
'John Aldus, Thomas Aldus, Elizabeth Heard, Alice More and Francis 
Aldus. Elizabeth Bridge, daughter of brother-in-law John Bridge of 
i^overcourt. John Bridge, son of Thomas Bridge of Ramsey. 

Leicester, 72. 



150 Waters 9 Gleanings — Withington. fJulv 

Aldus, 1603. See Fyske (Jeffery) of Fressingfield. Francis 
Aidhowse of Fressingfield. Friend Richard Aldouse. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 39, folio 294, 

John Aldus of Fressingfield, yeoman. Will 12 April 1610; 
proved 22 April 1610. Robert Aldus my good and natural father. 
Sister Elizabeth. Brother Robert, and his daughters Grace and 
Alice Aldus. To Thomas Fiske, son of Thomas Fiske, 10s. in one 
month, etc. Thomas Fiske a witness. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 43, folio 302. 

[John Aldows buried April XVIth. (Fressingfleld Parish Register.) 
— H. F. W.] 

Ursula Aldus of Tydd St. Mary, Lincolnshire, and late of Strad- 
brook, Suffolk, widow. Will 22 January 1630/1 ; proved 2 July 
1631. To grandchild Ursula Swane, daughter of Philippe Swane 
of Tydd, sheets. To grandchild Ursula Selfe, daughter of John 
Selfe of Eye, Suffolk, ditto. To grandchild Ursula Girlinge, daugh- 
ter of Robert Girlinge, of Tydd, ditto. To daughter Meriall Selfe, 
wife of John Selfe, apparel in house of Thomas Fost at Stradbrook. 
Rest of lynings to sons Thomas and John Aldus. To son Thomas 
Aldus, brasse, etc. Rest to son John Aldus, executor. 

St. John, 85. 

John Aldus of Mendham, yeoman. Will 29 December 1639; 
proved 15 February 1639/40. Wife Margaret. Nephew John Fiske 
and Elizabeth his wife. Ann Aldus, sister of said Elizabeth. 
Brother Nathan Aldus. Kinsman Eliazer Duncken. Kinswoman 
Elizabeth Dunkon. Kinswoman Mary Aldus, one of daughters of 
brother Nathan Aldus. Sister Cannon and her children (named). 
Codicil 18 December 1639. To John Fiske my wife's brother now 
inhabiting with me. Arch. Siffolk, 2d file 1G39, No. 1. 

[Nathan Aldus or Aldis was of Dedham in 1G3S. He had wife Mary who 
with son John had adm. on his estate in 1G7G. He also had a daughter 
Mary.— E. P.] ..... • 

John Aldus, one of the Portmenof theTowne of Ipswich, Suffolk, 
gent. Will 8 February 1663/4 ; proved 28 November 1664. To 
wife Elizabeth Aldus in lieu of dower for life Capitall Messuage in 
St. Peters, and household stuffe (except what belonged to deceased 
son Richard) apparel, rings, Jewells, etc., also messuage in occupa- 
tion of my son Robert Aldus, and ditto late in occupation of son 
Edward Aldus, also all free money of my shipping to Newcastle and 







1903] Waters' Gleanings — Witliington. 151 

one half of profitt of all my shipping for her life. . After wife's 
death Capitall messuage in St. Peter's to son Samuel Aldus, then 
to his wife Frances, then to his second son William Aldus, third son 
John Aldus, and fourth son Henry Aldus. Also to Samuel messu- 
age in Felixstowe, Suffolk, bought of Mr. John Hawyes, late in oc- 
cupation of Anthony Payne, now in occupation of Michael Marsh. 
Also to Samuel messuage in St. Margarets where son Robert Aldus 
did inhabit with Bakehouse and peece of ground behind given me 
by Aunt Martyn deceased, and peece purchased of Mr. Thomas Steff 
wherevpon a Stable is lately built. To grandchild Thomas Aldus, 
son of son Edward Aldus, copyhold in Walton, Suffolk, purchased 
of John Burton sometime occupied by Mr. Greene, and if Thomas 
die before 21, to his brother Edward Aldus. To said grandchild 
Edward Aldus marsh grounds in Falkingham, Suffolk, purchased of 
Mr. Peming in occupation of John Browne. Also to Edward messu- 
age in St. Margarets wherein his father dwelled, bought of Thomas 
Marriott, Edmund Shepheard of Ipswich, gent, to take rents till 
grandchild Edward is 21, maintaining his education, etc. To 
daughter in law Mary Aldus, widdow, "Rounde Close" in St. Marg- 
arets for life, also £100 etc., then to grandchild Edward at 21. To 
son in law Richard Gooding of Whersted and said Edward Shepheard 
£500 in trust for grandchildren John, Richard, Peter, Elizabeth, 
and Jane Aldus, children of son Robert Aldus deceased, at 21, etc. 
To grandchildren John Aldus and Edmund Aldus, children of son 
Richard Aldus deceased, £500. To daughter Anne Gooding £100 
and ditto to her children to be paid to Richard Gooding their father. 
To daughter Puplett and children ditto, ditto, paid to son in law 
Thomas Puplett. To Susan Garrett, wife of Robert Garrett, 
Butcher, £5 and ditto to her sou John Garrett. To John Aldus, 
son of Edward Aldus of Needhammarket, £5. To Henry Mixter of 
Boxted, Suffolk, weaver, 40s. To poore of St. Margarets £5, and 
ditto of St. Peters where I live. To other poor as executor thinks 
fit. To servants 40s. each and old servant Elizabeth White 40s. 
Mourning for wife Elizabeth, sons in law Mr. Richard Gooding, Mr. 
■Thomas Puplett, daughter in law Mary Aldus and her sons John and 
Edmund. To buy stockings, shoes, etc. for poore men and women in 
the Foundation at Ipswich, £20. Grandchild John Aldus son of my 
said son Richard Aldus to give a release before he is paid legacy of 
£500. To old servant Mr. Thomas Carter and late servant 
Alexander Withers £5 each for mourning. Son Samuel Aldus, 
executor. Sons in law Richard Gooding, and Edward Sheppard 


152 Waters Gleanings — Witkington. 

supervisors. Executor to give bond of £3000. To executor all 
shipping etc. Witnesses : John Eaton, William Spurling, John 
Walford. Codicil 9 September 1664. Revokes £5 to Alexander 
Withers. To son Samuel copyholds in Whitton and Bramford, 
Suffolk. Witnesses : William Sparling and John Watford. 

Bruce, 117. 

Aldeworthe, 1583. See Kelk (Thomas), Bristowe. Mr. Thomas 
Aldeworthe, overseer. Witness Thomas Aldeworthe, maior. ' 

Butts, 1. 

Thomas Aldworth, 1598 (Kidd, 25). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 632. 

Margerie Aldworth, 1602 (Montague, 47). See Waters' 
Gleanings, page 632. 

Thomas Aldworth, citizen and grocer of London. Will 18 
July 1603; proved 8 September 1603. St. Nicholas Aeon in St. 
Nicholas Lane. Funerall being done for good neighbors a dinner or 
Supper £5. Rest to children of beloved frende in Christ overseer 
and performer of this will Thomas Fettiplace of Ferneham, Berkes, 
Esq., viz. Alexander, John, Margarett, Elizabeth and Eleanor Fetti- 
place. To M r . Alexander Fettiplace the eldest son a peece of plate 
with Armes of the Fettiplaces and the grocers engraven and theise 
wordes " The gift of Thomas Aldworthe of London Grocer." To 
M r Richard Lake a ring. To Prudence Adlington whom I loved my 
Ringe with the Diamond with this chardge to Keep it during her 
life. To my Servant Anne Torner 40s. Bolein, 05. 

John Aldworth, 1616 (Cope, 19). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 633. 

Aldworth, 1616. See Knight (Francis) of Bristol, alderman. 
Brother Robert Aldworth. Sister Martha Aldworth. Francis 
Aldworth, son of John Aldworth deceased. Cope, 112. 

Aldworth, 1620. See Challoner (William) of Bristol, merchant. 
Son Robert, his uncle Robert Aldworth. Uncle Mr. Robert Aldworth. 

Soame, 98. 
{To be continued.) 




' ! 

I 1 






Note— Fir6t printing press in Georgia was set up in 1763, and on April 7, 1763 appeared 
the first issue of the "Georgia Gazette." 





Marriages, 1763. 

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1763. 

On Tuesday 20 th was married Dr. Henry Lewis Bourquin to Miss 
Hattie Bourquin, of Little Ogechee. 

On Thursday the 22 nd , Mr. William Maxwell to Miss Constantina 
Butler, of Great Ogechee. 

Deaths, 1763. 

Thursday, July 21, 1763. 
Died this morning, Mrs. Bolton, wife of Mr. Robert Bolton. 

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1763. j 

This morning, died Mrs. Anne Maxwell, wife of John Maxwell, 
Esq. ! 

Marriages, 1764. 

Thursday, May 10, 1764. ': 

Sunday last was married Capt. Andrew Elton Wells, of the Brig- 
antine Margaret, in the West Indian trade, to Miss Sallie Dix. 

Thursday, Sept. 20, 1764. 

Married, Sept. 13, at Fairfield, near Sunbury, Mr. Andrew Darling, 
Merchant, to Miss Jeanie Baillie, daughter of Col. Kenneth Baillie. 

Thursday, Oct. 11, 1764. 

Tuesday last was married, at Argyle Island, Archibald Bullock, 
Esq., son of James Bullock, Esq., to Miss Polly Deveaux, daughter 
of James Deveaux, Esq. 













154 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [July ti 

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 1767. 

On Thursday last, at the plantation of Hon. Jonathan Bryan, Esq., 
Mr. John Morel to Miss Polly Bryan, daughter of the above gentle- 

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1767. 

Mar. 15, at the plantation of Capt. David Murray near Savannah, 
Mr. Edmund Bellinger, son of Edmund Bellinger, Esq., of South 
Carolina, to Miss Polly Couzens. 

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 1767. 

Last night Thomas Savage, Esq., of South Carolina, to Miss Polly 
Butler, daughter of the late Hon. William Butler, Esq., deceased. 
An accomplished young lady, with a considerable fortune. 




Marriages, 1767. 


Deaths, 1764. M 

Thursday, May 24, 1764. 

On Saturday, 19 th inst., died at Mulberry Grove, Mrs. Ann Bullock, 
wife of James Bullock, Esq. and formerly of Patrick Graham, Esq., \ 

late President of this province : a gentlewoman universally beloved and 
universally lamented. 

Marriage, 1765. 

Thursday, Sept. 19, 1765. 

Last Thursday se'night was married, at Sunbury, Dr. John Irwin of 
that place to Miss Nancy Baillie, daughter of Kenneth Baiilie, Esq. 

Deaths, 1765. 

Thursday, Mar. 14. 1765. 

Died in Savannah, Friday the 8 th , Mrs. Deveaux, wife of James 
Deveaux, Esq. 

Thursday, Apr. 25, 1765. 

Died Saturday, Apr. 20, in Savannah, Mrs. Wells, wife of Capt. 
Andrew Elton Wells. 


Thursday, Aug. 8, 1765. 

On Tuesday 30 ult., died at Sunbury, greatly regretted, John 
Elliott, Esq. 

Marriage, 1766. 

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1766. 

Married, Capt. Andrew Elton Wells to Miss Elizabeth Maxwell, 
daughter of Audley Maxwell, Esq. 

|i*03] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 155 

Monday, May 27, 1767. 

On Tuesday, 19 inst., at Great Ogechee, Mr. James Butler, son 
4 Joseph Butler, Esq., to Miss Anna Dix. 

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1767. 

Last Wednesday were married at the College by the Rev. Mr. 
Zubly, Mr. Benjamin Stirk to Miss Hannah Polhill, and Mr. John 
Stirk to Miss Hannah Miller, agreeable ladies with handsome fortunes. 

Deaths, 1767. 

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1767. 

On the 18 tb December last, died at Fairfield near Sunbury, Mr. 
Kenneth Baillie, eldest son of Colonel Kenneth Baillie, deceased, 
who was the only son at home to take care of his poor disconsolate 

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1767. 

Died lately, at Turtle River, Colonel Mark Carr. 

Saturday last, at Great Ogechee, Miss Betsey Butler daughter of 
Etisha Butler, Esq. 

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1767. 
Last week died, at Great Ogechee, Mr. John Maxwell. 

Marriage, 1768. 

Wednesday, July 13, 1768. 

Monday last John Simpson, Esq., to Miss Betsey Martin, daughter 

f, f Clement Martin, Sen. 

Deaths, 1768. 

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1768. 

Saturday last died, at Great Ogechee, Joseph Bntier, jun., Esq., one 

*t die Representatives in the General Assembly for the Parish of St. 

Yesterday morning, died at the plantation of the Hon. James 
wackay, Esq., at Strathy Hall, in Great Ogechee, Donald Mackay, 
*&j.tOf Frederica, a gentleman much esteemed and greatly lamented. 

Aiul this morning, in town, Charles West, Esq., who served as a 
**mber of the last General Assembly of this province. 
H >dnesday, Oct. 26, 1768. 

[Thursday last died here the Honorable William Simpson, Esq., 
W&t Justice of this province. 
W *dnesday, Nov. 16, 1768. 

'Jied at Midway, very much regretted by all who had the pleasure 

bis acquaintance, James Maxwell, Esq. 

156 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [July 

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 1768. 

At Sunbury, Capt. Robert Nichols. 

Marriages, 1769. 

Wednesday, Apr. 5, 1769. 

Jn South Carolina, Mr. William Telfair of this place to Miss 
Betsey Bellinger, daughter of Edmund Bellinger, Esq. 

Wednesday, July 12, 1769. 

Mr. Robert Bolton to the widow of Dr. Starkey, late of St. 

John's parish, deceased. 

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 1769. 

Mr. James Habersham, Jr., son of the Hon. James Habersham, 
Esq., President of his Majesty's Council, to Miss Esther Wylly, nu 
agreeable young lady, sister to Alexander Wylly, Esq. 

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1769. 

Samuel Elbert, Esq., to Miss Betsey Roe. 

Death, 1769. 
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1769. 
Died Mrs. Watson, wife of Charles Watson, Esq., Attorney at Law. 

Marriages, 1774. 

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 1774. 

James Philips, Esq., to the amiable Miss Ann Martin daughter of 
Clement Martin, Sen Sr., Esq., and sister to the Hon. Clement 
Martin, Esq. 

Wednesday, May 25, 1774. 

Tuesday, 17 inst. at Midway by the Rev. Mr. Zubly, Mr. Daniel 
Roberts to Miss Amarantha Elliott daughter of the late Captain John 
Elliott, Esq. 

Also Mr. Thomas Sumner to Miss Sally Quartuman, a grand- 
daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Osgood. 

Wednesday last at plantation of Mrs. Gibbons, Edward Telfair, 
Esq., to Miss Sally Gibbons, daughter of William Gibbons, deceased. 

And on Thursday, in Savannah, Mr. James Dixsee to Mrs. Rogers. 
Wednesday, June 1, 1774. 

Sunday last at Skidaway, Henry Preston, Esq., to Miss Jane Dele- 
gall, daughter of Colonel Philip Delegall. 

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1774. 

Married lately, in St. John's Parish, Joseph Law, Esq., to Miss 
Betsey Spry. 



ju.03 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 157 




Marriages, 1775. 

Wednesday, May 31, 1775. 

Yesterday se'night was married at Great Ogechee, Mr. Adam 
Fowler Brisbane to Miss Polly Camber, daughter of Mr. Thomas 
(.'amber, deceased. 

Deaths, 1775. 
Wednesday, Jane 21, 1775. 

At Fort Dartmouth in St Paul's Parish, Edward Barnard, Captain 
of the company of rangers, raised for the protection of settlers on 
the lands lately ceded to his Majesty by the Indians. 

Nov. 15, 1775. 
Died Joseph Butler Esq. Dr. James Forrester. 

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 1775. lj 

Charleston, S. C, Nov. 24, Mrs Moultrie, lady of Colonel Moultrie \\ 

and Mrs. Butler widow of late William Butler, Esq., two ladies who 

were esteemed and respected by all who knew them. 

Marriages, 1783. 

Thursday, Mar. 27, 1783. 

Wednesday, the 19 th inst., was married Major John Habersham of 
the Georgia regiment and commandant of the town of Savannah, 
sou of the Honorable James Habersham, Esq., deceased, to Miss 
Nancy Camber, daughter of the late Thomas Camber, P2sq. 

Next day was also married Benjamin Lloyd, Esq., son of the de- 
ceased Thomas Lloyd, Esq., to Miss Polly Morel daughter of John 
Morel, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, July 3, 1783. 

Mr. Joseph William Spencer, son of William Spencer, Esq., de- 
ceased, to Mrs. Dorothy Cuyler, widow of the late Henry Cuyler, 
Ksq., and daughter of the Honorable Clement Martin,. Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, Dec. 18, 1783. 

Charleston, S. C, Dec. 13. Thursday evening, at Johns Island, 
Major William Leigh Pierce, late aid-de-camp to the Honorable 
Major General Greene, to Miss Charlotte Fenwick, daughter of 
lie Honorable Edward Fenwick, Esq., deceased. 

(To be continued.) 






Savage says of Ambrose Boaden that he was of Scarborough, Me., 
1658, and was killed by Indians probably in Oct., 1G75. He also 
states he had a son Ambrose of Scarborough in 1658. 

In 1750 the heirs of Ambrose Bowden brought suit against John 


Rackley or Rackliff, Benj. Haskins and Robert Hasty, all of Scarbo- 
rough, for trespass, etc., to secure 3/8 of 225 acres and of 25 acres at 
Scarborough and Spurwink [No. 75,511] which suit failed, the de- 
fendants on an appeal obtaining execution 25 April, 1753. The pa- 
pers are in Suffolk files No. 69,418, etc. and the depositions present 
an excellent pedigree of the family for three generations. 

There had been a prior dispute over Bowden's land, for, under date 
of 30 July, 1664, Samuel Oakman, set. 34, testifies that the land 
now in controversy between Michael Maddiver and John Finnie, 
Ambrose Boden, Jr., had quiet possession of eleven years since and that 
about four years before Michael Maddiver came there to dwell, and 
John Finney has had possession seven years. Also that six or seven 
years since Ambrose Boden, Jr., was helping him in haying and 
there came to Boden Judith Maddiver, Michael's wife, and Andrew 
Alger, bringing a compass and set out the bounds between Boden 
and Maddiver. 

Samuel Libbie, of Scarborough, deposes in 1752, set. 63, that he 
came to live in Scarborough thirty five years past next July, au^ 
after he came saw William Michal and wife living on the land in 
controversy and some time after I came John Finney and his wife 
came from Kittery and lived with Michal all the time they lived and 
were buried on that land. Michal's widow, now wife of Benjamin 
Haskins, has had possession since his death. 

Other deponents were John M c Kinney, a?t. 68 in 1752, Jeremiah 
Jordan set. 64, and Mary Jordan set. between 80 and 90. 

Deborah Jones deposes 5 June, 1752, at York, aet. between 80 
and 90, that John Finney above 60 years ago lived on west side and 
Ambrose Boden on the other side of the creek until they were 
driven off. 

Simpson Boden deposes, 1 Jnne, 1752, living more than 30 miles 
from York, aet. 53, that in Oct., 1727, with his father John Boden 


l! I 


1 • 



Notes. 159 

of Marblehead, eldest son of Ambrose Boden of Spur wink and some 
others were at Spurwink, and that Dominicus Jordan, eldest grandson 
of Robert Jordan of Spurwink met them and ran a boundary line be- 
tween the land of said Ambrose Boden and of Maddiver and Oakman. 
Mitchel's chimney mentioned. Testimony to be used in an action of 
ejectment between Nicholas Edgcombe of Marblehead and John 
Kackliff and others, appellees. 

Damaris Webber, aged about 100 years, lived with her father 
Ambrose Boden at Spurwink 25 years and remembers the land her 
father bought of Robert Jordan. A creek divided her father's land 
from Kendalls. Her uncle Jinny possessed a small parcell of land 
adjoining her father's. Her father held the land till about 1700 
when he was driven off by the Indians. She had a brother Jonathan, 
who was father of Tabitha Ball of Marblehead, widow, a brother 
Ambrose Boden who was the father of Benjamin Boden, Lydia Stacy, 
Ambrose Boden, deceased, Mary Homan, and Elizabeth Furnis de- 
ceased, all of Marblehead and a sister Susannah who was the mother 
of Nicholas Edgcomb of Marblehead. 1 June, 1752. [No. 69, 418.] 

Original deed of Robert Jordan to Ambrose Boden. Recorded 
1727. York Deeds 12, 178. [No. 28,076, also a copy in No. 73, 
511.] Robt. Jordan, minister, wife Sarah, Ambrose Boden, Jr., in 
consideration of six days labor at harvest 200 acres at Spurwink 
where he has lived several years past. Dated 9 July, 1674. 

John Ratcliff, Benj. Haskins, Robt. Hasty, all of Scarboro vs. 
Nicholas Edgecomb, merchant, Tabitha Ball, widow, Benj. Boden, 
shoreman, Ebenezer Stacey gent., and wife Lydia, Nathaniel Homan, 
cooper, wife Mary, Benj. Furnis, cordwainer, i nd Elizabeth Dodd, 
widow, all of Marblehead, John, William, Joseph and Ambrose Boden 
of said Marblehead, laborers and infants who sued by Benj. Boden 
their next of kin, etc. Execution in favor Ratcliff et als. 25 April, 
1"53. [No. 71,000.-] .'"'■" 

Rackleyor Ratcliff held his land by deed of Samuel Waldo, 1744, 
*fid there is also a deed from Joshua Scottou of Boston to Ambrose 
Boden, Jr., for 25 acres at Spurwink, dated 8 June, 1675. 

Nicholas Edgecomb was son of John Edgecomb who retired to 
^demand was taxed there in 1700, and grandson of Nicholas Edge- 
tomb of W.inter. Island. 1638-43. Nicholas Edgecomb, Sr., died at 
&acoinl681. He married Wilmot Randall in 1C42 or 1643. See 
*rew lawny Papers. 





Mordecai Larcom, Sr., married about 1654/5, Elizabeth, late 
widow of William Clark of Ipswich. A warrant is preserved in 
Essex County Court papers addressed to the constable at Bass River 
in 1670, to arrest John Clark, Mordecai Larcom's son in law, for at- 
tempting "murther on the Lord's day in sermon time, in thrusting a 
knife against the ribs of Justin John, servant to Jacob Bandy.'' 
From depositions it appears that John Clark was born about 1643 
and that he had a brother Thomas, born about 1638/9. Mordecai 
Larcom's wife in 1673 testifies she was about 40 years old. 
She was step mother of John Clark. 

John Clark had a son Cornelius. John sold an estate in Beverly 
to William Clark in 1705 and removed to Rochester, Mass., where 
he died in 1726. [From note of A. F. A.] 





Vol. IV. October, 1903. No. 3. 




(Continued from Vol. IV, page 157.) 
Deaths, 1783. 


Note. — First printing press in Georgia was set up in 1763, and on April 7, 1863, appeared 

the first issue of the " Georgia Gazette." 



rhursday, Feb. 27, 1783. 

Died in the 25 th year of his age, on Saturday the 15 th inst., Major 
Lachlan M c Intosh of the Georgia Line, at Camden, on his way eon- 
lucting his mother and family from their long and painful exile 
lome to their own country. 

rhursday, Nov. 26, 1783. 
Mrs. Mary Demere, wife of Raymond Demere, Esq. 
Mr. David Maxwell. 

. Marriages, 1784. 

Thursday, May 10, 1784. 

On Thursday last, Major Lachlan M c Intosh, son of Col. William 
H c Intosh, to Mrs. Mary Nash, relict of Captain Clement Nash of 
his state. 


........ | 

162 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [October 

Thursday, June 3, 1784. 

At Brampton on Savannah Biver, Colonel Richard Wylly to Mrs. 
Mary Morel, relict of John Morel, Esq., and daughter of Jonathan 
Bryan, Esq. 

Thursday, Dec. 23, 1784. 

On Sunday night last was married Raymond Demere, Esq., to 
Miss Mary Miller, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Miller, Esq., 

Deaths, 1784. 

Thursday, Nov. 25, 1784. 

Died at Mr. George Baillie's, Liberty Co., after a very tedious and 
painful illness of near two months, Mrs. Margaret Berrien the 
amiable consort of Major John Berrien. 

Thursday, Dec. 2, 1784. 

On Saturday night last, in Sunbury, departed this life, after a 
short illness, Mr. John Kell, late of this town, merchant. 

Marriages, 1785. 
Thursday, Feb. 3. 

Tuesday evening, Dr. George Jones son of the Honorable Noble 
Wimberly Jones, Esq., to the most amiable Miss Mary Gibbons 
daughter of the late William Gibbons, Esq., a young lady endowed 
with every accomplishment that can make the married state truly 

Last Sunday, Colonel James Jackson to Miss Polly Young, 
daughter of the Honorable William Young , Esq., deceased. 

On Monday, Mr. Isaac Fell to Miss Betsey Shick, daughter of 
John Shick, Esq. 


Same (Tuesday) evening, Mr. Justus Hartman Scheuben to Mrs. 
Priscilla Camphor. 

Thursday, Feb. 17, 1785. 

Last Sunday was married, Seth John Cuthbert, Esq., to Miss 
Polly Clay, eldest daughter of the Honorable Joseph Clay, Esq. 
Thursday, Aug. 18, 1785. 

On Tuesday, the 9 th inst., was married, in Liberty Co., William 
M c Intosh, Esq., to Miss Barbara M'Intosh, daughter of Colonel 
William M'Intosh. 

Thursday, Sept. 1, 1785. 

At Buckland Hall, Great Ogechee, Thomas Stone, Esq., to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Stewart, widow of James Stewart, Esq., deceased. 


1903] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 163 

Thursday, Nov. 10. 

Last Thursday, in Liberty Co., Joseph Law, Esq., to Mrs. Sandi- 
ford, widow of Captain John Sandiford. 

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1785. 
Mr. Francis Vollston to Miss Rachel Nowland. 


Deaths, 1785. 
Thursday, Aug. 25. 

Last Saturday died, in Liberty County in an advanced age, Mrs. 
Wainwood M'Intosh, sister to Roderick M'lntosh, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, Dec. 29, 1785. 

Died lately, at Alexandria, in Virginia, James Mackay, Esq., of 
this state. 

Died at Belfast, on Tuesday evening last, Mrs. Stone, wife of 
Thomas Stone, Esq., a lady of the most exemplary life and accom- 
plished manners. 

Died at New Providence, Samuel Farley, Esq., Attorney at Law. 

Marriages, 1786. 

Thursday, Jan. 19, 1786. 

Mr. Thomas Johnston to Miss Mary Dews. 

Thursday, Jan. 26, 1786. ^ 

Wednesday the 18, in Effingham County, Mr. Thomas Polhill to 
Miss Polly Anderson, daughter of Mr. James Anderson, deceased. 

Thursday, Feb. 2. 

Jcsiah Tattnall, Jun., Esq., to Miss Harriet Fenwick. 
Mr. John David Mongin to Miss Sally Watts. 

Thursday, P. 23. 

Last Sunday, M Benjamin Maxwell, son of William Maxwell, 
Esq., to Miss Ja Bullock, daughter of the Honorable Archibald 
Bullock, Esq., c eased, first Governor of this state. 

Thursday, Apr. 13. 

James Bullock, Esq., son of the Honorable Archibald Bullock 
Esq., deceased, to Miss Nancy Irvine, daughter of Dr. John Irvin. 

Lately, in Liberty County, Mr. Samuel Bird to Mrs. P^lliott, widow 
of Mr. Thomas Elliott. 

Thursday, May 18. 

Mr. Alexander Cameron to Miss Matilda Fenwicke. 

164 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [October 

Thursday, June 1 st . 

On Thursday last, Mr. John Pray, son of Captain Job Pray, to 
Miss Barbara Maxwell, daughter of James Maxwell, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, July 13. 

Mr. Ebenezer Whiting, silversmith, to Miss Betsey Turner, 
daughter of Mr. Lewis Turner, deceased. 

Thursday, July 27. 

In Effingham County, the 3 d inst, Mr. M c Keen Green to Miss 
Eleanor M c Call, daughter of Mr. Charles M c Call, of Ogechee. 

Deaths, 1786. 

Thursday, Jan. 19, 1786. 

Died, Mr. William Hackell, silversmith. 

Thursday, Jan. 26. 

Last Saturday, died here, Mr. William Flower. 

Thursday, Feb. 2, 1786. 

Last week, died, on his way to the westward, the Honorable 
John Martin, Esq. 

Died lately, in New Providence, John Mullryne, Esq., formerly 
of this state. 

Thursday, Feb. 9, 1786. | 

Jn Virginia, Joseph Wood, Esq., Attorney at Law, son of Joseph 
Wood, Esq., of Liberty County in this state. 

At Wilmington Island, near this place, Mrs. Ann Clark, wife of 
Mr. William Clark. I 

Thursday, Feb. 23, 1786. I 

Died, near Savannah, Mrs. Dawson, widow. 
Thursday, Mar. 23, 1786. I 

Last Saturday, died here, Mr. Mathew Poche, tailor. 

Thursday, Mar. 30. ---- 

Mrs. Theis, of White Bluff. 

Mr. William Thomson, formerly a merchant in this place. 
Thursday, Apr. 13. 

Died at his plantation, near this town, Mr. Benjamin Farley. 
Thursday, Apr. 20. 

Died 10 th inst., at Sapels in Liberty County, Mrs. Jane M c Intosh 
consort of William Mcintosh, Sen., Esq. 




1903] Marriages and Deat s in Georgia Colon?/. 165 

Thursday, June 22, 1786. 

On Monday last, the 19 th day of June, died at his seat near Sa- 
vannah, Nathaniel Greene, Esq., late Maj. General in the army of the 
United States. 

Thursday, June 29. 
Henry Perroneau, Esq., Attorney- at- law. 

Thursday, July 6. 

Died of the Small Pox, at the Governor's in Augusta, on the 3 rd 
alt., Mrs. Katherine Stith, wife of the Hon. William Stith, Esq., 
Chief Justice of this state. 

Thursday, July 13. 

Last Monday, Mrs. Elizabeth Stirk, wife of Samuel Stirk, Esq. 

Died lately in Liberty Co., George M c Donald, aged 110 years . . . 
He came over from England with General Oglethorpe. 

On Sunday last, Mrs. Williams, wife of Mr. William Williams. 

Thursday, July 20. 
Miss Nancy Morel, daughter of Mr. Peter Morel, deceased. 

Thursday, July 27. 

Died in Wilkes Co., John Wilkinson, Esq. 

In Savannah, Capt. Smith of the brigantine Mary. 
Thursday, Aug. 3. 

In Savannah, Capt. George Murray of the sloop Isabella. 

At Ogechee Ferry, Mr. Charles Scott. 

Marriages, 1787. 
Thursday, March 1. 

Nassau, New Providence, Feb. 3. 

17 th [Jany.] at Abaco, Capt. Alexander Campbell Wylly to Miss 
Armstrong, daughter of Mr. William Armstrong. 

Thursday, March 20. 

Married, the Honorable Christopher Hillary, Esq., member of the 
Executive Council for Glynn Co., to Miss Agnes Hightower of this 

Thursday, March 22. 

Near Savannah, John Hammond, Esq., of Mount Airy, in S. C.,to 

Mrs. Elizabeth Grimm, widow of the Hon. Richard Grimm, Esq. 

In South Carolina, Jacob Guerard, Esq., to Miss Martha William- 


166 Marriag and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [October 


1 !- 
i i 




I ; 
■ ■ 
i ■ 

Thursday, Apr. 5. 

Thomas M c Call, Esq., Surveyor Geueral of this state, to Miss 
Fall. I M 

Mr. Isaac Youug to Mrs. Odingsells, widow of Mr. Benjamin 

Thursday, Apr. 19. 

Lately, in Liberty Co., Col. Ferdinand O'Niel, to Miss Polly Wood- 
ruff, daughter of Col. Joseph Woodruff. 

In Richmond Co., James M. Simmons, Esq. to Miss Mary Stith. 

Thursday, May 31. 

In Savannah, Mr. Benjamin Butler, son of Joseph Butler, Esq., 
deceased, to Miss Betsey Anstey. 

In Liberty County, Mr. Thomas Graves to Miss Betsey Maxwell, 
daughter of Col. James Maxwell. 

Thursday, June 7. 

At Little Ogechee, Mr. Peter Lafitte to Miss Jennie Papot. 

Thursday, June 14. 

In Augusta, Capt. Ambrose Gordon to Miss Betsey Mead, daughter 
of Col. William Mead. 

Lately, in Beaufort, William Elliott, Esq., son of the late William 
Elliott, Esq., to Miss Phebe Waight, daughter of William Waight, 
Esq., of St. Helena, deceased. 

Thursday, July 5. % 

Mr. John Ring to Mrs. Nungezer, widow of Mr. Henry Nungezer. 

The Rev. Mr. John Ernst Bergman to Miss Catherine Herb. 

At Frederica, Capt. John Dil worth to Mrs. Sowerby, widow of 

Henry Sowerby, Esq. 

Thursday, July 12. 

In Liberty County, Mr. James Belcher to Mrs. Carr, widow of 
William Carr, Esq. 

Thursday, Aug. 30. 

Married, Mr. John Poullen to Miss Ann Stutz, daughter of Mr. 
Michael Stutz, deceased. 

Thursday, Sept. 13. 

Mr. William Johnson to Miss Polly Petty, daughter of Capt. John 

Mr- John Herb to Miss Catherine Seebly. 






' ' 


i 1 



■ * 

I 1 


1 ';'!; 

1 !-l 

•I !1 

i' , 






! 'i ■ 




19031 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 167 

5 1 

i I 


! : 
• : 

i j 

fbursday, Sept. 27. 

In Liberty County, Mr. Charles Irvine, son of Dr. John Irvine, to 
^iss Betsey Darling, daughter of Andrew Darling, Esq., deceased. 

fbursday, Oct. 18. 

Lately, in Liberty County, Mr. Artemas Baker, son of William 
E&ker, Esq., deceased, to Miss Euphemia Darling, daughter of the 
sic Andrew Darling, Esq. 

rbursday, Nov. 29. 

Married, in Savannah, Mr. Orrock to Mrs. Farley, widow of Mr. 
knjamin Farley. 

Capt. Tucker to Mrs. Wall, late of New Providence. 

In South Carolina, Mr. Stebbins to Mrs. Davis, widow of Edward 
)avis, Esq. 

Mr. Zechariah Hoskins to Miss Harriet Waldburger. 

fbursday, Dec. 13. 

In Chatham County, Mathew M'Allister, Esq., Attorney General 
rf this state, to Miss Hannah Gibbons, daughter of Joseph Gibbons, 
Esq., deceased. 

Mr. David Fox, son of Mr. William Fox, deceased, to Miss 

Deaths, 1787. 

hursday, March 15, 1787. 
Died, Mrs. Morel, wife of Peter Henry Morel, Esq, 

uesday, Mar. 20. 

Died, in Savannah, Mar. 15, Mr. John Hinnil, late an officer in the 
^sachusetts Artillery in the service of the United States. 

hursday, Mar. 20. 

Augusta, Mar. 1. Died, last Sunday morn ing, Dr. Henry Todd. 

wsday, Mar. 27. 
Died, Mr. Lewis Cope. 

hursday, Apr. 19. 

Died at Isle of Hope, at an advanced age, Mrs. Parker, widow 
Henry Parker, Esq., President of Georgia under the Trustee Gov- 
'^uent. She arrived here from England on the 29 of August, 1733. 

kureday, Apr. 26. 

Died, Capt. John R. Stafford. 

Wed, Mr. Alexander Allison. 


; i 



168 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 

Thursday, May 24. 

On Monday last, died here, Mrs. Priscilla Poullen wife of Mr. 
John Poullen. 

Thursday, Aug. 9. 

Died, in this town, Mr. Paul Porcher. 
In Charleston, the Rev. Thomas Hill. 

Thursday, Aug. 16. 

Grey Elliott, Esq., formerly of this place, lately died in London. 

Thursday, Sept. 6. 

Died, Mr. Moses Nuuey, aged 82 years. He was a native of Port- 
ugal, but had spent the greatest part of his life, with an irreproach- 
able character, in this country. 

Thursday, Sept. 27. 

Died, Mrs. Franco Holms, wife of Mr. Robert Holms. 
Died, Mr. Charles Hervey. 

Thursday, Oct. 4. 

Died, Mr. John Wandin. 
Mr. Thomas Thomson. 

Thursday, Oct. 11. 

Died, The Hon. William O'Brien, sen., one of the assistant Judges 
for the county of Chatham. 

Mr. Samuel Newman. 

Thursday, Oct. 18. 
In Sunbury, Mr. Peter Donworth. 

Thursday, Nov. 8. 

Died, Mrs. Mary Christie. 

Thursday, Nov. 15. 
Died, Mr. James Gibbons, son of William Gibbons, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, Nov. 22. 

On Wednesday morning, the 14 inst., died, universally lamented, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Cole, wife of Mr. Thomas Cole, merchant at Augusta. 

{To he continued.) 




► Monuments 


( Continued from page 120.) 

Bryant, Levi, born in 1774, died in 1850. 

Lydia, wife of Levi, born in 1773, died in 

Lydia S., daughter of Levi and Lydia, 

born in 1812, died in 1818. 

Polly, daughter of Levi and Lydia born in 

1816, died in 1818. 

Philander, died Sept. 30, 1844, 26 yrs. 

Hiram S., died Nov. 17, 1838, 24 yrs. 

William, died July 27, 1773, 44 th yr. 

Ruth, wife of William, Apr. 10, 1769, 79 th yr. 

Esther, " " Isaac, Feb. 7, 1822, 73 rd yr. 

Seth, died Sept. 28, 1822, 46 yrs. . 

Lucy, wife of Seth, Sept. 21, 1829, '53 yrs. 

Hannah, wife of Caleb, Dec. 26, 1822, 78 yrs. 

" daughter of William and Hannah, July 3, 1773, 
16 th yr. 

Lucy S., daughter of Ezekiel S. and Lucy, Mar. 5, 1843, 

20 yrs. 

Surbank, Polly, wife of Thomas, Feb. 21, 1846, 74 th yr. 

Paulina, daughter of Thomas and Polly, Oct. 30, 1826, 18 th 

arver, Capt. Josiah, died Apr. 5, 1799, 74 yrs., lOmos. 
Jerusha, widow of Josiah, Apr. 23, 1820, 98 th yr. 
Milleson, wife of Capt. John, July 19, 1813, 62 nd yr. 
Patience, " " " " Jan. 19, 1788, 34 th yr. 

" daughter of Capt. John and Patience, Aug. 26, 
1782, 3yrs., lmo., 9da. 

aswell, Salmon, son of Salmon and Polly, Nov. 15, 1848, 22 yrs. 
Mary, daughter of Salmon and Polly, Oct. 10, 1843, 21 
yrs., lOmos., 25da. 




170 Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. [October 


Chase^ Hannah, daughter of Ezra and Lydia, June 18, 1833, 4yrs., 
4mos., Ida. 

Clark, Joseph 2 nd , born Nov. 9, 1767, died Sept. 5, 1847. 

Dr. « " Dec. 2, 1755, » Feb. 7, 1843 (Rev. sol- 

dier) . 
Rebecca, wife of Dr. Joseph, Feb. 22, 1831, 73 yrs. 
Samuel, son " " " and Rebecca, Aug. 30, 1791, 

6yrs., 5mos. 
James B., son " " " " " Mar. 31, 1796, 

10 mos. 
Samuel, Esq., died Mar. 29, 1813, 84 yrs. 
Lucy, wifeof Dr. Samuel, Dec. 9, 1789, 51yrs., llmos., llda. 
Nathaniel, son of Dr. Samuel and Lucy, Oct. 27, 1757, lyr., 

Hannah S., daughter of Thomas and Hannah, Aug. 12, 

1829, 5mos. 
Hannah, widow of Josiah, July 15, 1821, 78 th yr. 

" daughter of " and Hannah, July 23, 1782, 

2yrs., 2mos. 
Miss Sarah, died Mar. 6, 1823, 61 yrs. 
Miss Mary, " Oct. 27, 1815, 52 yrs. 
Mrs. Abia, " Nov. — , 1825, 69 yrs. 

Cobb, Levi, died May 22, 1842, 75 yrs. 

Olive, wife of Levi, Sept. 25, 1849, 78 yrs. 

Hannah," " " Feb. 28, 1799, 27 th yr. 

Jacob Soule, son of Levi and Hannah, May 5, 1799, 3 mos. 

Mercy, daughter " " " " Sept. 3, 1796, 13 

mos., 21 da. 
Joseph E., son " " " Olive, Nov. 25, 1803, 15 mos., 

10 da. 
Andrew, died May 19, 1826, 62 nd yr. 
Hannah, wife of Andrew, Nov. 8, 1846, 79 yrs. 
Gideon, died Sept. 17, 1730, 29 th yr. 
James, " Aug. 14, 1773, 47 th yr. 
Susanna, wife of James, June 21, 1813, 88 th yr. 
Seth, son " " and Susanna, Jan. 15, 1778,21 st yr. 

Thankful, daughter of James and Susanna, Oct. 24, 

1778, 29 th yr. 
Hannah, " " " " " July 5, 1778, 

11 th yr. - 

1903] Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. Ill 

Cobb, John, died July 6, 1750, 62 nd yr. 

Mary, widow of John, Aug. 16, 1795, 92 nd yr. 
John, Jr., died June 22, 1750, 29 th yr. 
John, died Jan. 23, 1822, 76 yrs. 
Jane, wife of John, July 26, 1810, 66 th yr. 
James, died Jan. 27, 1743, 47 th yr. 
Thankful, wife of James, Apr. 17, 1743, 48 th yr. 
John, died Oct. 8, 1727, 66 th yr. 
Rachel, died Sept. 18, 1727, 65 th yr. 
Ruth, died Oct. 7, 1727, 25 th yr. 

Deacon Jonathan, died Aug. 5, 1728, about his 68 th yr. 
• Hope, wife of Deacon Cobb, July 25, 1728, 76 th yr. 
Mary, daughter of John, Apr. 30, 1727, 9mos. 
Sarah, died Sept. 21, 1727, 11 th yr. 

" widow of Timothy, Nov. 4, 1820, 80 th yr. 
Andrew, died July 14, 1800, 66yrs., 8mos., 20 da. 
Lewis " Nov. 5, 1842, 76yrs. 
Meriam, wife of Gershom, Jan. 31, 1748, 27 th yr. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Gershom and Elizabeth, Feb. 28, 

1756, 8mos. 8da. 
Ebenezer, died Aug. 22, 1811, 80 yrs. lacking 2 da. 
Mary, widow of Sylvanus of Barnstable, Mar. 4, 1781, 

75 th yr. 
Siivanus, son of Gideon and Mehitable, Oct. 2, 1786, 16 th yr. 
Hannah, daughter of Gideon and Mehitable, June 2, 1776, 

2 yrs., 1 mo., 18 da. 
Abijah, wife of Nathan, Feb. 5, 1776, 48 th yr. 
John, son " " and Abijah, Oct. 7, 1760, 6 yrs. 
Priscilla, daughter of John and Jael, Oct. 20, 1775, 3 yrs. 

11 da. 
Joanna, died Nov. 11, 1724, 32 yrs. 
Martha, daughter of John and Joanna, Mar. 9, 1742, 2-3 rd yr. 

Cole, Thomas, died May 16, 1759, 57 th yr. 

Sarah, daughter of Archippus and Drucilla, Aug. 30, 1772, 

1 yr. 3 da. 
Harriet G., daughter of Lemuel and Lucy, Aug. 6, 1844, 
14 yrs., 6 mos., 7 da. 

Conant, Rev. Siivanus, died of small-pox, Dec. 8, 1777, 58 th yr., 
33 rd yr. of his Ministry and Pastor of 1 st Church of 

112, Records from Old, Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. [October 


Conant, Abigail, wife of Rev. Silvanus, Jan. 3, 1759, 28 yrs. 

Hezekiah, son of Rev. Silvanus and Abigail, born Nov. 7, 
1758, " lived 7 days & died." 

Cornish, William, died Feb. 21 st , 1836, 79 th yr. 

Mercy, wife of William, Nov. 17, 1800, 46 th yr. 

William, died Apr. 23, 1841, 54 th yr. 

Eunice, wife of William, born Oct. 16, 1788, died Oct. 15, 

Hannah, wife of William O., Dec. 29, 1843, 30 th yr. 
Julius Pf, son of Josiah T. and Louisa, born Dec. 11, 1838, 

died Sept. 28, 1849. 

Cox, Ebenezer, died Oct. 8, 1774, 45 lh yr. 

Priscilla, relict of Ebenezer, Dec. 18, 1806, 80 th yr. 

Levi, son of Ebenezer and Priscilla, Nov. 12, 1774, 23 rd yr. 

Joseph, son of " " " " 24,1778, 6 th yr. 

John, died June 3, 1761, 66 th yr. 

John, Jr., died July 5, 1770, 47 th yr. 

Elisha, died Aug. 4, 1813, 63 rd yr. 

John 3 rd , son of John, Jr. and Lydia, Aug. 18, 1770, 20 yrs. 

Job, " " " " " " " 3, 1770, 15 yrs. 

Hannah, daughter of John Jr. and Lydia, Aug. 5, 1770, 

12 yrs. 
Francis T., son of John and Cynthia, Mar. 28, 1797, 26 da. 
Priscilla, died June 8, 1847, 45 yrs. 
Elizabeth, died Aug. 19, 1837, 26 yrs. 
Ebenezer, s*on of Elisha and Elizabeth, Jan. 20, 1810, 3 mos. 

1 da. 

Cushman, Noah, died Mar. 29, 1818, 73 yrs. 

Mercy, wife of Noah, Mar. 24, 1788, 39 yrs., 10 mos., 15 

Zilpha, wife of Noah, June 23, 1806, 43 yrs., 3 mos., 20 da. 
Rebekah, daughter of Noah and Zilpha, Sept. 15, 1790, 

3 mos., 3 da. 
Capt. Joseph, died Apr. 15, 1840, 64 yrs. 
Sally, wife of Capt. Joseph, Feb. 27, 1841, 63 yrs. 
Ichabod, died Feb. 1 st 1778. 
Patience, wife of Ichabod, Jan. 1771, 46 th yr. 
William, died Nov. 30, 1815, 75 th yr. 
Susanna, wife of William, Mar. 19, 1790, 50 th yr. 
William, died Aug. 27, 1768, 52 yrs., 10 mos., 2 da. 




1903] Records from Old Cemetery, Middleboro, Mass. 173 

Cashman, Susanna, wife of William, Sept. 13, 1749, 34 th yr. 
Priscilla, widow of Wffiiairi, Apr. 15, 1709, 43 rd yr. 
Nathan, son of William and Priscilla, June 3, 1768, 8 mos., 

20 da. 
Ichabod, son of William and Susanna, Sept. 27, 1749, 23 

— — a son of William and Susanna, born and died Mar. 

3, 1747. 

Joseph, died Nov. 5, 1800, 64 th yr. 
Isaac, son of Joseph and Deborah, Dec. 18, 1786, 10 yrs., 

4 mos., 15 da. 

Susanna, daughter of Joseph and Deborah, Dec. 14, 1786, 

17 yrs., 3 mos., 1 da. 
Mary, daughter of Joseph and Deborah, Dec. 5, 1786, 15 

yrs., 6 mos., 16 da. 
Ichabod, died Oct. 26, 1732, 46 yrs. wanting 4 days. 
Patience, relict of Elnathan Wood and formerly wife of 

Ichabod Cushman, Sept. 8, 1755, 65 th yr. 
Thomas, son of Ichabod and Hope, May 7, 1774, 1 month. 
Andrew, " " Thomas and Molly, Sept. 28, 1789, 6 mos. 

24 da. 
A daughter of Andrew and Polly Stillborn, July 29, 1802. 
A son of Oliver and Joanna, Aug. 9, 1789, 5 days. 
William S., son of Zenas and Sarah, July 17, 1816, 10 th yr. 
James C= I., son of Jacob, Jr., and Roxsa, Sept. 11, 1827, 

1 yr., 3 mos. j 

William J. " " " " " " June 20, 1838, ! 

3 mos., 20 da. 

Sarah E., daughter of Jacob Jr., and Roxsa, Sept. 30, 
1837, 5 yrs., 7 mos. 

^rling, Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth, Mar. 9, 1776, 44 th yr. 
Nathan, died Apr. 19, 1812, 79 tb yr. 
Martha, widow of Nathan, May 12, 1812, 79 th yr. 
Mary, daughter of Nathan aud Martha, Feb. 7, 1792, 21 yrs'., 

5 mos., 17 days. 
John, son of Nathan and Martha, Nov. 14, 1776, 3 rd month. 

ueane, Benjamin, F., died Nov. 21, 1844, 22 nd yr. 

John Mason, son of Eliab and Lydia, Nov. 22, 1833, 2 yrs., 

4 mos, 
Nathan, son of Eliab and Lydia, Nov. 20, 1828, 10 mos. 9 da. 


174 . Records from Old Cemetery, Middle oro, Mass. 

Dexter, William, died June 21, 1719, 14 yrs. 

Drew, Abigail, daughter of John and Sarah, May 26, 172G, 11 th yr. 
Timothy, son of Capt. Timothy and Lydia, Oct. 23, 1811, 
11 mos., 23 da. 
Dunham, Annas, wife of Ephraim, May 15, 1729, 34 th yr. 

Eaton, A daughter of Ziba and Ruth, June 2, 17 — , aged 6 days. 

Eddy, Mercy, relict of Lt. Zechariah, Aug. 25, 1802, 81 st yr. 
Lieut. Ebenezer, died Dec. 22, 1829, 46 th yr. 
A son of Lt. Ebenezer and Betsey, Mar. 10, 1825, 3 days. 
Erastus, son of Lt. Ebenezer and Betsey, Jan. 24, 1828, 

8 mos., 5 da. 
Miss Susanna, died July 29, 1817, 81 st yr. 
Seth, died Aug. 17 th 1837, 83 yrs. 
Jerusha, wife of Seth, Oct. 29, 1835, 76 yrs. 
Deacon Joshua, died May 1, 1833, 85 yrs. 
Lydia, wife of Dea. Joshua, Feb. 13, 1838, 82 yrs. 
Morton, son of Capt. Joshua and Lydia, Oct. 15, 1796, 1 yr., 

5 mos., 7 da. 
Caleb S., died Jan. 18, 1831, 20 yrs. 
Sarah, wife of Zechariah, Esq., born Nov. 12, 1781, 

died Sept. 7, 1850. 
Jane C, daughter of Zechariah and Sarah, born 

June 22, 1822, died Dec. 27, 1835. 

William H., son of Zechariah and Sarah, born Jan. 

10, 1813, died Mar. 19, 1838. 
Samuel E., son of Zechariah and Sarah, born Jan. 

9, 1816, died Jan. 3, 1837. 
Sarah A., daughter of Zechariah and Sarah and wife 

of Samuel Beech, born Oct. 12, 1810, died Sept. 

4, 1838. 
Alexander H., son of Zechariah and Sarah, Sept. ^ 

19, 1805, 14 mos. 
Charles E., son of Zechariah and Sarah, July 21, 

1808, 2 mos. 
Zechariah, son of Zechariah and Sarah, Nov. 4, 

1826, 2 days. 
Lucy Maria, daughter of Zechariah and Sarah, 

Jan. 26, 1811, 16 mos. 

(To be continued.) 

1 stone 

1 stone 

1 stone 

: * 







:J i 

• i 




1 8T CHARLES I, 1625. 

Copied by George F. Touok Sherwood. 

togumber : 

William Sellicke in goods 
Henry S witting in goods 
Henry Attwill in lands 
Eliz Cot, widow, in goods 
John Pyke in lands 
John Langhara in goods 
Edward Locton in lands 
Joan Phelpes in lands 
Joseph Escott in lands 
Gregory Langham in lands 
Margery Hawkins in goods 

Agnes Burye in goods 

John Co r t in lands 

Joan Lewes in lands 

John Beadon in goods 

Lawrenc Cridland in goods 

Robert Hawkins in goods 

Tho. Doble in lauds 

Agnes Beadon in lands 

Assessors : Richard Swittinge in goods 
Hugh Pyke in goods 
Thomas Beadon in goods 


5 ll"l 



Public Record Office, London, Lay Subsidies, 171/361, membrane 3 b . 

4 Charles I, 1629. 


Richard Sweetinge in goods 
Lawrence Cradland iu goods 
Agnes Burge in goods 
Hugh Picke in goods 
John Beadon in goods 
Robert Hawkins iu goods 
Thomas Beadon in goods 
John Langham in lands 
Elizabeth Courte iu goods 
Johane Lewes in lands 

Thomas Doble in lands 
Frauds Langham in lands 
John Picke in lauds 
Henry Attwill in lands 
Christofer Hawkins in lands 
Nicholas Hawkins in lands 
John Courte in lands 
Bators : Henry Sweetinge in goods 
Edward Locton in hands. 

P. It. 0. t Lay Subsidies 171/374, membrane 3 b . 


176 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Stogumber, Somersetshire. 

4 Charles I, 1629. 

Stognmber : 

Lawrence Cridland in goods 
Agnes Burse in «oods 

Thomas Doble in lands 
Henry Attwill in lands 
Christopher Hawkins in lands 
Nicholas Hawkins in lands 
John Court in lands 
Henry Sweetinge in goods 
Elizabeth Court in goods 
Mators : Richard Sweetinge in goods 
John Pyke in lands. 

P. JR. O., Lay Subsidies 172/377, m. 3 b . 

[Note. I cannot find in the next roll 172/387, also 4 Charles I, reference to Stoguraber, 
but part of the roll is decayed. Q. F. T. S.J 

Hugh Pyke in goods 
Thomas Beadon in goods 
John Langham in lands 
John Beadon in goods 
Frauncis Langham in lands 
Edward Locton in lands 
John Lewes in lauds 

17 Charles I, 1641-2. 

Stogumber : 

John Bay(n)am, clerk, in lands 
Hugh Sweeting in goods 

• •*•••••• • « 

. . . Langham . . . 
Lawrence Cridland in lands 
Frances Langham in lands 
Joanne Phelps .... 
John Pyke in lands 
Henry Pyke in lands 
Mary Pyke in lands 

Elizabeth Court in lauds 
. . . . Atwill in lands 
Nicholas Hawkins in lands 
John Court in lands 
Joseph Escott in lands 
George Ferrott in lands 
George Dashwood in lands 
Bators : William Lewes in lands 
John Chilcott in lands 
Thomas Beadon in goods. 

P. P. O., London, Lay Subsidies 172/397,* m. 5*> 
[* The next roll, for this hundred, to that numbered 172/387, A.D. 1629. 1 


By Henry F. Waters. 
(New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed, and cross referenced, by Lothrop Withington, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

{Continued from page 152.) 

{Catherine Aldworth of Portsmouth, Southampton, widow. 
Will 28 June 1620 ; proved 4 May 1(321. Salisbury Cathedral. Son 
Richard Swayne. Daughters Agnes Bayley and Alice Bayley. 
Brother Richard Sawyer. Kinsman Thomas Sayer, son of Richard 
Sayer. Son Francis Swayne, Executor. Overseers : Mr. William 
Habberley, gent., John Burstoe, Thomas Newbery and John Parrat 
u\ of Portsmouth. Witnesses : Thomas Silvester, James Lawe, 
Robert Shuttover, John Newlen. Dale, 39. 

Francis Aldworth, 1623 (Byrde, 3). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 634. 

Richard Aldworth, citizen and merchant taylor of London. Will 
20 November 1624 ; proved 10 March 1633/4. Born in St. Giles, 
Reading. Wife Margaret. My five children, Richard, Susan, 
Elizabeth, Margaret, and Francis [a daughter] Aldworth. My 
daughters and my son. Sister Avis Haughton. Her former husband 
Christopher Jackman. Sister-in-law Mrs. Susan Coulson. Brother- 
s-law Mr. Christopher Coulson. Wife's kinswoman Dennys Johnson. 
Uncle Sir Richard Sutton, knight. [Administration de bonis non, 
June 1652.] Seager, 22. 

Robert Aldworth, 1635 (Sadler, 3). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 734. 

ALDwoirrn, 1645. See Noel (Elizabeth), Dowager Viscountess 
Campden. Cozen Richard Aldworth, eldest son of late nephew 
'ichard Aldworth deceased. Other children of Richard Aldworth. 

Rivers, 109. 

See Bovey (Ursula) of London. Brother Mr. 

Fines, 63. 

Aldworth, 1647. See Pindar (Michael) of London, citizen and 
"*hmonger. Father-in-law Richard Aldworth of Bristol, alderman. 
Brother Robert Aldworth of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Fines, 100. 


Aldworth, 1647. 
Richard Aldworth. 



178 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

Aldworth, 1657. See Lee (Lt. John), Barbados, gent. Gabriel 
Aldworth a witness. Barbados Records, Vol.1, page 218. 

Aldworth, 1660. See Hooke (Cecily) of Bristol. Grandchild 
Dorothy Aldworth. Nabbs, 187. 

Aldworth, 1677. See Hooke (Sir Thomas, Bart.). Sister 
Dorothy Aldworth. Nephew Thomas Aldworth. Reeve, 4. 

Thomas .Aldworth of Bristol, gent. Will 27 October 1696; 
proved 24 December 1696. To be buried in All Saints Church. 
Have conveyed to Edward Freeman of Bristoll, gent, and Thomas 
Richardson of Redland in parish of Westbury upon Try m, merchant, 
one half of estate of sonne in law Joseph Bullock, deceased, in right 
of my wife Anne, his mother, and also messuage in King street in 
St. Nicholas parish, said trustees and executors to pay residue to sis- 
ter Dorothy Aldworth and youngest sister Cicelia Aldworth. 

Bond, 131. 

John Aldvvvn, 1681 (North, 85). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1067. 

Aldye, 1584. See Frenche (Barnard) . Uncle Aldye. 

Watson, 42. 

Anne Alefounder, 1622 (Com. Essex and Herts, Act Book 
1622-1623, folio 18). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1145. 

Mary Alefounder, 1627 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1627/8, 
No. 126). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1145. 

John Alefounder, 1627 (Skynner, 103). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1146. 

Matthew Alefounder, 1629 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1628/9, 
No. 98). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1146. 

Robert Alefounder, 1630 (Scroope, 49). See Waters' Glean- 
ings, page 1147. 

Robert Alefounder, 1630 (Scroope, 58). See Waters' Glean- 
ings, page 1148. 

Alefounder, 1635. See Barker (Marrion). Grandchild Mary 
Alefounder. Sadler, 100. 

Robert Alefounder, 1639 (Harvey, 98). See Waters' Glean- 
ings, page 1148. 

' A 






1003] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 179 

Alefounder, 1645. See Barker (Thomas). Son-in-law Robert 
Alefounder, gent. Rivers, 59 and 61. 

John Alefounder, 1647 (Fines, 182). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1149. 

Alefounder, 1677. See Barker (Sir Edmund). Sister Alefounder. 

Hale, 12. 

Alexander, 1557. See Fyske (Thomas) of Northalls. William 
Alexandre. Arch. Suffolk, book 18, folio 38. 

Alexander, 1563. See King (Richard). Friend Robert Alex- 
ander. Arch. Bucks, register 1564/5, folio 51. 

Robert Alexander of London, mercer, but free of the company 
of Dyers. Will 7 February 1634/5 ; proved 20 March 1634/5. To 
be buried in church of St. Michael att Querne. To wife Elizabeth 
Alexander, plate, Jewells, etc. which she brought and £150 at ending 
of 'co-partnership with my sonne in lawe Alexander Orpwood, also 
profitts of my stock (£1300) for the four years remaining, shee to 
dyett said sonne in law Orpwood and his wife, my sonne in law 
Besney Mason and his wife, and my two daughters unmarried, 
etc. To sonne Robert Alexander (if he returns from beyond the 
seas), my land in Ireland in the proportion of the Wor 11 Company of 
Skynners, he having allready his portion, and soe have my two 
(laughters Margarett and Gartrude. If Robert does not return, the 
land in Ireland to my sonne Richard, to whome my greate seale and 
ting, when he has served his time with his Master. Also to Richard 
lease in St. Mathewes Coorte nere Cheapside. To daughter Elizabeth 

wares she hath lately in hands of Johnson. To sonne in law 

Orpwood my Globe Ringe. To four daughters and sonne Richard all 
bookes. To sonne Robert's wife £10 and to her eldest daughter £10 
&t 24 or marriage. To cosen George Alexander £10, and £5 to each 
of his children. To mayd servant Elizabeth Bathe £10. To ap- 
prentice Charles Brokett I remitt last yeare of his time, if he obedi- 
ently serve first seaven yeares. To St. Thomas' Hospitall in South- 
warke £3. To poore children of Christ's Hospitall 40s. To sonne 
Kiehard for his child's portion £150. To daughters Elizabeth and 
Martha for ditto £200 each, £100 at 30 yeares of age or marriage, 
*nd £100 at end of co-partnership. Also as portions not equal to 
married children or as 1 intended, stock of £1300 at end of co-part- 
nership in four parts, one to Richard and three to Elizabeth and 



180 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

Martha. To sonne Robert Alexander lease of Hatfeild Wood after 
death of wife, if he return from beyond the Seas, also (if he shall 
soe retnrne and become a newe man and reformed in life and conver- 
sation and shall live soberly and religously) £50, viz : £10 a year for 
five years. To all six children lease of house wherein I dwell, house 
adioyning wherein Mr. Childe dvvelleth, and tenements in Blackman 
streete in Southwarke. To sonne in law Besuey Mason £150 to be 
paid as by bond. To child or children Daughter Orpwood now 
goeth with £10. Residue two thirds to wife, one third to son in law 
Alexander Orpwood, executors, they relieving wants of my sonne 
Robert and rest of my children. Overseers: the worshipful my 
cosen Brokett of Whethamstead, Esquire, and friend Mr. John 
Harvey. Witnesses : John Hayne, scrivenor, John Palmer, servant 
to said scrivenor. Sadler, 29. 

Alexander, 1655. See Yarclley (Ralph), citizen and apothecary 
of London). Cousin Richard Alexander. Berkley, 18. 

Alexander, 16G1. See Sherman (John) of Norwich, clerk. Half 
sister Mary Alexander. 

Consist. Norwich, register 1660-61, folio 451. 

John Alexander, 1700 (Noel, 94). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 601. 

John Alforde of Faltenham. Will 7 February 1540/1 ; proved 17 
May 1541. Wife Alice and son Robert, executors. Son John. Each 
of my daughters. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 44> 

Alford, 1585. See Davye (Gilbert) of Crediton, Devonshire, 
gent. Robert Alford and Thomasin his wife, my sister. 

Brudenell, 49. 

Philip Alford of White Chapel, Middlesex, alebrewer. Will 10 
November 1612 ; proved 23 October 1613. Daughter Constance Al- 
ford. Sister Alice Alford. Kinswoman Anne Goodwyn. Aunt 

■ ■ 

Constance Onyon. Aunt Johan Harrison, widow. Wife Margaret, 
executrix. My father and mother. Apprentice Richard Cleare. 
John Laughln my Brewer. Brother's daughter Ruthe. Hugh Rich- 
ardes (my sealed ringe with the Brewers' Arms). George Smith 
(myHalbertl had of him). Anne Bartrome. Overseers: Uncle James 
Onyon and John Greene. Witnesses: George Blyner, scr., Richard 
Yardley. Capett, 88. 




. : : 








1903] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 181 

Elizabeth Alford of New Sarum, "Wilts, widow. Will 4 March 
1635/6; proved 11 June 1637. Thomas Alford the elder. Son 
William Alford the elder. Son William Alford the younger. Daugh- 
ter Anne Fox. Grandchildren William, John, Stephen and Anne 
Fox. Daughter Sara Noyes. Daughter Elizabeth Cooke. Daughter 
Mary Carter. Son William Cooke. M ls Margaret Wilmot. Children 
of Sarah Noyes. My two [servants] Mary and Anne Bee. Daughter 
Alford, wife of Thomas Alford. Residue to my daughters M rs 
Wilmott, M rs Fox, daughters Carter, Cooke, and Noyes, save 20 s to 
Thomas Rands, executor. Witnesses : Tymothie Dutson, Margarett 
Aubrey, William Aubrey. Administration granted to John Fox, 
clerk, and Anne his wife, sister, etc. Goare, 88. 

Benjamin Alford of Andover, Southampton, chaundler. Will 21 
March, 1639 ; proved 20 October 1610. Daughter Joane, wife of 
Richard Kent and their three children. Son John Alford. Wife Avis 
Alforde, executrix. Daughters Avis and Katherine. Overseers : 
Kinsmen Thomas Barwicke and Thomas Game. Witnesses : over- 
seers and Nicholas Game. Coventry, 128. 

Alford, 1677. See Hooke (Sir Thomas, bart.). Sister Alford and 
Colonel Alford her husband. Reeve, 4. 

Alger, 1541. See Calf (Thomas) of Bungey Mary. William Al- 
ger. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 6. 

Johan Algor of Waybrcd, widow of Thomas Algor. Will 15 June 
1531 ; proved 10 December 1513. Three of children of Henry Algor, 
my godchildren. Daughter Katharine Puntyng. Son in law Robert 
Puntyng. Goddaughter Blythe Meene. Hemy, Thomas, and Rob- 
ert, sons of Robert Meene. My three children. Son Henry Algor. 
Grandchild Thomas Mene of Waybred, son of Robert Meue of Way- 
bred. Arch. Suffolk, book 14, folio 388. 

William Alger of Shalford, yeoman. Will 31 July 1575 ; proved 
14 December 1575. Four daughters, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, and 
Hridget at day of marriage or 21. Son John. Wife Margaret. Son 
William. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1575. 

Alger, 1583. See Kinge (John) of Blackforde, parish of Wed- 
more, Deanery of Wells. Margery Alger's three children. 

Butts, 10. 

Thomas Alger of Waibred, laboring man. Will 16 March 1615/6 ; 
proved 3 April 1616. Wife P:iizabeth. Sons William and Thomas, 
daughters Frances, Ann, Elizabeth, and Mary Alger. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 49, folio 1. 

182 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

Edward Alger of Wingfield, yeoman. Will 16 November 1C30 ; 
proved 8 April 1635. Wife Cicely. Sons Edward, Anthony, John, 
Henry, Robert, Thomas. Brother in law William Beten, supervisor. 

Arch. Suffolk, file 1635, No. 119. 
Alger, 1676. See Dickerson (John) of Wingfield, yeoman. Mary 
Alger, wife of Thomas Alger of Waybread, my sister. Thomas Al- 
ger, son of Thomas and Mary aforesaid. 

Arch. Suffolk, Fauconberge, 239. 

Dame Margaret Alington, widow of Sir Miles Alington of Hors- 
heathe, Cambridge. Will 8 December 1591 (signed Saturday 11 De- 
cember) ; proved 30 September 1592. Buried in St. Faith's under 
Powles, late called Jesus Chapel, in tomb whereas my late husband 
Thomas Argall Esq. tyeth buried. Daughter Anne Steward. Son 
Augustine Steward (her husband). Son John Argall and his wife. 
Son Rowland Argall and his wife. Son Filmer. Daughter Elizabeth 
Filmer and her son and heir apparent. Margaret Argall her sister. 
Mary and Katharine Argall her sisters. Son and daughter Pledger. 
Son Richard Argall deceased. Son Lawrence Argall's widow. Rich- 
ard, son of Lawrence Argall, and Northe Argall his sister. Cosen 
Southwell and his wife. Cosen Hubberd. Harrington, 72. ... 

Thomas Allington, St. Mildred's Poultry, London, merchant, 
1669 (Coke, 131). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1379. 

Alison, 1556. See Kynge (Thomas). William Alison of Ailes- 
bury, glover. Arch. Bucks, register 1556-60, folio 162. 

Elizabeth Allison, St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, 1665 (Hyde, 
135). -See Waters' Gleanings, page 1270. 

George Aliston, citizen and clothworker of London. Will 4 July 
■ 1573; proved 11 August 1573. Buried in St. Jones Walbroke neare 
late wiffe Margery. Son Henry Aliston. To Thomas Kinge and 
Jeromimy his wife, my daughter, 40s. and my great kettle. William 
Jensonne my son inlaw shall have the occupying of my shop, sheirs, 
and tools. Wife Dowce, executrix. To Peter Lawson, my sattin 
sleeves. To daughter Cecily 20s. Overseers : Sonne Henry Alison 
(sic) and neighbours Thomas Jakson and Jhon Browne. Witnesses : 
Hugh Lewes parson of S l Jones, James Jvet, Robert Snellinge. 

Arch. London, register 4 (1571-1582) , folio 31. 

Aliston, 1610. See Springe (Christian) of Bury St. Edmund, 
widow. Cosen Mary Aliston wife of John Aliston of Heveningham, 
John, Mary, Anne, and Susan, children of said John Aliston. 

Wingfield, 5 

i . 


1903] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 183 

Alker, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander) , Owndell, Northampton. 
Brother Edward Alker. Lewyn, 14. 

Stephen Allam of London, yeoman. Will 8 February 1646/7 ; 
proved 27 January 1648/9. To kinswoman Joane Barcoatt £12. To 
children of kinsman Thomas Fabian £6 whereof 40s. to bind 
eldest son apprentice. To Samuel Saltingstone 20s. To Marie 
Hacker 10s. To Elizabeth Bucker 10s. To kinsman Andrew Hall 
10s. To John Allam of Coaley in S l Cuthberts in Wells, county 
Somersett, best Coate. To Nathaniel Harvy of Weeke in ditto best 
cloake. Rest to kinswoman Margery Goldinge, executrix. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas White, William Ballett. Fairfax, 13, 

CnmsTOPHER Alenson, London, Gent. Will 1 November 1631 ; 
proved 5 January 1631/2. To my mother's kynswoman livinge in 
the Low Countries 20 nobles. To cosyn John Alenson 40s. To 
John Gierke 20s. To godson Edmond Porter £10. To cosyn 
Sara Porter £15. To Poore of St. George in Southwarke £5 at dis- 
cretion of Mr. Hobson and Mr. Maisters of ditto. To Poore of 
Clarken Well by West Smithfield £5 and ditto where I shall be 
buried. To my sister Hopkins. To goodwief Goade, my late serv- 
ant, 26s. per annum for life and noe longer. Ditto to goodwief 
Foord. To servant William Leeson £3. To vncle Robert Alenson 
20s. per annum for life and noe longer as specified in annuitie of £3 
left in my father's will. All annuities to yssue out of my two tene- 
ments in Romford, Essex, in occupacion of William Bridges and 
Thomas Royston. To Mary Barnes, cosyn Marye Baugh, and god- 
daughter Sara Baugh linen (except given to Sarah Porter by note), 
etc. To Mary Bories, daughter of sister Joane deceased, messuage 
in Hairstreete, parish of Hornchurch, Essex, and 10 acres of Mead- 
owe and Pasture in Hornchurch bought by my father Mr. Richard 
Allanson deceased from Sir Edward Cooke, knight. To Mary 
Baugh, daughter of sister Judith deceased, "Lodge Lan" in Horne- 
church in occupation of Thomas Royston of Romford ; paying to 
John Clarke's two children John and Frances £10 legacy left by their 
V ncle Symon, etc. To sister Judith's sonne Richard Baugh £20. 
To Judith's daughter Elizabeth Baugh messuage in Romford wherein 

o or? 

liarnaty Grigge dwelleth abuttinge on South of Kinges highwaye 
from London to Brentwood, etc. To Judith's sonne Edward Baugh 
sny freehold the aforesaid new buylte tenements in Romford, parish 
of Hornechurch, occupied by Royston and Bridges, abutting South 




184 Waters* Gleanings — Withington. [October 

on my freehold, Northe vppon Orcharde and Garden of Mr. John 
Morse, vicar of Romford, and West vppon freehold of Sir Robert 
Cocke. AloO to Edward Baugh £50 at 22 ; or if he die, to two young- 
est daughters of sister Judith, Sara and Anne, at 18. To Sara £150 
at 18 or marriage. To Anne £100 ditto, etc. etc. To brother 
Eleazer Barnes messuage in Bloxam, Oxon, in occupacion of William 
Browne, in trust, to sell same and with money sattisfy debts and 
legacies, viz. to Mrs. Jane Pone of Easte Smithfield debt of £120 by 
bond, to Mr. Rowland Baugh of Inner Temple, Esq., £100 owed him. 
To churchwardens of St. George Southwark and theire successors 
foreuer £13 to paye to the parishe clerke of the sayd parishe and 
his successors 10s. yearelie foreuer for reading or dictatinge the 
Singinge Psalmes vnto the Congregation assembled, rest of the in- 
crease of the £13 to be distributed in Bread to the poore. To nowe 
mayde servant Joane 50s. To Mr. Burrage my apothecarye what 
is due him. To cozen Edmond Porter five marks for a ringe. To 
.Mr. Kinge chirurgeon his dues. To executor Rowland Baugh resi- 
due of money for sale of said messuage etc. to be paid him by said 
Eleazer Barnes at 21, and also one half the profitt, meanwhile the 
other half to be paid to Mary Barnes daughter of said Eleazer and of 
my sister Joane deceased. To said Eleazer for his payns £15. To 
my brother Rowland Baugh £5 etc. etc. Residue of freeholds in 
counties Oxon and Essex to Rowland Baugh second son of sister 
Judith with remainder to his brother Edward and sisters Mary, Eliz- 
abeth, Sara, and Ann, etc. etc. Executor: said Rowland Baugh. 
Overseer: Mr. Eleazer Barnes. Witnesses: Edmonde Porter, Will- 
iam Leeson, Francis Wiseman, scrivenor. Administration to Row- 
land Baugh, father of Rowland Baugh, executor, during minority. 

Audley, 7. 

Richard Allarde, 1593 (Nevell, 55). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1292. 

Francis Allard, son of Richard Allard, late of Rochester, de- 
ceased. Will 9 February 1595/6; proved 4 February 1606/7. To 
Elizabeth Allard, daughter of brother Henry Allard, piece of plate £ ;} - 
Elizabeth Allard daughter of brother Richard. To brothers and 
sisters gold rings. Rest to brother in law Richard Maplesden, 
citizen and grocer, executor, and also lands in Biddenham and 
Brooke, county Kent. Brother in law Peter Maplesden, overseer. 




: . 













■ • 







i ■ 
i' ' 






. i 

Hudlcston* 11- 

1903] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 185 



John Aleyn, citizen of London and lately servant of Duke of 
Gloucester. Will 4 August 1463; proved 25 August 14G3. St. 
Sepulchre's. Son John. Son Philip and wife Isabel, executors. 
Supervisors : John Kyry, S.T.D. and sonn John Allen noviciate of 
friars minor. Witnesses : John Machen not. pub., Robert Frauncys. 

Godyn, 2. 

William Aleyn, citizen and mercer of London. Will 15 Novem- 
ber 1519; proved 21 January 1519/20. To be buried in church of 
Saint Martyn in the Vyntre of London vnder my grauntffader Stone 
in the west Ende late called John Aleyn as apperith vpon the same 
Stone if departe in this citie. If yt happen me to Distresse oute of 
the same Citee, my obiit to be kept in Church of St. Clementes next 
Candilwykstrete where I am parishioner. To high Aulter of Saint 
Clements for tithes and oblacons forgoten 20d. To St. Martyns 
ditto. To St. Clements for making an ornament by executor as shall 
pleas the parisshens there 20 marks. To church of St. Martyne seven 
and one half yardis of violett clothe of gold nowe in my house for a 
cope. And I will my said executure shall cause an orfres of braw- 
dry worke of the passion of our lorde to be prouided and bought in 
the parties of beyonde the see of the valowe of vii li Flemysshe, w l a 
Scripture to be sett behynd vpen the cape of the same as ensuyeth : 
"Praye for the soule of William Aleyn late m'cer of London". To 
fyve score poore householders of the two parishes and in Candlewick 
street 12d each or £5. To praye for my Soule, the Soule of Robert 

Grene, our Fader's and moder's soules, our Frendes soules and all * 

Christian soules 20s. each to the Charterhouse on this side Seint 
Johnes in WestsmythQlde, the Greye Friers w'in Newgate, the black 
Friers within Ludgate, the Frier Augustynes, the White Friers in 
fletestrete, the Crossed Friers of London, and the Friers of Grene- 
wich, or £7, etc. To poore prisoners of Ludgate, Newgate, Kinges 
Bench, and the Marshalsee in Southwarke 20s. each prison. To hos- 
pitals of St. Bartilmewe in West Smythfeld, Saint Mary Spitall, St. 
Thomas Spitall in Southwarke, the beedhouse of our Lady Rouncy- 
valle besidis Charyng Crosse 12 paire shetis which is the thyng they 
have most nede of for poore people to vallue of £5. To poore men 
and women in Bethlem w'oute Bishoppisgate 6d. weekly for a 
yere, 26s. To church of Hymly, county Stafford, an honest vest- 
ment of silke for aulter 53s 4d. For masses at St. Clements etc. 
etc. etc. five half pound tapers of wax, etc. etc. To John Grene, 


186 Waters' Gleanings — Witliington. [October 

sonne and heire to Robert Grene, my predecessor, three Chassed 
Cuppas etc. etc. etc. at 21, or if he die to his mother. To my sister 
Margaret Rogers and her husbande three Goblettes etc. etc. 
To Wife's daughter, the wife of Thomas Perpoynt, Draper, £5. To 
William perpoynt their sonne, my godsonn, silver salte, etc. To 
children of said Thomas viz. Margaret, Alexaundre, John, Barbara, 
Anne, and Johane, 40s. each at 21 or marriages. To newe buylding 
of churche of St. Andrewe besides Estchepe that parisshens recom- 
mend my soule in their devoute prayers £10. To Margaret Baker 
to hir marriage £6 13s 4d and all her arrey ensuying honestly to be 
made, That is to saye two gownes, two kirtulles and smokkes, ker- 
chieffys, as well thredon and Lawnes as Cotton and also bokeram 
and velvet for the same gownes if they shalbe lyned. To apprent- 
esse John Baker weres in Shopp at his choyse bought fore in Flan- 
ders to some of twenty marks Flemmysshe, if he stay rest of his 
tyme with my wife etc. etc. To godman tailour and his wife 40s. 
To my gossipe olyuer 20s. and 20s. I lent her. To said Margaret 
Baker gold Ryng hugh Colstonsoke gave me for his weddyng Ryng 
which Remayneth in a paper in the gold balance vpon my counter- 
bord. Executors to have made two gold Ryngs of 26s 8d. each 
graved "oluno" (sic) in black amell for Olyuer Claymon Sherman 
and Thomas Draper to pray for my soule. Executors to cause a 
dynner or Repaste vnto the Maister, Wardens, and certeine of the 
feloushipp of mercers. I forgyve John Grene, my wife's sonn all 
trespasses openly or prively so he continue with his moder during 
apprentishod. To wif Barbara my great tenement with Shoppes, 
Celers, Solers, warehouses, etc. in St. Martyne in the Warde of 
Vyntre, causeing yearly obit in St. Martynes that is to saye placebo 
and Dirige by note and on the morowe Masse of Requiem by note, for 
her life, then to my Snster Margaret Rogers. Forgive John Stubbes 
and wife all duties and to said Stubbes wife 6s 8d. Forgive Richard 
Ongle, mercer, all dues. Forgive Willm Seiles, mercer, 40s. if he 
pay the rest. If Richard Hebder pay 40s. to have his chest and 
bale of woode. Residue to wife Barbara, executrix. Overseers: 
Thomas perpoynt, Draper, and brother Richard Rogers, Fuller. 
Witnesses : Maister John Cristmas parson of St. Clementes, Thomas 
Draper, citizen and mercer, and Johni Deu'eux, Notarie. 

Ayloffe, 24. 

Barbara Aleyn, London, widowe. Will 5 September 1524 ; proved 

1903] Waters' Gleainngs — With Ing ton. 187 

17 September 1524. To be buried in Churche of Saint Clement next 
Candilwykstrete vnder stone of husband Robert Grene in West ende 
of said church. To highe awlter of St. Clement for tiths and obla- 
tions forgotten. Executor to provide an liable, vertuous, and 
honest seculer prest to pray for my soule in St. Clement thre yeres, 
And for his yerely salory or wages of £6 13s 4d, £20. To fyve 
score pour householders to pray for my soule and my husbands 12d 
each, or £5. To the Crossed Freres, the Freres Augnstynes, the 
White freres, and the blak freres to synge a solempne Dirge and 
masse of Requiem 20s each, or £4. To the gray freres w'thin New- 
gate to doo two dirges 40s. To freres of Grenwiche, the Freres of 
Richmond, the Charterhouse of Shene and the Charterhouse of Lon- 
don 13s 4d. each or 53s. To the Nonnes of the Mynores without 
Algate for a dirge 26s 8d. To the pour prisoners of Ludgate, New- 
gate, Kinges Benche and the Marchelsye in Sowthwarke 20s inbred. 
To these hospitalls, saint Bartilmewe in Smythfeld, saint Mary Spit- 
all, saint Thomas Spitall in Southwark, Elsyned Spitall, and the Bed- 
house of our lady in Rounsevall besides Charyng Crosse 20s each 
in shetes. To poor men and women lying in Bethelem without 
Bishopesgate of london 20s. To my sonne John Grene, mercer of 
London £68 13s 4d in plate and money. To Sonne's wife Jane 
gownes, etc. To Thomas perpoynt Draper £5 in plate and money. 
To his children and my daughters, viz. Alysaunder parpount, John, 
William, Barbara, and Ann Perpount £13 6s 8d in plate and money, 
at 21 or marriage of daughters. To my cosyn Margaret Perpount 
Nonne at the Minoris £6 13s 4d. To Richard Rogers and wife and 
Richard Ongly and wife blak gowneries. To Maister Docter Higons 
a Rynge of 20s. To Edward my doughter's brother 20s. To ser- 
vant John Baker in ware as it cost me £3 6s 8d. To my mayd Jane 
Cornish at marriage £5. To servants John Johnson and John Mig- 
hell 20s each. To John Stubbs and wife 2Gs 8d. To Agnes Samp- 
ton widowe 20s. To mother Olyver 20s. To Edward Bruer and 
'wife 20s. Forgive debts of sometime servant William Series. Res- 
idue to sonn John Grene, mercer, executor. Overseer : Maister 
Doctor Cutler, Warden of the graye Freres. Witnesses : Doctor 
Cutler, Sir John Cristmas, parson of St. Clements. Boclfeld, 24. 

Sir John Alen, 1545 (Alen, 1). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1417 

Thomas Alyne of Thebeston. Will 13 March 1545/6; proved 16 
April 1546. Daughter Thomas all my lands, tenements, in Thebes- 


188 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

ton for life, then to my godson John Alyne. Margaret Dykenson. 
Johane Nyckolson. Thomas Brytwell and his wife. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 15, folio 222. 

John Alen of Norwich, draper. Will 18 September 1545 ; proved 
12 August 1547. Buried in churchyard of St. Peter Mancroft by 
wife Margaret. To church of St. Stephen. To church of Aylsham 
Burgh for prayers for father's and mother's souls. To wife Alys my 
tenement in St. Peter, which I lately purchased of John Norman, for 
life, then to be sold. Every of my brother's children. To prisoners 
in Castle of Blanch Flower in Norwich and in the Guylde Hall. 
Executors : wife Alice and Harry Alen, clerk, p'son of Aylesham. 
Barnabe Whityn, clerk (among witnesses). 

Consist. Norwich, Wymer, 67. 

Allen, 1553. See Burton (Benett) of London, citizen and cloth- 
worker. Mr. Richard Allen, my father-in-law. 

Arch. London, register 2(1549 — 1560) , folio 114. 

John Allen, Stanforth, county Lincoln, mercer. Will 11 July 
1551 ; proved 12 November 1554. To wife Susian, bedding, etc. etc. 
etc. To daughter Annes Allen, ditto. To daughter Alice Wyldes 
house in St. Jones parishe in occupation of John Mather, with re- 
mainder to my sonn Bartilunew Allen. To daughters Ann Allen, my 
daughter Elizabeth, daughter Jone Allen, and daughter Dorothie Allen 
each at 21 or marriage, household goods etc. To sonn Barthilmew 
Allen £16 at 21. To cosyn John Butterell of Walsingham best geld- 
ing, saddle, and bridell, etc. To sonne John Allen £16 at 21. To 
John Mather's children by Alice his wife, my natural suster, 40s. 
To John Topleg, my prentesses, 20s. To Henry . . . my other pren- 
tysse 20s. To poore of Stamforthe 300 faggotts. To Thomas Darn- 
forthe my third gowne. To neighbor William Campinet best bowl. 
Residue to wief Susyan, sons John and Bartilmew, and daughters 
Agnes, Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, Jone, and Dorathe, equally. Exec- 
utors : Kinsmen John Butterell of Walsingham, and Thomas Trygge, 
gentleman. Overseers : Henry Dvkly, gentleman, and William Cam- 
pinet of Stamforthe, Draper. Lands in Tykill, Carelton, Avodsetts ? 
Gelderwell, Latwell, and Langolde, countie York, to sonn John, 
Lands in Stamforthe to Bartholmew etc. etc. Witnesses : Thomas 
Trygy, William Campinet. More, 11 • 

Richard Aleyn, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 8 Feb- 
ruary 1558; proved 3 July 1559. To be buried in church of St. 


[903] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 189 

Srigette where I am a parishioner. For four godly sermons at St. 
3rydes. To wife Sibill Alleyne lands, etc., in Fleet Street, St. Bry- 
rittes and at Westminster. To Thomas Bate and his brother Andrew 
3ate at 24, and Rachel Bate, their sister at 21. Brother George James, 
uiberdasher. Brother William James, haberdasher. Cosen Agnes 
klellowe towards her preferment in marriage with William Brewster 
£3 ; and if she doe not marrye him, onlie 40s and a silver spoone. To 
iVilliam, if he marrye Agnes, a spoone. Cosen Margaret Nicolson 
tls. Downes at 21 towards her marriasre. To frende John Holbearne 
ny crymosyn satten doblet and new Jerkyn spanysshe lether. To 
Richard Hey ward my workeday gowne garded with velvet. Rest to 
rife, executrix. Overseers : Edmond Bragge, haberdassher, and Bar- 
holmew Brokesby, Scrivenor. Witnesses : George Crymble, Anthony 
Snodon. Chaynay, 32. 

Allen, 1574. See SLiottenham (Thomas), citizen and merchant 
ailor of London. Anne, Margaret, Bridget, and Humphrey daugh- 
ers and son of my son-in-law Thomas Allen, pewterer. Martyn, 15. 

Thomas Allen, citizen and sadler of London. Will 17 May 1574 ; 
Droved 21 July 1574. Dwelling in St. Duustan in West in suburb 
>f London. Brothers George, Robert Allen, Sister Ursula Proctour 
ind her husband. Sister Mary Harte. To company of Sadlers 13s. 
Id. To Domenyck Jaxson, curat of St. Dunstone, 10s. To serv- 
iwntes Robert Symkynson, Richard Waren, Annes Sadler, and Annes 
Burger. Overseers : John Wytton, ymbroderer and brother George 
A.llen. Rest to executrix, wife Anne, and seven children (not named). 
Witnesses : Domenick Jaxson, curat, Henry Dynne, John Marshall. 

Martyn, 31. 

Allen, 1578. See Awgar (John) dark of the Queen's Coffer, 
dwelling in Stoke Newington. Daughter Margaret (now wife of 
Thomas Allin). Langley, 44. 

John Allen of Little Bursted. Will proved 1587. Daughter 
Margaret Prentis. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1587 {old number 6). 

Allen, 1587. See Ashe (John), gent. John Allen. 

Arch. Bucks, file 1587. 

Joane Alline of Little Bursteed, widow. Will 27 March 1591 ; 
Proved 10 May 1591. Son Thomas Alline. Son William Alline. 
Daughter Margaret wife of Thomas Prentise. Daughter Elline 
Mine. Com. Essex and Herts, file 1591 (old number 36). 

190 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

Allen, 1595. See Frenche (John) of Cropredy, Oxon. Anne 
Allyn daughter of John Allyn of Grynclon, Northampton. 

Scott, 56. 

Thomas Allen of Betlowe in Tring, Herts, yeoman. Will 24 
December 1598; proved 28 February 1598/9. Wife Elizabeth. 
Sons John, William, Josias, Francis, Richard. Daughters Suzan 
Elizabeth, Anne, Agnes. To sons Robert and John, executors, a\\ 
lands and residue of goods. Overseers : Thomas Wigge and son-in- 
law John Baldwin. Trustees : Thomas Wigge thelder of Mentmore, 
son in lawe John Baldwin, John Coxe of Naldwicke, Nicholas Stevens 
of Cheddington, and Henry Seare of Betlowe. Witnesses : Ed. Bols. 
worth, Robert Allen, John Coxe, Thomas Ball. 

Arch. Hunts (HilchinDivision) , register 4 (1593-1600) , folio 54. 

Allen, 1602. See Fisher (Robert) of Redrith, Surrey, gent. 
Sister Allen and her children. Montague, 25. 

John Allen of Heybridge, Essex, wheelwright. Will 7 March 
1602 ; proved 20 January 1603/4. To wiffe Joan messuage inWitham, 
Essex, purchased of Edmonde Swanson. To saide Joan alson 
for life copyholds in Heybridge, then to Henry Badcocke, Bartholo- 
mewe Samuell and Thomas Smyth in trust to sell for benefit of Wil- 
liam, Marye, Agnes, and Susan Kinge, children of daughter Mary, 
deceased, late wife of Willm. Kinge of Heybridge, etc. To wife- 
Joan, executrix, all goods. To Beniamin Allen, son of Brother John 
Allen, of Witham, deceased 6s 8d Overseer : Henry Badcocke. Wit- 
nesses : Bartholomew Samuell, Nicholas Lyndsey, Thomas Chese. 
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, register C (1593-1 60S), folio 192. 

Allen, 1607. See Ball (John). Samuel Allene of Hasleigh, 
Essex, gent. Cozen John Alleine. Cozen Giles Aleyne's chil- 
dren. Aunt Aleyne of Haseleigh. Uncle Giles Aleyne of Hasleigh. 
Cozens Samuel and Isaac Allen. Hudleston, 76. 

Allen, 1608. See Newman (Joane) of Heybridge. Mary 
Butcher als. Allin. 
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, register C (1593-1608), folio 241. 

Allen, 1609. See Knapp (Edmond) of Washbrook, Suffolk. 
Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Allen of Bentiie. Wingjield, 20. 

Allen, 1610. See Elliot (Oliver), St. Mary Aldermary, London. 
Servant to Timothy Allen of St. Mary Aldermary, London. Admin- 
istration to Timothy Allen. Viood, 7. 



]903] Waters 9 Gleanings — Withington. 191 

Jane Alleyne of London, widow. Will 25 September 1611; 
proved 23 October 1611. To my two graundchildren Nicholas Alleyn 
r.ikl Thomas Alleyn each a silver beaker and seluer euppe and 
£5 at 21. To sonne Henrye Alleyn £10 etc. To sister Anne Fletcher 
two petticoates, one Durance and the other Cloathe, and a gowne of 
pennystone. To neece Anne Newman a stitcht felthatt, etc. To sis- 
ter Barnes a carpet and silke cupboard clothe she hathe. To sister 
Glover a ring. To daughter Margaret Alleyn my wedding ringe. To 
sonne Henry Alleyn 3 ells of Holland. Residue to sonne Thomas 
Alleyn, executor. Witnesses : Edward Hunt, Nich : Harte, Anne 
Fletcher. Memorandum 28 September : The thingis given to Sisters 
otherwise disposed of in lifetime of testatrix. Wood, 79. 

Thomas Allen of Tnworth, county Essex, yeoman. Will 1 April 
1614 ; proved 25 April 1616. Tenements in Heybridge. To son 
William. To sisters Joane Roberts and Margaret Pollard. Cosyn 
Edward Cuiley at 21. Brother in law Richard Todd and his wyfe. 
Godchildren Francis Cowper and Thomas Greve. To Agnes Hilles. 
Brother in lawe Robert Roberts. Cosyn John Austin. Executors : 
Cosyn John Sammes of Much Waltham, county P^ssex, gent., and 
cosyn William Sammes of Much Tottham, yeoman, to bring up my 
said child till 21. Wives of John and William Sammes. Schedule 
annexed 4 April 1614 releases divers debts owing. Witnesses: 
Robert Roberts, Ralph Wharton, and Barnard Wharton. Proved by 
John Sammes, power reserved etc. Cope, 34. 

Edmund Allyn, 1616 (Cope, 87). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Allen, 1617. See Ellis (Thomas) of Framsden, yeoman. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 50, folio 172. 

James Allyne, 1621 (Savile, 5). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Allen, 1625. See Crane (Agnis), St. Botolph's Aldgate. Son 
John Allin and his wife Jane. Former husband William Allen. 
Brother in law Edward Allen. Hele, 46. 

Sara Aleyn, 1626 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1625/6, no. 161). 
See Waters' Gleanings, page 1420. 

Edward Allen of London, alderman. Will 16 August 1624; 
proved 12 April 1626. To be buried in St. Mary Bow. Wife 
Ellen. Son in law Richard Lee, Esq., son and heir of Sir Hum fry 




Waters' Glea n ings — With ington . 

Lee, Knt. and Bart., and my daughter Elizabeth his wife. My 
daughter Mary Allen. Son Thomas Allen. Brother Thomas Allen. 
Brothers in law Mr. John Williams, Mr. Edmund Poyntell, Mr. 
Edmund Pye, Mr. Thomas Langton, Mr. William Willaston, Mr. 
John "WardeH, Mr. Thomas Edge, and Mr. Harper. Children by 
former wife. Mother in lawe Mrs. Timothy Poyntell and sister Pye, 
Sister Edge, Sister Judith Pointell, Sister Elizabeth Poyntell, Sister 
Moffat and her daughter Marie Hicks. Anne Williams. Brother Mr. 
Robert Ducy Alderman Fishmongers Company, friends Mr. Hughes, 
Mr. Waterhouse, Mr. Richard Bull, Mr. Alexander Brett, Mr. John 
Whitcombe, Mr. William Leman, and Mr. John Abbott. Clerks of 
St. Marie Bow and St. Hellens. Thomas Langton of Maudlin College, 
Oxford. Nephew William Thomas, Sister Bracy, Mr. Trott. Mr. 
Muns. Amye Pierce. William Poulet and Roger Taverner, Stephen 
Ducye, Mr Jonathan Browne and Mr Browne minister of St. Helens. 
To poore v f Frnchlsy. Mr. Welde Town clerkc. Mr. JLoncs Comon 
Sarient. Hele, 49. 

Allen, 1626. See Hogge (Thomas) of Bednall Green. Cozen 
Bridgett Allen, widow. Ilele, 135. 

Allen, 1628. See Wake (Richard) of Hartnell, Northampton, 
gent. Cozen Charles Allen. Barrington, 84. 

{To be continued.) 

13 • 







. ■>■■■ 



GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. 

[Continued from Vol. 4, page 20.) 
1767, Jan. 9. 
John "Waite of Chelsea, Mass., was frozen to death Dec. 27, 1766. 
Mr. Bird of Dorchester, Mass., was frozen to death Dec. 


1767, Jan. 23. 
Stephen Blake of Middletown, Conn., and his son aged about 12, 

were drowned about Jan. 12, 1767. 
Rev. Thomas Clapp, aged about 62, died in New Haven, Conn., 

Jan. 7, 1767. 
Thomas Tarbox was killed by accident in Hebron, Conn., Dec. 31, 

1766. He left a widow and 5 children. 
Ann, wife of Rev. Duke Brown, died in Newport, R. I., Jan. 6, 

Mr. Nelson, aged about 18, was killed by accident in New- 

buryport, Mass., Jan. 17, 1767. 

1767, Jan. 30. 
Hon. John Temple and a daughter of Hon. James Bowdoin of 
Boston, Mass., were married there Jan. 20, 1767. 

1767, Feb. 6. 
Mary, wife of Arthur McNally, was found dead in New York, 

N. Y., Jan. 16, 1767. 
Henry Romner of New York, N. Y., was found dead Jan. 7, 1767, 

He left a wife and son, perhaps others. 

1767, Feb. 27. 
Nathaniel Piper of Northampton was drowned at Middletown, 

Conn., Feb. 9, 1767. 
Thomas Wilder, an Englishman, was found dead in New York, 
N. Y., Feb. 6, 1767. 


194 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [October 



John Carroll of Drogheda, Ireland, Isaac Crawford, aged 22, 

born in Glendermot, Londonderry, Ireland, and John Williams, 


aged 19, born in Bilsford, near Derby, Eng., were executed in 
New York, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1767. 

1767, March 13. 
William, son of Francis Woodward of Rock Creek, Frederick 

county, Md., aged about 15, was killed by accident Jan. 4, 1767. 
Capt. Samuel Chapman was found dead on his plantation on Pat- 

uxent, Md., Jan. 4, 1767. 

1767, March 20. 
The wife of William Cary of Windham, Conn., gave birth to 3 

children the latter part of Feb., 1767. 
The wife of Silas Flint of Windham, Conn., gave birth to 4 chil- 
dren March 6, 1767. 

1767, March 27. 
Samuel Draper, in his 30th year, died in Boston, Mass., March 21, 

1767, April 3. 

Hon. Henry Sherburne died in Portsmouth, N. H., March 30, 

1767, April 10. 

William Dickenson, aged about 17, was killed by accident in 
Hartford, Conn., March 16, 1767. 

1767, April 24. 

Rev. William Hooper died in Boston, Mass., April 14, 1767. 

1767, May 1. 

A daughter was born to John Fullerton of Marshfield, Mass., 
about April 1, 1767, being his 17th child, he being 73 years old. 
and his wife 47. Two of his daughters were grandmothers, one 
having 2 grandchildren and the other 3. Mr. Fullerton had 
had 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, 40 living. 

1767, June 12. 

Joseph Young was killed by lightning in Falmouth, Me., June 4, 

Curtis Chewt of Windham, Me., was killed by lightning in Fal- 
mouth, Me., June 4, 1767. 
1767, June 2G. 

Sarah Larkum was killed by lightning in Hartford, Conn., Juno 
14, 1767. 

|H03] From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 195 

Martin Wilcox and James Royce were killed by lightning in 

Goshen, Conn., June 6, 1767. 
Joseph Fenno was drowned at Milton, Mass., June 19, 1767. 
Seth Pittee of Dedham, Mass., in his 21st year, died June 10, 


ST67, July 3. 
William Burt of Boston, Mass., aged about 23, was killed by 
lightning in the harbor of Monto Christi, May 9, 1767. 

1767, July 17. 
Samuel Sturgis died in Boston, Mass., July 8, 1767. 
A child of John Taylor, aged about 2 J, was killed by accident in 

Northborough, Mass., July 6, 1767. 
Thomas Huxley was killed by accident in Suffield, Conn., June 29, 


1707, July 81. 
Capt. George Spender of the ship Katharine, of London, died in 

Charleston, S. C, June 29, 1767. 
Samuel Darby, aged about 40, was killed by lightning in Fanter- 

bury, Conn., July 17, 1767, at his brother's house. 
John Meech, Jr., was killed by accident in Preston, Conn., in 

July, 1767. 

1767, Aug. 7. 

Samuel Colesworthy was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., July 

28, 1767. 
Dr. Ebenezer Noyes, in his 28th year, died in Dover, N. H., Aug. 

3, 1767. He left a widow. 

1767, Oct. 2. 

Dudley Atkins died in Newburyport, Mass., Sept. 24, 1767. 
Joseph Dudley, in his 35th year, died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 25, 

1"G7, Oct. 9. 
A daughter of Capt. Symmes, aged about 1 1 , was killed by accident 
Sept. 30, 1767. 

>767, Oct. 30. 

Clement, son of Col. Joseph Jackson, aged 23, died in Boston, Mass. 
Oct. 26, 1767. 

*767, Nov. 6. 

Allen Cameron was murdered in New York, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1767- 

196 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [October 

Elisha, son of Capt. Nehemiah Lyon, aged about 23, was killed by 
accident in Woodstock, Conn., Oct. 15, 1767. 

1767, Nov. 13. 
Jeremiah Brown of South Kingston, R. I., was killed by accident 
before Nov. 2, 1767. 

1767, Nov. 20. 

Rev. Nathaniel Evans, in his 25th year, died in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Oct. 29, 1767. 

The wife of Noah Cooke of Mendon, Mass., gave birth to 4 children 
within 1 year and 16 days. Mr. Cooke was married four years 
before the birth of his present wife, and has had 19 children. 

Edward Evans, aged 100, died in Barrington, N. H. 

1767, Nov. 27. 

Richard Cutts, in his 75th year, died in Kittery, Me., Nov. 14, 1767. 

1767, Dec. 4. 

Rev. Aaron Whittemore died in Pembroke, N. H., Nov. 16, 1767. 
A son-in-law of William Right was killed by accident in Berwick, 
Me., Nov. 27, 1767. 

1767, Dec. 11. 
Benjamin Brown was killed by accident in Newport, R. I., Nov. 
27, 1767. 

1767, Dec. 18. 

Capt. William Wentworth died in Kittery, Me., Dec. 15, 1767. 

1767, Dec. 24. 

Richard Moore, in his 97th year, died in Oxford, Mass., Nov. 19, 
1767. His wife died about seven years before, in her 90th year. 
They were married 67 years, and had numerous children. Mr. 
Moore was survived by three brothers and one sister, whose com- 
bined ages amounted to 340 years. 

Nathaniel Mulliken died in Lexington, Mass., Dec. 7, 1767. 

Sir John St. Clair, aged between 50 and 60, died in Elizabeth town, 
N. J., Nov. 23, 1767. 

Benjamin Kenniston died in Rye, N. H., Dec. 15, 1767. 

1768, Jan. 8. 

The wife of John Senter was found dead in Londonderry, N. H.» 

about Dec. 29, 1767. 
Buckly, pilot, was killed by accident in New York, N. Y., 

Dec. 20, 1767. 

1903] From the JS T ew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 197 

1768, Jan. 22. 
John Abraham was killed by accident in New York, N. Y., Dec. 
29, 1767. 

1768, Jan. 29. 
A child of Stephen Holland, aged 6 months, was killed by acci- 
dent in Londonderry, N. H. 

1768, Feb. 12. 

James, son of John Scollay, was drowned at Boston, Mass., Feb. 
2, 1768. 

John Abbot, aged 92, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 5, 1768. 
He had had 11 children, 62 grandchildren, and 47 great-grand- 

1768, Feb. 26. 
John Stockbridge was killed by accident in Hanover, Mass., Feb. 

17, 1768. 
James Sanderland, aged about 38, born in Glasgow, Scotland, was 

found drowned at Boston, Mass., Feb. 16, 1768. 

1768, March 4. 
Godfrey Malbone, aged about 73, died in Newport, R. I., Feb. 

23, 1768. 
Russell Green of Greenwich, Conn., was drowned Feb. 23, 1768. 

1768, March 11. 

Russell Green of Greenwich, Eng., Sherman, of Exeter, 

Eng., and Ephraim Perry of Connecticut were drowned at New- 
port, R. I., Feb. 23, 1768. 

1768, March 25. 

Mr. Tilton, aged about 25, was killed by lightning at 

Martha's Vineyard, Feb. 29, 1768. He had been married a 
short time. 
1768, April 8. 

Hon, Francis Foxcroft, in his 74th year, died in Cambridge, 
Mass., March 28, 1768. •' 

Jonathan Forbes, aged 84 the day before his death, died in West- 
borough, Mass., March 24, 1768. Rev. Eli Forbes of Brookfield, 
Mass., was his son. His sister, Mrs. Rebecca Byles, died in 
Westborough, Jan. 28, 1768, aged 94, lacking one month. His 
brother, Capt. Samuel Forbes, in his 9 2d year, died a short time 
before. He left a sister in her 82d year, and a half sister in 
her 80th year. 

198 From the JSfew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [October 

John "Wainwright of Boston, Mass., was drowned at Ipswich, 
Mass., March 26, 1768. 

1768, April 15. 

Hon. Francis Fauquier, lieutenant-governor, died in Williams- 
burg, Va., March 3, 1768, in his 65th year. 
William Dupriest died in Annapolis, Md., March 13, 1768. 

1768, April 22. 

Lewis Bliss died in Springiield, Mass., April 6, 1768. 
Jacob Lincoln, aged about 20, was drowned at Boston, Mass., be- 
fore April 18, 1768. 

1768, April 29. 

Rev. Pennel Bowen and Susanna, daughter of John Barrett of Bos- 
ton, were married there April 21, 1768. 

1768, May 6. 

Capt. Samuel Robinson, once of Hardwick, Mass., later of the New 
Hampshire Giants, died lately in London, Eng. 

William Corbett, formerly of Boston, Mass., died in Glasgow, 
Scotland, Jan. 4, 1768. 

A son of Capt. Crafts of Brookline, Mass., aged about 12, was 
killed by accident April 25, 1768. 

A son of John Mayo, aged about 3, was burned to death in War- 
wick, Mass., April 9, 1768. 

1768, May 27. 

Mr. Craige of Portsmouth, N. H., was drowned there May 24, 


1768, June 10. 

Col. John Frost died in Kittery, Me., June 3, 1768. 
1768, June 17. 

A child of Michael Sylvester, aged about 3, was killed by accident 
in Hanover, Mass., June 10, 1768. 

1768, July 8. 
The wife of Lane was drowned at Sherburne, Mass., June 7, 

Rev. Peter Clark, in his 79th year, died in Danvers, Mass., June 

10, 1768. 

1768, July 15. 
John Rough died at America Precinct, Dutchess county, N. Y., the 
week before June 27, 1768. 


'.'3 i 


903] From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 199 

John Peck, in his 101st year, died in Wallingford, Conn., June 21, 

Thomas, second son of Mark II unking Wentworth, and only brother 
to Gov. John Wentworth, in his 30th year, died in Portsmouth, 


N. II., July 13, 1768. He left a widow and 5 children. 






' i 



! • 

i768, July 22. 

Thomas Richardson, formerly of Annapolis, was killed by light- 
ning in Baltimore, Md., June 17, 1768. 

John Gill of Salisbury, N. II., was drowned at New Haven, 
Conn., before July 8, 1768. He was known there as Benjamin 

William Chase was found dead in Simsbury, Conn., July 5, 1768. 

1768, Aug. 12. 
William Weyman died in New York, N. Y., July 27, 1768. 

1768, Aug. 26. 
Mary, wife of Col. Ebenezer Stevens, in her 54th year, died in Kings - 

ton, N. H., Aug. 17, 1768. J 

1768, Sept. 2. 
John Eborns was killed by lightning in Tolland, Conn., Aug. 5, 

Henry Chapman, aged about 40, was killed by accident in Windsor , 

Conn., before Aug. 22, 1768. 
Jonathan Belding was killed by accident in Wetherslield, Conn., 

Aug. 20, 1768. 
John Barrett died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 22, 1768. 
David Watt died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 22, 1768 

1768, Sept. 9. 

Jacob Parker, aged about 20, was drowned in Farmington, Conn., 
before Aug. 28, 1768. 

Rev. Jeremiah Condy, in his 60th year, died in Boston, Mass., ,| 

Aug. 28, 1768. 

Hon. John Osborne, in his 80th year, died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 
27, 1768. 

A daughter of Partridge, figed about 6, was killed by acci- 
dent in Roxbury, Mass., about Aug. 20, 1768. 

Henry, son of Rev. Nathaniel Appleton, in his 31st year, died in 
Portsmouth, N. II., Sept. 5, 1768. His oldest son, aged 8, died 
about a week before. |i 

John Woodbridge, in his 95th year, died in York, Me. 





1 1 

200 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800, [October 

1768, Sept. 16. 

Jonathan Cushing died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 5, 1768. 
Rev. Samuel AViggles worth, in his 80th year, died in Ipswich, 
Mass., Sept. 3, 17G8. 

1768, Sept. 23. 
Joseph Frost, in his 51st year, died in Newcastle, N. H., Sept. 41, 

George Hight. aged 25, died in Berwick, Me., Sept. 17, 1768. He 

left a widow and 3 children. 

1768, Oct. 14. 

Capt. John Nichols and John Coddington of New London, Conn., 

were lost at sea Auo;. 12, 1768. Mr. Coddington left a widow 

and 6 children, and Capt. Nichols a widow and 5 or 6 children. 
John Storer, aged 74, died in Wells, Me., Sept. 28, 1768. He left 

a wife, to whom he had been married about 46 years, a son, 

and 3 daughters. 
Capt. Nathaniel Adams died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 13, 1768. 

1768, Oct. 21. 
Nathaniel Ward died in Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 12, 1768. He 

was born in Salem, Mass., where his parents survived him. 
Mr. Shapleigh died in Kittery, Me., Oct. 16, 1768. 

1768, Nov. 18. 
Rev. Samuel Whittlesey, in his 56th year, died in Milford, Conn., . 
- Oct. 22, 1768. 
Young Flynt and John Wellman, both of Chelsea, Mass., were 

drowned Nov. 7, 1768. 
Lucy, wife of Isaac Winslow, and daughter of Hon. Samuel 

Waldo, deceased, in her 44th year, died in Roxbury, Mass., 

Nov. 7, 1768. 
Capt. Benjamin Odiorne, who sailed from Portsmouth, N. H., for 

the West Indies about ten weeks ago, was drowned fifteen days 

after leaving port. 

1768, Nov. 25. 
Thomas Foster, formerly of Boston, Mass., was drowned at Hali- 
fax, N. S., before Nov. 21, 1768. 

1768, Dec. 16. 
William Hewitt of Plainfield township, Pa., was murdered by 
Thomas Wilson before Dec. 1, 1768. 


[[103] 'From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 201 

1768, Dec. 23. 

Capt. Patterson, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Kinney, and 

passengers, Capt. Thomas (Ilolbertonj Allen, Raloh Chapman, 

John Barker, Mr. Perry, John Pierce, Mr. Hersey, the 

wife of Jonas Fitch, and Mrs. Stilson were shipwrecked 

and drowned Dec. 4, 1768, on a voyage from Boston to Kenne- ! 

beck, Me. The passengers belonged in Pownalborough, Me. 

Mr. Chapman left a widow and 7 children. Mrs. Fitch left 5 

children. ) 

1768, Dec. 30. \ 

Joseph Sheffield was drowned at Block Island, Dec. 9, 1768. 

Gershom Rice, aged 101, died in Worcester, Mass., Dec. 19, 1768. 
His father died at 70, and his mother at 84. Thev had 14 chil- 
dren, Peter dying at 97, Thomas at 94, Mary at 80, Nathaniel 
at 70, Ephraim at 71, James at 72, Sarah at 80, Frances at 96 
(lately deceased), Jonas at 84, Grace living at 94, Elisha near 
60, two dying in infancy. Gershom's wife died about 12 or 14 
years ago at about 80. They had been married between 60 and 
70 years, and had 7 children, all now living. 

John Lord, 3d, in his 25th year, died in Berwick, Me., Dec. 10, 
1768. He was the only son of Capt. John Lord of Berwick, and 
left a widow and one son. 



1769, Jan. 6. 
Ruth Blay was executed in Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 30, 1768. 

1769, Jan. 13. " 

Hon. Samuel Came, in his 95th year, died in York, Me., Dec. 26, 
1768. He left 167 children, grand-children, and great-grand- 

Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Joseph Peirce of Portsmouth, 
N. H., died in Boston, Mass., Dec. 30, 1768, in her 28th year. 


1769, Jan. 27. 
Capt. William Read was killed by accident in Litchfield, N.H., Jan. 
17, 1769. He left a widow and 6 children. 

769, Feb. 10. 

James Stracham was drowned in New York, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1769. 
William Johnson died lately in Charleston, S. C. 

Two sons of Mr. Colby of Haverhill, Mass., were drowned 

Feb. 3, 1769. 

202 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1705-1800. [October 

Hon. James Nevin, in his 60th year, died in Portsmouth, N. II. , 
Feb. 6, 1769. He left a widow, daughter, and two sods. 

Capt. Edward Emerson of Portsmouth, N. H., died at Granada, 
W. I., a few months ago. He left a widow. 

1769, Feb. 24. 

James Lawrencey, native of Ireland, was drowned at Boston, 

Mass., Feb. 15, 1769. 
William Soden of Cambridge, Mass., was drowned Feb. 17, 1769. 

1769, March 3. 
William Cochran, native of Londonderry, N. H., was drowned at 
Boston, Mass., Feb. 26, 1769. 

1769, April 21. 

Capt. Samuel Appleton of Portsmouth, N. H., died in London 
Eng., in Feb., 1769. 

Capt. Joseph and Capt. Benjamin Rogers, brothers, of Portsmouth 
N. H., died in London, Eng. 

Mrs, Ruth Skinner, aged 89, died in Portsmouth, N. H., April 17, 
1769. She was born Oct. 18, 1G79, married Timothy Water- 
house in Jan., 1700; lived with him 50 years and had 13 chil- 
dren, from whom have descended 92 grandchildren and 80 great 
grandchildren, most of them living. She married (2) Joseph, 
Mead, and (3) Thomas Skinner. 

1769, May 12. 
Hon. John Collier died in Falmouth, N. S., March 24, 1769. 
John Mergerum, in his 45th year, formerly of Halifax, N. S., died 

in Falmouth, N. S., March 24, 1709. 
Mrs. Priscilla Grice, aged 105, died in Boston, Mass., last week. 
Caleb Dana, aged 72, died in Cambridge, Mass., April 28, 1769. 

A grandchild of his died a few days before, and his son last 

week at Wallingford, Conn. 
Samuel Sewall, aged 81, died in York, Me., April 28, 1769. lie 

left 7 sons, 4 daughters, and 55 later descendants. He was a 

great-grandson of Henry Sewall, who came to New England 

about 1630. 

1769, May 26. 




■» ,| 

Hon. Andrew Bordman died in Cambridge, Mass., May 20, 1769. 

1769, June 9. 
The wife of Dr. Clement Jackson died in Portsmouth, N. H., June 
2, 1769. 


• . ?.. 

903] From the J\ T ew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 203 

769, June 23. 
John Daniel Fowle, in his 14th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 

(69, July 7. 

Thomas Noland of Boston, Mass., was drowned June 27, 1769. 
Rev. Joseph Sewall, aged 81, died in Boston, Mass., July 4, 1769. 
Michael Carter, aged about 20, native of Ireland, was killed by ac- 
cident in Boston, Mass., July 1, 1769. 

(69, July 21. 

Capt. John Hancock was found dead in bed July 13, 1769. 
769, July 28. 

The wife of Jonathan Ames, Jr., died in Boxford, Mass., June 1, 

769, Aug. 4. 

Samuel Giles Parsons, aged 12, son of Capt. Jonathan Parsons of 
Newbury, Mass., was drowned July 23, 1769. 

'69, Aug. 11. 

Ebenezer Harmons was drowned at Pepperellborough, Me., Aug. 
7, 1769. 

'69, Aug. 18. 

Rev. Samuel Peters and Abigail, daughter of Samuel Gilbert, both 

of Hebron, Conn., were married there June 24, 1769. She 

died July 14, 1769. 
Benjamin Hale, aged 70, was found dead in Suffield, Conn., July 

21, 1769. 
Mary, wife of Paul March, in her 42d year, died in Portsmouth, 

N. H., Aug. 15, 1769. 

•69, Sept. 8. 

Capt. George Henderson of Boston, Mass., aged 28, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Sept. 3, 1769. 

69, Sept. 15. 

Andrew Stuart was drowned at Wilmington, N. C, early in j 

August, 1769. 
Elizabeth, widow of Henry Keese, deceased, in her 83d year, died 

in Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 9, 1769. 

r 69, Sept. 29. 

Capt. Stephen Parson of Portsmouth, N. H., died in Cadiz. 

69, Oct. 13. 

Mrs. Lydia Robinson, aged 70, died in New London, Conn., Sept. 
17, 1769. 






204 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1 765-1800. 

The wife of Capt. Haines died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 

11, 1769. 

1769, Oct. 20. 
Capt. Joseph Ellery of Boston, Mass., in his 29th year, was 
drowned Oct. 12, 1769. 

1769, Oct. 27. 

A child of Eleazer Luther, Jr., died in Swansea, Mass., Oct. 15, 


Eleazer Luther died in Swansea, Mass., Oct. 16, 1769, and his wife 

Hannah the next day. 

1769, Nov. 3. 
Ebenezer Tyler died in Cranston, R. I., Oct. 17, 1769. 
Elisha Franklin was killed by accident in Scituate, R. I., before 

Oct. 21, 1769. 
Archibald Campbell died in Greenwich, Oct. 16, 1769. 
John Holmes was found dead in New York, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1769. 
Jonathan Lowder was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., Oct. 

25, 1769. He was 55 years old on the day of the accident. 
Hon. Theodore Atkinson, Jr., aged 33, only son of Hon. Theodore 

Atkinson, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 28, 1769. 

1769, Nov. 10. 

Hon. William Woodbridge died in Boston, Mass., Oct. 31, 1769. 

1769, Nov. 17. 

Gov. John Wentworth and Frances, widow of Theodore Atkinson, 
Jr., and daughter of Samuel Wentworth of Boston, Mass., 
deceased, were married in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 11, 1769. 

1769, Dec. 1. 

John Parsons was killed by accident in Newport, R. I., Nov. 1, 

1769, Dec. 8. 
Hon. William Smith, in his 73d year, died in New York, N. Y., 

Nov. 22, 1769 
Rev. Samuel Checkley died in Boston, Mass., Dec. 1, 1769. 
Hon. Leverett Hubbard and Mrs. Ann Peirce were married in 

Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 30, 1769. 
William Crombie of Chester, N. H., was frozen to death Nov. 28, 


(To be continued.) 

" I 



{Continued from Vol. IV, page 24.) 



Benjamin, m. Betsey, dau. of Ralph Faruum. 

Ch:— Benjamin, b. 20 Mar., 1758. John, b. 25 May, 1760. Mary, 
i. 22 July, 1762. Isaac, b. 9 Feb., 1765. Joseph, b. 14 July, 1767. 
tetsey, b. 4 Nov., 1769. Sarah, b. 5 June, 1779. 




Jacob, m. Abigail, dau. of James Bibber. 

Ch: — Jonathan, b. 4 Oct., 1754. David, b. 28 Nov., 1756. James, 

. 31 Mar., 1759. Sarah, b. 23 Sept., 1761. Ebe? b. 9 , 1764. 

acob, b. 9 July, 1767. Nabby, b. 10 June, 1770. 

Jonathan, m. Mirriam, dau. of Deacon James Booker. 

Ch:— Bethiah, b. 8 Mar., 1777 ; d. 15 Apr., 1854. David, b. 15 
)ec, 1780; d. 20 June, 1841. Huldah, b. 25 Aug., 1784. Jotham, 
. 24 Nov., 1787. Acuon, b. 10 Apr., 1790. Berstow, b. 7 May, 
792. Jona, Jr., b. 25 Feb., 1797 ; d. 24 Jan., 1803. 

David, m. , dau. of John Rodick, late of Harpswell, deceased. 

Ch:— Eben'r, b. 21 July, 1781 ; d. 6 Mar., 1803. William, b. 27 
an., 1783. John, b. 29 May, 1785. Joseph, b. 22 Sept., 1788. 
fary, b. 30 May, 1790. Phineas, b. 21 Apr., 1792. Charles, b. 27 
an., 1794. Jona, b. 15 Dec, 1796. Ralph, b. 15 Dec, 1799. Jere- 
liah, b. 30 Dec, 1801; d. 30 Dec, 1802. Jenny, b. 11 Sept., 
803. I 

David, Jr., m. Abigail, dau. of Ephraim Allen, of Harpswell, who 
. 2 July, 1826. ; 

Ch: David, b. 10 Dec, 1800. Merriam, b. 22 Feb., 1802. Jona- 
han, b. 7 Feb., 1804 ; d. 12 Apr., 1855. Merriam, b. 9 Feb., 1805. 
tebecca, b. 2 Dec, 1807. Thankful, b. 2 Dec, 1809. Judah, b. 2 
an., 1812 ; Ephraim, b. 6 July, 1814. 

Jacob, Jr., m. 

Ch:— Isaac, b. 6 Nov., 1795. Diana, b. 8 Nov., 1797 ; d. 15 Oct., 
798. Charles, b. 8 May, 1799. Archaben, b. 28 Mar., 1801 ; d. 5 
lay, 1803. 

Joseph, m. Susanna, dau. of Eben'r Foster of Thomaston. 


206 Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. [October 

Ch:— Eben'r, b. 21 May, 1812 ; d. 7 Feb. 1835. Sophia, b. ; 

d. Feb., 1850. Rhocla, b. ; d. Mar., 1850. 

John, b. m. Susanna, dan. of James Bibber of Freeport. 

Ch :— John, b. 29 June, 1812. 

Chakles m. Mary, dau. of Joshua Bishop of Harpswell, who 

d. 2 Mar., 1837. 

Ch: — Patience Bishop, b. 10 Sept. 1813. Jane Roclok, b. 19 
Aug., 1815. Isaac Alexander, b. 6 Feb., 1818. Joshua Bishop, 
b. 1 Aug., 1820. Margret, b. 30 Dec, 1822. Abigail Bibber, b. 
11 Oct., 1824. Harriot S., b. 11 Sept., 1829. William, b. 1 Nov. 

Capt. Jonathan, Jr., m. 

Ch:— Mary Jane, b. 14 Aug., 1822; Patience, b. 1 Sept. 1839; 
d. 1 Aug., 1847. Mrs. Johnson, w. of Jonathan Johnson, Jr., d. 14. 
Sept., 18o9. 

Isaac, b. ; m. Mary, 

Ch : — James Mc Carty, b. 19 Jan., 1824. Isaac, b. 20 June, 1826, 
Susan B., b. 20 June, 1831. Margarett P., b. 11 F'eb., 1834. Sinuett 
Or, b. 31 Dec, 1836; d. 8 Dec, 1877. John M., b. 13 Sept., 1840. 
d. (Sept. 30 pencil). Deborah O., b. 28 Oct., 1842 ; cl. 30 Sept., 1844. 

Dea. Ralph, d. 2 June, 1880 ; m. Lydia, dau. of Isaac Fair of 
Harpswell; entered May, 1834. Mrs. Content Johnson d. 25 Apr., 

Ch:— Ralph, b. 14 Sept., 1821. Lydia, b. 16 Oct., 1825. Eleanor 
b. 10 Oct., 1827 ; d. 11 Mar., 1889. Charity, b. 12 Aug., 1829. | 

Charles 2d, ; m. Miriam, dau. of Elisha Allen of Harpswell. 

He d. July, 1875. She d. 3 Mar., 1877. 

Ch : — Thomas Jefferson, b. 14 Dec, 1833. Stephen Decatur, b. 
16 Oct., 1835 ;[Josephine, b. 2 June, 1837 ; Huldah, b. 18 Oct., 1841. 

Abigail Johnson's child, born of her, John P. Johnson, b. 1 Jan., 
1810. (Under Reuben Rich.) 


Abigahy, d. 16 Sept., 1828; m. Elizubeth, dau. of Win. Stan- 
wood late of Brunswick, deceased, who d. 11 June, 1844. 

Ch:— Mary, b. 6 Nov., 1789. Elizabeth, b. 6 Jan., 1791. Ro- | 

sanna, b. 13 Aug., 1793. William, b. 28 May, 1795. Dominicus, 
b. 22 June, 1797; d. 25 June, 1848. Jenny, b. 22 June, 1798. 
John, b. 2 Apr., 1800. Abijah, b. 20 May, 1801. Leorna, b. 18 
July, 1803. Samuel Stanwood, b. 16 June, 1808. 



1903] Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. 207 

Mary Jordon's child born of her, Richworth, b. 9 Jan., 1808. 

Dominicus, d. 25 June, 1848 ; m. Mercy, dan. of WaitstillMeryman 
of Harpswell, who d. 20 Oct., 1887. 

Ch: — May, b. 15 Oct., 1829. Samuel S.,b. 2 June, 1831. John, 
b. 13 June, 1832. Mercy Ellen, b. 10 Aug., 1836. William Barns, 
b. 12 June, 1838. 


Timothy, d. 16 Aug., 1822; m. Hannah, dau., of Capt John Snow 
of Harpswell. 

Ch : — John, b. 24 Nov., 1707. Sarah, b. 15 Feb., 1800. Dan- 
iel, b. 6 Jan., 1802 ; d. 13 Jan., 1828. Abizer, b. 10 July, 1803. 
James, b. 25 Aug., 1805. 

John, m. Elmira, dau. of Stephen Sennet of Harpswell. 

Ch: — Stephen S., b. 16 Nov., 1827. Elmira, b. 3 July, 1831. 
William Henry, b. 4 Jan., 1838. Francis Carter, b. 9 Nov., 1840. 
Delight D., b. 8 July, 1844. 


Samuel, m. Dorcas, dau. of Andrew Dunning. 
Ch: — Charity, b. 23 Dec, 1776. Daniel, b. 10 Mar., 1779. Sam- 
uel, b. 20 Nov., 1782. 

Moses , m. Hannah, dau. of William Wilson. 

Ch: — Moses, b. 20 May, 1785. William, b. 3 Oct., 1787. Rebecca, 
b. 15 June, 1790. Rachell, b. 13 May, 1792. Isaac, b. 17 Oct., 1795. 

John, m. Mary, dau. of John Hall late of Harpswell, dec'd. 

Ch : — Elizabeth, b. , Stephen, b. 9 May, 1784. Abraham, b. 

18 Feb., 1785. 

Nepthalina, m. 

Ch: — Grace, b. 17 Mar., 1774. David, b. 23 Feb., 1776. Caleb, 

b. 5 Jan., 1781. William, b. 1 Feb., 1783. George, b. 1 Apr., 1786. 

Mary, b. 21 July, 1789. Moses, b. 5 Oct., 1790. Mehitable, b. 23 

Dec, 1791. Susanna, b. 24 July, 1794. 

Ebenezer, d. 8 Sept., 1843. 

Ch : — David, b. 5 Mar., 1796. Samuel, b. 4 Oct., 1798. Israel, b. 
18 Nov., 1800. Elisha, b. 28 Nov., 1802. William, b. 18 Jan., 1805. 
Elisha, b. 20 Mar., 1816. Charles, b. 20 June, 1819. 

George, d. 11 Jan., 1842. 

Ch:— Moses, b. 11 Dec, 1811 ; d. 27 Jan., 1883. Abizer, b. 10 
May, 1814. John P., b. 16 Oct., 1818. Alice, b. 22 Apr., 1821- 
Mary Jane, b. 30 May, 1824. George, b. 4 Mar., 1832. 

208 Genealogical Records of Harpswell, Me. 

Samuel, m. Anna. 

Ch:— Hiram A., b. 9 June, 1818. Charlotte, b. 2 Aug., 1820. 

David P., b. 22 May, 1823. 

John L., m. Betsey. 

Ch :— Zipporah, b. 21 Sept., 1819. Joseph, b. 19 Feb., 1821. 
Lydia, b. 23 June, 1824 ; d. 17 Aug., 1826. Hannah Thomas, b. 17 
Dec , 1828. 


William, m. Sarah, dau. of John Starbud of Harpswell. 

Ch :— Prudence, b. 31 Mar., 1759. Thomas, b. 14 Nov., 1761. 

Sarah, b. 5 July, 1763. 


Ezekiel, m. Jane, dau. of Mark Haskell. 
Ch :— Marshall, b. 20 Nov., 1763. 


William, m. Martha, dau. of Seth Finey of Harpswell. 
Ch :— Hannah, b. 8 Feb., 1785. 


William, and Susanna Turner, both of Harpswell, pub. 16 June, 


Merryman, Thomas, and Sarah Baily, both of Harpswell, pub. 26 
Nov. 1761. 

Merryman, Frances, of Harpswell and Andrew Jack of Topsham, 
pub. 27 Nov., 1765. 

[According to Wheeler's History of B. T and H. the Merrymaus 
are descended from a Walter who was kidnapped in Dublin and brought 
to this country. At Boston he was sold for his passage to a man 
named Simonton who lived at Cape Elizabeth. After serving his 
time he settled on Birch Island, Harpswell (authority of late Capt. 
James Merryman) , then moved to Neck not far from Lookout. Ac- 
cording to Capt. James Sinnet he lived on the Neck not far from the 
Cong. Ch., where his grandson, Hudson, now lives.] 

He m. Betty Potter of Topsham. 

Ch : Thomas, m. Sarah Bailey. Hugh, m. Delight Bailey. Walter, 
m. Betsey Webber. James, m. Ilnnnah Blake. Michael, m. Mary 
Bishop. A dau. m. Joseph Ewing. Another dau. in. Ewing. 


To be continued). 








{Continued from Vol. IV, page 136.) 

Sept: 12. 1703 Andrew Wilfon & Hannah his wife own'd y e 

covenant that their children might be baptized 
These have been entered on the next page 2 
Apri: 16. 1704 Mr s Blower: The wife of John Knight: Han- 
nah Francis : Lydia Pierce : 4 
Joseph Hovey : Caleb Hovey 2 
June 10. 1705 Mingo & Charles y e negro Serv ts of M r Town : 
30 : Jeffry, y e negro Serv 1 of M r Goff : Scipio my 

Serv* 4 
Aug. 19. 1705 Abigail y e wife of John Robins: Mary y c wife 

of John Prentice : Elizabeth Burges 2 
Feb: 1.1707/8 Henry Dunster: Isabell Cutter y e daughter 

of Gershom Cutter : . 2 

15. M r Nathaniel Clark of y e Colledg. 1 

Sept. 12. 1708 AnnaFurbufh J 

Oct. 7. 1711. Aaron Cleveland 1 

Dec. 9 . Mary Fowl 1 

Mar. 2.1711/2 William Burges 1 

Aug. 17. 1712 Mercy Jones 1 

Oct. 5. Jafon Williams, John Williams Nathan 1 Williams 3 

Sept. 26 Jacob Green; John Burges. 2 

July 24. 1715 Cornelius Nye a Student 1 

Sept. 25 Elizabeth Durant 1 

Persons Adult w° own'd the Covenant & were Baptised 
1718 by Nath ll Appleton. 

June 15. Miriam Cheever. Elizabeth Ence. 


210 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Dec. 7. 1718 
Mar: 8, 1719. 
May 30. 
Jane 7 
Aug. 9 
Aug. 14, 1720 
May 28, 1721 
Dec. 24 
Mar. 27, 1722. 

Aug. 12, 
Sept 16 
Oct. 14 
April 14. 1723. 

May 12 
Jan. 5, 1724 

Margaret Williams 
Elizabeth Sangor 
Hannah Colson 
Mindwell Palks 
Confider Lycore 
P^benezer Burgefs 
Hannah Daniels Jun r . 
Peter Hurd. 

M r . Judah Monis, a Jew by birth and Education, be- 
ing converted to the Chriftian Faith owned y e Cove- 
nant & was Baptized & Declared a Member in full 
Communion, with the Church of Chrift, after a prayer 
& Discourfe made by M r Colman from John 5 : 4G & 
a Difcourfe of his own from Psal.116. 10. anlwering 
the common objections of the Jews againft Chrift's 
being already come & giving a Coni'eff ion of his faith 
in the Close. Sang part of the 110, Psalm. Which 
Solemnity was performed in the College Hall. 

Soli Deo Gloria. 
Thomas Bobbins 

Thomas Crofsen 

Deborah Crofsen 

Elizabeth Baverick 



David t Dunster 



John Baverick 

Ruth Baverick 

Mary Redeford 

Vid p (37) 

Infants & others in their Minority Baptized by WBr 

(14) Brought from p. (11) 531 

Nov : 13. 1710 Mary, y e daughter of Isaac Smith of Redding 1 

Jan : 7 Jonathan, y e Son of Jonathan Hides 1 

21 Hannah, y e daughter of Mrs. Humphreys. 

1903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 211 



Jan. 10 1710 Mary, y e daughter of Jofeph Coolidg. 2 

March 4 Tabitha, y e daughter of William Warland 1 

March 25 1711 Jafon, y e Son of Hubbard Rufsell . 1 

Apr. 8 Hannah, y e daughter of Sam 1 Boman, 

Samuel, y e Son of Eben 1 * Swan. 

Mary, y e d. of Jofhua Gam mage 3 

22 Daniel, the Son of John Smith 1 
May 6 William, y e Son of Mofes Bordman 

Samuel, y e Son of James Clark. 

Abigail, ye D of Dan. Squire. 

Eliz. y e d. of James Tuft 4 

Aaron, y e Son of Aaron Bordman 1 s ,- : ■•*•■ 

Mary, y e daughter of William Pattin. 

Mary, y e d of John Robbins. 

Bethiah, y e d of Thomas Grover 3 

John, y e Son of M r John Leverett 1 

Jonathan, y e Son of Jonathan Hastings 1 

John, the Son of Edward Marrett 1 

Abigail, the daughter of Thomas Fillebrown 1 

Mehetable, y e daughter of Jofeph Kent — 1 

John, y e Son of Aaron Cleveland, 

Samuel, y e Son of Gershom Davies. 

John, y e Son of John Mullett 3 

Samuel, y e Son of Samuel Woodberry 1 

James, the Son of James Holding 1 

Phebe, y e daughter of Nath 1 Pattin. 

Thomas, y e Son of Jofeph Adams 2 

23 Ebenezer, y e Son of Daniel Dana 1 
Jan. 6, 1712 Martha, y e daughter of Walter Rufsel. 

William, y e Son of Joseph Robins. 2 

27 Amos, ye Son of Jofeph Hovey 1 

Feb. 3. Elizabeth, ye daughter of John Bradifh 1 

10 Mary, the daughter of John Stedman 1 

24 Thomas, y e Son of Stephen Haftings 1 
March 2 Mary, y e daughter of William Burgis 

Thomas, y e Son of M r Thomas Tuft 2 ' 

30 Deborah, y e daughter of Nath. Robbins 1 

May 11 Anne, y e daughter of M r Nicholas Fefinden 

Thomas, y e Son of Ephraim Osborn 2 



































212 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

18 1712 Edward, the Son of John Fillebrown l 

Ebenezer, the son of Solomon Prentice 1 

Henry, the Son of John Herrington 1 

John, the Son of Ifaac Knap 1 

Mary, y e daughter of Henry Dunfter 1 

Rebeccab, y e daughter of John Cutter 1 

Mary, the daughter of Amos Gates 1 

Jofiah, y e Son of Aaron Cleavland 1 

Lucy, y e d. of M r Rernmington ■ 1 
Thomas, y e son of Benj. Goddard 

Thomas, y e Son of Barthol. Barrett 3 
Aug 24 William, y e Son of John Withington. 

Lydia, y e d. of Jonathan Gove 

Abraham, y e Son of Ifaac Watfon 3 

Sept 14 Perfis, y e daughter of Samuel Robinfon 1 

28 Samuel, y e Son of Sam. Scot 1 
Oct 5 Mary, Martha, Damaris, Thomas, & Sarah, y e 

daughters & Son of John Williams Vid. p. (13) 5 
12 Deborah, y e d. of W ia Brown. 

Mary, y e d of Jofhua Parker 2 
26 Sarah, y e d. of Col. Phips. 

William, y e Son of Ifaac Manning 
Hannah, y e d. of Edm. Frost. 
Sufanna, y e daughter of John Prentice. 

Jofeph, the Son of John Green 5 

Dec. 7 James, y e Son of John Hovey. 1 

14 Mary, the daughter of Kubbert Rufsell 1 

Jan. 25 John, y e Son of William Patten 1 

Feb. 8 Mary, the daughter of Philip Cook 1 

22 Hannah, y e d. of Edm fi Frost 1 
March 1 Lydia, y e d. of Richard Moores, 

Nathaniel, y e Son of Jofhua Gamage 2 
29 1713 Ebenezer, y e Son of John Smith 

Lydia, y e daughter of Gerfhom Cutter 2 

April 19 John & Samuel, Twins of James Clark 2 
26 Andrew, y e Son of S. Bowman. 
Abraham, y e Son of Ab. Ireland 

Jonas, y e Son of Nathaniel Prentice 3 

Sarah, y e d. of W m Warland 1 

1903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 213 


2 1713 








S T ov. 





the ... of Jonathan Gates 

John, y e Son of Jof . Chamney 
Mary, y e d. of Mofes Bordman 
Jofeph, y e S. of Jof. Adams 

Abigail, y e d. of H. G rover 4 

Phebe, y e daughter of Jonathan Butterfield. 
Priscilla, y e d. of Nath' Pattin. 2 

Jonathan, y e Son of John Bradish 1 

Dorothy, y e daughter of Sara 1 Angier And 
Thomas, y e Son of Thomas Herrington 2 

Zechariah, y e Son of Aaron Bordman 1 

Jofiah, y e son of Aaron Cleavland 1 

Edward, y e Son of Edw. Marret 1 

Bartholomew, ye Son of Bartholomew Barrett 1 

Carried to p. (17) 628 

(15) Persons w° Owned y e Covenant in order to their 

Children's Being Baptised. 


17: ' 

96. 7 

?an : 


96. 7 

rune 27. ' 






S T ov: 


March 27 

: '98 : 







V T ov: 













Nathaniel Sparhawk & his Wife. 

Daniel Chamney & his Wife : 

W m . Barrett & his wife : 

John Squire Jun r & his Wife : 

Samuel Chamney. 

Jonathan Nutting & his Wife : 

The wife of Abraham Hill: 

Samuel Sparhawk : 

Thomas Prentice 

Mrs. Parker ; y e wife of Jofiah Parker 

Ebenezer Brooks of Miftick, 

The wife of John Kent : 

Percival Hall of Medford 

Ebenezer Swan 

Jonathan Butterfield & 

John Fillebrown w th their wives 

Hannah Halting y e widow 

Stephen Froft 

Abraham Ireland & his wife. 

John Streeter 







214 . Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Aug: 31. 1701 William Patting ....... x 

Feb: 22, 1701/2 Paul Bat 1 

Aug: 16,1702 Daniel Haftiug 1 

Dec : 13 Nathaniel Patting 1 

Apr. 23, 1704 The wife of Stephen Coolidg before she [was] 

brought to bed. 1 

July 30. The wife of Ebenezer Hancock before she 

[was brought to bed]. 1 

Oct: 22 John Fefinden 1 

Jan : 12, 1706/7 Jonathan Hydes 1 

Feb : 23. Walter Rufsell 1 

April 6 1707 Rebeccah Barrett 1 

July 20 John Whittmore Jun r of Medford 1 

Sept. 14 Lydia Davis of Bofton [see photographic re- 

production for remainder of this record]. 
Nov : 21 Jonathan Robinson & Ruth his wife 

Samuel Robins & Rebeccah his wife 4 

Feb: 6, 1708/9 Sarah Lewis was now reftor'd having 8 or 10 

weeks before made her confefsion before y e 
Church for her falling once & again into un- 
cleannefs & making falfe pretences as tho' 
fhe were married : 
Feb : 20. She was called forth before y e Congreg n and 

then it was declar'd to y e Congreg" That 
whereas fhe had fo and fo fallen into Sin & 
been kept a long time f v om y e L d 's table, she 
. had h d herfelf & made her confefsion before 
y e ch. & given fuch tokens of repentance 
that she was rec d into their charity & restor'd 
to Com. w th G d & his p. [For short hand 
following this record see photographic re- 
March 13. 1708/9 Gershom Davis and his wife 2 

Dec: 18 1709 James Holding 1 

March 26, 1710 Jofeph Robins 1 

Sept. 3. William Willis 1 

Jan: 21 Elizabeth Humphreys : 1 

March 25, 1711 Ilubbert Rufsell ' 1 

April 8 Jofhua Gammage 1 

































■[■■ ■ h ' »£'£. £r*'t * ^ 







: I 



903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 215 

ay 6 1711 Daniel Squire 1 

13 Aaron Borclinan 1 - 

ct. 7 Goody Mullett made her confefsiou before y e 

Church Sep. 23. 1711 1 

ec. 9 Jofeph Adams 1 

ug. 21 1712 Ifaac Watfon 1 

ct. 26 John Green 1 

pril. 26. 1713 Nathaniel Prentice 1 

ug. 2 Jonathan Gates 1 

ct. 18 Samuel Angier & Tho Herrington 2 

.6) Jan 24. Nathaniel Cutter 1 
ct. 17 1714 Nathaniel Winfhip 

Jonathan Wyeth 2 

in. 23 Thomas Fillebrown 1 
eb. 5. 1715 George Abbot. 
arch 1716/7 John Parker 


children Baptized by N. App. 

in. 26 1718 William Winship Jun r , 

&y. 11 Daniel Gookin. 

pr. 12. 1719 John Swan: 

ay. 3. William Dickson. 

ct. 11. John Winfhip. 

ov. 22. Henry Prentice & his Wife Elizabeth. 

29. Thomas Dana, 

ay. 29. 1720 Edward Manning, 
in. 22, 1721 John Phillips of Water Town 
ay. 21. Jonathan Shattuck of Water To wne 

Eleazer Parker. 
$pt. 17. Samuel Cutter. 

3t. 1. Joseph Shed 

ft. 28. 1722 Samuel Whittamore, of Charlftowne 
me 17 John Gale, John Chadwick of Water Town 

2t. 21 Jemima Baverick 

>b. 17,1723 Jonathan Bradfhaw. 
ay 5 Charles Honywell 

12 Elizabeth Wheat 













' ' 











Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 




14 1723 



1, 1724 




Aug st 

Oet bei 

Jan. 24 
Aug. 15 

April 3 
April 10 

Jan. 15. 
Feb. 5 
April 9 
Nov : 26 

May 19 

Jan: 12 


Jan : 4 

Nov. 1 


May 24 

Feb. 4 
1733 Dec ,n 9. 
Feb. 24 1733/4 

Aug. 11 

Ebenezer Cutter : 

Thomas Brown 

Joseph Winfhip 

Nathaniel Francis. 

Ebenezer Froft 

John Fefinden Jun r . 

Peter Tufts. 

James Tufts. 

Ebenezer Shed. 

Jabez Carter of Woburn 

Isaac Fillebrown & his wife Hannah 

Thomas Soden 
Noah Sparhawk 

Andrew Wilfson 
John Dickfon Jun 1 '. 

Benjamin Brafier 

Samuel Cook Jun r . 

Caleb Dana 

Benjamin Emms & Mehitable his wife. 

Edward Itufsel & Sarah his wife. 

Luxford Pattin 

Ephraim Cook 
James Ozborn 

Henry Carnel 

George Cutter 

Ebenezer Swan & Bathfheba his Wife 

John Willfon 

M r Andrew Bordman Junior 
Samuel Bull 
Jacob Hill Jun r . 

Sam 11 Goddin 


■ i 


t ■ 

X. -- 

)03] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 217 



;pt. 15 1734 James Thompson 

eb. 13 Natha 11 Gammage 

me 29 1735 Tbomas Ozborn 
pril 11 1736 Samuel Haftings 
ept. 12, Simon Holding & Abigail his wife 

ov br 7. Samuel Lock. # 

eb. 20, 1736/7 William Withington 
pril 10, 1737 Boradel Sparhawk wife of Symon Spar hk . 
[ay 1, Abraham Ireland. 

ec br 25 1737 Samuel Davis 
eb : 5 1737/8 Samuel Swan 

pril 30 Sufannah Colfry wife of Abraham Colfry 

uly 30 Mary Parker 

ct br 29 1738 Daniel Barrett 
)ec br 24 Tabitha Skinner 

Lug 3 1739 Mary wife of Nath 11 Chadwick 
)ct br 21 ' Angus Graham 
'eb. 17 1739/40 Tabitha Hill 
une 15 1740 Ebenezer Bradifh 


uly 13 Ebenezer Smith 

^pril 19 1741 Samuel Champney Jun r . 
3ec br 26 1742 Elias Mafon 

any 9 1742/3 Jofiah Crofbye 

?eb 27 John Cheney & Martha Cheney 

March 20. Daniel Smith. 

May 8. 1743. Elizabeth Hinds. 

March 24 1744/5 Hannah wife of James Lanman 

0ct br 27 1745 David Logan 

Feb. 9 1745/6 Abraham Cutting, Priscilla Cutting. 

May 24. 1747 Daniel Champney Jun r 

July 12 1747 Nathan Winchefter, Brookline 

August 23 1747 Jofeph Cook Jun r . 

See p. (73) 

Infants baptized brought from page (14) Jan. 5. 1713/4 628 
Jan. 17. 1713/4 Mary the daughter of Daniel Squire 

Edward y e Son of Jofeph Robins 2 

24 Daniel, y e son of Jofeph Hovey 


218 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Jan. 24, 1713/4 Jofeph y e Son of Nathaniel Cutter 2 

Jeremiah y e Son of Walter Rufell 1 

Abigail the daughter of Henry Dunfter 1 
Martha, y e d. of Nath 1 Hancock 
John y e fon of H. Smith 

Mary y e d, of Caleb Hovey 3 

Sarah the daughter of Daniel Hafting 1 

Mary, y e daughter of M 1 ' Nicholas Fefinden 1 

Ebenezer the Son of John Hovey 1 

Martha, y e daughter of M r Remington 1 

Samuel, y e Son of Jofeph Kent 1 

Thomas, the fon of Ifaac Manning 1 

Roger, the Son of John Robins 1 

Amos, y e Son of Amos Gates 1 

Eliakim, y e Son of Colonell Phips 1 
Sarah, y e daughter of Jonathan Haftings 
Elizabeth y e d. of N. Winship 

Jon n y e fon of J. Wyeth 3 

Hephzibah, y e daughter of Daniel Dana 1 
Elizabeth, the d. of Sarah Bifcoe. 
William y e son of Eb. Swan 

Sarah, y e d. of G. Cutter 3 

Jacob, y e Son of Jacob Green. 1 

Mary, the daughter of Benjamin Baulch 1 

Sarah, y e daughter of Nathaniel Robins 1 

Jabefch, y e Son of John Fefinden 1 
Ruth, the daughter of John Fillebrown 

Thomas, y e fon of Tho. Fillebrown Jun r . ■ 2 

Sarah, y e daughter of Samuel Scot 1 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of James Clark 1 

Martha, y e daughter of Samuel Bowman 1 

William, y e Son of Jofhua Gamage 1 

Sarah, y e daughter of Solomon Prentice' 1 




March 21. 


16. 1714 































March 13 












Sarah, y e daughter of Nathaniel Patten 
Kezia, y e daughter of Jonathan Gove 
Margery, the daughter of Hubbard Rufsell 
Nathaniel, y e Son of Nathaniel Prentice 
William, y e Son of John Bradifh 




'. >. 

J] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 219 

12 1715 Edmund, y e Son of Edmund Froft 2 

19 Hannah, y e daughter of John Cutter 1 

24 Ephraim, y e Son of Ephraim Froft 1 
31 Martha, y e daughter of Mofes Bordman 1 

7 Sarah, the daughter of Jacob Hill 1 

4 Rebeccah, y e daughter of W m Warland 1 

25 Thomas, y e Son of Abraham Ireland 1 
2 William, y e fon & Lucy y e daughter of William 

Burgis dec d 2 

16 Abigail, y e daughter of Philip Cook 1 

30 Aaron, y e Son of Aaron Cleavland 1 

6 Sarah, y e daughter of Stephen Palmer 1 

He and his wife made their confession Sab. 
1715 before 

8. the of Jonathan Gates 

the of Nathaniel Cutter Jun r . 2 


















! : 









Deliverance, y e d. of J. Squire. 
Jonathan, y e Son of Jofeph Robins. 
22 Mary, y e daughter of William Brown. 

Richard, the Son of Gerfhom Cutter. 

5 Timothy, y e Son of Thomas Errington & 
Jacob, the Son of George Abbot 2 

12 Daniel, y e Son of Ifaac Manning. 
Hannah, y e daughter of Samuel Angier. 2 

4 Daniel, y e Son of Nath 1 . Patten 

Elizabeth, y e daughter of Walter Rufsell. 
Ruth, y e daughter of Ralph Hook 3 

Mary, y e daughter of John Parker 1 

Jonathan, y e Son of Gerfhom Davis 
Jofeph, y e Son of Jofeph Sprague 
Hannah, y e d. of J. Lawrence 8 

6 Ebenezer, y e Son of John Bradifh 
Abigail, y e daughter of Caleb Hovey .. ... 2 

13 Elizabeth, y e daughter of John Smith . 
27 the Son of Garfield 1 

3 Eunice, the daughter of Jofeph Cook. 

Deborah, y e d. of Sam 1 Bowman. 

Deborah, y e d. of J. Butterfield. 3 

10 Jofiah, y e Son of M r Nicholas Fefinden 

. '• 

; i 







Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Octobei 

24 1715. Sarah, y e daughter of Henry Smith 



Jonathan, y e Son of M r Remington 
Abigail, y e daughter of John Prentice 
William, y e Son of Benj. Goddard 
Oldham, y e Son of Amos Gates 

Carried to page (29). 







Jan : 


; Feb : 



May : 

2. 96 

:21 : . 

11. 98: 

17. 99: 



9. 1700. 




2 1701 

Persons Married by W m Brattle. 

1. Samuel Sparhawk & Sarah Whiting: 

2. Thomas Prentice & Mariah Rufsell : 

3. The Rev d M r , Benj: Wadsworth & Mrs, 
Ruth Bordman : 

4. Abraham Ireland, & Abigail Durrant : 

5. Ephraim Osborn, & Jane Matson : 

6. Francis Begar & Elizabeth Lynn : 

7. Samuel Dunton & Anna Davis : 

8. Philip Cook & Sarah Read : 

9 : Jofeph Crackbone & Abigail Rice : 

10 : William Baker & Sarah Crackbone : 

11 : Samuel Rolf & Martha Gibson : 

12 : John Hafcall & Mary Squire : 

13 : John Woodward & Sarah Smith : 

14 Walter Rufsell & Mary Patten : 

15 : Benjamin Green & Elizabeth Lobdill : 
16. Samuel Livermore & Eliz. Parker 

17 : John Smith & Martha Earns : 

18 : Nathaniel Hancock & Sarah Green : 

19 : Chriftopher Hall & Mary Homer : 

20 : John Knight & Dorcas Cleeveland : 

21 : John Pattin & Margaret Lux ford : 

22 : John Streeter & Mary Whetcomb : 

23 : Philemon Chaundler & Hannah Cheaney : 

24 : The Rev d M r Thos : Weld & M rs Mary Savage 

25 : Mofes Bordman & Abigail Haftings. 

26 : Ebenezer Williams & Mary Palfray : 

27 : Jofeph Allin & Elizabeth Robbins 

28 : Jonathan Ward & Abigail Hall : 

29 : Richard Robbins & Anna Baverick : 

30 : Doct r Saml 1 Gedney & M rs Mary Gookin : 

' ■ 

903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 221 

The Rev d M T Timothy Stevens &M rs Alice 

Whiting : 
G-ershom Cutter cc Mehetabell Abbot: 
M r Tho : Sviniurs & M r < Eliz Blower. 
John La-core <jc Sarah Fergufon. 
Jonathan More? & Elizabeth Woodhead — 
Thomas Baverkk & Eliz. Begar — 
The Rev d M r Nath 11 Hunting & M rs Mary 

Green : 
Thomas Prentice & Mary Batfon : 
Daniel Hasting? ^: Abigail Cookfey. 
Mr Daniel Greenleaf & M rs Eliz. Gookin. 
William Warland & Tabitha Hill, 
Stephen Coolidg & Sarah Parker — 
James Wright & Elizabeth Patten — 
Jacob Watfon & Mary Hely — 
Jofeph Hovey ^ Mary Marrett — 
Ifaac Shepard & Elizabeth Fuller — 
Deacon Walter Hafting & M rs Eliz. 

Ebenezer Hancock & Sufanna Clark — 
Benjamin Wyman cV Eliz. Hancock — 
Amos Gates & Hannah Oldham — 
Samuel Fofter & Mercy Coon. — 
James Clark & Mary Lamfon — 
William Brown & Deborah Squire — 
Matthew Mallett & Abigail Lynn. — 
3/4 55 : Maf Thomas Brown & M rs Mary Phips — 
Mar. 23. 1703/4 56 : Samuel Robinfon & Sarah Manning 
May 25 1704 57 : M r William Gedney & Mrs. Eliz. Andrews. 
July 20 58: The Rev d M r Thomas Barnard & M rs Lydia 

Edward Twiner & Lvdia Smith 
Sam 11 Seers &: Deborah Streeter 

John Prentice & Mary Smith : 
John Richardfon & Lydia Pratt : 
Samuel Jones & Sarah Hill: 
John Robins & Abigail Adams : 


19: 1701 31: 


11. 32: 


J , oo : 


11 34. 

14 35: 


9 36: 

27 37: 

STov : 

6. 38: 

13. 39: 

18. 40: 


3, 41 : 

kpr : 

30. 1702 42. 


7. 43. 


12. 44: 


10. 45 : 

31: 46: 

Ian : 

7: 47: 

14. 48 : 

20. 49: 


19. 1703. 50: 


2. 51: 


4. 52: 

11 53: 


25 3/4 54 : 


1 : 3/4 55 : 


Aug. 8. 





Jan: 5: 1704/5 


Feb : 22 : 


March 15 


Apr. 9. 1705 





Records of the F'irst Church, Cambridge. [October 

Nov. 8: 1705 


Dec. 27. 


Apr. 3 1706 




May 1 


July 23 


Aug. 8 


Dec. 26. 



Oct. 29. 1707 


Feb.25. 1707/8 


April 8. 1708 




June 17 




Sept: 9 






Octob. 14 


Nov. 23. 


March 29 1709 


May 25 


June 23 


July 5 


Aug. 3. 


Octob: 27 


Dec. 29 


Feb. 16. 


March 22. 

















Jan : 





Jeremiah Ruggles & Mehet. Gale : 
Lieu 1 Daniel Dane & Margaret Adams 
Walter Rufsell & Elizabeth Winfhip 
Jonathan Hides & Hannah Dana 
David Mofs & Mercy Egar 
Bartholomew Barrett & Rebeccah Warland 
M r Nicholas Fefinden & Mrs. Sarah Coolidge : 
Jonathan Gove & Lydia Cooper 
Samuel Robins & Rebeccah Grandy. 
Benjamin Farley (& Anna Dunton : 
Henry Dunfter & Martha Rufsell : 
Ifaac Manning & Margaret Egar: 
Jacob Parker & Ursula Eaton. 
Ephraim Winfhip & Hannah Cutter- 
John Hill & Anna Remington 
M r Thomas Greaves & M rs Sybil Avery 
M r Samuel Gookin & M rs Hannah Bifcoe 
Stephen Willis & Martha Bordman 
Aaron Bordman & Elizabeth Parker : 
Capt n Sam 1 Frothingham & Abig. Oldham 
Nathaniel Billings & Lydia Luxford. 
The Rev d M r Israel Loring & M 19 Mary Hayman 
William Willis & Rebeccah Watson 
John Stinfon & Rebeccah Bunker 
Jofeph Robins & Jane Dickfon- 
Samuel Woodberry & Elizabeth Cookworthy 
John Clark & Hannah Dane 
Eben r Dor & Mary Bordman 
[Thomas] Miller & Elizab. [Experience, Town 
Record] Fuller 
Aaron Cady & Mercy Fuller 

John Rufsell & Elizabeth Pattin 
John Groce & Hannah Nutting 
John Willingboy & Elizabeth Rufsell 
Hubbard Rufsell & Elizabeth Dickfon 
Jofhua Gammage & Deborah Wyeth : 
Benjamin Baulch & Mary Prentice : 
Jofeph Adams & Rebeccah Cutter 

903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 223 

John Bifcoe & Sarah Remington 
Edmund Frost & Hannah Cooper 

Thomas Foord & Ruth Bradifh 

Jeremiah Clark & Patience Dana 

Benjamin Chad wick & Hannah Welch 

M r Theophilus Cotton & M rs Mary Gedney 

M r Jonath" Remington & Mrs. Lucy Bradstreet 

Jofeph Phillips & Elizabeth Gibfon — 

Nath 1 Pattin & Sarah Hancock — 


John Parker & Mary Hancock 
Samuel Winchip & Jane Fefinden 
John Green & Elizabeth Coree 
Cant" Samuel Gookiu & M rs Sufanna Parker 
Benjamin Shattuck & Rachel Clark 
Jofeph Farley & Abigail Cook 
Jofhua Parker & Mary Fefinden 
Nathaniel Cutter & Sarah Win f hip 
Thomas Errington & Abig. Rice 
Thomas Carter & Sufannah Winfhip 
Thomas Dill & Mary Cheney- 
John Maynard & Eliz. Needham 


Thomas Fillebrown & Ifabella Cutter 
Nathaniel Winship & Rebeccah Pierce 
-John Richardfon & Ab. Swan 
James Reed & Sarah Batfon 
Ephraim Froft & Sarah Cooper 
Jacob HiU & Sufanna Hancock — 
John Fuller & Margaret Hicks. 
Jofeph Sprague & Sarah Stedman 

19) Dec. 10. 1714 Jonathan Maynard & Mehet. Needham 
an. 26, 1714 W m Manfor & Lydia Swan 

George Abbot & Rebec, Swan. 
'eb. 17,1714 Jofeph Lawrence & Hannah Marrett 

une 8. 1715 M r Dan. Appleton & M rs Eliz. Berry 

)ct. 13. Sam 1 Whittemore & Mary Hicks 

26. Doct r Dolhound & M rs Eliz. Stedman 


1 1710 102 




5 104. 

19 105 


10 106 


16 107. 


5 108 


4 109 

15 110. 


20. 1711 111 


10 112 

25 113 


29 114 

larch 27 1712 115 


8 116 


15 117 


11. 118 


5 119 

t pr. 

1 1713 120 


11 120 


10 121 



11 123 


1. 1714 124 


12 125 


9 126 

29 127 


14 128 


30 129 







' - 





June 28 1716 M r Benjamin Gerrifh & M rs Martha Foxcroft 

July 9 M r Dan Gookin & M rs Sarah Bifcoe 

Oct. 11 William Fefinden & Martha Wyeth 

19 Ebenezer Fifher & Elizabeth Hicks 

25 Thomas Froft & Mary Butterfield 

Nov. 29 Jof. Hicks & Rebeccah Palfray 

Dec. 6 W™ Winfhip & Thankfull Wyeth 

Jan. 9 Sam 1 Griffin & Ab. Dana 

Persons Married by Nath ll Appleton. 

Feb. 13, 1718 Francis Kidder & Mary Prentice 

June 12 W m Dickfon & Ruth Prentice 

July 3. W m Warland & Anne Parker 

Oct. 2. John Winfhip & Elizabeth Wyeth 

23 Edmund Fowles & Mercy Smith 
Dec. 18. Abraham Hill & Prudence Hancock 
Jan 22, 1719 Thomas Dana & Mary Parker 

29 Cap 1 Nicholas Bows & M rs Martha Remington 

Feb. 13 Joseph Carter & Anna Cooper 

Apr. 9 Maj 1 * John Denison & M rs Mary Leverett 

June 30 Samuel Carter & Margery Dickfon 

Dec. 4. M r John Higginson & Ruth Bordman 

Jan. 5.1720. The Rev v M r Henry Mefsinger & M rs Esther Chever 

Mar. 24. Eleazer Parker & Hannah Humphreys 

29 Samuel Cooper & Sarah Kidder 

May 17 Nath 11 Pattin & Sarah ffrost 

June 21 John Cooper Sen 1 " & Sarah Hancock 

Nov. 1. John Oldham & Mindwel Palks 

Nov. 10. Samuel Cutter & Anne Herrington 

22 Daniel Haws & Bridget Chever 

24 Caleb Lampfon & Dorothy Hancok. 
Dec. 16 Joseph Shed & Susanna Rice 
April 6. 1721. John Cooper & Lydia Prentice 
May 8 John Hicks & Rebeccah Champney 
June 22 Abraham White & Mary Smith 
Apr. 3. 1722 James Read & Mary Oldham 

June 7 Walter Cooper & Mary Goddard 

21 W m Upham & Naomi Dana 

July 19 Ebenezer Cutter & Sarah Cutter 



224 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [October 


903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 225 












r oy. 














Mr. Jabez Fitches Letter of dismission Camb. Oct. 22, 1703.* 

L d Sirs 

These may acquaint you that M r J. F. whom you are about to 
jttle in the office of the ministry with you was admitted to full com- 
mnion by the church of Christ in Cambridge, and that we recom- 
lend him to your fellowship and to the service of Jesus Christ in 
our place : Pray God that he may come to you in the fullness of 
le Lord. • . • . . . • • • • . • 

These to be comunicated to the church. .... 

* Partly in short hand, which has been extended in the text. 




ept. 27 1722 John Pierce & Susanna Marret. 
ct. 4 Richard Rose & Huldah Rufsell 

9 Thomas Brown & Abigail Cheney 

ov. 8 M r Richard Davenport & Abigail Hancock 

[arch 27 1723 Benjamin Hopkins & Hannah Wilson 

Solomon Champney & Eliz th Cunningham 
John Weld & Margaret ffuller 
Jabez Carter & Abigail Manning 

Ebenezer ffroft & Deborah Martin 1 j 

Daniel Champney & Tabitha Hancock 
James Clark & Eliz th Collis. 
Phillip Bemus & Elizabeth Lawrence 
Nath 11 Goddard & Mary Cooper 
1724 M r Judah Monis & M rs Abigail Marret 
Samuel Larkin & Mary Hicks 
Thomas Soten & Hannah Prentice 
John Macldocks & Mary Payn 
3. 1724 Deacon John Whittamore & Rebecca Cutter 

The Rev d Mr. Ebenezer Parkman & Mary 

To page (36) 



I i 




ev d S r . Camb. Oct. 27 1704. 

Thefe may acquaint yourself & Others concerned y l M r Robert 
lliot was admitted to full Communion by y e Church of Christ in y s 
lace & that we chearfully recommend him to y e holy work, we hear, 
; purposed in your place of gathering into a Church State : We 



226 Mecords of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

wifh you y e prefence of G d & his divine f miles upon your prefent de- 
figns. I am 

Rev d S r . 
Your Ready fr d & Servt. 
To y e Rev d M r J. Emerfon W.Br. Paftor of y e 

At Newcaftle. Ch. in Cam. 

* To M r Pemb[erton] Feb. 11. 1711/12 

These ma} r acquaint you and y e Church whereof you are the 
Pastor that in the years of our Lord 1697 & 1706 Mr A. Stod. 
[Anthony Stoddard, A. B., Harvard, 1697] & Mr. D. Jeffryes [David 
Jeffries, A. B., Harvard 1708] then students at the College were re- 
ceived in full communion by the Church of Christ at Cambridge. 
That while with us their conversations were as become the lovers of 
Christ. That their residence is now at Boston & their attendance 
upon the publick worship with your Church. We do with cheerful- 
ness recommend them to your communion, and fellowship. Entreat- 
ing your prayers ... I subscribe myfelf Revd Sr Yr Brother & Fellow 

WBr. Paftr of y e Ch of X 
in Camb. 

Covenant in order to their children's being baptized. 

. You do each of you now acknowledge the G d of y r Fathers to be 
your G d ; You do humbly beg of G d thru J. C. forgivnefs for your 
fins original and actual. You do folemnly promife by the help of 
y e divine Spirit to walk w th G d according to y e rules of his holy 
word & to fubmit yourf elves to all the inftitutions and appointments 
of J. C. in his Gofpell & to bring up your c — in y e nurture & ad- 
~ monition of y e Lord. 

(21) The Rev d M r Willard's Form for y e Gathering of a 
Church Called at Cambridge Farms. 

We whose names are underwritten sensibly acknowledging our 
unworthinefs of such a favour and unfitnefs for such a bufinefs, yet 
apprehending our Selves to be Called of God our Selves in a way of 
church Communion and seek the settlement of all the Gospel In- 

* Partly in short hand which has been extended in the text. 


.903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 227 


titutions among us ; Do therefor in order thereto and for the better 

romoting thereof, as much as in us lyes knowing how prone we are 

o backslide ; abjuring all Confidence in our selves, and relying on y e 

ord J.C. alone for help, Covenant as follows. 
First, having perused the Confession of faith put forth by the 

ast Synod of Churches held in Boston NE : wee Do heartily Clofe 

n with it, for the Substance of It and promise to stand by, Mam- 
am and if need be contend for the faith therein Delivered to the 

>eople of God ; and if any among us shall Go about to undermine it 
t^e will bear a due teftimony against y m , we alfo Combine to walk 

ogether as a peculiar church of X according those all holy rules of 

le Gospel purchased (prescribed) to such a Society, so far as God 

lath revealed or Shall reveal his mind to us in that respect. 
We do accordingly recognize the Covenant of Grace in w c we pro- 

esedly acknowledge ourselves Devoted to y e fear and Service of the 
only true God our Supreme Lord and to y e Lord J : C : the High 
Priest, Prophet & King of his church, unto w ose : Conduct we Sub- 
mit ourf elves and on w ni alone we wait and hope for Grace and Glory ; 
to w m we bind ourselves in an Ever lasting: Covenant never to be 

We likewise give ourselves up one to another in the Lord, resolv- 
ing by his help to clear (treat) etich y e other, as fellow members of one 
body in brotherly Love and holy watchfulnefs over one another, for 
mutual Edification, and to Subject ourselves to all the holy adminis- 


trations, appointed by him w° is the head of his Church dispensed j 

according to y e rules of Gospel and to give our Constant attendance 

on all the publick ordinances of X's Institution walking orderly as 

becometh Saints. I 

We do likewise acknowledge our posterity, to be Included with us 
in y e Gofpel Covenant and blefsing God for so rich a favour, Do 
promife to bring them up in y e nurture and admonition of y e Lord 
with Greatest Cnre, and to acknowledge y m in y e Covenant relation 
according y e Rules of y e Gofpel. 

Furthermore, wee promife to be carefull to our uttermost to pro- 
cure Settlement and Continuance among us, of all the offices and 
officers appointed by Chrift the chief Shepard for his Church's Edifi- 
cation ; and accordingly Do our Duty faithfully for their maintenance 
and Encouragement and to Carry it towards them as becometh us. 
Finally we acknowledge and do promise to preserve Comunio with 

• ■ 

t .-H 

228 Records of the First Church , Cambridge, [October 

the faithfull Churches of X for the Giving Recieving mutual Counsel 
and afsistance in all Cases w r in it shall be needfull. 

Now the Good Lord be mercifull to us ; and as he hath put it into 
our hearts thus to Devote ourselves to him Let him pity and pardon 
our frailities, humble us out of all Carnal Confidence, and keep it 
forever upon our hearts to be faithful to himfelf and to one another, 
for his praise and our Eternal Comfort, for X.J. Sake to w m : be 
Glory forever, Amen. 

A Form for y b Ordaining of a Min. of y e Gospell, used by y e 
Rev d Presid t . w n W.Br : was Ordained at Cambridge. 

Rom. 1.1. Whereas you on w m : w e Impose our hands, are y s : 

Day separated to y e G of pel of God and to y e office 

of a paftor to y e Church of X. in this place we Do 

in his name ordain you thereunto. 
1 Tim. 5. 4. And we charge you before God and the L. J. C. 

1 Tim. 4 : 5. and y e Elect angels, that you Do the work of a minister 

of X. that you take the over sight of this flock of 
1. Pet. 5. 2. God not for filthy Lucre but of a ready mind, that 
Acts 20 : 28. you feed all the flock over w c the Holy Ghoft hath 
Tit. 2. 7. 8 made you an overseer. In Doctrin e showing uncor- 

ruptednefs, gravity, Sincerity, Sound Speech, w c 

Cannot be Condemned: 
1 Tim. 4:12. That you give yourfelf to reading, to Exhortation, 
13. 15. to Doctrine, that you be an Example of y e believers 

in word, in Converff tion, in Charity, in faith, in 

purity : 
Zach 3. 7. And if you keep y s : charge It will not be long 

before God shall give you a place In heaven among 
1 Pet. 5. 4. his angels w° : stand by & are witnefses of y e 

Solemnity. And when J. C. the chief Shepherd shall 
Dan. 12.3: appear you Shall receive a crown of glory w c : fadeth 

not way & shall then Shine as the Stars for Ever and 


(22) A Copy of a Letter to a Chdrch for Help in 

Ordination &c. 

Honoured, Rev d & Dearly Beloved : 

Grace, Mercy & Peace be multiplyed unto you. 

103] Records of the First Church , Cambridge. 229 


Whereas it hath Pleased our Gracious God to In- 
cline the heart of y e Reverend M r W m . Brattle to 
accept of the Call w c this Church & Congregation 
hath Given him to be y r Pastor & Gofpel minifter 
and w r : as the day for his ordination to y l office w th 
mutual Consent is appointed to be on Wednesday y e 
25 of y s Instant (november) 

These may Inform you that w e humbly Intreat 
your Presence and Assistance on that Day. That 
, you would please to Send your mefsingers then with 
y aftor y r Reverend Elder to join with the Elders & Mefsin- 

gers of other Churches for the more orderly Confum- 
mating the affairs of Said Day according to w* : is 
usual and Customary In the Churches of X. in 
N. England. 

The Place where the Elders and Messengers are 
desired to meet In the morning is the Colledge Hall, 
and the time of our Publick meeting is Intended at 
10 of y e Clock before noon. 

We Earnestly Entreat your Prayers on our behalf : 

Heartily Commend y e word of Grace among y u to y e 

blessing of God and subscribe ourselves in y e name 

. of y e Church of Christ in Cambridge & at y r : re- 


- Camb. November 6, 1696. Yours in the faith and 

Vera Copia. fellowship of y e Gospel 

Jonas Clark Elder 
Walter Hastings 

The Covenant for Adult persons w° desire 

Baptism &c : 

You and each of you for your Selves Respectively 
do now give up yourf elves to God In J. C. In An 
Everlasting Covenant never to be broken. 

You do Humbly & Penitently ask of God forgive- 
nefs for y r original Sin, as also for all your actual 
Transgrefsions and you Defire with all your hearts 
to accept of J. C. for y r : alone Redeemer and Saviour : 

Solemnly Promising that by the Help of God's holy 

230 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Spirit you will Endeavour to live henceforward 
more to his honour and Glory y n : heretofore you have 
Done ; abstaining from the vain Delights and pleas- 
ures of this evil world. Keeping under the Pafsions 
and E v il Luftings w c are within you ; Doing what in 
you lyes at all times to Carry it both towards God 
and towards man as becomes the Difciples of J. C. 
And Particularly you all Promife to Submit your- 
felves to the Government w c J. C. hath Instituted and 
appointed in and over his Church. 

For Adult Henry Dunster & Isabel Cutter 
Feb. 1. 1707/8.* 

You do each of you now acknowledge the God of 
your fathers for your God. You do confess your- 
selves sinners and humbly ask of God through Jesus 
Christ forgivness for all your sins. . 

You do solemnly promise that by the help of the 
Holy Spirit you will renounce the vanities of this evil 
world. That you will be careful to walk in the way 
of God's Commandments and that you will endeavour 
to maintain in your lives continually a sense of the 
obligations which your Baptism lays you under for- 
ever to be the Lord's : 

* Partly In shorthand, which has been extended in the text.— Ed. 


(23) M r Paul Dudley purpofing by the will of God a 

Voyage into England, and def iring a Letter Testimo- 
niall and Recommendatory in order to his Reception 
to Communion with the Saints in holy ordinances 
where the Providence of God may Cast him. 

Thefe, are therefore to Certify any minister of our 
L. J. C. unto whom he may offer his defires of ^tak- 
ing in y e Lord's Supper, That the faid M r Paul Dudley 
has, with a Generall approbation and moft Ready 
acceptance, been Received into fellowfhip with the 
Church of Chrift in Roxbury ; and during his abode 
in Communion with the faid Church has by occasional 
Labours in word and by an Evangelical Converfatioo, 
Given full proof of his orthodoxy in the faith and 
the Grace of Christ in and with him. 

103] Mecords o the First Church, Cambridge. 231 

Hereby alfo he is Commended to the Christian, ac- 
ceptation of the holy people of God, and to free ad- 
mifsion to a fhare of the precious body and blood of 
our L d and may the Rich Grace of J. C. be with thi9 
beloved Brother to Enable him to approve himfelf 
acceptable to the Saints, and an honour to the holy 
Religion profefsed by him, And may the Lord be with 
him thro' his pilgrimage on Earth and may he after- 
ward be with the Lord for Ever. . 

Nehemiah Walter 
Minifter of the Gofpell 
June d. 24 th 1697. at Roxbury in New England 



Mr. Willard's Charge to m r N. W ms in y e Col. Hall 


Whereas G d hath in his holy Providence called 
thee N. Williams to y e fervice of his Gofpell & 
difpenfation of it to a Congreg 11 in Barbadoes w ch 
have entreated & impowered us to fend over one to 
help them. 

We do therefore in y e name of X & by his 
Authority feparate & Authorize thee to y s work. 
For w ch end we ordain thee to be a Minifter of y e ever 
lafting Gofpell & appoint thee to preach y e word & 
dif pense y e other ordinances of Chrifts institutions to 
and among ye people to w m thou art thus fent. Ac- 
cording as G d fhall open to thee a door regularly fo 
to do. And chaige thee to watch in all things & to 
make a full proof of thy Miniftry ; In doctrine to 
fhow incorruptnefs. gravity, fincerity, foundnefs of 
fpeech y l cannot be condemned, that he that is of y e 
contrary part may be afshamed, having no evil 
thing to fay of thee, To be fober, juft, holy, tem- 
perate, holding faft y e holy word that thou hast 
been taught, & fhewing an example of an holy life, 
that w n y e chief Shepherd shall appear thou may'ft 
receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away. 

>. Wil. 


fY~.Br.impoi d 



M r C.Mather 

& r Gibbs, 

^adfwth. & 



232 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

(24) Mr. Whiting of Billerica nis form for Ordin n 

We have feen you this day ehofen & called by this Church to be 
their Paftor & over y m in the Lord by their free fuffrage & confeut. 

We have heard you exprefsing your willingness, upon this call 
( w ch you look at as from God) to take y e office & charge (fo great 
duty) upon you, the overfight of y 8 flock. 

Thefe prefent concern'd are fully concurrent in their approbation 
& confent thereto. 

It remains therefore y* you be f olemnly fet apart unto y e work of 
the Ministry by fafting & prayer & laying on of y e hands of the 
Prefbytery 13 Acts. 2. 3. 1 Tim. 4.14. & y* you have a charge given 
unto you in y e Name of X. y t you take heed to y e Miniftry that you 
receive in y e IA that you fulfill it. 

I do therefore (being called to y e work) fet apart & ordain thee 
A.B. : A Min r . of y e everl. Gofpell to preach y e G of pell & adminifter 
y e feals & cenf ures thereof with authority where-ever y e Providence 
of God calls you thereto. 

> Particularly I ordain thee a Pastor of y e Ch. of X. in y s place to 
be over y m in all matters of y e Lord. 2 Chron. 19. 11. & do charge 
thee in y e name of X. to take heed to y e miniftry that thou receivest 
in y e L d . to f ulfdl it. 

>You are made a Watchman in y s house of ; Watch therefore for 
the Souls of y s people &c. 

> G d . fets thee as a Star in y e firmament of his Church. See that 
you fhine by heavenly doctrine & an holy life &c. 

You are fet a light in y e candleftick : Hold forth y e light of y e 
Gofpel to open blind eyes &c. 

tiYou are fent to y s people as an Embafsad r for X. a mefsenger for 
the L d of hofts. Deliver y e Lord's mefsages fully, freely, boldly, 
earnef fcly &c. 

You are fet in G ds houfe as a Minifter of X. a Steward &c. 

After y e ordin g of minifters or y e folemn putting y m into the office 
by the impofition of y e hands of y e Prefbytery w th fasting & prayer 
there is wont to follow y e Rite w ch is called y e giving y e right hand of 
fellowfhip, whereby is fignified & expref f ' d an approbation of y e per- 
son by y c churches y 1 wait upon y e bufinefs y e equality of the office 

1903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 233 

& a declaration of y e mini s ters accepting them as their companion in 
y e work of y e ministry. 

The example for it is 2. Gal. 7. 8. 9 & y e grounds of their so doing 
were two 

That y y saw and were perfuaded &c. 

And now as y s our Reverend brother hath been called to &c. 


Persons Admitted to Full Communion 

from page (6) 

Oct. 31 1714 

1. Joseph Cook 

2. Sam 1 Stow. Stud 1 

3. Eunice Cook 

Jan. 9, 

4. Sufanna Clark 

1. Goodman Webber. 

2. Sarah W. of J. Winfhip. 

- . 

3. Sufanna, W. of S. Gookin 

4. Anne Parker 

March 20. 

5. Prudence Hancock, 

1. M r Sam 1 Terry > 

2. S r Berry [Thomas] 

3. John Gardner l Students 


4. Sam 1 Spear 

5. Benj. Webb 

6. James Read 

7. Stephen Prentice 

8. Nath 1 Prentice 

9 . John Foord 

10. M rs S. Sparhawk 

- '- 

11. Abiel Hovey 


12. Goody Burges Sen r 

13. The wife of J. Read. 

14. Y e wife of St. Prentice. 

15. Y e wife of N. Prentice 


16. Elizabeth Berry 

17. Mercy Oliver 

18. Mercy Chapman 

19. Margt Hicks. 

Aug. 7. 1715 

1. John Lawrence 


Records of the First Church , Cambridge. [October 

Aug. 7. 1715 


The W. of Dan 1 Squire 


The W. of J. Lawrence 

Oct. 16 


William Fefinden. 


Margaret Fefinden 

March 4. 


Jofiah Bond. 


John Hicks. 


Sarah Agar. 



Rebeccah Coolidg. 


Ruth Hicks. 

May 13, 1716. 


George Abbot 


Nathaniel Cotton 


Francis Kidder 


John Manning 


Elizabeth Smith 


The wife of Jon" Gates 


The Wife of Ifaac Watfon 



The W, of George Abbot 



Sarah Kidder 


Elizabeth Stacye 


Ruth Bordman 

July 22 


Colonell Phips. 


Hezekiah Gould. 


Elizabeth Bordman. 


Eliz. Gardner. 

Sept. 30, 


S r Brown 


Jofeph Moodey 



Deborah Gamage 


Martha Wyeth 

Dec. 9. 


Nath 1 Robins Jun r 


The Wife Sam 1 Angier 

About 370. 


The W. of Nath Robins 

-. __ — 


Persons admitted to full communio by Nathaniel Appleton 

March 16.1717/8 Sir Cheekley [Samuel] 

Elkanah Osbon 
. Sam 11 Scott 
Joseph Adams 

103] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 235 

trcb 16, 1717/8 Thomas Frost 

Tho s Fillebrown Jun r . 

Rebecca Ingham 

Sarah Scot 

Eliz th W. of Walter Ruf sell 

Eliz : W. Hobart Rufsell 

Mary Frost 

Sarah Frost 

Mary Brafier 

lay 11 Warham Williams 

Solomon Williams 
Samuel Dana 
Ebenezer Fefsenden 


dy 6. Sam 11 Prentice 

ug. 31, 1718. John Knight 

Elizabeth Nutting 
Martha Moore 
Mary Dana 

bvbr. 2 Dorothy Manning 

>ecemb r 21 Ephraim Frost 

John Hancock Stud 1 . 
Bethiah Champney 

'eb. 15 1718/9 M r Sam 11 Andrews 
Nath 11 Oliver 
Gerfhome Davis 
. Will m Winfhip 
Nath 11 Leonard Stud 1 
Bethiah, W : Nath 11 Oliver 
Eliz ; W ; of Nath 11 Cutter 
Sarah, W : Gershom Davis 
Rebecca, W : Nath 11 Winfhip 
Mary W ; Francis Kidder 
Thankful, w : Wil m Winfhip 
Eliz : Andrews d : M r Hickes 

pril 12.1719 Jacob Watf on 
Joseph Robbins 
Jane w : Jos : Robbins 





236 Records of the First Church, Cambridge [October 

April 12. 1719 Abigail Hancock 

Margery Dickson 

Jun. 7 Sam 11 Angier 

Sam 11 Felch 


Katharine Felch 


Sam 11 Felch 

Aug st . 9. Will ra Rand. Student. 

Mary Langley 

Nov. 29, 

John Cook 

Jonathan Butterfield 
Esther Chevers 

Jan : 31 : 

Consider Lycore 
Tabitha Hancock 

Mar. 26 

M r William Cook 

Benjamin Balch 
John Cooper 
Nimphus Stacy 
Susanna Dana 


Eleanor Phipps 
Eliz : Prentice 

May. 15 : 

Nathaniel Tufts. 
Thomas Clap — Student. 
M rs Sarah Leverett 
M 1 ^ Mary Denison 
Mary Wife of Tho s Dana 

July 10 Nathaniel Rogers — Stud* 

Jonathan Nutting Jun r 
Rachel Stone 

Sept. 4. Alice, W : of James Cutter 

Mary. D : of Joseph Hicks. 

Oct. 80 Jonathan Gove 

Mary Champney j D « r9 of Sam n champney 

Rebecca Champney ) 

Dec. 25 S r Eliot [Jacob] 

Dorothy w : of James Upham 


03] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 237 

1720/1 William Dickson 
b. 20. Thomas Kidder 

• Y e widow P^liz : Pierce. Charleftown 
Ruth, w. of W ra Dickson 

>r. 23 Huldah Rufsell 

Margery Winfhip 
Abigail Butterfield 
Elizabeth Sangor 

ig st 6. Gershom Cutter Sen r 

>v. 26 Daniel Champney 

Walter Cooper 

n. 21. 1721/2 Mary Cooper 

Martha Goddard 

dy 8. S r Cotton [Josiah] | 

John Tuck J Students 

jpt. 9. David Hall Student 

Josiah Smith 
Jofeph Rufsell 

ct. 28 S r Hunting [Nathaniel] 

Henry Prentice 
Elizabeth Prentice 
Mary w. of Abr. Hill Junr 

)ec. 23 John Warren Student 





. 18 





Verte p. (30) 
Infants & others in their Minority Baptized 

Brought from p. 17. 716 

Richard y e son of Nathaniel Cutter Sen r 

Abigail y e d. of Jon. Willard 

Sarah y e d. of Th. Grover 3 

Jonathan y e Son of Jofeph Sprague 1 

Elizabeth the daughter of Samuel Whittimore 1 

Elizabeth y e daughter of Col. Phips 1 

Andrew y e Son of John Hill 

Nathaniel y e Son of Nathaniel Winfhip 2 

■ ■ 


238 llecords of the First Church, Cambridge. [October 

Infants Baptized by Nathaniel Appleton. 

Oct. 13 1717 Sarah of Samuel Robinfon 
Oct. 20. Sarah of Solomon Prentice 

Jonathan of Jonathan Gates 

Jonathan of Sam 11 Kent 
Dec. 15. William of Edmund Angier 

Jan. 12. 1718 William of W m Warland 

Caleb of Caleb Hovie 

Jofeph the son of Thomas Frost 
Jan. 16. Elizabeth of Nathaniel Cutter Sen r 

Shadrach of Abr. Ireland 

Eliphalet of John Robbins 

John of William Brown 

Joanna of W m Winfhip Jun r 

Sarah of John Bradifh 

Sarah of Isaac Manning 

Hannah of Jonathan Gove 

Joseph of Joseph Cooke 

Aaron of Moses Bordman 

Sarah of Daniel Gookin 

Robert of Jonathan Hastings 

Jofeph of John Manning Jun r . — Baptized by 
Mr. Hancock 

Mary of M r Remington 

Daniel of Daniel Squire 

Jane of Joseph Robbins 
10. Edward of Walter Rufsel 

Margaret of Samuel Whittamore Jun r . 
Aug. 17. Sarah of Jonathan Wyeth 

31. William of W m & Meriam Cheever. 

Sept. 7. Sybill of Samuel Angier. 

Tabitha of Nathaniel Prentice 
Oct. 12. Thomas of Peter Oliver 

Stephen of Stephen Palmer 
26. Noah of Samuel Bowman 

Nov. 2. John of Joseph Ilovey 

9 George of George Abbot 

30. Abigail of Henry Smith Jun r . 


















I | 


> v 

903] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 239 

)ec. 7. 1718 John of Joseph Sprague 

Jacob of Jason Williams 
14 Rebeccah of Nathaniel Winfhip 

W m . of W m Fefsenden 

Stephen of Edmund Froft 

Isabell of Gerfhom Cutter 

Sarah of Ephraim Frost 

John of John Williams 

Elizabeth of Jacob Hill. 

Tabitha of John Hill. 

Thomas of Nath 11 Robins Jun r . 

Walter of Capt. Moses Bordman 

Anne of W m Warland 

Mary of Francis Kidder Jun r . 

John of John Swan 

William of W m Dickson 

Mary of Edmund Angier. 

David of Joseph Keut 

Ruth of Joshua Gammage 

Ruth of Samuel Felch 

Persis of Jonathan Gates 

Abraham of Abraham Hill Jun r . 

Jonathan of Abraham Ireland 

Josiah of John Winfhip 
25 Stephen of M rs Sarah Fefsenden 

William of Nathaniel Tufts 
Nov. 22. Joshua of Henry Prentice 

29 Hephsibah of Thomas Frost 

Mary of Thomas Dana 
Dec. 27. Deborah of W m Winfhip 


Jan. 3.1720 Hannah of Isaac Manning 

Stephen of Solomon Prentice 

John of Jonathan Hastings 

Martha of William Fefsenden 

Mary of Maj r Denifon 

Mary of Daniel Gookin 

Deborah of Jonathan Wyeth 

Mary of Edward Manning 



18. 1719 

























Feb. 28 
March 6 














1721 Jan. 1. 







240 Records of the First Church, Cambridge, 

June 12 1720 Solomon of W* 1 Dickson 

19 John of John Cutter 

26 Samuel of Francis Kidder 

Martha of Nathaniel Winfhip 

July 10. David of Joseph Robbins 

17 John of John Manning 

24 Esther of Caleb Hovy. 
Sept. 18 th Rebecca of Joseph Adams. 

Susannah of Amos Gates. 
Nathaniel of Samuel Cooper 
Mary of Ebenezer Burgefs 

25 Solomon of John Robbins 
Susannah of Joseph Craft 
Susannah of Samuel Dana 
Isaiah of Henry Dunster 
John of M r Remington 
John of John Fillebrown 
Ruth of Samuel Whittamore 
My Daughter Margaret [Appleton.] 
Rebecca of John Bradifh 
Anna of Ephraim Froft 
Sarah of Jonathan Gove. 
John of John Phillips of Water Town 
Solomon of Nathaniel Prentice 
Spencer of Col. Phipps 
Andrew of Cap 1 Moses Bordman 
Jonathan of Edmund Froft 
Mary of Stephen Palmer 

Mar. 12 John of Daniel Squire 

26 Elizabeth of John Winfhip 
April 9 Robert of James Cutter 

Francis of ffraneis Lock 
May 7 Elizabeth of Samuel Bowman 


■ By M r Cotton 
Stephen of Stephen Haftmgs ) 

21 Jonathan of Jonathan Shattuck of Water Town. 

{To be continued.) » 





>l. IV. January, 1904. No. 4. 


By Hexry F. Waters. 
.(New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed, and cross referenced, by Lothrop Withington, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

{Continued from page 192.) 

rHOMAS Allen of London, gent. Will 20 October 1630; proved 
November 1630. To be buried in parish church of St. Martins 
,hin Ludgate. To my nephew Thomas Allen, the only son of 
1 late brother Edward Allen, late alderman of Londou, deceased 
i to his heirs forever, all my lands, tenements, etc., in the city 
London and elsewhere (except my moiety of my houses in Creed 
ne in London), all which said lands are mentioned in a deed bear- 
l date with these presents. To Martha Fie, my cnly sister now 
ing, and to her heirs forever, all that my moiety of my houses in 
eed Lane in the City of London, to the intent that she shall give out 
the rent of the said houses unto Martha Dallaville my niece £6 
3 4d yearly for life. I acknowledge myself to be indebted unto my 
phew Thomas Allen of Finchloy, county Middlesex, Esq., the only 
i of my brother Edward Allen, deceased, £300 due to him be- 
lse I have received the same out of his father's personal estate as 
rt of his child's part, now I give to my sister Martha Pie £100, to 
r cousin Edmond Pie £40, to my brother Williams his children 20 
irks apiece, to my nieces Elizabeth Lee, Marie Lumley, Ellen 
oby, and Martha Allen, £20 apiece. To my sister Bracy £10, 
o £4 a year; to Bridgett her daughter £10, and to her £10. 
i my cousin Samuel Bracy £10. My brother Pie to have a lease 





242 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

of his now dwelling house during the lives of himself and his wife. 
To my good friends Mr. Dormer and his wife £100 apiece. To Bar- 
nard Dormer and William Dormer £40 apiece, and unto William Dor- 
mer I give my gray gelding. To Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Hudson £20, 
apiece and to little Robert and Anne Gill his sister £20 apiece. To 
Thomas Chatfield my godson 20 nobles. To my good friend Mr. 
Dry wood my best diamond ring. To Mr. Robert and Mr. Henry 
Duhurst £20 apiece. To friend Mr. Millward £30, and to Joseph 
Mill ward his son £20. To Robert Chipp £5. To my servant 
Thomas Wiltsheire 20 marks. To Thomas Dudley 40s, to Peter 
20s, to John 20s, to Jane 40s, to Sence 20s, to old William 20s. be- 
ing Mr. Dormer's household servants. To Mr. Baxter and his wife, 
to Mr. Steele, Mr. Robsonne, 40s apiece. To Mr. Traford £5. 
To Mr. Edward How 20 nobles. To my godson Fountaine 20 
nobles. To my niece Marie Allen £20. To the poore of Finchley 
and St. Martins 20 nobles apiece. To my aunt Painter £10. Resid- 
uary legatee and executor: my nephew Thomas Allen. Witnesses : 
Ro : Dewhurst, Matthias Milward, Hy : Dewhurst, William Dormer 
Richard Steele, Mat. Hitchmough. Scroope, 107. 

Thomas Allen of Dulwich, county Surrey, Esq. Will 25 March 
1631 ; proved 1 April 1631. To be buried in the chapel of Dulwich. 
To my wife Elizabeth Alleyn £120 and all the household stuff, plate. 
and furniture of my chamber in Dulwich, also threescore pounds a 
year to be issuing out of my lands in Yorkshire according to deeds 
made for that purpose, charging my son Edward Alleyn to deal 
faithfully with her. To my said son Edward Alleyn and his heirs 
all my said lands in Wenesladale, county York and elsewhere in that 
county. To my daughter Anne £10 and to my daughter Joane Red- 
dinge £20. To my sister Margarett Hamerston £5. Residuary lega- 
tee and executor: my said son Edward Alleyn. To my godson 
Thomas Hummerston, the son of my said sister, my acre of land at 
Waltham Abby. Witnesses: Charles Faldo,~John Viell, George 
Brome, scrivenor. St. John, 45. 

John Allen of the City of Norwich, dyer. Will 2 August 1630; 
proved 16 October 1631. To my son Thomas Allen and his heirs 
all those my houses and grounds wherein Thomas Browne now 
dwelleth in Norwich with all the warehouse lately built upon the 


104] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 243 

ound I purchased of Edmund Shipdem, and £200 to pay himself, 
ing joint executor with my son Robert Allen. To my son Robert 
len and his heirs my messuage, etc. now used by myself wherein 
now dwell, with the corner tenement in the parish of St. Martin's, 
the Pallace in Norwich, at 21, he paying out £200 by £20 a year, 
z. £100 to my daughter Elizabeth Allen, £20 a year into the 
nds of my supervisor, with the consent of my son Thomas, to be 
it out for her advantage till she be 20, and the other £100 likewise 
>r my daughter Elizabeth. To my sou John Allen at 22 and his 
eirs all my messuage, etc., which was late Edmund Shipdem's, ex- 
pting only the warehouse in the occupation of Thomas Browne, ly- 
ig at St. Martin's at the Pallace. To my son Isaack Allen and his 
eirs all my messuage, etc., in Heveringham or &x\y other town in 
aunty Norfolk at 21, if my wife shall be deceased; otherwise im- 
lediately after the decease of my wife. To Rebecca Davy £200 
hich I am bound to pay unto William Davy for the said Rebecca, 
o Jane my daughter, the now wife unto John Knight, £100. 
fhereas my wife is to enjoy all my lands in Heveringham for life, 
ie keeping them in good repair, so it is that if she dislike so to en- 
oy her joynture, then she shall have £200. My wife Mary to have 
, chamber full furnished. To the poore, etc. To my cousin 
lary foods 20s. To m} r cousin Mathew Dextre 40s. Supervisors : 
ohn Newcome, John Allen, attorney, and Thomas Lowge, worsted 
eaver. Witnesses : John Al^en, Richard Akers, Edward White- 
ead. St. John, 105. 

Edmund Allen of Ipswich, Suffolk, haberdasher. Will 20 May 
631; proved 5 October 1631. To wife Anne messuage I dwell in 
vith appurtenances for life if she dwell there so long. Remainder 
o son John Allen and his heirs. To said wife all her apparell, etc., 
11 my plate, etc., all my wares and goods not disposed of to be sold 
or payment of debts. To daughters Anne and Elizabeth £500 each 
r hen 18. If one die, then to the other. If both die, then £50 to 
'edencannell Allen my brother, £50 to Samuell Allen and his heirs, 
nd to Barierell Allen, Jude Allen, and Nehemiah Allen, my brothers, 
nd Anne Hudson my sister, £50 each within three years after death 
f said two daughters and remainder to wife. Wife to hold for life 
Umy lands in Bocking and elsewhere in Essex and in Baelsam, 
ounty Suffolk, and remainder after her death to said son John I 


244 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

have divers part of Shippinge and dyvers somes of money owing to 
me, my executors and overseers within two years to lay out £2900 
in purchasing lands for wife for life and after to son John. In de- 
fault to daughters equally, in default to Edmund Allen my brother 
Samuell Allen's son. Wife to bring up my son at school and then 
at the universitie and allow him maintenance till 21. If wife witli 
child, £500 when 21. George Raymond owes me by bond £50. 

To Israel Exton p monies due in partnership while I was 

partner with Mr. Algate. To Mr. John Burrell, Mr. Thomas Scott, 

clarke, Mr. Samuell Warde, Mr. K minister of the Tower 

parish. Books to the parish library in Ipswich. £5-10 for com- 
munion cupp for parish I dwell in. Executors : wife and Mr. John 
Hawys, and to Mr. John Haw r ys 20 marks and gowne w T hich I made 
when I was chamberlaine. Residue to wife, to enter into bond to Mr. 
Thomas Scott for said £2000 ; if not, then Mr. Humfiey Foxe to be 
executor. To his wife 20s. for a ring. To Thomas Hopkins, Mr. 
William Cage, cipres desk which was my wives uncle's. Appren- 
tice Jacob Coley to be made free of London and Ipswich. Over- 
seers : Thomas Scott and Robert Hamby of Ipswich, gent. Ser- 
vants, etc. Witnesses : Thomas Hopkins, Robert Hamby, Henry 
Buckingham, Nehemiah Allen. St. John, 111. 

Alice Allen, 1634 (Seager, 19). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Thomas Aleyn, 1635 (Sadler, 42). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Jane Aleyn, of Birchanger, Essex, widow, late wife of Thomas 
Aleyn in Braughin, county Herts, gent. Will 18 March 1634/35; 
proved 11 November, 1635. To be buried in Braughin chauncell by 
my late husband. To my grandchild Aleyn Reade £20 at 18. To 
grandchildren Anne Reade, Jane Reade, and Elizabeth Read £40 at 
18 or marriage. All and singular which said household stuff, plate, 
and Jewells before bequeathed, my will is that my daughter Anne 
Reade shall have the use thereof till the said times, dayes, or ages of 
my said grandchildren. To my said daughter Anne Reade all my 
wearing apparell, etc. To my nephew Francis Alleyn of Hameltes 
40s. To the poor of Birchanger 40s. Residuary legatee : my 

1904] Waters' Gleanings — With ing ton. 245 

daughter Anne Reade. Executor : my nephew Mr. Robert Bro- 
orrave. Witnesses: Richard Payne, Mathew Graye. Sadler, 114. 

James Allen of Sudbury, county Suffolk, clerk. Will 20 March 
1635/6; proved 24 May 1G36. To my two daughters Elizabeth 
Allen and Rebecca Allen £20 apiece and a feather bed at 18 or day 
of marriage. Residuary legatee and executrix : Rebecca my wife. 
Supervisors : friends Vincent Cocke, Anthony Grome of Sudbury, 
clothiers. Witnesses: Vincent Cocke and William Magrant. Mr. 
Jacob Allin did 21 March 1635 freely give to Elizabeth his daughter 
one whole book of Martyrs and Peter Martyrs Comon places and 
Mr. Calvin's institution and his study bible, etc., and to Rebecca his 
daughter two books containing the book of Martyrs and Babington's 
works and Ursmus Catichisme and one bible, etc. Witnesses : Vin- 
cent Cocke and William Magrant. Pile, 55. 

Martha Allen, one of the daughters of Edward Allen late of 
London, alderman, deceased. Will 12 May 1637; proved 13 July 
1637. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Bowe, London, 
near the body of my father. To my father in law Baron Trevor £50. 
To my most dear mother the Lady Trevor £300. To my sister 
Probie all my rings, etc. To my cousin Thomas Proby £300 and to 
Elizabeth Proby £200. To my brother Thomas Allen, Esq., £100 
and to my sister his wife £10. To my sister Elizabeth £50 and to 
my sister Marie Lumley £50. To my goddaughter Martha Pointell 
£50 and to the rest of my cousins children of my late uncle Edmund 
Pointell deceased 40 marks apiece. To my aunt Pointell £5. To 
my aunt Bridgett Shetterden £10 and to her children my cousins £150 
amongst them. To my uncle Shetterden £5. To my cousin John 
Wardall £50 and to my cousin his wife £5. To my brother Thomas 
Trevor £10 and to my sister his wife £5. To my aunt Pye, my uncle 
Williams, my uncle Lanckton, and to every one of their several 
children, my cousins, 40s. apiece. To my cousin Jane Delavall and 
Barbara Parsons £3 apiece. Unto these my friends I give £3 apiece : 
my cousin Anthony Barber, M ris Jackson, M ris Barwick, M ris Wigge, 
my cousin Wheeler, M ris Whitinge, M ris Coppes, my cousin Robinson, 
and M ris Margetts. To my nurse Coates 40s. To Dr. Roberts £5. 
To my cousin Mary Hicks 40s. To Mr. Leech, parson of Bowe, 
Mr. Palmer, parson of St. Bride's, and Mr. Page, curate of Enfield, 

246 Waters' Gleanings — Withington, [January 

£5 apiece. Money to the poor and to my servants. To my brother 
in law Henneage Proby, Esq., £100. Residuary legatee and execu- 
trix : my said sister Ellen Proby, and if she survive her husband, 
then £800 of the £1000 shall be to her own use, but if she die before 
her husband, then the said £800 to go to her children and I desire my 
brother Henneage Proby to perform the same. Witnesses : Elnor 
Wheeler, Katharine Whiting, Richard Half hide. Goare, 109. 

Sir Edward Aleyn, 1638 (Lee, 125). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1423. 

Allen, 1642. See Jeggles (Daniel), Southold, merchant. Nich- 
olas Allen. Arch. Suffolk, file 1642, No. 129. 

Allen, 1646. See Cole (Edward) of Bentley, yeoman. Grand- 
child Edward Allen. Son in law Edward Allen and Elizabeth his 
wife. Arch. Si ff oik, file 1645, No. 41. 

Thomas Allen, 1647 (Fines, 30). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Allen, 1647. See Barton (John). Sister Anne Allen's children. 

Fines, 200. 

William Allen, 1648 (Essex, 63). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 601. 

Elizabeth Aleyne, 1652 (Bowyer, 52). See Waters* Gleanings, 
page 1425. 

Richard Allyn, 1652 (Bowyer, 108). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1212. 

Allen, 1653. See Lee (Richard) of Kent. Frances Allein. John 

Allein. Brent, 116. 

James Allen, 1657 (Wootton, 36). See Waters' Gleanings, 

page 600. 

Richard Allyn, 1662 (Laud, 78). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Allen, 1663. See Williams (Amy) of London, widow. Cozen 
Mathew Allen. Bruce, 9. 

James Allen of Barnstable, Devon. Will 15 April 1670 ; proved 
4 October 1673. To Mother Mary Allen of Barnstable all lands and 


11904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 247 

[goods for life, then to my sister Rebeccah Allen. To be buried by 
|Mr. Thomas Greene of Newry and Mr. Ralph Truman, overseers. 
ffo servants of Mr. Smith's home. To John Bambers' servant. To 
Ijeremiah Greene. Witnesses : Richard Orson and William 
IWoolier. Pye, 119. 

Thomas Allen late of City of Norwich, widower. Administra- 
tion 27 October 1673 to son Thomas Allen. 

Admon. Act Book , 1673. 

John Allen, 1674 (Dycer, 2). See Virginia Historical Magazine, 
Vol. 10, page 407. 

Allen, 1674. See Sharpey (Joshuah) of Marden, Kent. Wife's 
children William Allen and James Allen. Dycer, 131, 

Thomas Allen, S. T. P., late Rector of Stanford le Hope in 
county Essex, deceased. Administration 27 March 1677/8 to relict 
Joanna Allen. Admon. Act. Book, 1678, folio 31. 

Josiah Alleine, late in New England, bachelor, deceased. Ad- 
ministration 26 June 1678 to his brother Jonathan Allen. 

Admon. Act Book, 1618. 

Allen, 1684. See Sheafe (Mary) of Stepney, Middlesex, widow. 
Cozen Mary Allen daughter of Cousin Anne Borman. Hare, 105. 

Christopher Alley of Fenny Stratford, yeoman. Will 7 April 
1561 ; proved 6 June 1561. To be buried in churchyard of Blache- 
ley. Eldest son Thomas Alley, son Richard at 21, youngest son 
Arthur. Daughter Sysley Alley and daughter Dorothy Alley. Sister 
Parke. Wife Joan. Christopher Palmer, lands in great Wicombe. 

Arch. Bucks, register, 1561-63, folio 60. 

John Alye of Gussage St. Andrew, diocese of Bristoll. Will 29 
November 1579 ; proved 5 March 1579/80. To chappells of Gussage 
St. Andrew and Henley. To daughter Margaret Manne. To servante 
Alice Orcharde. To daughter's son William Fauntleroy, Henry 
Fauntleroy, and John Fauntleroy. To Edith Crowche and Roger her 
son at 16. To cozen Edmond Weare. To my sister's children. To 
servant John Ashley and my son's servants. To cozen John Ryves 
of Blandford. Rest to son Henry, executor. Witnesses: George 
Squibb, Richard Cherriott, William Gilberte. Arundell, 9. 

248 Waters' Gleanings — Wit) king 'ton. [January 

Allistree, 1628. See Dutton (Joane) of Isleworth, widow. Son 

in law Richard Allistree and his wife my daughter Joane. 

tSivann, 31. 

Allott, 1610. See Broughton (Thomas), Son in law Thomas 
Allat. Wing-field^ 104. 

Dame Anne Allott of London, widow. Will 7 March 1615/6; 
proved 10 January 1617/8. Daughter Thomazen wife of Mr. 
William Quarles of London, mercer. Late husband Sir John 
Allott. Daughter Martha Barret, widow. Her two sons Robert and 
John Barret and her two daughters Martha and Thomazen (minors). 
Daughter Margaret, wife of William Albany (late) of London, mer- 
chant taylor. Son Edward Quarles of London, haberdasher. Daughter 
Alice his wife, her six daughters. Her six sons John, Edward, Paul, 
Henry, George, and William, junior. Daughter Lady Anne Gibson, 
wife of Sir John Gibson, Knt. Sons John Allott and Richard Allott, 
Daughter Anne wife of Nicholas Cotson. Daughter Mary Fountain, 
widow. Cozen Thomazen Field's son. Son Robert Mellish, execu- 
tor. Codicils 6 December 1616, 23 September 1617, and 8 July 1617. 

Meade , 3. 

Allott, 1626. See Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey. Mother 
Lady Anne Allott, deceased. Brother John Allott. Skynner, 27. 

Allott, 1654. See Ball (Anne). Daughter Margaret Allott. 

Alchin, 46. 

Almert, 1699. See Woulde (Edward), Waltham Holy Cross, 
gent. Katharine Almery. Kidd, 32. 

Anne Almon of Woodham Mortimer, Essex, widow. Will 9 
February 1609/10. Daughter Margaret Smythe. Raphe Smyth, 
son of John Smythe, deceased. My cousin Raphe Coker. Said 
Raphe Smythe at 18. John Howbson of Maldon, smith. 

Com. London, Essex and Herts, 1010. 

Alice Almonde of City of Oxon, widow. Will 29 August 1605 ; 
proved 25 October 1610. To be buried in St. Mary's church. To 
son Thomas's four children. To sonne James' child. To daughter 
Alice's children. To Johan Almonde an Iresh pyed Rugge, etc. 
To sonne Thomas lease of house and also of garden held of Exeter 
Colledge. To Princypall and Schollers of Brassenose colledge for 
dynner at funeral 40s. Sonne Richard Almonde executor. Over- 


1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 249 

seers : Cozen Roger Almonde and Mr. William Potter. Witnesses : 
Mr. William Potter and Samuell Cockran. Wingfield, 86. 

Chkistophku Allmey of South Killworth, Leicester, gent. Will 
2 October 1624 ; proved 29 October 1624. Daughter Mary Allmey. 
Edward Hodin of Rugby and William Almey of Bitwell, my breth- 
ren. Son William Allmey (only sou). John Paule of Little Ashby, 
my son in law, and his children, William, Christopher, and Richard 
Paule. Daughter Joane Paule. Byrde, 89. 

Almy, 1628. See Muston (Thomas) of Wigston, Leicestershire. 
Cozen Christopher Almy. Barrington, 48. 

William Almey of Odson, Leicestershire. Will 20 July 1660; 
proved 6 October 1660. Sons William and Thomas. My four 
brothers and two sisters. To daughter Anne Allmye 60 at 21. To 
sonne Thomas Almye, daughter Susanne Almye, and son William 
Almye ditto. If all the children die, then to my four brethren and 
two sisters. Debts due from Richard Bell of Dunton-basset, Baker, 
Thomas Chapman, Richard Thoine, Moses Hare, and Samuel 
Browne. Executor: Robert Aldredge. Witnesses: Peter Simkin, 
Ralph Jacke, Christopher Clarke. Nabbs, 174. 

Thomas Alsopp, citizen and goldsmith of London. Will 27 March 
1607; proved 13 May 1607. To be buried in St. Michaells in the 
Querne. To wife Anne, executrix, freelands etc. ; then to daughter 
Ann Jellibrande. Cozen William Alsopp of Berrie. Cosen John 
Meilers, Son in law Henry Jellibrand. Cosen John Mellers. To 
cosen Robert Johnson tenement in occupation of John Cox. Cosens 
Edith Ellis and Christopher Wayte. To Ann Draper. To Mr. 
William Arundell, goldsmith, and his wife. Mrs. Leedham, Mrs. 
Hawley. To the company of Goldsmiths. Servants John Thorpe 
and William Bence. Joane Kyllparke, Marke Ungham. Witness : 
Christopher Wayte. Hudleston, 46. 

Alsop, 1609. See Cliffe (John). Daughter's child Anne Alsop- 
Son Alsop. Daughter Helen Alsop. Dorset, 83. 

Adam Allsop of St. Martins Ludgate, citizen and vintner. Will 
12 November 1637 ; proved 27 April 1638. Sister Amey Allsopp 
at day of marriage. Wife Menseire Allsopp. Brother John All- 
sopp. Uncle John Allsopp. Sister Margaret Waterfall. Brother 
Robert Gill's son Thomas. Brother Robert Gill's other son Robert. 

250 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

Servant John Lee. Mother in law Mrs. Mandevill. Uncles Mr. 
Robert Hickes and Mr. Thomas Hicks. Brother Edward Lee and 
my sister Lee. Sister Elizabeth Graves. Brother Gibbons. John 
Leigh, a witness. Sentence follows, 27 April 1638. Menseir All- 
sopp, widow. Zee, 48. 


John Allsopp, 1646 (Fines, 34). See "Waters' Gleanings, page 

Timothy Alsop, 1664 (Bruce, 94). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Josias Alsop, 1666 (Mico 139). See Waters' Gleanings, page 126. 

Edwaiid Alston, Newton, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 10 January 
1591/2 ; proved 26 May 1593. To be buried in Newton. Eldest 
sonne William Alston to pay to my now wife Christian rent charge of 
£5 oute of my manner of Sayhain Hall as by marriage settlement in 
place of dower. To youngest sonne Thomas Alston parcell of 
Marche Crofte, Cottage occupied by Emme Harkewood widowe my 
mansion House Burchetts and other lands in Newton, owners of ''Bur- 
chetts" to pay 10s yearly to poore for ever. To sonne Thomas also 
Inne called the "Crowne" and other messuages in Sudburye in ten- 
ures of Thomas Foxe and John Godfrye and Thomas, to have unmo- 
lested by William all lands in Suffolk and Essex conveyed to him. 
To sd son William Alstone "Startoppes" close in Boxforde Suffolk, 
paying to four of children of sonne Thomas Alstone borne of bodye 
of his first wyfe £60 viz Alice Alstone £20, and Thomas, Edward, 
and Elizabeth Alstone £10 each paid at 18 years of age etc. etc. etc. 
etc. To sonne Thomas Alstone residue of lauds not limited to sonne 
William. To my daughter Alice Kinge 40s and to her Daughter 
Elizabeth Skott 5s. To some time servante William Cockerell 6 
busshelles of Rye or mislyn of measure commonly called Sudburye 
measure. To servants a seame of barlye ditto. To poore of County 
of Suffolk 20 Busshells of rye or mystlyn To poore of Newton Ed- 
wardstone, S l Peter in Sudburye S* Gregoryes Sudburye 20s each and 
Assington, greate Horkesley, Boxforde, greate Waldingfeild and Little 
waldiugfeild 10s each. Executor: youngest sonne Thomas Alstone. 
All plate jewels debts and residue of estate to executor. Witnesses : 
Edmond Waldegrave, John Skynner, Thomas Gosse, Richard Skyn- 
ner, Thomas Alstone Jun. Newell,44. 

Edward Alston. Citizen and Iremonger, Christs Churche neare 


>4] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 251 

rgate, London. Will 19 December 1C01 ; proved 9 February 
1/2. According to custom of cittie of London goods in three parts, 
to wief Elenor, one to daughter Joyce and such child as wief 
th with, each at 21, and third part for legacies viz To father 
iard Alstone £22 he oweth he paying £20 to my systers children 

is discretion. To brother Robert Alston debt he oweth. To 


en James Alston and his wief Joyce gould ringes of 20s. To 

en William Alston ditto of 10s. To uncle Thomas Mydleton and 
ute his wief, vncle Frauncis Pember and his wief, Father in lawe 
liter Wordell and his wief ditto of 20s. To vncle Devereux Pem- 

ditto 10s. To Leonard Crosse Dyer best suite (being silck gro- 
tine) to his wiffe 5s for a ringe and his two daughters £10 each at 
or marriage. To neighbour William Compton Apothecary a good 
re of newe worsted stockinges. To my vncle Wade and my Aunte 

wiefrin°es of 10s. Rest to wief executrix. Overseers: Frances 
mber, James Alston, Thomas Middleton. Witnesses : James Aws- 
, Thomas Midleton, Edmunde Perkins, Roger Harris notarye pub- 
lic Montague, 22. 

Samuel Alston, Newton, Suffolk, gent. Will 22 April 1631 ; 
oved 19 May 1631. To wife Rose capitall messuage called 
janes, etc. and four acres adjoining to brother Edmondes orchard 
d the Walke lately fenced in leading towards Newton church, ex- 
it great Barne, chaufehouse, and stable next to Chafehouse and 
)ges kennell yard to be enjoyed by Edmund, etc. Also to wife 
>se best bedstead in messuage called Rogers in Newton, field bed- 
>ad, silver plate, etc. etc. Also £100 annuities in lieu of dower 
tof freehold and copiehold in Newton, great Cornard, little Cor- 
rd, and Sudburie, and "Groomes" and u Turrells" in Edwardston, 
iff oik, in occupation of Thomas Marty n and Alexander Rowlett etc. 
j. To brother William Alston of Water Belchamp, Essex, lease of 
jctorie, parsonage, or priory of Edwardston, Suffolk, also Rectorie 
Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, fermeholds in Great Waldingfield, 
ilden etc. till death of wife Rose or my sister Susan Witherell, 
ying rents to the King and Bishop of Ely, etc., said brother Will- 
n to give bond or else to brother Edmund. To sister Dorothy 
Iwards £1.00. To sister Witherell piece of gold. To brother Ed- 
md Alston and Margarett his wife 20s. each. To Dr. Alston his 
nne 40s. and his sonne Thomas Alston £10. To his son Abraham 
ston £5, and to Penning Alston, Joseph Alston, and Elizabeth Al- 



252 Wafers' Gleanings — WMington, [January 

ston, three other children of said Edmund Alston, 40s each. To kins- 
man Thomas Alston eldest sonne of my eldest brother Thomas Alston 
who died at Edwardston £10 annuitie during lease of Edwardston 
etc., and to his brother John Alston £3 and to daughters of said 
brother Thomas Alston 40s. each. To my father in law Thomas- 
Gardiner of Shimpling £5 to buy a nagge to ride on. To Robert 
Gardiner his sonne and Elizabeth Gardiner his daughter 40s. each 
for rings. To my brother Henry Harrington and Marie his wife and 
Mary Harrington my kinswoman ditto. To Susan Alston daughter 
of brother William Alston aforesaid 40s., aud William's other chil- 
dren 20s each. To children of sister Manns 20s. each. To children 
of brother Edmund Alston 40s. each. To my very good friend Mr. 
Quarles minister of Newton £5. To kinsman Richard Skynner of 
Sudburie gent. £3, and to his wife Margarett 40s and to their son 
Richard Skynner my godson a piece of plate of £3. To servants 
John White, Alice Godfrey, Dorothy White, John Lamb, William 
Crane, Nicholas Galleon, Samuell Upcher, and Robert Janninges 
various sums. To poore of Newton 40s, of Little Waldingfield 20s. 
To my brother and executor Edmund Alston "Grooms" and "Tur- 
rells" during lease aud freeholds in Newton, Greate Cornard, Little 
Cornard. and Sudburie, except "Deanes" to godson Samuel Alston 
one of sonues of Edmond to hold in as ample manner as my late 
brother Abraham Alston held it by virtue of will of my late father 
Thomas Alston if said Samuel behave in dutifull manner to said 
Edward (sic) Alston his father and his mother, or else to remain to 
his eldest brother Edmund Alston. To brother Edmund Alston also 
two tenements, croft of land, and peice of wood called Lyes Grove, 
some tyme Robert Cookes in Newton for life, then to Samuel. Also 
to brother Edmond all ready money, corne, goods, and debts ow- 
ing in my own right or as executor of wills of Thomas Alston and 
Susan Alston my father and mother and Isaack Alston and Abraham 
Alston my brothers, to pay legacies etc. etc. Executor to allow £5 
yearly for schooling of Thomas Curd son of my sister Amy Curd, 
and at 15 to apprentice him with consent of my wife his father and 
mother and my executor for which £20, and at end of term or at 21 
£10 to set him up in trade etc. To sister Susan Mann wife of 
Thomas Mann annuitie of £10 etc. To sister Amy Curd ditto. To 
nephew Thomas Alston of Cambridge, son of Thomas Alston of 
Assington my brother of the whole blood deceased £10 yearly dur- 
ing lease of Edwardston. Legacies of £20 per annum left by will 


I " I 


.-] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 253 

illtam Alston, the elder, Seymehall, parish of Newton, Suffolk, 
leman. Will 14 July 1632; proved 17 February 1633/4. To 
e of Newton 40s. To sonne Tobias Alston messuage called 
jounkyns" and other lands sometime in occupation of John Smith 
younger in Newton and great Cornard, with remainder to my 
nes Beniamin, Jonas, and Joseph Alston. Having settled my 
nor capitall Messuage or Tenement and Ferme "Seymehall" other- 
3 Saynehall with all messuages, dovehouse barnes, stables, or- 
rds etc in Newton Seyme, Boxford Edwardston, Gioten. Assing- 
, Chilton and little Cornard upon sonne Joseph Alston with free 
ing and love of Anne nowe my wife, leaving Anne her right of 
rer etc., etc. Also settled on Joseph messuage where Henry 
ey dwelleth in Edwardston ; also cottage and watermill in Boxford 

I Edwardston in occupation of Mott widowe etc. etc. To pay 

its and legacies to my sons Jonas, Jacob and Tobias, son Beniamin 
ng provided for, now said messuage "Harriotts" and watermill 
ds in lieu of legacies to Joseph in will of my father William Alston 
it. T deceased. Having also granted to Joseph close called Pynck- 
f or Pynckey Corner in Bullmer and 25 of June last enfeoffed two 
ssuages in Bullmer and cottage late Elizabeth Swifts in Bulmer, 
itify same etc. To sonne Jonas Alston £300 at 24. To sonne 
;ob Alston ditto. To sonne Tobias Alston £100 ditto. All to 
e acquittance of legacies in will of their grandfather William Als- 
to themselves or their brothers and sisters. To sonne Beniamin 
To daughter Margery wife of Francis Coleman gent, ditto. To 
ghter Elizabeth Chaplin ditto. To sonne Joseph bed etc. Rest 
lousehold stuff, plate, etc. to wife Anne for life, then to Joseph, 
las, Jacob and Tobias. Residue of estate to sonne Joseph Alston, 
sonnes William, Raphe, Edward and Thomas (by my first wife; 
sufficiently advanced 10s each for rings. To Daughters Anne, 

h*other Isaac Alston to brother Edmund Alston to issue out of 

r ardston to be released by Edmund to brother William Alston, 

lund having been dealt with so liberally by me etc. To Abraham 

ton mv godsonne sonne of Abraham Alston of Sudburie gent £5 

!1. Executor: brother Edmund Alston. Supervisor: Richard 

mer, gent. Witnesses : Joseph Mann, Thomas Alston, Richard 

Inner, Robert Salmon. St. John, 48. 

|ompare with Talcot and Skinner wills, Waters' Gleanings, pp. 1125, 
-E. P.] 



254 Waters' Gleanings — Wit king ton. [January 

Tracye, ditto. Codicil 3 December 1632. If I and wife Anue his 
mother die before sonne Tobias is 24 then executor to pay £6 a year 
for maintenance. Seager, 13. 

Ann Alston of Moulton, Suffolk, widow. Will 16 May 1645; 
proved 30 April 1661. To be buried in Gasely near father and 
mother. To eldest son Joseph Alston my Bible and 20s. To son 
Jonas messuage etc. with remainder to grandchildren Paul Tracy, 
James Tracy, and Sarah Tracy. Daughter Anne Tracy now wife 
of John Tracy the younger gent, apparel etc. Brother Philip Newce. 
Brother Robert Newce. Sister Johan Sims. Sister Elizabeth Miller. 
Anne Beadle, my sister's daughter. Niece Mary Hayward, wife of 
John Hayward. Sister's son William Lewin. Philip, son of brother 
Robert Newce. To sonne Jonas messuage in Boxsted in tenure of 
Thomas Butcher, executor, son Jonas. If Jonas refuse then brother 
Robert Newce and son in law John Tracy. Witnesses : Thomas 
Wates. Philip Morse. May, 54. 

Alston, 1697. See Crewe (Thomas), Baron of Steane. Daugh- 
ter Temperance, wife of Sir Rowland Alston. Grandson Thomas 
Alston. Pyne, 279. 

Elizabeth Altiiam, widow, Latton, Essex. Will 20 September 
— ; proved 10 January 1621/2. To sonn Emanuell Altham £100 

etc. To Daughter Hawtrey dyamonds etc. Son John Hawtrey 40s. 
To daughter Ladie Altham of Oates silver casting bottell that hang- 
eth in my Chamber, and to my [grand] daughter Jone her daughter 
my wedding ring. To daughter Ladie Altham of Markhall table 
Diamond. To sister Robertes piece of old gold. To neice Ladie 
Glover ringes that were my grandmother's. To Aunt Woolley silver 
Magdalen Cupp. To daughter Banckes and her husband rings. To 
M ris Marie Leventhorpp my god daughter my ring that was my 
nephew Franklins gift to me. To daughter Altham of Markhall and 
daughter Hawtrey all that is in my cabonett etc. To M r Donne min- 
ister of Latton 40. s. To Seth Haggar my servant £3. To Edward 
Stoles my servant 40s. To the poor of Latton 40s ; of Harlow ditto. 
My executor to bestow mourning on the following : rny daughter 
Hawtrey and her husband and women, my son Bancks and his wife, 
my son John Hawtrey, my sister Roberts and one man, my aunt 
Woolley, my executor and his wife etc., my son Emanuell Altham 
and M ris Avis Beckingham if she be my servant and to so many of 


904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 255 

iy executor's children as are with me. Residuary legatee and exe- 
utor : my son Sir Edward Altham Knight. Witnesses not named. 

Savile, 5. 

Emanuell Altham, bound to East Indies. Will 23 November 
630; proved 20 November 1638. No witnesses named. To 
"osen Raphe Hawtrey, wollen Draper £40. To Emanuell Altham 
nd John Altham, sons of brother Sir Edward Altham, executor, all 
state "but first I would have fortie shillinges bee paced to one M ris 
rhomson in Newe Euglande which I doe of conscience owe to her 
Ithough she knoweth it not." Administration to brother's son John 
Lltham, executor, Sir Edward Altham being deceased. Zee, 164. 

Thomas Alvf.n of Pitmistcr. Somerset, yeoman. Will 14 October 
608; proved 7 January 1608/9. To poore of Pitmister 10s; of 
Jochelney 6s. 8d. To daughter Mary Alven £80 at 21. To sons 
Ienry Alven and John Alven £200 each at 21. To Richard Scadden, 
lobert Booby, Johane Buncombe and Mary Frye 3s 4d each. To 
onne Thomas Alven best feather bed with best Bedstead and the 
>erforme belonging vnto yt and the wringe the great vates aud the 
toneinge troughe. To sonnes Richard and Thomas all plough stuff 
tc. To Richard bedding at Mochelney etc. To sister Johane Balch 
»ne Spurre Royal conteyninge 15s. To Peter Hole, William Deacon, 
lughe Thorne and two brothers in law George Balch and Richard 
$abb 2s. each. Executrix: wife Ellianor. Witnesses: William 
)eacon, George Balche, Peter Hole, Hughe Thorne, Richard Babb. 

Dorset, 5. 

Alvy, 1638. See Archdale (Richard) . Brother in law Mr. Arthur 
Uvy. Lee, 120. 

Alwey, 1577. See Adames (Richard) clerk. Harry Alwaye. 

Langley, 11. 

John Alwaye, Sharpenhoe, parish of Stretly, Bedfordshire, gentle- 
aan. Will 26 May 1576 ; proved 12 May 1579. To be buried in 
•tretly church. To reparation of church, and for my lieing there 20s. 
\> Mr. Eamc, vicar, for a Sermon at burinll 10s. To the poore of 
>tretley, Barton, Sundon, Harlington, and Pulloxhill. To godchil- 

ren. To Robert Meade of Sharpenhoe, Ellen of Barton, John 

lide, Nicholas Grindall, Margaret Hurste, and Olyver IMarkebyn 
s 8d each. To former maydes Margarett Jelferye and Elizabeth 

256 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

Manbye. To servants Thomas Tayer, Nicholas Groome, and Jerome 
Corbye. To my boy John Squire. To sometime servante Roberte 
Parker. To maydes Johan Younge, Elizabeth Louedaye, and Eliza- 
beth Parsons. To my boy Thomas Hide. To wife's children, viz. 
Jane, Elizabethe, Marye, Roger, Rafe, Thomas, and Willyam Wyngate 
£10 each, except to Mary £20, because she had no legacy from her 
father. To sister in law Margaret Squire 20s. To said Jane Win- 
gate my newe Table Carpett of Turkey worke that she made after 
decease of her mother, and if she doe die without children, to her sis- 
ter Mary Wingate. To said Jane a Ringe of gould which was M ris 
Hyntons and to Elizabeth Wingate her sister a hoope of gould I had 
of Mr. Francis Barlie, both in wief's keeping, in place of which I give 
her a hoope of golde which I weare. To Mary Wingate the hoope of 
golde that was Katherine Wingate's. To Henrye Alwaye of Graves 
Ynne, Middlesex, gentleman, all debts John Earle of St. Albones 
owes me. To sonne John Alway, after decease of wife, Sillier Boll, 
and new siluer salte guilt with the couer whereon is my Cognizance, 
silke Cusshions of Nedle worke, etc., and also my Broche of goulde. 
my Ringe of goulde with Letters E and M at 21. To sonne Rafe 
Alwaye at 21 rings, silver etc. Also to Rafe at 21, because his lands 
is not as much yearly as his brother Richard's, £20. To sonne Rich- 
ard Alwaye at 21 silver etc. If all sonnes die, then one third to wief 
Mary, one third to her three daughters, and one third to Henry Al- 
waye. To said Henry Alwaye a ringe of goulde with a blewe stone. 
To Mr. Savile a little hoope of golde. To little Rafe Wingate and 
Margery his sister each a siluer spoone with a round knob at the ende 
guilded to be delivered at wief's decretion. Henrye Alwaye to receive 
for twentie 3 T ears profits of house and land in Kimpton, Herts ("Stone- 
hippes" etc.) except the standing Trees. Whereas I am seised in fee 
of mannor of Canons alias Holmes in Shenley, Herts, with unexpired 
lease to Edward Wingate and John Belfeilde, gent., made 21 October 
1 st Elizabeth for sixty yeares, and whereas by Lawes of this Realme 
I am enabled to devise by will my Two partes being holden in chief 
of the Queene, my w r ill therefore nowe is the thirde parte shalbe to 
sonne John Alwaye and the other Two partes to wief Mary duringe 
minoritieof John, and if John die during minoritie of next heire etc., 
remainder to sonnes Rafe and Richard, and then to said Henrye Al- 
waye, then to heirs of wief Mary. Lands in fee in Ayott St. Law- 
rence, and Ayott Mount Phichett, Herts, ditto. Will to be proved 
in Tharches in London in Archbishopps Courte and to be registered. 

1 ••'. , 

1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 257 

Rest to wife Mary, executrix. Overseers : Edward Wingate, gent, 
Gierke of the checkeof the Queen's garde, my Brother Belfeilde, and 

George Wingate, gent. Whereas one Alice Conweye, wief of 

Conweye of Kirnpton, Herts, smythe, pretends to have a lease of 
" Stonehippes " to be begun after my death, I protest no such lease 
ever made by me. Witnesses : Henry Alwaye, John Alway. Post- 
scriptum 29 June 1578. Revoke bequests to Nicholas Groome and 
Johan Yonge nowe his wief, having acted like a master at their mar- 
riage. To sonnes Rate and Richard my interest in the Inne called 
the "Crowne" in little Buckhill, Bucks, by reason of a Statute Staple 
of £400 made unto me, revoking for this the £20 to Rafe, but if sonn 
Richard do goe about to defeat lease of " Angell" at Dunstable to 
Robert Barber als Grigge the gift to be wholly to Rafe. Sonne John 
Alwaye to have for his exhibition at Cambridge 20 marks yearly, and 
after leaving Cambridge for his Exhibition at the Inus of Courte £20 
yearly till 21 ; sonnes Rafe and Richard to be kept at their Books till 
fit to goe to Cambridge, then to have £12 yearly each, then 20 marks 
each at Inns of Court till 21 etc., etc. Witnesses : Nicholas Groome, 
Thomas Tayre, Henry Alwey. Bakon, 18. 

Richard Alwey of Sharpenhoe in the parish of Streatley in the 
county of Bedford, gentleman. Will 19 February 1610/11 ; proved 
19 June 1612. To be buried in the church of Streatley near the body 
of my dear mother. To my well beloved niece Mary Burwell my 
manor of Dameseares als Kens worth in the counties of Hertford and 
Bedford and lands and tenements etc. in Kens worth, Dunstable 
and Houghton Regis, to hold for life ; but if it shall happen that my 
brother Raph Alwey should die without yssue male, then I give all my 
lands, tenements, etc. above named unto my said niece Mary Burwell. 
To my dear sister inlaw, the late wife of my brother Thomas Wingatt 
all goods in Streatlie except in house. To ditto and to neece Mary 
Burwell and to daughters of brother Raph Alway all lynnen plate etc. 
in house. To said Sister Wingate half acre of woodes everie yeare out 
of Barton wood for lyfe. To servant John Mathewe lease of house 
called Braies in Barton in the Claye. To sister Mary wife of William 
Whitebread £100. To Henrye Astrie Esq. £20. To Wm. Punter of 
Westoninge, Beds, £14. To William Duncumbe of ditto £5. To Henry 
Williams of Streatly £20. To John Tare, ditto, £10. To servant 
Thomas Jhonson ditto. To William Annett £3. To John Spiggen £3. To 
Gualtor Rickett £3. To Nicholas Smith 20s. To servant Elizabeth 



258 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

Rickett £4. To Hellionour Sparke £3. To Robt. Norton gentleman 
£4. To cozen Win. Norton of Sharpenhoe £3. 6s. 8d. To Agnes 
Burr 10s. for ringe. To Elizabeth Meade wife of Richard Meade 
20s. To Henry Williams and John Tare and assigns 2us. yearly out 
of lands forever for poor of Streatlie and Sharpenhoe. To William 
Cobb of Colman streete in London £20. To Cozen Edward Burwell 
£40. To Jane Burwell £30. To neeces Faith and Hester Burwell 
£10 each. To neece Dorothie Whitbread £20. To welbeloved frend 
Francis Rollenson £10. To Brothers Roger and Raph Wingate and 
wives. Cozen Dyonice Norton and Thomas Begg of Sondon rings. 
To seven poore cottagers 10s. To my deare mother yearly for life 
three score gallons of wine of her owne choice and ringe of 40s. To 
my cousin Edward Wingatt and his wife rings. To Alice Hill the wife 
of Richard Hill of Todington and Jane Hill his daughter 40s. each. 
Rest to brother Raphe Alway executor. To John Fox vicar of Streatlie 
40s. To William Hill, Thomas Allen of Barton in the Claie, William 
Bigg brother to Thomas, Mr. Fulke Parson of Barton and his wife 
and George Butler rings. Witnesses : Charles Pierse, Robert Morton. 

Fenner, 55. 

Ralph Alwey of Westoning, Bedfordshire, gent. Will 19 March 
1611/2; proved 24 May 1622. Manor of Shenley, Herts, purchased 
by brother Richard Alwey, deceased, of Henry Astrie, Esq., and 
Raufe Astrey, to descend to my heirs. To wife Dorothy lands in 
Westoning inoccupation of Henry Punter and Maldon, Bedfordshire, 

in occupation of Tilscock, and Inne "the Bell" in Ampthil in 

occupation of Raufe Saye, also lands in Luton in occupation of Rob- 
ert Lowe and in Whipsnade in occupation of William Doggett and 
Jerome Huntley. To kynnesmen William Bryarks, Richard Sandey, 
clerke, and father in lawe John Vvedall, in trust, the mannor of Shar- 
penhowe, parish of Streatley, after decease of my wife for my three 
daughters Mary, Anne, and Dorothie, and their issue, and in default 
one half to wife Dorothie and her sisters Elizabeth and Mary Vuedall, 
and other half to my sister Mary wife of William Whitebread, etc. 
Wife Dorothie executrix. Witnesses : William Whitbread, William 
Robertes, Edmund Crooche, Richard Mathie. Codicil 18 March 
1621/2. Revokes remainders in will and bequeaths Luton land to 
daughter Marye and Sharpenhoe rent charge to daughter Dorothie. 
Witnesses: William Lorkey, Mariah Gladman, Dennys Whitbread. 

SaviU) 45. 

)04] Waters Gleanings — Withington. 259 

Richard Alwey, 1639 (Lee, 183). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Ambrose, 1554. See Clarke (Walter). Walter Ambrose and 
Elizabeth his wife. More, 3. 

William Ambrose, 1638 (Lee, 79). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

Cicely Ambrose, 1639 (Com. London, register 28, folio 67). 
>ee Waters' Gleanings, page 738. 

Peter Ambrose, 1653 (Brent, 394). See Waters' Gleanings, 
>age 739. 

Sir Henry Amcottes Knight [Alderman of London]. Will 28 May 
554; proved 27 September 1554. To be buried in the parish church 


Richard Altvood, 1644 (Rivers, 54). See Waters' Gleanings, 
age 679. 


Anna Ambler of London, widow and executrix of William Ambler, 
tizen and haberdasher. Will 11 July 1693; proved 26 July 1693. 
o be buried in Common Burying Place in Bunhill fields by late 
nsband Mr. William Ambler. To sonne Broockhaven Ambler one 
alf of lands, etc., in Kingsthorpe or elsewhere in county Northamp- 
>n, but if he die before 21 to daughter Phebe Ambler. Other half 



y sonne Demere Ambler, but if he die before 21 to my daughters 

nna, Abigail, and Elizabeth. To sonnes William and Aquilla 

mbler tenements in St. Alphage, London, adjoining " Fox and 

oose " Inne neare London Wall, and if either of them die before 

1 then his moiety to my daughter Priscilla. Ambler. To daughter 

'hebe tenement (formerly two) in or neare Covent Garden in 

arrish of St. Buttolph Aldgate, late in occupation of widow Hanfan, 

ut if Phebe die before 21 unmarried then to sonne Aquilla and 

aughter Priscilla. To daughter Anna Ambler Pearle Necklace. 

\> second daughter Abigaill Diamond Ring. To third daughter 

lizabeth Lockett of Diamonds. To eldest son Ebenezer Ambler 

iece of gold commonly called a Guinea, having already ample. 

test to children Anna, Abigail, Elizabeth, William, Aquilla, Pris- 

illa, Broockhaven, Demere, and Phebe. Executors : Daughter Anna 

Lmbler and cousin Mrs. Elizabeth Burton. Witnesses : Walter 

hooper, Joshua Amery, Mary Hill, William Surflet. Coker, 104. 





260 Wafers' Gleanings — Withington. [January 

of St Michall next Croked Lane in the fishmongers chapel at the 
north side of the aulter. To the parsonne of the same church 10s. 
etc. etc. To my son in law Thomas Hewet a black gown and to 
his wife another. To my brother Hamonde Amcotts a gowne and 
to his wife another and £5. To my cousin John Amcotts a gowne 
and to his wife another. To my cosen Ilamond Amcotts my godson 
£13. 6s. 8d. To my cosyn Humfrey Amcotts £10. To my cousen 
Frenche of Canterbery £10. To her sister Johane which is married 
in Essex £10. To my brother Alexander Amcotts in Lincolnshire 
40s. To my cosyn Mathew Amcotts £13. 6s. 8d. To my cosyn 
Geffery bowden £20. To my cosyn Smythe's wife of Cambringham 
20s. To my cosyn Lusbe of Ayscrop 20s. To the children of my 
cosyn Atkynson of Aystrope 30s. To the children of my cosyn 
Sheffeld of Croxbye in Lincolnshire £6. To Alexander Compton £10. 
To my cosyn Vyncent Amcotts £20. and a gowne and to his wife 
another. I bequeath to Vyncents daughter Johane Amcotts £4. To 
Richard Granger and to his wife a gowne. To all the children of 
the said Richard Granger and his wife £10. To the performance 
of the last will and testament of my late sister Harding £10. To 
William Hatfield £4. To Thomas Hubberte £1. To Henryck Vansten 
of Flushing £5. To the children of John Goldfynch deceased viz. 
Henry, Richard, Thomas unci Dorathe Goldfynche £40. To Henry 
Goldfynche 40s. all to be paid at their several ages. Several be- 
quests to the poor in London. To one Brydges wife in Yorkshire 
£13. 6s. 8d. To the poor of bedlam 3s. 4d. every week. To Henry 
Sutton my godson 40s. To the children of Thomas Darbye £3. 
To the wife of Humfrey Knight deceased a gowne. To the wife of 
my late brother Auncell of Feversham. To the children of Thomas 
Farror £6. To Geoff ery Ferrer son to the said Thomas 40s. To 
Bryan Strevey and his wife a gowne each. To Joan Sykelmore and 
his wife a gowne each and to his son Henry my godson 20s. To m r 
William Hewet alderman and to his wife gowns. To Sir Henry 
Hublethorne Knight and alderman and to my lady, his wife, gowns. 
To Mr. Coper fishmonger a gowne. To Christofer Sheffeld my servant 
£4». To Charles Garleke my servant 20s. To Hugh Coly my servant 
20s. To Katharine Clyfford my mayden a black gowne. To Ague? 1 
Sheffeld my servant £5. and to Agnes Hawys my servant 20s. Jo 
Agnes Walle 30s. To Polarde's Wiefe's daughter that is maryed 20s. 
To vidua Morys 20s. To Joane Ingelbye 10s. To vidua Lambert 10s. 
To Agnes Tynley wief of Robert Tynley sometime my mayde 26s. ^d. 

; 1 ' 

04] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 261 

• •-... . ■ 

mariage of thirty poore maydens in Citie of Lyncolne £10. To re- 
aring high wayes betwene Rye and London £20. To poor of St. 
chell Croked Lane £3. To Companye of Fish monger for Recreation 
3. Todeputie of my wards and my bedle black gownes. To willett 
grman 20s. To god daughters Katheryne Brooks and Katheryn 
iter 20s. each. To poore of Citie of Lyncolne £20 to be distributed 

M r Docter Prende if lyvinge or else by Mayor and his brethren. 

mending high waye called bishopbrig beside Borton comynge from 

aynesboroughe to Lyncoln £20, by D r Prende. To my brother 

exaunder one of my wearing gownes. Ditto to sonne Thomas Hewet, 

others Hamond Amcottes and Vincent Amcottes. To John 

yndall of Grenwiche£6. 13s. 8d. All my Skarlett gownes and skarlet 

)kes to be sold for poore. All lands in Surrey and Sussex to wief 

ame Johane for life then manor of Sheremerke with parke called 

elde in tenure of John Wasshford and John Swane to Henrie 

'ewett sonne and heire to Thomas Ilewett and my daughter Julyan 

s deceased wief ; also to Ilamonde Hewett another son ditto Tene- 

ent Robert Saunders holdeth of £6. 8s yearly value ; also to William 

iewett another son ditto my manor of Stook of yerly value of £4 with 

tnements held by Henry Hengear, Roger Vpton and Willyam 

owley. Residue to wief Dame Julyan executrix. Overseers : Thomas 

iewet. Witnesses : John AViseman, Johan Swyngfelde, Thomas 

awle senior, George Wall. Memorandum! If Dame Johane die be- 

)re Henry Hamonde and Julyan Hewet are of age then their sister 

)yonis Hewet to have all rents till they come of age. Witnesses: 

)ame Johane, Thomas Hewett. 


Stephen Amys of Stratforth. Will 20 August 1492 ; proved 2 
May "year within written." (1493.) Wife Jone. Children. Holdest 
on John yt was my first wife's son and mine. 

Arch. Suffolk, book 3, folio 159. 

John Amis of Hyntylsham. Will 5 February 1519/20; proved 
!8 February 1519/20. Wife Jelyon. Son Thomas house, lands and 
enements in Hyntylsham, Sprowton, and Wasbroke. William 
^ardinall. Arch. Suffolk, book 8, folio 109. 

Robert AaiYSof EstonBavent, mariner. Will 16 January 1540/1 ; 
)roved 30 March 1541. Wife Agnes and her daughter Johan 
Magnus. Daughter Dorothy. Thomas Thomson, my son in law, all 
ny mease called Baker. Arch. Suffolk, book 13, folio 322. 


262 Waters* Gleanings — Withington. [January 

William Amys of Washbrook, Suffolk. Will 16 February 15G3/4 ; 
proved 15 June 1565. To Johan my wife one annuitie of 40 
marks during her life, also £200 out of my farm of the manor 
of Great Belstede and my moveable goods etc. To Christopher 
my son £100. To William my son £100 both at 21. If they 
both die, the same to remain to John Amys my son aud his heirs 
forever. To daughter Elizabeth £100 at 21 or marriage to re- 
main to son John in case of her death. To Richard Withe one 
cow etc. To 'John Runting one cow. To Henry Ponyarde, John 
Belcham, Gyles Durrant, Thomas Wekes little Thome John Bewers 
viz : to each one combe of barley. To the poor mens box of Washbrook 
10s. To the mens box of Chakam 10. s. of Cobdock 3s. 4d. and of 
Burstall 3s. 4d. To son John my tenement wherein Dering doth now 
dwell with all other lands both free and copy lying in Washbrook, 
Wenham, Chattesham, Hintelesham and Copdock in county Suffolk 
on condition the said John pay the annuitie aforesaid to Johan my 
wife. To my son John all that my lease of the manor of Great Bel- 
stede wherein I now dwell. Executor : John Amys my son. Overseers : 
Henry Raynolds of Belsted Esq. Edward Bacon and Robt Donne 
and to each 5 marks To all my god children called William 6.s. S.d. 
Witnesses : Robert Bowmer, Robert Monning, Oliver Cowper. 

Morrison, 20. 

Ames, 1617. See Putnam (Margaret) of Slapton, Bucks. Four 
children of William Ames. Arch. Bucks, file 1617, No. 181. 

Thomas Ames of Dovercourt, Essex, yeoman. Will 3 November 
1624; proved 30 May 1624. -Son Thomas Ames houses and lands 
in Wex and Much Ockley and Harwich, but if die before 21 then to 
kinsmen and kinswomen Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, and Anne 
Kelloge, my sister's children. Wife Bridget, executor. To son 
Thomas £60 at 21. To master Inhouse 20s. To poore of Dover- 
court 20s. Witnesses : William Burge, Thomas Kelloge, Wenethret 
Raylan, and others. ---- ' Clarke, 46. 

Ames, 1631. See Beswicke (Alice) of London, widow. Mr. 
Ames, parson, Horsmonden. Av.dley, 9. 

Ames, 1638. See Rand (Mary) of Oxsted, Surrey. Cosen Joane 
Fletcher late wife of Mr. Dr. Amyes. Harvey, 45: 

Ames, 1641. See Grosse (Edmond) of Framlingham, innholder. 
Daughter Elizabeth wife of Samuel Amys. 

Arch. Suffolk, file 1641, No. 30. 

04] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 263 

John Ames, 1647 (Fines, 75). See Waters' Gleanings, page 466. 

William Ames, 1689 (Consist. Norwich, 1689-90). See Waters' 
»anings, page 278. 

Immatte, 1611. See Audleyals Luke (Thomas) of St. Saviours 
ithwark. My kinswomen Agnes Ammatte, widow. Wood, 10' 

4.MON, 1621. See Townsend (Thomas) of Lyvermare Magna, 
ughter Dorothy Amon. Arch. Sudbury. 

Rowland Amert of Norwich. Will 19 November 1558; proved 
February 1558/9. To be buried within Cathedral Church by the 
mlture of Mr. John Whittaker, clerk, my late master. After my 
jease my father and mother have to their own use all my houses 
I land, and pastures, meadowes, etc., in Staffordshire, Fosbrook, 
Inon, Draykott, Cars well, during their natural lives, then to 
-rgaret Re veil late daughter of John He veil the elder of Norwich 
life, then to John Wallet my sister's son. Remainder to 
lan his sister. Remainder to Thomas Amerye of Fosbroke, my 
isman. Sundry prebendaries and canons in Cathedral church, 
irgaret Wallet my sister. Margaret Amery my mother. Margaret 
veil of Norwich, single woman. 

Consist. JSToriuich, register Veysey, folio 90. 

William Amery of Denham, Bucks, yoman. Will 23 October 
32; proved 14 October 1563. Aged. To be buried in church 
*d of Denham. Parson of Denham for tithes forgotten 4d. 
ungest son Thomas Amery a cow. Daughter Frydeswyde Amery 
ow. Rest to wife Margaret, executrix. John Kyrton of Wox- 
ige and Robert Bedyll of Denham, overseers. Witnesses : John 
ston, scr., John Edlyn, Richard Edlyn, Thomas Balye, and other. 

Chayre, 33. 

William Amory of South Moulton, Devon, husbandman. Will 
April 1591 ; proved 17 June 1591. My body to be buried in the 
rch of South Molton. To the poor 10s. To my wife one feather 
performed. To my daughter Johane one heaffer and to her two 
dren one apiece. To son in law Edward all the debt that he 
ith me. To my sons two children Richard and Elizabeth two 
res. To my sons youngest child a yowe. To every of my god- 
dren 6d. Residuary legatees, my wife and son Robert Amerye. 





Waters 9 Gleanings — Withington. 

Sole executor : son Robert Ameryc. Overseers : friends George Clase 
and Robert Allen. Witnesses : George Clase, Edward Clatworthie and 
Stephen Dominiche. Sainberbe, 48. 

Richorde Amky, widowe, of Southmoulton, Devon. Will 24 June. 
1593 ; proved 19 November 1593. To be buried in church of South- 
moulton. To son Robert Amrye 10 bushels of Rye and 10 of otes. 
Daughter in law Margaret wife of son Robert Amrye second best 
gown and second best carcher. To Thomas Amyre, son of Robert, one 
steere or bullocke of 3 year of age. Richord, daughter of Robert 
Amrye, one yew and a silver pin. Elizabeth Amrye, daughter of 
Robert Amrye one yew and my best square carchers. Thomasiu, 
daughter of Robert Amrye, one yew. William Clatworthie, son of 
Edward Clatworthie, one bullock of 2 years of age and 5 yewes. 
Mary Clatworthie, daughter of Edward Clatworthie, one bullock of 
age of 2 years or thereabouts and 5 yewes. Poor of South Moulton 
10s to be distributed at discretion of son Robert Amrye and Edward 
Clatworthie, overseers. Rest to daughter Jone Clatworthie, wife of 
Edward Clatworthie, executrix. Witnesses: Johane Dunninge, 
Robert Chapell, David Grifrye. Neville, 81. 

(To be continued.) 






1721 May 















{Continued from Vol. IV, page 240.) 

Elizabeth of Eleazer Parker 
Rachel of Dorothy Manning 

Rebecca of George Abbot I baptifed at Water Town 
William of Nathaniel Tufts 
Susanna of Thomas Dana 
Thomas of W m Warland 
Prudence of Abraham Hill jun 1 ' 
Solomon of William Dickson 
Margaret of Jonathan Gates 
Sarah of Jofhua Gammage 
William of Samuel Cutter 
Martha of Nathaniel Robbins. 
Samuel of Samuel ffelch 
Oct. 1 James of James Read 

John of Joseph Shed 
William of M r W m Hutchinson 
Edward of Walter Rufsel 
Samuel of Samuel Cooper 
Elizabeth of Thomas Brown 
Margaret of W m Fefsenden 
James of Francis Kidder 
Patience of Samuel Angier 
Sarah of John Manning 
Samuel of Samuel Whittemore 
Mary of Jacob Hill 
Jonathan of John Fowle & 
Stephen of John Codman of Charlfton 

Caleb of Henry Prentice 









1722 Jan. 






2GG Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Rebecca of John Hicks 

Ruth of Thomas Frost 

Lydia of John Prentice 

John of Timothy Reed 

Sarah of Joseph Frost of Charlestown 

Abigail of John Cutter 

Ebenezer of EbenezerBurgefs. 

Sarah of Caleb Hovy. 
Lydia of John Bemus. 

Josiah of Allen Flagg 

Joseph of Joseph Hastings Att Weft Water Town 

Joshua of John Gale 

Hannah of John Chadwick 
17 Mary of John Bradifh. By M r Hunting. 
24 Aaron of Gerfhome Cutter 

Carried to page (33) 86 



. 25 











(30) Persons admitted to full Communion. 

Feb. 17. Samuel Bowman 

Edward Manning 
Jn° Comer 
Mary w: Edw d Manning 

Mary D : of S : Bowman 


Apr. 24. Jn° Sturgis Student. 

Abr m Watfon 
Eunice Angier 

June. 9. Peter Hurd 

Mary, D : Nath 11 Robbins 

Sept. 29 M r Nathan Bafset 

Sam 11 Cutter 
Anne Cutter, his wife 

Nov. 24 Edw d Hunting.— Stud. 

Eliz. D : of Jn° Cooper 
Eliz. D : Tho 8 Prentice 

1723/4 Edmund Frost 

Jan. 19. John Swan 

04] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 267 

L723/4 Jos : Crackbone 

n. 19. Hannah, w: Edm : Froft 

Anne, w : Jos : Winfhip Jun r 

Mary. W : Eben er Burgefs 

irch 15 

S r Hancock [Nathaniel] 

Sam 11 Holding 

Sam 11 Cooper 

W m Cutter 

Tho s Robins 

Mary W. W ra Manning 

Eliz th Hancock 

ay 10 

Susanna wife of Sam n Holding 


Prifcilla Dana 

ug st 30. Francis Lock 

Abram Hill Jun r 

Eliz th wife of Francis Lock 

Wid w Lydia Cooper 

2t. 25. Noah Champney 

ec br 20. Mary, ye wife of Nath 11 Tufts. 

3b. 14. 1724/5 M r W m Osgood 

M r Joseph Champney 

Hepsibah y e wife of John Robbins 

Hannah Cutter 

prilll. Sir White [Nath 1 ] \ 

John Williams > Students. 

Thomas Pientice J 

Joseph Kent Jun r 

Anne Cutter wife of W m Cutter 

Anna Fillebrown 

pt. 26. Mary, y e wife of Joseph Shed 

>v. 21. Benjamin Kent ) 

Zachary Hicks J 


n. 16. Ebenezer Froft 

Joseph Lord I gtudts 

Solomon Prentice J 


268 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

1725/6 Jan.16. Stephen Kent 
Jan> 23 Deborah, wife of Eb. Froft. 

Samuel Rand 

Mar. 13 

Jacob Hill 

John Winfhip 
W m Barrett Junior. 

Abigail wife of M r Monis 

Eliz : wife of J. Winfhip 


Mary wife John Prentice 
Elizabeth Barrett 

May 8 


1 M r Step : Sewall ] 

2 M r W m Brattle \ Std ts 

3 James Chaundler J 

4 John Dickson Jun r 

5 Ebenezer Wyeth 

6 Sufanna his wife 

7 Sarah wife of Andrew Willfon 

8 Margaret Pattin 

9 Sarah D. of J. Fefsenden 

Oct 23 

10 Elizabeth Fefsenden 


Edward Barrett 

Apr 1 9 

M r Sam 11 Danforth 

Stephen Palmer 
Mary Palmer his wife. 
Sarah y e wife of Sam 11 Smith 
Mary wife of John Dickfon Jun r . 

June 4. Sir Rogers, Sen r [Daniel] 

Sam 11 Sparhawk 

John Burgefs 

Sarah wife Sam 1 Belcher 

Martha Brown" 

Abigail Brown. 
June 4. Anne Fillebrown 

Mary Kidder 

July 30 Joanna, w. of Sam 11 Cook Jun r 

Sept. 24. Caleb Dana 

Phoebe his wife 



Hannah Kidder 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 269 

1727 Sam 11 Belcher 

Nov. 26. Sir Cutter [Amrai Ruhamah].^ 

Jonalh n Belcher 
Joseph Fish 
Joseph Manning 
Nathan Mayhiew J 



Jan. 7, Ichabod Brown, difmifed from Newton church to us. 

14. Joseph Winfhip 

John Wyeth 

Ephraim Ozburn 

Downing Champney 

Richard Champney 

Benjamin Edey 

Margaret wife of Isaac Manning 

Eliz th wife of Phillip Bemus 

Eliz th Hoar 

Exeua Jackson 

Sarah Ozburn 

Mary Coolidge 

Martha Dunster 

Mehetabel Cutter 

Feb. 25 Mathew Abdy ~~ „, Z A . , 

„ „ . , , who were allfo Baptized. 

Ruth Abdy l 

March 10 M r Stephen Coolidge ) 

Sir Rogers Jun r 

[John]. J 

Jofhua Gammage 

Thomas Robbins 

Nath 11 Eells \ 

David Sterns 1 

Philemon Robbins > Studts 


Jofeph May hew | 


Thomas Tyler J 


Sir Stedman 


May 5 

Enoch Freeman 


Will m Williams 
Pearly How 
John Wood > 

" Students 


Henry Prentice t 

fun r 

270 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

1728 Christopher Bridge 

May 6 Hannah Parker wf. of Eleazer 

Sarah Nutting 
Mary Nutting 
Lydia Chanrpney \ 
Ruth Champney} D- of S"> Cham. 

Sufanna Champney d. J. C. 
Mary Swan D. Eben r Swan 
Lydia Cutter D. John Cutter 
Martha Rufsell D. W. Rufsel 
Bethia Grover D. J. G. 

June 30. Edward Dickson 

Benjamin Goddard Jun r 

John Kidder 

Nath 11 Kidder 

Sarah wife of Edward Rufsel 

Deborah Crefsen 

(31)Aug. 25. M r Nicholas Bows 

Daniel Champney Jun r 

James Jackfon 

Jonathan Haftings — Student 

Oct br 20. 

Phinehas Hemmenway — Student 

Sarah wife of Ephraim Froft. 

April 6. 

Benjamin Vial ) 0J n 
T J _. 1 Students 
James Diamond j 


Hannah, wife of Tho s Soden 

Rebecca W. of Luxford Pattin 


Jane Hubbard 

July 27 

Thomas Champney 

Sept. 21. Prifcilla Sparhawk W. of N. Sparhawk 

Elizabeth Robbins, W of John Robbins 
Lydia Gove D. of Jon a Gove 
Titus an Indian Mau Servant belonging to 
Presid 1 Wadf worth 

Nov br 16 John Gove 

Jan y 11. Luxford Pattin 

Jonathan Cooper 

■ V 

1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


Jany. 11 

March 9. 

Oct br 18. 

Dec br 13. 

Feb. 7. 


Apr. 4. 

jiMay 30 

I March 6. 

Mary Gove D of Jon a Gove 
Rebecca Cutter, D of John Cutter 
Lydia Cutter D. of Gerfh : Cutter 

Mary Dunster } 

Abigail Duuster j 

D ters f h. Dunster 


Thomas Hall 

ay 3 

Thomas Sparhawk 


Patience Hall W of Tho s 


M rs Martha Bridge 

igst 23 

Josiah Robbins 
James Brad if h 
Ruth Butterfield 

Jane Cutter Wife of George Cutter 

Dorothy Angier 

M r Henry Gibbs ) , 

-^ , . . r Students 

Ephraim Avery j 

John Prentice Jun r 

Elizabeth Bordman D. of Capt. Bord. 

Deborah Robbins D. of N. Robbins 

Samuel Prentice of Sol : Prentice 
Abigail Bordman D. of Capt. Bordman 

Thomas Williams 
Walter Rufsell Junior. 

Mary wife of Solomon Hancock 
Abigail, wife of Ebenezer Shed 
Mary, wife of James Ozburn 
Philicia Servant of Majr Brattle. 

July 25 

Sept. 19 
Feb. 20 

Phoebe Pattin 
Phoebe Butterfield 

Mary, wife of Thomas Sparhawk. 

Jofeph Breen & ] difmifsed from y e new 
Hannah his wife j North Chh, in Bofton. 

Peter Tufts 
Ebenezer Shed 

272 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 


March G. 

June 25 

Aug. 20 

Dec. 10 

Feb. 4. 

April 1. 
May 27. 

July 22 


Sept. 16, 

Nov br 18 

Jan 1 * 6 

March 3. 

M rs Lucy Remington 
M r3 Martha Remington 


daughters of 
M r Remington 

Elizabeth Bradifh, D. of J. Bradifh 

Ebenezer Cutter 

Thomas Groddard 

Sarah W. of Ebenezer Cutter 

Martha Hancock 

Lydia Mores 

Jemima Wife of Jonath u Batherick 
Hannah Cook 
Elizabeth Cook 

James Peirce 

Deborah Brown D. of W m . Brown 
Hannah Cutter D. of John Cutter 

Mehetabel Kent 
Deborah Batherick 

Edward Marrett 
Sir Breck [Robert.] 
Sir Porter [Samuel.] 
Sir Sparhawk [John.] 
Sir Winthrop [John.] 
Thomas Balch 


Hannah Angier 
Elizabeth Whitemore 

Vid p. (32) 

Sarah Robbins 

Mary wife of Sam 11 Hopkins 

Amos Marrett Jun 1 
Hannah Frost ) 
Elizabeth Frost j 

daughters of Edmund Frofi 

Jonathan Edmunds 

Mary Oliver, widdow 

Sarah, W. of Jacob Hill Jun r . 

4] Records of the First Church, Cambridge, 273 

M r Walter Hustings 

Jeremiah Rufsell 

Samuel Kent 

Joanna, W. of D. Sam 11 Sparhawk 

Sarah Hill D. of Jacob Hill 

M r Caleb Rice 

Sarah, W. of Tlio s Williams 

Deborah Bowman 

John Cutter 
Mary Fefsenden 

Mary Brown D. of W" 1 Brown 
Rebecca Dill 

Mary Balch 

Ebenezer Prentice 
Enoch Ward, a Student 

Sir Cooke Student. [Samuel] 

Jofhua Tufts, Student. 
Jonas Prentice. 

M r Edmund Goffe Alias Trowbridge 
Sarah Wife of Jofiah Robbius 
Sarah Wife of Ebenezer Prentice 

W m Prentice 
Henry Prentice 3 th,s 
James Perry 
Nath 11 Prentice 
Isaac Warren 
Thomas Barrett 

20 Thomas Soden 

Hannah Livermore 

5. Jofhua Rand 




Timothy Herriugton.- Student 
Francis Smith 
Jonathan Haywood 


274 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Feb: 5. j\i r Judah Monis having defired to be received 

as a member of this Chb. in particular: y r was 
no objection & he was accordingly publickly de- 
clared to be a member of this Chb. & Intitlcd to 
all priviledges with y e other Bretheren. — 

Mar. 27. M rs Mary Remington 

Lydia Warren 
Elizabeth Winship 

May 22. Mr. Jedidiah Adams 

Richard Patefhall » _ , _ 
T . ,„ .... > Bachelors 

John Phillips J 

Ebenezer Gray.- Student. 

Edmund Frost Jun r 

Isaac Morse 

Mary. Wife of Edw d Marrett. Jun r 

Sarah Stratton 

Sept. 11. M r Hezekiah Man 

Benjamin Brosier 
Abigail his wife 
Mar} 7 . Wife of Daniel Hovey 

Nov br 6 Mary Cutter, D. of John Cutter 

Mar. 5 John Goddard 

Martha Mallit, W. of Andrew Mallet 

Sophia Deeks, W. of Deeks 

Margaret Whittemore 

1 738 Sarah w. of Jon a Cooper 

June 18. Elizabeth Lock 

Lydia Bradfeild 

Aug. 13. Sir Eliot Andrew, — Student. 

Nehemiah Cutter 

Mary. Wife of Abrah" 1 Watfon 

Sarah wife of Jofhua Rand 

Vide Page (60) 

Infants Baptized by Nath ll Appleton. 

Julyl. William of W m Wiufhip 

8 Rebecca of William ]\Iofs 

1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 



1722 July 15 Samuel of Edmund Angier ' 

Aug. 5 Simon of M r Remington, Martha of Ephraim Frost. 

26 David of Col : Phipps. John of W" Chever 

Sept. 9. David of Joseph Robbins 

30 John of Joseph Kent 

Oct. 14. Elizabeth of John Swan 

21 Sarah of Daniel Gookin 

Josiah of Jonathan Willard 

Samuel ] 

& f of Jonathan Baverick 

Solomon ) 

28 Noah of Jonathan Wyeth 

Nov. 4 Eunice of Samuel Bowman 

Abner of Joseph Holding 

Lucy of Joseph Adams 

11 Mary of Abraham Hill 

Rebecca of John Phillips 

Elizabeth of Jonath n Shattuck 

18 Joshua of John Stratton 

Dec. 15. Lydia of Samuel Whittamore 

Jan. 6. 1723 Margaret &) . A , . T . . 

_. y of Abraham Ireland 

Inamazen J - 

20 Mary of Nathaniel Tufts ) . , rr ._ , 

J \ by M r Ward 

Benjamin of William Fefsmden ) 

Jan. 27 James of James Read 

Thomas of Isaac Manning 

Henry of Henry Dunster 

Esther of Samuel Cutter 

Jonathan of Jonathan Bradfhaw 
Mar. 10 Jose of Nath 11 Appleton 

Lucy of Samuel Peirce of Water Town 

Hannah of Eleazer Parker 

Elizabeth of Stephen Palmer 

Elizabeth of Sam 11 Felch 

Elizabeth of Charles Honywell 

Elizabeth of Samuel Wheat 

Owen of W m Warland 

Isaac of John Bradifh 

Ebenezer of Gerfhom Davis 












276 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 


14 1723 

Aug. 11. 












5 1724 


Feb. 9. 






Sarah of Ebenezer Cutter 

Ruth of W m Dickfon 

Joseph of Thomas Brown 

Thomas of Thomas Dana 

Francis of Jofeph Winfhip Jun r 

Lydia of W ni Ozburn 

Eliakim of Col : Phipps 

Mehetable of M r Francis Foxcroft 

Mercy of John Fillebrown 

Elizabeth of Ebenezer Stone 

"William of Ric^^™— ™«e 

Mehetable of Thomas Skinner 

Elizabeth of Ebenezer Burgis 

Ruth of John Hicks 

Mary of Solomon Prentice 

Martha of Jofeph Peirce 

Joseph of Samuel Cooper 

Samuel of John Manning 

William of Ralph Hook 

Jemima of Jonathan Baverick 

John of John Winfhip 

Moses of Jonathan Stone, Water Town. 

William of John Williams 

Benjamin of Jonathan Willard 

William of Jonathan Gates 

William of William Bond 

Francis of Francis Kidder 

Samuel of Walter Rufsell 

Aaron of W m Winfhip, John of Jofhua Gammage 

Thomas of Tho s Frost 

Thomas of Tho s Robbins 

Abigail of John Robbins 

Anna of Nathaniel Francis of Med ford 

Elizabeth of Samuel Whittemore 

Absalom of Ebenezer Froft 

Samuel of Jonathan Hastings 

Abigail of Samuell Bowman 

Margaret of Jacob Hill 

Edward of Edward Manning 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 211 

Mar. 31 1724 Walter of Walter Cooper. Baptized att his own 

houfe y e child laboured under fuch Weeknefs y* it 
was not thought Safe or convenient to bring it forth 
in publick. 

(34) 1724 

Apr. 19 Daniel of Daniel Champney Jun r 

26 Abigail of Joshua Grant 

Grace of John Fefsenden Jun r 
May 10. Elizabeth of Henry Dunster 

17 Mary of James Stratton 

24 Nathan of Peter Tufts 

31 Lydia of James Tufts 

Jun. 7. of Aaroir-oi e ve i atid 

14 Gideon of Edmund Froft 

17 Gregory of Nathaniel Hill 

21 Anna of W m Mofs 

28 Martha of Henry Prentice, 

Lydia of Ebenezer Shed 
July 26 Eunice of Ephraim Froft 

Abigail of Abraham Hill Jun r 

Abigail of Jabez Carter 

Elizabeth of John Baverick, by M 1 ' Cotton 

William of William Manning 

David of Col : Phipps. 

Mercy of John Stratton 

Isaac & John & Richard all of Isaac Fillebrown. 

Benjamin of William Fefsenden 

Josiah of William Dickson 

Rebeckah of George Abbot 

Lydia of Jason Winship 

Thomas of Thomas Brown. 

William of Joseph Adams 

Aug s 

L 23 






Oct br 




















Anne of John Forgeson 
Susanna of Thomas Soden 
Samuel of Daniel Gookin 
John of Francis Lock 
Anne of M r Remington 
Nath 11 of Nath 11 Appleton 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Feb. 28, 1725 
March 7. 
May 2. 



















Dec br 
















David of Nath 11 Tufts 
John of Samuel Cooper 
Charles of Charles Honey wel. 
Abigail of Samuel Felch 
Sarah of Joseph Winfhip Jun 1 ' 
Rebeckah of Joseph Kent. 
Jonathan of Jonathan Baverick 
Francis of M r Francis Foxcroft 
John of John Hicks 
Hannah of Jonathan Hastings. 
Jason of Henry Dunster 
Elizabeth of Ebenezer Burgefs 
Sufanna of Jofeph Shed. 
Prifcilla of Noah Sparhawk 
Mary of Eleazer Parker 
Dorcas of Daniel Champney 
Ebenezer of Ebenezer Froft 
Naomi of Thomas Dana 
Bethiah of Stephen Palmer. 
Martha of John Fefsenden Junior 
Nicholas of William Fefsenden 
Aaron of W m Chever. 
John of Edward Manning. 
John of W m Ozburn 

Mary of Col. Phipps 
Mary of John Batherick 
Lydia of Thomas Kidder 
Hannah of Isaac Fillebrown 
Smith of John Prentice 

Vid Page (35) 

Sarah of Samuel Whittemore Jun 1 ' 
Richard of John Cutter 
Martha of Nath 11 Hill. 
Sarah and Joseph of Andrew Willfon 
Ebenezer of Ebenezer Shed 
John of John Dickfon Jun r 
Martha of Jofhua Gammage 
Nathaniel of Thomas Robbins 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 279 









Apr. 24 1725/6 Hobart of Hobart Russell 
May 1. Abigail of Ephraim Frost 

Esther of John Swan 
10 Ebenezer of Ebenezer Cutter 

Thomas of Thomas Soden. 
June 5. Sufannah of Jonathan Gates 

Jonathan of William Cutter 

19. Reuben of John Prentice 


Ruth of John Winfhip. 
July 10 Sufannah of Deac n Sam 11 Bowman. 

John of Ebenezer Grover 

- ■ 

Elizabeth of Abraham H'll Junior 

Prudence of JaStm--rrrrnmip 

John of Phillip Cook. 
Ebenezer of Thomas Brown 
Ruth of W m Dickson. 
Daniel of Thomas Dana. 
30. Abigail of W m Winfhip. 

Jouathan of Thomas Skinner 
Nov. 13. Phillip & William, children of Phillip Bemus. 

27 Mary of Samuel Whittemore 

Dec. ll John of William Warland. 

18. Elizabeth of Natli 11 Appleton. 

Jan. 8. Abigail of Jonathan Hastings. 

Jofeph of Jofeph Winfhip. 
15. Huldah of Richard Rose 

Benjamin of Benjamin Brafier 
29. Zechariah of John Hicks 

Feb. 5. Joseph of Samuel Cook Jun r . 

• 19. Rebecca of Col : Phipps. 

Daniel of M r Francis Foxcrof t 
John of Nath u Tufts 
Hannah of Andrew Willfon. 
March 12. Samuel of George Abbot, 

Mary of Joseph Rufsell 
26 Mary of John Furgeson 

280 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Mary of Joseph Adams. 

Caleb of Caleb Dana 

Ebenezer of Ebenezer Wyeth. 

Samuel & Sarah children of Benjamin Emms. 

Anne of Sam 11 Smith att Menotomy 

Josiah of Will" 1 Morse 

Thomas of William Manning 

Elizabeth of Eleazer Parker 

Elizabeth, of Jacob Hill. 

David of Phillip Bemus. 

Mercy of Edward Manning 

Abiel of Isaac "Watson 

Ebenezer of Ebenezer Burgefs. 

Elizabeth of Henry Prentice 

Vid Pag 39. 61 

Persons Married by Nath ,j,j Appleton. 

Noah Sparhawk & Priscilla Brown 

Jofeph Rufsell & Mary Robbins. 

Thomas Kidder & Lydia Cooper 

M r Benjamin Marston & M rs Mehetable Gibbs. 

John Dickson & Mary Rufsell 

Thomas Hutchinfon & Mary Ireland 

Isaac Watfon & Abiel Angier. 

John Cooper & Hannah Johnfon. 

Noah Champney & Martha Hubbard 

Isaac Sterns & Mehitabel Froft 

John Butterfield & Mary Hill 
Sam 11 Cook & Joanna Prentice. 
Gamaliel Rogers & Sarah Dana 
Mathevv Johnson & Eliz th , Prentice 
The Rev d M r Edward Wigglef worth 

& M rs Sarah Leverett. 
Mr. Samuel Danforth & Mrs, Elizabeth Symmes. 
Thomas Emmons & Hannah Cutter. 
Samuel Belcher & Sarah Brown 


April 2 














Aug sl 





Oct br 






Oct br 


1725 . 

April 8 



Aug st 




Oct hr 







i 1 









Aug st 


Nov br 


Dec br 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 281 

Mar. 2 1726/7 Jofeph Wheeler & Abigail ButterfeiM 

James Smith & Hannah Daniel Jnd r> 
Lux ford Pattin & Rebecca Bobbins 
William Badger & Hepsibah Prentice 
Joseph Hill & Prifcilla Dana 
Ephraim Cook & Sarah Swan 

William Fefsenden & Martha Brown 
Richard Call & Mary King 
Jofeph Sprague & Eleanor Phipps 
John Manning & Rebecca Winfhip 

Jonathan Willard & Mary Cook. 
Henry Prentice & Katherine Felch 
Gershom Cutter, tertius & Anna Flllebrown 
John Elder & Margery Winship 
Thomas Hall & Patience Allen ) 

George Cutter & Jane Butterfield ) 
Thomas Cheney & Sarah Fefsenden 
John Morse & Tabitha Warland 
The Rev d M r Edward Wigglesworth & 
M r9 Rebecca Coolidge. 

Thomas Spring & Marg t! : Gates 

Josiah Robbins & Sarah Fillebrown 
Jonathan Peirfon & Abigail Gates 
George Macsparran & Abigail Crackbooe 
John Henshaw & Mary Stedman 
Thomas Stone & Eliz tb Andrew 
5. M 1 ' [Abraham] Williams & Elizabeth Bomosan 
1730/1 Jan. 14 Thomas Sparhawk & Mary Oliver 

John Colson & Abigail Bordman .. 1- 

Edwar(d) Dickson & Martha Dun^eir 
Thomas Thwing & Mary Bartlett 
Jofeph Badger & Katherine Felcb 
Henry Johnson & Eliz : Liman 
John Lovel & Hannah Coleson 



' 11 



Aug st 


Dec br 


Jau y 4. 






Jan> 23 

Jan y 















Jan y 29 


L 17 








1 Jai 


March 18 



Dec 1,r 




282 Record* of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Dec. 91 730/1 Benjamin Goddard & Mary Kidder 
14 Daniel Burnap & Sarah Cheney 

Feb. 10 Zechariah Hill & Rebecca Cutter 

Feb. 10 James Peirce & Mary Prentice. 

Feb. 25. M r Andrew Bordman Jun r & M rs Sarah Phipps. 

Mar. 30. Jofeph Robbins & Deborah Robbins 

May 4. Jacob Swetzer & Elizabeth Fefsenden 

June 15. the Rev d M r Benja. Prefcott & Mrs. Mercy Gibbs. 

Sept. 14. Jacob Hill Jun r & Sarah Palmer 

Page (38) 

(37) Persons Adult W° owned Y e Covenant & were Baptized. 

Vid. Pag ;i3) 
June 6. Mary y e wife of John Baverick 

Hannah Hafsell 
1726 Mar. 27 Defire Chaddick 
1726 Nov. 13. Philip Bemus & Mercy Bemus 
1727. March 26. Josiah Robbins 
April 30. Joseph Englifh, an Indian manservant living with 

W m Rufsell 
May 21. Sarah Fowl 

July 16. Eunice Parks 

30 Richard Falley 

Dec. 3. Henry Johnson & Deborah Batherick 

Jan. 7. Richard Muzaphen 

Feb. 25. Mathew Abdy & Ruth Abdy, his wife, who were 

allfo received to Communion. 
Oct. 13. Pompey, my Negro man servant. 

Sept. 21. Titus, Prefid 1 , Wadsworth's Man Servant who was 

allso admitted to full Communion, 
1729/30. Feb.l. Rose, Negro maid Servant of M r A. Bordman. 
1730 Aug. 16. John Morse. 
1730/1 Feb. 21. Elizabeth Beard. 
March 7. Sarah Wheatlev 

1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 283 

Dec. 14,1735 Ruth Mallit, Wife of Matliew Mallit. 

1736 May 9. Hannibal, man Servant of D r Wigglesworth 

1736 Aug. 8. Mary Welch 

Aug st 15 Margarett a Molatto Servant of y e widow Oliver. 

Sept. 11. 1737 Mary, y e wife of Daniel Hovey. She was admitted 

to full Communion at** y e same time. 
Nov br 13 1737 Anna joiner, y e Daughter of Jonathan Butterick. 
Mar. 26 Roger, a negro Man Servant of Henry Prentice. 

Zillah, negro maid Servant of major Brattle. 
April 2. Ruth Cheney 

August 13 Mary Steel 

1740 Augst 17, Lucy, Indian Servant of M r Bordman 

Venus. Negro Serv 1 of Mad" 1 Wadfworth 
Jan> 25 Anna Ellifet 

Cuffy, Negro Ser\ rt , of Lieut. Gouvenor Phipps. 

Toby, Serv 1 of Sam 11 Whitemore 
Sept 13, 1741 Jack, negro Servant of y e Widow Tufts. 

Cuffy, Serv 1 of M 1 ' Judah Monis. 
Feb. 14, 1741/2 Flora, negro Servant of M 1 Foxcroft. 
Mar. 21, 1741/2 Anna Greenleaf 

York, a negro Servant of M v Trowbridge 
April 11, 1742 Judith Cox. 
Sept. 2. 1744 Harry, a negro Servant of M r Brandon who lives 

att my houfe. 
Sept. 16. 1744 Elizabeth Welch, Hannah Welch. 
June 23, 1745 Rose, Negro Servant of Lieutenant Gouvernor Phipps 
Dec. 15, 1745 Benjamin Cheney. 
Feb. 9, 1745/6 Cato, Negro Servant of Mad m Brown. 
Dec. 17, 1749 Leos, negro man Servant of M 1 ' Foxcroft. 

Jane, Negro Woman of M r Kent who is Hannibal's 
Wife. Vide Page (75) 

(38) Persons Married by Nath ll Appleton. 


Sept. 21. Amos Marrett & Mary Dunster 

Oct. 25. Jonathan Cooper & Sarah Prentice 

Nov br 22. Lieu 1 Amos Marrett & M r3 Ruth Dunster 

Feb, 14. John Nichols & Eliz th Stanley 


'•284 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

June 13. 1732/3 Eben r Fefsenden & Eliz th Barrett 

July 13. 
Aug 8t 30. 
Dec br 12. 
Jan> 1 
Oct br 21. 
178* Feb. 10. 
March 20. 

April 24 
May 8. 
Aug ust 19 
Oct. 30. 

July 29 
Dec br 23. 
Dec br 30 

Jan* 27. 
May 5. 
May 31. 
June 30. 

Sept. 22. 
October 24 
Nov lr 3. 
Nov br 10. 
Jan y 12. 
Mar. '15. 

April 19. 
July 20; 
Oct br 24 
Dec. 28. 1733. 
Jan. 4. 1738/9 
June 7. 
July 17. 

Will™ Bobbins & Ruth Bntterfeilcl 
Thomas Williams & Abigail Sparhawk 
William Butterfeild & Sarah Robbins 
John Wyeth & Elizabeth Hancock 
John Furgeson & Sarah Mackdanil 
the Rev d M r W m Hobby & M rs Lucy Remington 
John Goddard & Elizabeth Frost 
James Green & Deborah Brown 
John Bowls & Mary Brown 
Thomas Harris & Mary Dana 
Sam 11 Hastings & Hepsibah Dana 
Henry Prentice 3 tius & Sarah Hi^l 
y e Rev d M r Samuel Porter & M ls Mary Coolidge 

John Morse & Sarah Bradifh 
Samuel Prentice & Eliz th Cook 
Daniel Hovey & Mary Tapley 

Nath 11 , Parker & Mary Hovey 

John Barrett & Ruth Champney 

M r Richard Dana & Mrs. Lydia Trowbridge 

Primus, M r James Oliver Negro Man & Flora, M 1 ' 

Foxcroft's Negro Woman 
Thomas Adams & Anna Frost. 
Thomas Robbins & Xena Jackfon 
William Skinner & Tabitha Smith 
Daniel Barret & Margaret Manning 
Jeremiah Rufsell & Damaris Williams 

M r Edmund Goffe alias Trowbridge 

& M rs Martha Remington 
Jsaac Brown & Mary Balch 
David Ozburn & Margaret Tapley 
Nath" Chadwick & Mary Burgefs 
Angus Grimes alias Graham & Isabel Sloan 
James Johnfon & Margarett Ligan 
Jofeph Cook & Elizabeth Stratton 
Nehemiah Cutter & Martha Bowman 

1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


1738/9 Cuffy & Zillah, both of y m negro Servants of his 

25. Honour, Col. Phipps 

S T ov. 29, 1739 William Prefson & Hannah Cutting 
Ian. 17. 1739/40 Abraham II of ey & Jeinimah Felch 

kpril 3. 

1740 . 
.740 Mav 10 
740 May 15 
740 July 11. 
740 Aiis:. 26. 

Isaac Watfon & Elizabeth Whitemore 

740 Oct, 9. 
740 Nov. 7. 

Samuel Spragne & Mary Cook 

Cp 1 Samuel Gookin & Prifcilla Hill 

M r Daniel Farnam & M rs Sybil Angier 

Simon Cooper & Judith negro Servants of Samuel 

John Williams & Martha Bordman 
Elias Mafon & Ruth Cheney 

741. March 27. Jofeph Clark & Prudence Hill 

741 April 10 M r Samuel Andrew & Eliz th Cooper 
Sept. 17. Nath 11 Kidder & Deborah Bowman 

741 Nov. 11. Jofhua Rand & Rebecca Morse 

741 Dec. 16. Jofiah Crofby & Abigail Felch 

741 Dec. 24. Ebenezer Richards & Thankfull Stratton. 

742 June 10. Daniel Smith & Grace Fefsenden 

14. M r Jofeph Parfons & M rs Martha Smith 
742 July 9. the Rev d M r Ebenezer Gay of Sufield 

& M rs Hannah Angier 
742 July 19. Jofhua Fuller in 88 t ' 1 year & Mary Dana in 75 th year 
742 Sept. 15 William Angier & Ruth Whitemore 
742 Nov br 24. Samuel Lyon & Mary Bobbins 

Vid, P. (44) 




)ecem ,,r ,10 
an>, 28 

Infants Baptized by Nath TjL Appleton 

Thomas of John Cutter 

Nathaniel of Noah Sparhawk 

Anne, Abigail, Ruth, — Children of Edward Rufsell. 

William of Ephraim Froft 

Elizabeth of Abraham Hill 

John of Stephen Palmer 

Jofeph of Thomas Kidder 

Hannah of Sam 11 Whittamore Jun r 

Samuel of Samuel Belcher 

John of John Cooper Jun r 










286 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Feb. 25 Pelatiah of Sam 11 Smith 

Mar. 25 1728 Mary of Isaac Filiebrown 

Mary of Ebenezer Cutter 
31 Martha of Nath 11 Hill 

Samuel of Sam 11 Cutter 
Abigail of Ebenezer Shed 
Mary of Daniel Champney Jun r 
Peter of Peter Tufts 
Daniel of Walter Rufsell 
Mary of Luxford Pattin 
Eunice of Henry Dunster 
Hannah of Thomas Soden 
Mary of Thomas Robbins 
John of John Swan 

Silas & Mary Twins y e children of Thomas Froft. 
Peter of William Fefsenden 
John of John Winfhip 
Anna of Jofeph Winfhip 
Tabitha of John Prentice 
Samuel of Samuel Cook Jun r . 
Thomas of G erf horn Cutter Jun r . 
William of William Barrett Jun r 
Mehetabel of Nath 11 Appleton : 
Damaris of Andrew Wilfon 
22. Samuel of Samuel Whittamore, att his own house, 

y e child being dangerously sick & dyed att night. 
1728/9 William of Maf W m Brattle 

Jan y 5. Eleanor of Jofeph Sprague 

John of John Batherick 
12. Margery of W m Dickson 

Sarah of Samuel Cooper 
Naomi of Thomas Dana 
Mercy of Ephraim Cook 
19. James of James Ozburn 

2G. Abigail of Jonathan Gates 

Lucy of Jonathan Batherick 
Feb. 2. Samuel of John Hicks 

9 Timothy of Nath 11 Tufts 

23 Nathan of Jason Winfhip 











Aug st 




Sept hr 




Oct. bl 





Dec br 



104] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 287 

Walter of Walter Cooper 
irch 30. Elizabeth of Francis Foxcroft Efq 1 

Mary of Francis Nichols 
>ril 13. Sarah of Eleazar Parker, 

Sarah of John Fefsenden. Jun r 
20 Abigail of Philip Cook, 

Sarah of John jvr«*~- ' r^ 
Mercy of Isaac Townf en d 
27. Sufanna of William Morse 

y 4 Ebcnezer of Solomon Champney, 

John of Benj m Brafier 
18. Miriam of W m Cheever 

James of Edward Manning 
Jonathan of Henry Dunster 
Mary of John Parmeon 
Ann of Jofeph Adams 
Phebe of Caleb Dana 
Lydia of Ephraim Froft 
Gershom of John Swan 
Hannah of Thomas Skinner 
Samuel of William Manning 
William of Ebenezer Turgefs 
Jofeph of Stephen Palmer 
John of Jacob Watfon 
John of Noah Champney 
Sarah of Samuel Belcher 

le 1. 

y 6 - 


g. 20. 


t. 7. 






br 16. 




1728/0 Rebecca of W m Winfhip, att his own houfe . ye 
arch 13. child being dangerously 111 and dyed. 

1G Lucy of Jofeph Rufsell 

(40) Turn over p, (40) 53 I I 

arch 23. Walter of John Dickfou 

Abraham of Abraham Watson 


i • 

Noah of Noah Sparhawk 

Sarah of Samuel Rand 

Mary of Henry Prentice, Jun r 

Alice daughter of James Cutler. 

Thomas of Samuel Whittemore Jun r 



Dec b 

r 14 










288 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

Samuel of Samuel Smith 

Ann of Benjamin Deming 

Rebecca of Jofhua Gammage 

Samuel of Samuel Nutting 

Sarah of Edward Russell. Sarah of Henry Cornet. 

Thomas of John Sherela, John of John Robbins Jun r 
William of John Cooper Jun r 
Thomas of Gerfhom Cutter 3 tius . 
Solomon of Ebenezer Shed 
Solomon of Thomas Kidder 
Ann of Sam" Cutter. 
Jonathan of W 1 " Barrett. 
15 Jonas of \V m Dickfon 

Mar. 1. Hannah of George Cutter. 

8 Sufannah of Jonathan Hastings. 

Peter of Ebenezer Swan Jun r 
29 John of Nath 11 Applcton 

Rebecca of Isaac Fillebrown 
Sarah of Ephraim Cook 
April 5 Susannah of Ebenezer Cutter 

26 Mary of Joseph Winfhip 

May 3 Aaron of Abraham Hill. 

Sufanna of Samuel Cook Jun 1 ' 
10 Isaac of M r Isaac Greenwood y e Mathematical 

17 Rebeckah of y e Widdow Rebeckah Pattin 

24. Josiah of John Willson 

June 7. Katherine of Major Brattle 

14. Sarah of Jonathan Gates 

(41) 1730 

June -21 Rebeccah of M r Wigglesworth 

John of M 1 ' John Martyn 
John of W m Fefsenden 
28 Jason of Jason Winfhip 

Stephen of Thomas Robbins 
July 12. Anna of Ebenezer G rover 

19. Jofeph of Jofeph Hill 

(2o be continued.) 





GAZETTE, 1765-1800. 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. 

{Continued from Vol. 4, page 204.) 

1769, Dec. 15. 

Hannah, wife of Hon. Theodore Atkinson, aged 69, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Dec. 8, 1769. 
The wife of John Moffatt died in Portsmouth, N.H., Dec. 6, 1769. 

1769, Dec. 22. 

Samuel Kneeland, in his 73d year, died in Boston, Mass., Dec. 14, 

Joseph, son of Samuel Sanborn, aged about 18, was killed by ac- 
cident in Sandown, N. H., Dec. 6, 1769. 

1769, Dec. 29. 

The wife of Nicholas Beck died in New York, N. Y., Dec. 11, 

Nicholas Hazzard was found dead in Providence, R. I., Dec. 15, 

A son of Jacob Davis, i-ged 4, died in Charlton, Mass., about 

Dec. 14, 1769. 
George Walton, in his 89th year, died in Newington, N. H., Dec. 

13, 1769. 

1770, Feb. 9. 

Elizabeth, wife of John Plummer, in her 42d year, died in Roches- 
ter, N. H., Jan. 26, 1770. 

1770, March 2. 

Christopher Snider, aged about 11, was killed by Ebenezer Rich- 
ardson in Boston, Mass., Feb. 22, 1770. 
. John Knight died in Newington, N. H., Feb. 23, 1770. 
Thomas Martin and Nancy, only daughter of Hon. Daniel Peirce, 

all of Portsmouth, N. H., were married Feb. 20, 1770. 


' • 


290 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [January 

1770, March 9. 

William Baker and Samuel Mills were found drowned on the "rack 
of the Coffin-Land," near Charleston, S. C, Jan. 23, 1770. 
Mr. Baker left a widow. 

Capt. John Miller of New Loudon, Conn., died in New Haven, 
Conn., Feb. 10, 1770. 

Joshua Brooks was killed b} r accident in New London, Conn., 
Feb. 20, 1770. 

Jonathan Blake of Boston, Mass., was drowned in Cape Ann har- 
bor Feb. 23, 1770. 

Timothy Curtis was found dead by suicide in Marblehead, Mass., 
March 4, 1770. He left a numerous family of children. 

Michael Dalton, aged 61, died in Newbury, Mass., March 1, 1770. 

1770, March 16. 

The following casualties occurred in an encounter between British 
soldiers and citizens in Boston, Mass., March 5, 1770: 

Samuel Gray, ropemaker, killed. 

Crispus Attucks, mulatto, born in Framingham, Mass., killed. 

James Caldwell, mate of Capt. Morton's vessel, killed. 

Samuel Maverick, aged 17, son of Widow Maverick, mortally 

wounded through the body, died the next morning. 
Christopher Monk, aged about 17, wounded through the body, 

probably mortally. 
John Clark, aged about 17, whose parents live at Medford, Mass., 

wounded in the groin, probably mortally. 
Edward Payne, merchant, wounded in the arm. 
John Green, tailor, wounded in the hip and thigh. 
Robert Patterson, mariner, wounded in the right arm. 
Patrick Carr, aged ahout 30, wounded in the hip and side. 
David Parker, apprentice, wounded in the thigh. 

Capt. Nathaniel Sherburne of Portsmouth, N. H., died " at the 
Grenades " about six weeks ago. 

1770, March 23. 

Deacon Nathan Gaylord, in his 60th year, died in New Milford, 

Dec. 26, 1769. 
Patrick Carr died in Boston, Mass., March 14, 1770, of wounds 
received in the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770. 

1770, March 30. 

Henry Bellew, commander of II. M. S. Bever, and Nancy, widow 

1904] From the JVew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 291 

of Thomas Wentworth, were married in Portsmouth, N. H., 

March 25, 1770. 
John Clapham and Mary, widow of Capt. Samuel Appleton, and 

daughter of Hon. John Wentworth, were married in Portsmouth, 

N. H., March 26, 1770. 
Deacon Joseph Judkins died in Newmarket, N. H., March 7, 1770. 

He left a widow, who was his second wife. His first wife and 

all his children were dead. 

1770, April 13. 
Jane, wife of John Mullen of Northampton, Burlington county, 

Pa:, gave birth to three girls, March 5, 1770. 
Thomas Wakefield was killed by accident in Philadelphia, Pa., 

March 23, 1770. 
Richard and Samuel Brown, brothers, Peter Brown and John 

King, all belonging to the Oyster Ponds, were drowned off East 

Hampton, Long Island, March 29, 1770. 
Samuel Henchman, in his 78th year, died in Boston, Mass., April 

9, 1770. 

1770, April 27. 

Samuel Waldo, in his 48th year, died in Falmouth, Me., April 6, 

Sarah, wife of Jacob Tread well, in her 68th year, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., April 16, 1770, and the next day her husband, 
aged 72, also died. They had been married 48 years, and had 
had 18 children. 

1770, May 4. 

Lucy, wife of George Erving, and oldest daughter of Isaac Wins- 
low, in her 21st year, died in Boston, Mass., April "27, 1770. 

Jonathan Bowman of Pownalborough, Me., and Mary, widow of 
Capt. Edward Emerson of Portsmouth, N. H., were married in 
Boston, Mass., April 26, 1770. 

1770, May 25. 
Joseph Estes, in his 74th year, died in Dover, N H., May 15, 

1770, June 15. 

Benjamin Clements was killed by accident, June 6, 1770. 

Anna, wife of Rev. Daniel Rogers of Exeter, N. H., and daughter 

of the late Rev. Thomas Foxcroft of Boston, Mass. , died May 

29, 1770, in her 47th year. 

292 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. [Janua 

1770, June 22. 

Eleazer Fletcher of Sutton, Mass., was found dead in Grafton, 

Mass., June 12, 1770. He left a widow and 3 children. 
Timothy Thornton, aged 82, died in Boston, Mass., June 16, 1770. 
Rev. Ezekiel Dodge, aged 48, died in Abington, Mass., June 5, 

Isaac Butler was accidentally shot and killed by Solomon Weeks 

on board the sloop Tryon, June 1G, 1770. 
Mr. Campbell was killed by accident in Londonderry, N. H., 

June 14, 1770. 

1770, June 29. 

Joseph Moore was killed by accident in Goffstown, N. H., in the 
week June 16-23, 1770. 

1770, July 20. 

Mr. Capron was drowned at Cape Ann in the week July 

7-14, 1770. He left a widow and 4 or 5 children. 

1770, Aug. 3. 
Mr. Laha of Little Cambridge, Mass., was drowned July 14, 

James Dycke, a Scotchman belonging to H. M. S. Huzzar, was 

drowned at Boston, Mass., July 18, 1770. 
Sarah Cotton, wife of Dr. Ichabod Weeks, and youngest daughter 

of the late Rev. Ward Cotton of Hampton, N. H., died in 

Greenland, N. H., July 24, 1770, in her 31st year. 
Abner, son of Joseph Root of Montague, Conn., aged about 13, 

was drowned July 11, 1770. 

1770, Aug. 10. 

John Dickenson and Miss Mary Norris were married in Philadel- 
phia, Pa., July 19, 1770. 

John Aish was drowned at Boston, Mass., July 31, 1770. He left 
a large family. 

Mr. Chase was burned to death in Lunenburg, Mass., July 

30, 1770. 

Hon. Benjamin Smith of Charleston, S. C, in his 53d year, died 
in Newport, R. I., in the week July 29 -Aug. 4, 1770. 

1770, Aug. 31. 

Rev. Charles Jeffery Smith was killed by accident on Long Island, 
Aug. 10, 1770. 

)04J From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 293 

John Law of Stow, Mass., committed suicide Aug. 18, 1770. 

70, Sept. 7. 

Benjamin Muzzey, aged about 43, married, was killed by lightning 
in Sudbury, Mass., Aug. 20, 1770. 

70, Sept. 14. 

Benjamin Whiting of Charlestown, N. H., and Grace, daughter of 

Rev. Hall of Westford, Mass., were married in Portsmouth, 

N. H., Sept. 9, 1770. 

70, Oct. 19. 

Hon. Benning Wentworth, in his 75th year, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H., Oct. 14, 1770. 

70, Oct. 26. 

Keziah, wife of William Langdon, in her 57th year, died in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Oct. 20, 1770. 

70, Nov. 2. 

Oliver Arnold, in his 35th year, died in South Kingston, R. I., 
Oct. 9, 1770. 

Mounce Keen, aged 105, died in Pilesgrave, West N. J., in the 
early part of Aug., 1770. He was born in Chester, Pa., of 
Swedish parents. 

Benjamin Parsons, skipper of a Kittery schooner, was drowned 
near Thatcher's island about Oct. 20, 1770. 

70, Nov. 9. "~~ 

Capt. Samuel Haynes and Sally, daughter of the late Jotham 
Odiorne, all of Portsmouth, N. H., were married Nov. 6, 1770. 

70, Nov. 23. 

Rev. William Sturgeon died in Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 3, 1770. 

70, Nov. 30. 

Isaac Wiuslow of Roxbury, Mass., and Miss Jemima Debuke of 
Boston, Mass., were married Nov. 22, 1770. ----- 

70, Dec. 14. 

Hon. John Vining died in Salem county, Pa., Nov, 13, 1770. 
Joseph Trotter, aged 80, died in New York, N. Y. 

71, Jan. 4. 

Josiah, oldest son of Col. Jonathan Moulton of Hampton, N. H., 
and Dorothy, daughter of the late Major Shackford of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., were married in Portsmouth, Dec. 27, 1770. 




294 From the New Hampshire Gazette , 1765-1800. [January 


Poak, aged 112, died in Biddeford, Me., Dec. 23 or 

30, 1770. She was a native of Ireland. 

1771, Jan. 11. 

Col. John Whiting, in his 52d year, died in New London, Conn., 

Dec. 18, 1771. 
Anna, widow of Joseph Green, aged 69, died in Boston, Mass., 

Dec. 28, 1770. She was formerly of Portsmouth, N. H., and 

was a sister to Hon. Daniel Peirce. 

1771, Jan. 18. 

Hannah Bradshaw, aged about 30, was burned to death in New- 
York, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1770. 
Hugh Forbes died in Philadelphia, Pa., before Dec. 31, 1770. 
Dr. John, oldest son of Andrew Hodge, died in Philadelphia, Pa., 

before Dec. 31, 1770. 
George Delap, aged 67, was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., 

Jan. 7, 1771. 
Cornelius Sears of Middletown, Conn., aged about 16, was 

drowned in the week ending Jan. 5, 1771. 
Phoebe, wife of Rev. Jonathan Parsons, in her 55th year, died in 

Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 26, 1770. 
Capt. William Marshall of Portsmouth, N. H., died at Cape Fear. 

He left a widow and 2 children. 
1771, Jan. 25. 
Margaret, wife of Rev. Mr. Appleton, in her 72d year, died in 

Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 21, 1771. 
1771, Feb. 1. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Shepard was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., 

Jan. 22, 1771. 
Col. John Titcomb, in his 44th year, died in Dover, N. H.. Jan. 


The wife of Thomas Hadley was found drowned in Lynn, Mass., 

Jan. 26, 1771. 
Hon. Andrew Belcher died in Milton, Mass., Jan. 24, 1771. 
1771, Feb. 15. 

Mrs. Barton, aged about 80, was killed by accident in 

Newcastle, N. H., P'eb. 13, 1771. 
1771, Feb. 22. 
John Labarre, aged about 18, was drowned in the Kennebec river, 
Jan. 18, 1771. 

. > 


■ ' f 

L904] From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 295 

James, oldest son of Hon. Enoch Freeman, died in Falmouth, Me. 

1771, March 1. 
Widow Sarah Jaquith, in her 90th year, died in Wilmington Feb. 
6, 1771. She had had 16 children, 10 of whom survived her, 
5 sons and 5 daughters, together with 58 grandchildren, 166 
great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren. 

1771, March 8. 
Ebenezer Barker of Methuen, Mass., was drowned Feb. 26, 1771. 
Capt. John Hodges, jr., and Ebenezer Tozier, both of Salem, Mass., 
were drowned on a voyage to the West Indies. 

771, March 22. 

John Bickford, aged about 97, died in Reading, Mass., March 13, 
1771. He had 11 children, 96 grandchildren, 175 great-grand- 
children, and 1 of the fifth generation. 

1771, March 29. 

Rev. Marmaduke Browne, in his 40th year, died in Newport, R. I., 

March 16, 1771. He was the oldest son of Rev. Arthur Browne 

of Portsmouth, N. H. 
Gov. William Shirley, in his 77th year, died in Roxbury, Mass., 

March 24, 1771. ; 

1771, April 5. ; ; 

Capt. Samuel Chancellor, bound from Philadelphia to Lisbon, was 

wrecked and perished at Cape Henlopen March 9, 1771. 
Thomas and Sylvester Brinley, brothers, were frozen to death at 

Shrewsbury, Pa., Feb. 23 or 24, 1771. \ 

Mrs. Deborah Doe, aged 23, died in Durham, N. H., Feb. 25, 1771. 

1771, April 19. 

Easter, youngest daughter of Hon. Thomas Fitch, died in Nor- 
walk, Conn., during the week March 9-16, 1771. ..- 

William, son of John Carter, aged 23, and Sarah, widow of 
Gerard Ellison, aged 85, were married in Henrico, Va., March 
13, 1771. 

Robert Sandeman died in Danbury, Conn., before April 5, 1771. 

Matthew Viccars was found dead in Dorchester county, Md., be- 
fore March 21, 1771. 

William Randall of Rye, N. H., aged about 50, died April 12, 
1771. He left a widow and several children. 

296 From the New Hampshire Gazette, 1 765-1800. 

1771, April 26. 
Gershom Jones, Mrs. Ann Gill, and a daughter of Andrew Seton. 

aged about 9, were drowned at Satucket on Long Island March 

29, 1771. 
Mr. Bedgood and Joen Gray were drowned in Isle of Wight 

county, Va., March 2, 1771. Mr. Bedgood left a widow and 

3 children. 
Jacob Merrills, aged about 46, was killed by accident in West 

Hartford, Conn., March 9, 1771. 
Anna, wife of Joseph Barrell, and daughter of the late Joseph 

Peirce of Portsmouth, N. H., died in Boston, Mass., April 17, 

1771, aged 27. 

1771, May 3. 
Joseph Chesley, aged 65, and Comfort, daughter of the late Deacon 
Smith, aged 16, were married in Durham, N. H., April 25, 1771- 

1771, May 10. 

Henry .Snow, aged 97, died in the upper parish of Kittery, Me.. 
during the week ending May 4, 1771. He was born in Torbay 
in 1674. 

1771, May 17. 

Mr. Gardner of Boston, Mass., and Miss Mary Underwood 

of Kittery, Me., were married May 14, 1771. 

1771, May 24. 

Nathan Fisher was burned to death in East Haddam, Conn., April 
23, 1771. 

1771, May 31. 

The wife of Nathaniel Jilson was killed by accident in Cumber- 
land, R. I. 

Joshua Alger of Providence, R. I., was drowned May 1, 1771. 

Stephen Jarvis of Huntington, Mass., was killed by accident May 
21, 1771. 

Daniel Carrington was killed by accident in New Haven, Conn., 
May 8, 1771. He left a widow and 10 children. 

The wife of Handley Bushnell of Saybrook, Conn., gave birth to 
a son and a daughter April 16, 1771. Her previous children 
were twin girls, then 11 years old. 

(To be continued.^ 




TE. — First printing press in Georgia was set up in 1763, and on April 7, 1863, appeared 
first issue of the " Georgia Gazette." 

(Continued from Vol. IV, page 168.) 

Marriages, 1788. 

mrsday, Jan. 3, 1788. 

Saturday last was married, by the Rev. Mr. Lindsay, Mr. Thomas 

tchell, tavern keeper, to Mrs. Mary Breadbury. 

mrsday, Jan. 17, 1788. 

Married, in Liberty Co., David Rees, Esq., to Mrs. Kell, widow of 

i late Mr. John Kell. 

mrsday, Jan. 31, 1788. 

Married, on Sunday evening last, Abraham Jackson, Esq., attor- 
y-at-law, to Miss Ann Agnes Yonge, daughter of t'le Hon. Heni\y 
>nge, Sen., E)sq., deceased, formerly Surveyor General of Georgia. 

mrsday, Feb. 14, 1788. 

Married, Mr. Frederick Herb to Miss Polly Brown. 

lursday, Feb. 28, 1788. 

Married, Mr. Robert Holmes to Miss Betsey Butler, daughter of 

seph Butler, junior, Esq., deceased. 

mrsday, March 13, 1 

Married. Mr. Joel Walker to Miss Mary Jones, daughter of John 

nes, Esq., of Liberty Co., deceased. 

ursdny, May 8, 1788. 

Married, Major John Berrien to Miss W. Moore. 


298 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [January 

Thursday, July 10, 1788. 

On the 1 st of June last was married, in New York, the Hon. AYilliam 
Few, Esq., one of the delegates from this State to Congress, to Miss 
Nicholson, daughter of Commodore Nicholson of that city. 

Thursday, Nov. 27, 1788. 

Married on Tuesday 11 inst., at Sunbury, by Rev. Abiel Holmes, 
Mr. Henry Dassex Stone, only son of Thomas Stone, Esq., of Chat- 
ham Co., to Miss Susannah M'Clelland, a most agreeable young lady. 

Thursday, Dec. 18, 1788. 

Married Mr. Daniel Course to Miss Betsey Church, daughter of Dr. 
Giles Church, deceased. 

Deaths, 1788. 

Thursday, Jan. 17, 1788. 

Died, Mrs. Waldhauer, wife of Mr. Jacob Camper Waldhauer. 

Thursday, Jan. 31, 1788. 

Died, Mrs. Miller, wife of Mr. Philip Miller. 
Died, Mr. William Graham. 

Thursday, Feb. 7, 1788. 

Died, at his plantation near town, Stephen Millen, Esq. 

Thursday, March 13, 1788. 

Died suddenly, on Tuesday evening, in the bloom of youth, Miss 
Rebecca Gibbons, daughter of William Gibbons, Esq., deceased. 

Same evening, at Little Ogechee, Mrs. Elizabeth Bourquin, wife of 
David Francis Bourquin, Esq. 

Thursday, April 17, 1788. 

Died, at Great Ogechee, Mrs. Mann, wife of Capt. Luke Mann. 

At his plantation near town, Mr. Christopher Ring, one of the 
oldest settlers of this state. 

Thursday, March 13, 1788. 

On Sunday last, died, at his plantation near Savannah, in the 80 th 
year of his age, the Hon. Jonathan Bryan, Esq., who had been for 
near 50 years an inhabitant of this state, during which time, both 
under the former and present governments, he filled several very im- 
portant stations. The many virtues which this gentleman possessed, 
both of a social and private nature, will not readily be forgotten. 
Having, at an early day, removed into this state he acquired an accu- 
rate and thorough knowledge of the country. 


04] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 299 i 

This enabled him, and his benevolent heart always inclined him, to 
ider that aid to new settlers that he may justly be styled one of the 
hicipal Founders and Fathers of Georgia. Zealous in the cause of 
ristianity, he considered modes of worship but as secondary, whilst 
great first principle with him in all true religion, was universal 
arity. Being in the late war taken prisoner, he was made to under- 
a series of persecution and hardship scarcely to be paralleled and 
vex to be justified, but the strength of his constitution, and the un- 
iken firmness of his mind, even at the advanced period of 70 years, 
;e superior to all difficulties and at length brought him to die in the 
ns of peace. 

Thus having spent a life marked with many private trials, and lit- 
dly exhausted his days, chiefly in the service of his country, he ex- 
red, or rather ceased to breathe, without a pain, a murmur, or a 


bursday. Apr. 24, 1788. 

On the 16 inst., at four o'clock in the morning, Mr. Christopher, 

ng, about 60 years of age. 

mrsday, May 1, 1788. 

Died, Miss Martha Petty, daughter of Capt. John Petty. 


tiursday, May 29, 1788. 

On Thursday, 15 inst., in Liberty Co., Mr. William Baker, son of 

r. Richard Baker, deceased. 

mrsday, July 17, 1788. 

Died, on his passage from Charleston to Martinico. Emmanuel Peter 
elaplaique, Esq., a captain in the late Continental Battalion of in- 
ntry raised in this state during the late war. 

hursday, Aug. 21, 1788. 

Died lately, in Sunbury, Mrs. Euphemia Baker, wife of Mr. Artemas 
ai\.er • 

Died in town, the 18 th inst., universally lamented, Mr. John Milli- 

hursday, Aug. 28, 1788. 
Last Sunday, died at Augusta, Mr. Alexander Shearls, merchant. 

In Savannah, Mr. Dennis Byrne. 

hursday, Sept. 4, 1788. 

Died, on Monday evening last, Mrs. Anne Netherclift, wife of 

hoinas Netherclift, Esq. 

300 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [January 

Thursday, Sept. 18, 1788. 

Departed this life, at Philadelphia, the 23d ult., Mr. Weston Clark, 
late of this place, merchant. 

Last Sunday, died here, Mrs. Martha Richard, widow of the late 
Dr. Richard of South Carolina. 

Thursday, Sept. 25, 1788. 

Died, Mrs. Fox, wife of Mr. Fox, tobacconist. 
Miss Mary Vaughn. 
Mr. George Rolfes. 

Thursday, Oct. 23, 1788. 

Lately died, at Good Hope, South Carolina, Stephen Smith, Esq. 

On Monday the 18 th iust., at his plantation near the Ki Kos, the 
Hon. Joel Crawford Esq., a member of the Honourable the Executive 
Council of this state. 

Last Thursday in Savannah, Mr. Reid of Kingston, in Jamaica. 

Thursday, Oct. 30, 1788. 

Last Thursday night, died here, William O'Brien, Esq. 

Thursday, Nov. 13, 1788. 

Died on Monday last in this town, after a tedious and painful ill- 
ness which he sustained with uncommon patience and fortitude, Seth 
John Cuthbert, Esq. 

Died, Mrs. Herbe, wife of Mr. Frederick Herbe, jun. 

Thursday, Nov. 20, 1788. 

Died, Mr. James Hood of this p^ce, merchant, a gentleman much 
respected, and whose death is greatly regretted. 

Thursday, Nov. 27, 1788. 

On Thursday, 13th inst., died in Liberty Co., Mr. James Jeffries, 
aged 48 years. 

Died, Mrs. Abrams, wife of Mr. Joseph Abrams. 

Thursday, Dec. 11, 1788. 

Died, at Great Ogechee, Mrs. Clark. 

At Little Ogechee, Mrs. Millen, widow of Stephen Millen, Esq. 

Thursday, Dec. 15, 1788. 

Died, at Ebenezer, after a long and painful illness which he bore 
with patience, fortitude and resignation, Col. Jenkins Davis, for sev- 
eral years one of the Representatives of Effingham Co. in the General 
Assembly and one of the assistant Judges for said county. 



904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 301 

Midway Dec. 15. On the 12 th inst., departed this life, in the 44 th 
ear of her age, Mrs. Ann Maxwell, consort of Col. James Maxwell. 

'hursday, Dec. 24, 1788. 
Died, Major George Melven. 

Marriages, 1789. 

hursday, April 23, 1789. 

Married, in Liberty Co., Mr. John Lawson, jr., to Miss Mary Car- 

Mr. William Jeans Baker to Miss Mary Lambright, daughter of 
ohn Lambright, Esq. 

hursday, May 14, 1789. 

On Sunday evening last was married Benjamin Maxwell, Esq., son 
f William Maxwell, Esq., to Miss Polly Habersham, daughter of 
ames Habersham, Esq. 

Deaths, 1789. - { 

'hursday, Mar. 5, 1789. 

Died, in Liberty Co., Mrs. Powell, widow of the Josiah Powell 


Imrsday, Mar. 26, 1789. 

"Died, in Liberty Co., George Troup, Esq., formerly of this place, 
uerchant. (This was the father of Gov. Geo. M. Troup. His wife 
ras Catherine Mcintosh and sister of Rory (Roderick) Mcintosh.) 

'hursdav, April 16, 1789. 

On Thursday last died near this town, after a few days' illness, in 
he bloom of youth, Miss Elizabeth Threadcraft, daughter of George 
rhreaderaft, Esq. 

rhursday, July 9, 1789. 

Died the 3 d inst., at her plantation on Great Ogechee, Mrs. Mary 
Elliott Savage, relict of Thomas Savage, Esq., deceased. 

rhursday, Nov. 19, 1789. 

Died at his plantation on Great Ogechee, on Wednesday the 11 th 
nst., Benjamin Stiles, Esq., in the 50 th year of his age, who sus- 
ained throughout life " an honest & industrious fame." 

Marriages, 1790. 
rhursday, July 15, 1790. 

Married," in Liberty Co., Col. John Elliott to Mrs. Quarterman, 
ndow of the late Mr. Thomas Quarterman. 


302 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [January 

Thursday, Dec. 2, 1790. 

Married, Dr. Venables Bond to Miss Nancy Miller, daughter of 
Samuel Miller, Esq., deceased. 

Mr. Samuel Sleigh to Miss Polly Mann, daughter of Luke Mann, 

Deaths, 1790. 

Thursday, July 15, 1790. 

Died, Mr. Peter Bishop, of Sun bury. 

Mr. John Zubly, son of the late Rev. Mr. Zubly. 

Thursday, Dec. 2, 1790. 

Died, in this city, Mrs. Bourquin, wife of Mr. Benedict Bourquin. 

Marriages, 1791. 

Thursday, Sept. 8, 1791. 

On the 21 nit., was married, at Augusta, the Hon. Henry Osborne, 
Esq., one of the Judges of the Superior court of this State, to Miss 
Catherine Howell. 

Thursday, Sept. 22. 

Married, last Sunday, at Great Ogechee, Capt. John Burke to Miss 
Kitty Elbeit, daughter of Gen. Samuel Elbert, deceased. 

Deaths, 1791. 

Thursday, Apr. 21, 1791. 

Died after a tedious illness at Bellville, in Liberty Co., on Tuesday 
the 5 inst., Mr. George Baillie, jun., of the age of 29 years. 

Thursday, May 26. 

On Sunday evening last, Raymond Demere, Esq., was unfortunately 
thrown from his horse, at Major Harden's plantation on Great 
Ogechee, and expired in about half an hour after. 

Thursday, June 16. 

Died, in Liberty Co., Mr. Thomas Quarterman and Col. John Elliott. 

Thursday, Sept. 22. 
Died, Capt. Bull, who lately arrived here from the Bay of Honduras. 

Marriages, 1792. 

Thursday, Jan. 19, 1792. 

Married, David B. Mitchell, Esq., to Miss Jane Mills, daughter of 
Capt. John Mills, deceased. 

>4] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 303 

[ursday, Mar. 1, 1792. 
Tarried, Mr. Benedict Bourquin, of Little Ogechee, to Mrs. Raines. 

Uirsday, Apr. 12. 

iMarried, at Great Ogechee, Dr. Alexander Stephens to Miss Jane 

^les, daughter of Capt. Samuel Stiles. 

Deaths, 1792. 
ursday, Jan. 26, 1792. 

Died, at Great Ogechee, Mrs. Elizabeth Elbert, widow of Gen. 
muel Elbert. 

ursday, Mar. 1, 1792. 

Died, Mr. Alexander Leslie, sen. 

Capt. John Farrow. 

'hursday, Mar. 8. 
Died, Mrs. Mary Webley, wife of Capt. Benj. Webley. 

hursday, Mar. 15. 

On Thursday, 1 st inst., died, in Liberty Co., Col. James Maxwell, 
reatly and justly regretted. 

Also lately died, in said county, Miss Sumner and Mr. Hugh Dowse. 

'hursday, Mar. 22. 
Died, Mrs. Mary Spencer, wife of Mr. William Spencer. - 

Thursday, Apr. 5. 
Died, Mrs. Ann Clarke, wife of Mr. James Clarke. 

(Thursday, May 17. 

Died on Thursday last, at his plantation on Frederica Island, John 
Vl'Intosh, juu., Esq., (son of the General) much lamented by a 
uimerous connection and all his acquaintances. 

Marriages, 1793. 

rhursday, Jan. 17, 1793. 

Married, in Liberty Co., Rev. Cyrus Gildersleeve to Mrs. Elliott, 
tfidow of Col. John Elliott. 

Thursday, Nov. 28, 1793. 

Married, last Tuesday, in this city, Dr. John Townsend to Mrs. 
Bellinger, widow of Dr. Bellinger formerly of South Carolina. 

rhursday, Dec. 5, 1793. 

Married, Mr. Joseph Stiles, son of Capt. Samuel Stiles, to Miss 
Kitty Clay, daughter of the Hon. Joseph Clay, sen., Esq. 



304 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 

Marriages, 1794. 

Thursday, Jan. 9, 1794. 

Married, Mr. Joseph Turner to Miss Fanny White. 

Thursday, Feb. 6, 1794. 

Married, in Liberty Co., Jonathan Fabian, Esq., to Miss Hetty 

Dr. Holmes to Miss Sally Sumner. 

Thursday, Feb. 13. 

Last Thursday, John Peter Ward, Esq., to Miss Hetty MTntosh, 
dau. of Gen. Lachlan M'Intosh. 

Yesterday, Dr. Levi Meyers, of Georgetown, S. C, to the amiable 
Miss Frances Minis, second dau. of the late Philip Minis, Esq. 

Thursday, Feb. 20, 1794. 

Married, last Thursday evening, Sampson Neyle, Esq., to Miss 
Hetty Morel, dau. of John Morel, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, Feb. 27. 

In Liberty County, Mr. William Maxwell, jr., to Miss Giball. 

Mr. Andrew Maybank, to Miss Girardeau. [In Watkins digest ap- 
pears the caption of an act passed by the Ga. Legislature Dec. 16, 
1793, granting a divorce to Andrew Maybank, and his wife Mary, and 
providing for the separation of their estate.] 

Thursday, July 3, 1794. 

Married, Mr. Nathaniel Adams, son of Nathaniel Adams, Esq., to 
Miss Mary Wylly dau. of Col. Richard Wylly. 

Thursday, Nov. 6, 1794. 

Married, last Tuesday, Mr. George Anderson, son of Capt. George 
Anderson, deceased, to Miss Eliza Wayne, dau. of Richard Wayne, 

Deaths, 1794. 
Thursday, Jan. 30, 1794. 

Died, Mrs. Bolton, widow of Mr. Robert Bolton. 
Thursday, Mar. 13, 1794. 

Died at Beaufort, S. C, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Archibald Smith. 

Thursday, May.l, 1794. • 

Yesterday se' night, died at Sapels, William Mcintosh, Esq. 

(To be continued.') 



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Tartars, her victory, and her ever onward course of conquest, 
west, south and east, until now she threatens British supremacy 
in India and Persia, and holds the world at bay in northern China. 
Her policy, consistent, brilliant, has defeated all opponents. 
M. Rambaud in this little book places before the reader the real 
situation and enables him to realize the destiny of Russia. 

8vo cloth, . . $1.00. 


With an account of Forty Allied Families. 

By William E. Chute. 

8vo. cloth, pp. 218, cclxxviii. Illustrated. Price, $5. 


The allied families, a most valuable collection, and especially 
relating to those New England families which have offshoots in 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, comprise the families of Adams, 
Banks, Barnes, Cheney, Chapman, Chipman, Cogswell, Crouss, 
Farnsworth, Foster, Gates, Hains, Hole, Hankinson, Harris, 
Hicks, Mullin, McConnell, McKenzie, Marshall, Mayberry, 
Morse, Noyes, Palmer, Parker, Potter, Randell, Rice, Ruggles, 
Sanford, Saxton, Smith, Spurr, Steadman, Taylor, Thurston, 
Van Buskirk, Weare, Wheelock, Whitman. Woodworth, Worces- 
ter, and several others. 

Genealogy of the Balch Families in Ameriea. 

By Galusha B. Balch. 

8vo. illustrated, pp. 553. Bound in half sheep $8. 

This book coutains the genealogy of the New England, Penn., 
and Southern families of the name. 


By Eben Putnam. 
Vol. I. (Parts i-vii.) 8vo Cloth, pp. lxxiv,400. 
Illustrated, $15. Also Part viii, paper, $1. 


Research Publication Co., Boston. 

.» , 


Genealogical Research. 

The Research Publication Company undertakes genealogical 
searches in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and 
in Great Britain. The Company through its organization of 
special assistants and correspondents has unusual facilities for 
carrying on research and for executing small ordersjwith prompti- 
tude and at low cost. Reports of local agents are collated at the 
Boston office with printed or other information accessible, a feature 
which adds much to the value of the final report, with out expense 
to clients. The wants of clients receive every attention. 

Mr. Eben Putnam is associated with the Company and has entire 
charge of foreign research, as well as general direction of all 
work. Mr. John E. Bowman, also connected with the Company, 
gives especial attention to families originating in Plymouth and 
Bristol Counties and Rhode Island. 

Americans can eliminate some of the expense attached to 
foreign research by employing American searchers, or English 
agents associated with American genealogists. By so doing 
exactness in work is insured, and the American client, who often 
fails to realize the conditions under which the search is carried on, 
can feel that every effort is being made in his behalf. 

The Research Publication Company has excellent connections in 
Great Britain and can bring problems entrusted to it to the no- 
tice of specialists. For general research where no clues exist, 
and where the client is not obliged to limit his expenditure to a 
sum inadequate for the investigation, the Company is enabled to 
make a remarkably fair proposition which insures the best of 
expert service. 

Special attention is given to preparing application forms for 
membership in the patriotic and hereditary societies. 

Correspondence upon genealogical topics is welcomed. 


[Pages 188-223 in the Genealogical Quarterly Magazine for 
December, 1900.] 

75 cents. 

Brief directions for conducting genealogical search in England 
and describing the condition of records, the record depositaries, 
probate, parish, and various other classes of records most useful 
in the search for ancestry of American settlers. 

The Research Publication Company, 
14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 







The Research Publication Company has added to its staff a 
competent heraldic artist who will execute in proper colors and 
manner coats of arms for illustration, design, or for framing. 

The fee for drawing a coat of arms in colors, — free from errors, 
frequently found in such work if committed to inexpert hands, — 
vary from $10 upward, according to the difficulty of execution. 

In every case the Research Publication Company will guarantee 

the correct drawing of the arms, and for a fee commensurate with 

the commission will give a certificate properly endorsed by reliable, 

■ and, if desired, foreign authority, — testifying to the correctness of 

the blazon and naming the family to which it properly appertains. 

Clients of the Research Publication Company are protected 
from fraud or mistake in heraldic matters. 

Pedigrees handsomely lettered and with arms in colors, done on 
parchment, are attractive subjects for framing. The Research 
Publication Company furnish these after the English fashion. 
Verifications made if desired. 

The Research Publication Co. has excellent facilities for print- 
ing, especially genealogical work, or pamphlet work of any 
description. Estimates furnished. Orders executed promptly 
and in the best style. 


T - 

■■ ■ ' 

1 — ■'.'- s *■ 


r-srj.'f.:-..' ■- -; * 

'-' -^*f t . , 

■ • ■ -->*>! 

- . " v ..- - ' :5 











t is recommended bv Mr. Eben Put- 
n for genealogical work, also used by 
N. E. Genealogical Society and the 
ding professional men throughout the 
mtry. Writes cards without bending, 
le paper without folding. 

188 Devonshire St., Boston. 


If you wish to have a Genealogi- 
al Clue followed up with accuracy, 
espatch, and a minimum of ex- 
>ense, consult me. 

1 have had fifteen years' practical 
xperience as a Record Agent, and 
an give you the highest references, 
s well as the best value for your 

Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex re- 
earch a specialty. 

Cj letters answered, and cor- 
respondents ADVISED 




Genealogical Researches in 

Pennsylvania and 



The Research Publication Com- 
pairy has excellent facilities 
through resident agents for 
conducting genealogical re- 
searches in Pennsylvania, es- 
pecially those parts in which 
New England ers and the 
Scotch-Irish settled, and in 

lower Brook Street, 



"Clients of the Research Pub- 
lication Company will find their 
wishes regarding prompt and 
reliable investigations of English 
records satisfactorily attended 
to. Our correspondents in Great 
Britain are the best qualified for 
such investigations, which re- 
quire special knowledge of the 








To be issued in eighteen bi-monthly parts, each part in three sections, 

each section bearing an independent pagination. 

Part I ready in June. 


Terms: by yearly subscription, $6, or by advance payment, for the 

complete work, $15. 


IDoilllTtC 1 Introduction. Economic, political and social conditions in Colonial 
New England. Use of heraldic insignia.. 

Lists of civil and military officials in colonial times, deputies to General Courts 
and Assemblies, ecclesiastical dignitaries, graduate's of Harvard and Ya)e, members - 
of the bar, esquires, large landed proprietors, etc. 

Authorized coat armor; list of persons using or claiming coat armor. The Gore 
roll of arms. Heraldic monumental inscriptions, etc. 

ID Ol tltltC 2! Origin of the Colonists. Historical and genealogical sketches of 
— * — - — - — the origin, rise and decline of prominent New England families in 
Colonial times. 

IDOlUHlC ^? Descents- of present day representatives of the historic families 

■ ~ — — — — of New England, showing important family alliances, services 

rendered to state and church by ancestors in Colonial and early Revolutionary 
times, etc. & 

Among the subjects of illustration are: Ancient family portraits, homesteads 
and historic buildings, interesting heirlooms, documents, coats armor, monumental / 
memorials. Suggestions regarding subjects to be selected for illustration will ha 
appreciated by the editor. 


14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 


}<\ l-t'f'*t$)tiXtir(f*rlf') ft lit h 

■ -j 


K J 

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